Correlation studies and path analysis of plant height, yield and yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mirza, M.J.; Faiz, F.A.; Abdul Majid

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 8(6): 647-653


Accession: 002334349

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In field experiments at Kala Shah Kuku, Pakistan in the kharif (rainy) season of 1989, 6 crosses and 5 parental rice genotypes were compared in order to develop selection criteria for rice breeding. Plant height was positively correlated with panicle length and 1000-grain weight. Grain yield was postively correlated with 1000-grain weight and number of grains/panicle. It is suggested that panicle length, number of grains/panicle and number of panicles/plant should be used as selection criteria.