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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 2344

Chapter 2344 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Surcel, H.M.; Syrjälä, H.; Karttunen, R.; Tapaninaho, S.; Herva, E., 1991:
Development of Francisella tularensis antigen responses measured as T-lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production (tumor necrosis factor alpha, gamma interferon, and interleukin-2 and -4) during human tularemia

Mudgal, V.D.; Singh, R.N.; Singhal, R.A., 1992:
Development of Frieswal cattle for higher milk production in India

Rijo, E.; Matos, N.; Barrios, A., 1989:
Development of Galleria mellonella on a diet based on byproducts of the sugarcane industry

Clark, R.M.; Regli, S., 1993:
Development of Giardia C. t values for the surface water treatment rule

Sudarmadji, D.; Sosromarsono, S.; Wardojo, S.; Mattjik, A.A., 1990:
Development of Helopeltis antonii on pods of fine flavour cocoa and bulk cocoa

Sudarmadji, D.; Sosromarsono, S.; Wardojo, S.; Mattjik, A.A., 1990:
Development of Helopeltis antonii on young shoots and pods of cocoa

Williams, K.J.; Fisher, J.M., 1993:
Development of Heterodera avenae Woll. and host cellular responses in susceptible and resistant wheat

Chitale, M.A., 1992:
Development of India's river basins

Asmuni, A.; Kumori, F., 1993:
Development of Japanese agricultural extension system: its implication to developing countries

Freire Filha, L.G.; Campos, D.M.B., 1992:
Development of Lagochilascaris minor Leiper, 1909, in inbred C57Bl/6 mice

Sulzer, G.; Busse, M., 1991:
Development of Listeria on Camembert and influence of bacteria with listeria-inhibiting properties on them

Sulzer, G.; Busse, M.; Rosenberg, M., 1992:
Development of Listeria spp. in Camembert cheese

Zong, R.J., 1989:
Development of MA storage of fruits and vegetables in China

Pukhaeva, Z.A.; Pukhaev, R.V., 1992:
Development of Mamestra persicariae L. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) on southern and northern slopes of the central Caucasus

Stewart, T.M.; Mercer, C.F.; Grant, J.L., 1993:
Development of Meloidogyne naasi on endophyte-infected and endophyte-free perennial ryegrass

Tomminen, Jyrki., 1993:
Development of Monochamus galloprovincialis Olivier (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) in cut trees of young pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) and log bolts in southern Finland

Sanchez Garcia, L.; Fernandez Rodriguez, M.; Vallejo Vicente, M., 1992:
Development of Morenas Gallegas cattle breeds preservation program starting from pilot herds

Larina, S.N.; Dolgykh, Y.I.; Shamina, Z.B., 1993:
Development of NaCl-resistant callus culture and regenerants

Balcar, V., 1989:
Development of Norway spruce plantations under the influence of air pollution

Walters, HS.; Kfir, R., 1993:
Development of Nosema partelli sp. n. (Protozoa: Microsporida: Nosematidae) in the stem borer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Lin, B.F.; Shi, F.H.; Qian, C.G.; Lin, M.; Wang, S.W.; Wang, H.K., 1992:
Development of Orientobilharzia turkestanica collected from final hosts in Inner Mongolia

Nakata, M., 1990:
Development of Overseas Chinese's home towns and assistance from Overseas Chinese

Manojlovic, B., 1992:
Development of Oxycesta geographica Fab. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on plants of the genus Euphorbia L

Chatzoudis, G.; Mitsios, J.; Paschalidis, C.; Dedes, P., 1994:
Development of PC software to support soil, plant and irrigation water analysis

Rong-Fu, W.; Beasley, J.N.; Cao, W.W.; Slavik, M.F.; Johnson, M.G., 1993:
Development of PCR method specific for Marek's disease virus

Dickson, D.W.; Oostengorp, M.; Mitchell, D.J., 1992:
Development of Pasteuria penetrans on Meloidogyne arenaria race 1 in the field

Devi, M.; Dutta, S.K., 1993:
Development of Pieris canidia (Sparrm.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) on some cruciferous vegetables and nasturtium

Kupper, G.; Schwammberger, K.H., 1992:
Development of Psithyrus sylvestris in two colonies of Bombus pratorum

William, M.D.H.M.; Hoisington, D.; Mujeeb Kazi, A., 1993:
Development of RAPD based markers for characterizing disomic chromosome addition lines of Thinopyrum bessarabicum in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Cho, B.W.; Han, H.Y., 1994:
Development of RAPD marker specific for Korean cattle (Hanwoo)

Miyadera, N.; Havukkala, I.; Ohta, I.; Mukai, Y., 1993:
Development of RiceBase, an electronic notebook database for genome research

Eppendorfer, W.H.; Bille, S.W., 1992:
Development of S-deficiency of faba bean plants as reflected in total-S, SO4-S and aspartic acid concentrations at various stages of growth

Xiao, B.N.; Zeng, D.N.; Zhang, C.G.; Wang, M.; Li, Y.; Gong, Z.F., 1993:
Development of Sarcocystis cruzi in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and cattle (Bos taurus)

Baker, GL.; Dysart, RJ., 1992:
Development of Scelio bipartitus Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) in diapause eggs of Gastrimargus musicus (F.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Arimoto, Y.; Homma, Y., 1992:
Development of Sphaerotheca fuliginea (Schlecht.) Pollacci on yellow mutant cucumber and white mottle of variegated cucumber

Anonymous, 1993:
Development of Stord pulp presses

Ransom, J.K.; Odhiambo, G., 1992:
Development of Striga hermonthica on maize and sorghum in western Kenya

Lowenthal, J.W.; Connick, T.E.; Mcwaters, P.G.; Obranovich, T.D.; York, J.J., 1993:
Development of T cell immune responsiveness in young chickens

Varma, T.K.; Ahluwalia, S.S., 1992:
Development of Taenia solium Linnaeus, 1758 in golden hamsters

Fujisakii, K.; Kamio, T.; Kawazu, S., 1993:
Development of Theileria sergenti in vector ticks, Haemaphysalis longicornis, during blood sucking

Oirschot, J.T. van; Gielkens, A.L.J.; Rijsewijk, F.A.M.; Engelenburg, F.A.C. van; Kaashoek, M.J.; Burg, B. van den, 1993:
Development of a 'biotech' vaccine against bovine herpes virus type 1 that can also serve as a vaccine vector

Molly, K.; Vande Woestyne, M.; Verstraete, W., 1993:
Development of a 5-step multi-chamber reactor as a simulation of the human intestinal microbial ecosystem

Galik, P.K.; van Santen, V.L.; Stringfellow, D.A.; Bird, R.C.; Wright, J.C.; Smith, P.C., 1993:
Development of a DNA probe for identification of bovine herpesvirus 4

Richard, G.; Bailey, J.A.; Keon, J.P.R.; Hargreaves, J.A., 1992:
Development of a GUS reporter gene system for the maize pathogen Ustilago maydis

Lerdon, F.J.; Anrique, G.R.; Balocchi, L.O.; Artal, B.R.; Felber, P.M., 1991:
Development of a balanced forage plan for cattle in the Tenth Region of Chile, using an expert system

A.K.atib, K.; Mink, G.I.; Reisenauer, G.; Parker, R.; Westberg, H.; Lamb, B., 1993:
Development of a biologically-based system for detection and tracking of airborne herbicides

Kim, Y.H.an; Yoo, Y.J., 1993:
Development of a bioreactor for high density culture of hairy roots

Kwon, O.K.; Seong, K.S.; Kim, Y.K.; Lee, H.S.; Hwang, B.S., 1992:
Development of a botanical pesticide against the brown planthopper from the castor oil plant

Hamster, F.C.; Jurriens, M., 1993:
Development of a canal maintenance policy

Garay, A.E.; Lopez, J., 1993:
Development of a cassava seed supply system

Bols, N.C.; Barlian, A.; Chirino Trejo, M.; Caldwell, S.J.; Goegan, P.; Lee, L.E.J., 1994:
Development of a cell line from primary cultures of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), gills

Stehmann, C.; Kapteyn, J.C.; D.W.ard, M.A., 1994:
Development of a cell-free assay from Botrytis cinerea as a biochemical screen for sterol biosynthesis inhibitors

Suenaga, A.; Tanaka, A.; Murata, M.; Horikiri, M., 1992:
Development of a chitin synthesis inhibitor resistance in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae). 2. The results of susceptibility tests

Anisko, T.; Lindstrom, O.M.; Hoogenboom, G., 1994:
Development of a cold hardiness model for deciduous woody plants

Kogan, V.N.; Shikhman, M.E.; Shvarts, G.K., 1992:
Development of a cold supply system for a dairy factory with an ice cream unit

Figueiredo, J.R.; Hulshof, S.C.J.; Van Den Hurk, R.; Ectors, F.J.; Fontes, R.S.; Nusgens, B.; Bevers, M.M.; Beckers, J.F., 1993 :
Development of a combined new mechanical and enzymatic method for the isolation of intact preantral follicles from fetal, calf and adult bovine ovaries

Morris, D.; Macdonald, G., 1991:
Development of a competition index for young conifer plantations established on boreal mixedwood sites

Afshar, A.; Shakarchi, N.H.; Dulac, G.C., 1993:
Development of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of bovine, ovine, porcine, and equine antibodies to vesicular stomatitis virus

Collins, E.R.J.; Parson, S.C., 1993:
Development of a composting recipe for swine manure

Balsari, P.; Calvo, A.; Airoldi, G., 1992:
Development of a computer program (UTILIS) for correct pig slurry management

Biro, I.; Horvath, J.; Nagy, J.; Abonyi, F., 1991:
Development of a computer-aided diagnostical system for the engine testing of agricultural tractors

Robacker, C.D.; Simonton, W., 1992:
Development of a computer-controlled apparatus for micropropagation studies

Travis, J.W.; Clarke, G.G.; Hickey, K.D., 1993:
Development of a computerized decision support system for fire blight management in Pennsylvania apple orchards

Lloyd, J.W.; Harsh, S.B.; Kaneene, J.B.; Schwab, G.D.; Thacker, B.J.; Thulin, A.J., 1994:
Development of a computerized systems model for health management decision support in growing hogs

Sparrey, J.; Kettlewell, P.; Paice, M.; Whetlor, W., 1993:
Development of a constant current water bath stunner for poultry processing

Little, T.W.; Hathaway, S.C.; Boughton, E.S.; Seawright, D., 1992:
Development of a control strategy for Leptospira hardjo infection in a closed beef herd

Gardiner, J.M.; Coe, E.H.; Melia-Hancock, S.; Hoisington, D.A.; Chao, S., 1993:
Development of a core RFLP map in maize using an immortalized F2 population

Reed, J.P.; Hall, F.R.; Taylor, R.A.J.; Wilson, H.R., 1991:
Development of a corn rootworm (Diabrotica, Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larval threshold for Ohio

Stowers, S.L., 1992:
Development of a culturally appropriate food guide for pregnant Caribbean immigrants in the United States

Bulk, R.W. van den; Hulten, H.P.J. de V. van; Dons, J.J.M., 1990:
Development of a culture system for microspores of lily

Sekizawa, J.; Serizawa, H., 1992:
Development of a database of safety evaluation information on pesticides

Maas, A.A. van der, 1992:
Development of a decision support system for crop protection in glasshouse horticulture

Walker, S.; Jowitt, P.W.; Bunch, A.H., 1993:
Development of a decision support system for drought management within North West Water

Hesketh, J.B.; Mackintosh, C.G.; Griffin, J.F., 1994:
Development of a diagnostic blood test for tuberculosis in alpacas (Lama pacos)

Ferland, G.; MacDonald, D.L.; Sadowski, J.A., 1992:
Development of a diet low in vitamin K-1 (phylloquinone)

Borras, J.A.; Vinardell, M.P.; Fernandez, E.; Gonalons, E.; Moreto, M., 1992:
Development of a double perfusion method to study intestinal transport in rats

Ilangantileke, S.G.; Salokhe, V.M.; Hong, J., 1991:
Development of a drum dryer to produce dehydrated flakes from mungbean

Ptasznik, W.; Barnard, J.; Khan, A.A., 1992:
Development of a drying procedure following matriconditioning of snap bean seeds

Lee, Y.R., 1992:
Development of a farm-use sawduster

Patle, B.R.; Gupta, R.S.; Teckchandani, C.K., 1990:
Development of a feed processing unit for preparing complete feed pellets based on dry fallen teak leaves for growing calves

Young, AG.; Port, GR.; Green, DB., 1993:
Development of a forecast of slug activity: validation of models to predict slug activity from meteorological conditions

Sun, Y.S.; Wang, C.Y., 1993:
Development of a gene pool for triticale

Mukhopadhyay, A.; Saha, D.; Saha, A.K., 1994:
Development of a groundwater-management model using the dBASE facility

Visvanathan, R.; Sreenarayanan, V.V.; Swaminathan, K.R., 1994:
Development of a hand-operated rotary sieve cleaner-cum-grader for sesame seed

Yun, H.S.; Park, P.K.; Oh, S.G.; Cho, N.H., 1993:
Development of a heat exchanging panel using heat-pipe

Hong, Yunhan; Winkler, Christoph; Brem, Gottfried; Schartl, Manfred, 1993:
Development of a heavy metal-inducible fish-specific expression vector for gene transfer in vitro and in vivo

Pendexter, W.S.; Furbish, D.J., 1991:
Development of a heterogenous moisture distribution and its influence on the evolution of preferred pathways of flow in an unsaturated sandy soil

Scott, J.; Yule, I., 1993:
Development of a high speed plough

Thiede, A.; Zech, M.; Luca, S.F., 1991:
Development of a high-capacity process for microbial ethanol production from molasses-containing substrates

Vanoosthuyze, K.E.; Van Poucke, L.S.G.; Deloof, A.C.A.; Van Peteghem, C.H., 1993:
Development of a high-performance thin-layer chromatographic method for the multi-screening analysis of corticosteroids

Miki, T.; Fleming, T.P.; Crescenzi, M.; Molloy, C.J.; Blam, S.B.; Reynolds, S.H.; Aaronson, S.A., 1991:
Development of a highly efficient expression cDNA cloning system: application to oncogene isolation

Yamauchi, S.; Nakai, C.; Nimura, N.; Kinoshita, T.; Hanai, T., 1993:
Development of a highly sensitive fluorescence reaction detection system for liquid chromatographic analysis of reducing carbohydrates

Hanson, Gj, 1991:
Development of a jet index to characterize erosion resistance of soils in earthen spillways

Hogeveen, H.; Van Vliet, J.; Noordhuizen Stassen, E.N.; Brand, A., 1992:
Development of a knowledge-based system describing the relations between mastitis and milking machines

Rahim, A.; Vatsala, C.N.; Shurpalekar, S.R., 1993:
Development of a laboratory method for preparation of nan

Polzin, K.M.; McKay, L.L., 1992:
Development of a lactococcal integration vector by using IS981 and a temperature-sensitive lactococcal replication region

Paul, S.C.; Mathur, B.N., 1992:
Development of a low lactose infant formula. Part-II. Physicochemical characteristics of life in relation to degree of lactose hydrolysis

Paul, S.C.; Mathur, B.N., 1992:
Development of a low lactose infant formula. Part-III. Storage related changes in the physical properties

Paul, S.C.; Mathur, B.N., 1992:
Development of a low-lactose infant formula. Part-I. Formulation aspects

Perez Alcantara, R.; Barasona Mata, J., 1992:
Development of a machine to sweep up olives from the ground

Quakyi, I.A.; Taylor, D.W.; Johnson, A.H.; Allotey, J.B.; Berzofsky, J.A.; Miller, L.H.; Good, M.F., 1992:
Development of a malaria T-cell vaccine for blood stage immunity

Wright, R.D.; Tait, P.J.; Atherton, P.G.; White, E.T., 1992:
Development of a mass flow meter using cross-correlation techniques

Loghavi, M., 1993:
Development of a mechanical date pollinator

Chung, S.Y.; Bordelon, Y.M., 1993:
Development of a membrane-based assay for detection of arginase: application to detection of arginine-binding proteins in peanuts

Jehanno, D.; Thuault, D.; Bourgeois, C.M., 1992:
Development of a method for detection of lactic acid bacteria producing exclusively the L-(+)-isomer of lactic acid

Prikule, A.Y.; Egorova, S.V.; Zandersons, Y.G.; Zykova, S.N., 1992:
Development of a method for determination of microquantities of Selmide and investigation of its photolytic stability

Detry, J.F.; Duveiller, E.; Maraite, H., 1991:
Development of a method for evaluation of resistance of rice cultivars to Pseudomonas fuscovaginae

Brace, J.; Ockendon, D.J.; King, G.J., 1993:
Development of a method for the identification of S alleles in Brassica oleracea based on digestion of PCR-amplified DNA with restriction endonucleases

Maksumova, N.S.; Genkina, G.L., 1993:
Development of a method for the quantitative determination of nefrotsizin (luteolin 7-O- beta -D-glucopyranoside) in the leaves of Ferula varia

Robinson, J.S.; Sharpley, A.N.; Smith, S.J., 1994:
Development of a method to determine bioavailable phosphorus loss in agricultural runoff

Roll, L.; Roll, H., 1994:
Development of a method to quantify the degree of PMDI coverage of glued wood surfaces and wood chips by digital image processing

Franek, M.; Hruska, K.; Sisak, M.; Diblikova, I., 1992:
Development of a microcolumn radioimmunoassay for screening of polychlorinated biphenyls in milk and in animal fats

Sautter, Christof, 1993:
Development of a microtargeting device for particle bombardment of plant meristems

Aoyama, T.; Huang, B.K.; Serata, K.; Miyamoto, S.; Tojo, S., 1992:
Development of a missing plant detecting system for seedling trays

Kelly, J.M.; Kerrigan, B.; Milligan, L.P.; Mcbride, B.W., 1994:
Development of a mobile, open-circuit indirect calorimetry system

Baskin, D.S.; Browning, J.L.; Widmayer, M.A.; Zhu, Z.Q.; Grossman, R.G., 1994:
Development of a model for Parkinson's disease in sheep using unilateral intracarotid injection of MPTP via slow continuous infusion

Drousie, D.; Giot, R.; Naveau, H.P.; Nyns, E.J., 1993:
Development of a model soil bioreactor to investigate into the possibilities to act on soil microbial communities by controlling the physico-chemical and nutritional environment in soil

Bauer, J.E.; Olson, W.G., 1994:
Development of a modular curriculum for education in nutrition

Priestley, R.A.; Dewey, F.M., 1993:
Development of a monoclonal antibody immunoassay for the eyespot pathogen Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides

Hagler, J.R.; Brower, A.G.; Tu, Z.; Byrne, D.N.; Bradley Dunlop, D.; Enriquez, F.J.vier, 1993:
Development of a monoclonal antibody to detect predation of the sweetpotato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

Hogendoorn, E.A.; Zoonen, P. van, 1990:
Development of a multi-method for residue analysis of 9 polar pesticides in cereals using RPLC column-switching

Hogendoorn, E.A.; D.G.aaf, W.F.; Sancho Llopis, J.V.; Smiers, M.J.M.; Van Zoonen, P., 1992:
Development of a multi-residue method for the analysis of chlorophenoxy herbicides in cow stomach tissue using selective off-line SPE and on-line precolumn switching

Ayers, V.; Honeycutt, S.; Hoffman, D.; Thompson, A., 1990:
Development of a multi-use weather station network in southeast Missouri

Baumann, R.A.; Harten, D.C. van; Zoonen, P. van, 1992:
Development of a multiresidue method for nitrogen-containing pesticides. Part 2: application to apple, leek and red cabbage

Pardoe, Em, 1993:
Development of a multistage diet for dysphagia

Wilson, W.C., 1994:
Development of a nested-PCR test based on sequence analysis of epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses non-structural protein 1 (NS1)

Yuan, Z.C., 1992:
Development of a new apple variety Ningfu

Pontes, O.F.S.; Espindola, E.S.; Cavagnollo, E.M.; Sudo, S., 1990:
Development of a new common tobacco variety resistant to mosaic virus in Brazil

Rao, G.U.; Batra Sarup, V.; Prakash, S.; Shivanna, K.R., 1994:
Development of a new cytoplasmic male-sterility system in Brassica juncea through wide hybridization

Vsyakikh, A.S.; Lebed' ko, E.Y., 1993:
Development of a new dairy type of Kostromskaya cattle

Lavdovskaya, M.V.; Kovalenko, F.P.; Lysenko, A.Y.; Strelkova, M.V.; Chernov, Y.V., 1993:
Development of a new experimental model for pneumocystosis

Encheva, J.; Ivanov, P.; Tsvetkova, F.; Nikolova, V., 1993:
Development of a new initial breeding material in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) using direct organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis

Miao, W.C.; Zhu, J.G.; Zhou, M.R.; Cheng, W.H.; Li, T.B.; Lu, H., 1993:
Development of a new mass production procedure for Beauveria bassiana conidia

Miyakawa, Y., 1994:
Development of a new method for detection of Candida albicans cells in human blood using polymerase chain reaction

Han, S.H.; Park, S.H.; Lee, J.L.; Kim, I.J.; Kim, C.K.; Lee, S.B.; Kwon, M.S.; Kim, J.B., 1993:
Development of a new method for distinguishing Korean cattle meat from imported Holstein meat using RFLP of DNA. II. Restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) of Korean native cattles and beef cattles at lysozyme loci

Rousseau, P.; Dutertre, C.; Vaudelet, J.C., 1992:
Development of a new simplified method for floor and ambient conditions diagnosis. Pig fattening house observations

Stookey, J.M.; Barber, E.M.; Christison, G.I., 1993:
Development of a non-computerized electronic sow feeder for group-housed sows

Lovell, K.S.; Laing, M.D.; Rijkenberg, F.H.J., 1993:
Development of a novel technique for the field assessment of off-target pesticide deposition

Vidyasagar, A.; Dave, A.M.; Mehta, M.H.; Agraval, Y.K., 1992:
Development of a novel urease inhibitor to reduce ammonia volatilization losses from surface applied urea

Losso, J.N.; Kummer, A.; L.C.an, E.; Nakai, S., 1993:
Development of a particle concentration fluorescence immunoassay for the quantitative determination of IgG in bovine milk

Purwadaria, H.K., 1993:
Development of a passive crop dryer for village level use

Wegener, H.C., 1993:
Development of a phage typing system for Staphylococcus hyicus

Oehlschlager, A.C.; Chinchilla, C.M.; Gonzalez, L.M.; Jiron, L.F.; Mexzon, R.; Morgan, B., 1993:
Development of a pheromone-based trapping system for Rhynchophorus palmarum (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Goyal, N.P.; Chhuneja, P.K., 1991:
Development of a pollen trap for Apis mellifera L. for the Punjab (India) conditions

Jamaux, I.; Spire, D., 1994:
Development of a polyclonal antibody-based immunoassay for the early detection of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in rapeseed petals

Minsavage, G.V.; Thompson, C.M.; Hopkins, D.L.; Leite, R.M.V.B.C.; Stall, R.E., 1994:
Development of a polymerase chain reaction protocol for detection of Xylella fastidiosa in plant tissue

Rowhani, A.; Chay, C.; Golino, D.A.; Falk, B.W., 1993:
Development of a polymerase chain reaction technique for the detection of grapevine fanleaf virus in grapevine tissue

Feddes, J.; Deshazer, J., 1993:
Development of a portable microprocessor for measuring selected stress responses of growing pigs

Bhardwaj, A.; Singh, R., 1992:
Development of a portable rainfall simulator infiltrometer for infiltration, runoff and erosion studies

Hughes, S.G.; Lemm, C.A.; Herman, R.L., 1992:
Development of a practical diet for juvenile striped bass

Mora Aguilera, G.; Nieto Angel, D.; Teliz, D.; Campbell, C.L.e, 1993:
Development of a prediction model for papaya ringspot in Veracruz, Mexico

Stock, D.; Holloway, P.J.; Grayson, B.T.rence; Whitehouse, P., 1993:
Development of a predictive uptake model to rationalise selection of polyoxyethylene surfactant adjuvants for foliage-applied agrochemicals

Riggle, B., 1991:
Development of a preliminary enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the herbicide trifluralin

Mizuno, K., 1993:
Development of a pribumi-owned small-scale weaving industry in rural Indonesia: petty commodity production in the community based industry at Majalaya, West Java

Womac, A.R.; Tompkins, F.D., 1990:
Development of a probe-type liquid fertilizer injector

Lasswell, A.B.; Loreck, E.S., 1992:
Development of a program in accord with JCAHO standards for counseling on potential drug-food interactions

Bianchin, I.; Honer, M.R.; Koller, W.W.; Gomes, A.; Schenk, J.A.P., 1992:
Development of a programme for the integrated control of nematodes and horn flies in a cattle grazing area. Phase 5. Effect of horn flies on weight gain in Nelore cattle and calves

Hasan, M.; Mizutani, M.; Lazaro, R.C., 1992:
Development of a pump flow measuring device in Bangladesh: slit-orifice meter

Dewey, F.M.; Twiddy, D.R.; Phillips, S.I.; Grose, M.J.; Wareing, P.W., 1992:
Development of a quantitative monoclonal antibody-based immunoassay for Humicola lanuginosa on rice grains and comparison with conventional assays

Meng, X.J.; Paul, P.S.; Vaughn, E.M.; Zimmerman, J.J., 1993:
Development of a radiolabeled nucleic acid probe for the detection of encephalomyocarditis virus of swine

Griffiths, D.; Bain, H.D.le, M., 1992:
Development of a rapid colorimetric method for the determination of chlorogenic acid in freeze-dried potato tubers

Hellemann, A.L.; Ronningen, K.; Lie, O.; Osteras, O.; Eklund, T., 1992:
Development of a rapid diagnosis for mastitis

Takano, H.; Manabe, E.; Hirano, M.; Okazaki, M.; Burgess, J.G.ant; Nakamura, N.; Matsunaga, T., 1993:
Development of a rapid isolation procedure for coccolith ultrafine particles produced by coccolithophorid algae

Rausch, K.D.; Eckhoff, S.R., 1992:
Development of a rapid method to detect high-temperature dried corn based on resistance-capacitance properties

Borgatti, S.; Cerato, C., 1994:
Development of a rapid monoclonal antibody-based immunodetection assay for cucumber mosaic virus in tomato

Lasky, S.J.; Buttry, D.A., 1990:
Development of a real-time glucose biosensor by enzyme immobilization on the quartz crystal microbalance

Islam, M.N.; Ali, M.; Islam, S.M.R., 1993:
Development of a recirculatory cross-flow paddy dryer

Mehigh, C.S.; Elias, V.D.; Mehigh, R.J.; Helferich, W.G.; Tucker, H.A., 1993:
Development of a recombinant bovine leukemia virus vector for delivery of a synthetic bovine growth hormone-releasing factor gene into bovine cells

Masumoto, T.; Tamura, H.; Sato, H., 1992:
Development of a regional drainage model and functional tests of the drainage system in the Kahoku Lagoon Basin

Maheshwari, B.L., 1994:
Development of a regression-based model of border irrigation on cracking soils

Sedra, M.H.; E.F.khouri, R.; Lazrek, H.B., 1993:
Development of a reliable method for evaluation of the effect of toxins secreted by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis on date palm trees

Miedaner, T.; Hoxter, H.; Geiger, H.H., 1993:
Development of a resistance test for winter rye to snow mold (Microdochium nivale) under controlled environment conditions in regard to field inoculations

Rhainds, M.; Chinchilla, C.M.; Castrillo, G., 1993:
Development of a sampling method for larvae of Opsiphanes cassina Felder on oil palm

Belthoff, L.E.; Ballard, R.; Abbott, A.; Baird, W.V.; Morgens, P.; Callahan, A.; Scorza, R.; Monet, R., 1993:
Development of a saturated linkage map of Prunus persica using molecular based marker systems

Pliner, P.; Hobden, K., 1992:
Development of a scale to measure the trait of food neophobia in humans

Casagrande, J.R., 1992:
Development of a seeding procedure for hairy-seeded species

Epstein, D.M.; Gurung, I.K.; Gayfer, J.R.; Yadav, N.P., 1993:
Development of a seedling supply strategy to meet the needs of the Community and Private Forestry Programme

Flint, S.H.; Hartley, N.J., 1994:
Development of a selective medium for Acinetobacter

Cudjoe, K.S.; Thorsen, L.I., 1992:
Development of a sensitive immunomagnetic separation ELISA for detection of Clostridium perfringens type A enterotoxin in faecal and food samples

Nakagawa, H.; Shimizu, N.; Sato, H.; Momonoki, T.; Nakano, H., 1991:
Development of a sexually reproducing tetraploid line for breeding apomictic guineagrass

Stefanakes, A.; Hatzidakes, G.; Krambovites, E., 1994:
Development of a simple and reliable immuno-enzymic technique for the estimation of the progesterone concentration in cow's milk and sow's serum

Ranganathan, S.; Rao, B.S.N.rasinga, 1992:
Development of a simple field kit for monitoring iron in fortified salt

Soe Thein; May, L.L.nn; Aaskov, J.; Myo Min Aung; Myo Aye; Aung Zaw; Aung Myint, 1992:
Development of a simple indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of immunoglobulin M antibody in serum from patients following an outbreak of chikungunya virus infection in Yangon, Myanmar

Brown, D.C.W.; Tian, L.; Buckley, D.J.; Lefebvre, M.; Mcgrath, A.; Webb, J., 1994:
Development of a simple particle bombardment device for gene transfer into plant cells

Thomas, D.J.; Parkin, K.L.; Simon, P.W., 1992:
Development of a simple pungency indicator test for onions

Ushiyama, I.; Pruwadi, T., 1993:
Development of a simplified wind-powered water pumping system in Indonesia

Sirois, L.; Bonan, G.B.ackwell; Shugart, H.H.nry, 1994:
Development of a simulation model of the forest-tundra transition zone of northeastern Canada

Shadid, S.A.; Jenkins, D.A., 1992:
Development of a simulation system for quick screening of soils against salinity and sodicity

Martin, C.; Rousser, R.B.abec, D., 1993:
Development of a single-kernel wheat characterization system

Akindele, S.O., 1991:
Development of a site index equation for teak plantations in southwestern Nigeria

Awadhwal, N.K.; Quick, G.R., 1994:
Development of a snail-egg clapper

Otani, M.N.; Angelo, J.A.; Serra, R., 1994:
Development of a socioeconomic diagnostic model of hydrographic micro-basins

Huiskamp, T.; Poll, J.T.K., 1990:
Development of a soil evaluation method for asparagus (Asp. officinalis) replanting

King, D.; Daroussin, J.; Tavernier, R., 1994:
Development of a soil geographic database from the Soil Map of the European Communities

Hoff, T.; Tauboll, S., 1994:
Development of a soil information system

Levesque, C.A.dre; Vrain, T.C.; D.B.er, S.H., 1994:
Development of a species-specific probe for Pythium ultimum using amplified ribosomal DNA

Passos, F.; Swaisgood, H., 1993:
Development of a spiral mesh bioreactor with immobilized lactococci for continuous inoculation and acidification of milk

Reeves, W.C.; Milby, M.M.; Reisen, W.K., 1990:
Development of a statewise arbovirus surveillance program and models of vector populations and virus transmission

Halbur, P.G.; Andrews, J.J.; Huffman, E.L.; Paul, P.S.; Meng, X.J.; Niyo, Y., 1994:
Development of a streptavidin-biotin immunoperoxidase procedure for the detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus antigen in porcine lung

Grill, E.; Somerville, C., 1991:
Development of a system for efficient chromosome walking in Arabidopsis

Voronina, I.P.; Taponenko, A.K., 1991:
Development of a system for in vitro regeneration of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ares, M.I.; Melcho, B.; Castro, G., 1994:
Development of a system for rational disease management on wheat in Uruguay

Mack, T.P.; Davis, D.P.; Lynch, R.E., 1993:
Development of a system to time scouting for the lesser cornstalk borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) attacking peanuts in the southeastern United States

Araki, F.; Yabutani, K., 1993:
Development of a systemic fungicide, flutolanil

Kamphuis, H.J.; Notermans, S., 1992:
Development of a technique for the immunological detection of fungi

Langar, H.; Guillaume, J., 1993:
Development of a technique for the measurement of food intake in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fingerling using labelled silver iodide

Tabassum, M.A.; Khan, A.S., 1992:
Development of a test rig for performance evaluation of seed metering devices

Christie, I.S.; Shah, U.S., 1992:
Development of a three stage continuous khoa making machine

Dehn, R.; Becker, M., 1991:
Development of a timber-market information system for a forest administration - steps, limits, prospects

Ap, J., 1992:
Development of a tourism impact scale in the host resident context

Kathen, A. de; Barth, S.; Jacobsen, H.J., 1991:
Development of a transformation system for peas using Ti plasmids with the aim of imparting virus resistance

Dryden, M.W.; Broce, A.B., 1993:
Development of a trap for collecting newly emerged Ctenocephalides felis (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) in homes

Wright, J.A.; Osorio, L.F.; Lambeth, C.C., 1993:
Development of a tree improvement program with Pinus maximinoi in Colombia

Mimura, K.; Yamada, T., 1991:
Development of a triple-shank ripper for raking-out bamboo-grass roots and its evaluation on a natural forest floor

Gyanendra Singh, 1993:
Development of a unique groundnut decorticator

Munn, E.A., 1993:
Development of a vaccine against Haemonchus contortus

Rockwell, A.D.; Ayers, P.D., 1993:
Development of a variable rate sprayer system

Haddad, E.H., 1994:
Development of a vegetarian food guide

Parolari, G.; Virgili, R.; Panari, G.; Zannoni, M., 1994:
Development of a vocabulary of terms for sensory evaluation of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese by free-choice profiling

Gupta, C.P.; Harsawardana ; Bohra, C.P., 1992:
Development of a walking type rice panicle harvester

Griner, A.J., 1993:
Development of a water supply protection model in a GIS

Matsuo, K.; Uemura, Y.; Okazaki, K.; Kawasaki, K.; Kobayashi, H., 1992:
Development of a wet-sowing rice cultivation technique for furrow sowing. 2. Adaptability of the furrow sowing method for paddy fields following incorporation of wheat or barley stubble

Christensen, K.; Jorgensen, L.N.; Secher, B.J.M., 1993:
Development of a yellow rust model based on historical data

Towler, G.P.; Lynn, S., 1993:
Development of a zero-emissions sulfur-recovery process. 1. Thermochemistry and reaction kinetics of mixtures of H2S and CO2 at high temperature

Towler, G.P.; Lynn, S., 1993:
Development of a zero-emissions sulfur-recovery process. 2. Sulfur-recovery process based on the reactions of H2S and CO2 at high temperature

Erdelska, O.; Vidovencova, Z., 1993:
Development of adventitious seminal root primordia of maize during embryogenesis

Baranauskas, B., 1993:
Development of agricultural engineering and energetics in Lithuania

Sriramappa, K.E., 1990:
Development of agricultural infrastructure as a strategy for agricultural development: a case study for agricultural development

Millar, C., 1991:
Development of agriculture in Zimbabwe

Materna, J., 1988:
Development of air pollution damage, research results and perspectives

Dijkstra, J., 1993:
Development of alternative methods for healthy propagation of strawberry plants using cuttings

Ferron, Pierre, 1992:
Development of alternatives to the use of pesticides

Gray, S.; Godwin, I.; Adkins, S., 1993:
Development of an Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for chickpea

Andreoli, C., 1989:
Development of an ELISA technique for detection of abscisic acid utilizing a monoclonal antibody

Salinas Lorente, J.; Caro Vergara, M.R.; Cuello Gijon, F., 1993:
Development of an ELISA technique for the serological diagnosis of chlamydiosis in the pigeon

Kordel, W., 1993:
Development of an HPLC-Screening method for the determination of adsorption coefficients of organic chemicals in soils

Linden, A. van der, 1992:
Development of an IPM program in leafy and tuberous crops with Liriomyza huidobrensis as a key pest

Selvaraj, N.; Moudgal, N.R., 1993:
Development of an LH receptor assay capable of measuring serum LH/CG in a wide variety of species

Halward, T.; Stalker, H.T.; Kochert, G., 1993:
Development of an RFLP linkage map in diploid peanut species

Brummer, E.C.; Bouton, J.H.; Kochert, G., 1993:
Development of an RFLP map in diploid alfalfa

Yamada, H.; Moriya, H.; Tsugita, A., 1991:
Development of an acid hydrolysis method with high recoveries of tryptophan and cysteine for microquantities of protein

Biernacki, J.M.; Beall, F.C., 1993:
Development of an acousto-ultrasonic scanning system for nondestructive evaluation of wood and wood laminates

Oard, James, 1993:
Development of an airgun device for particle bombardment

Du, S.J.; Gong, Z.; Hew, C.L.; Tan, C.H.; Fletcher, G.L., 1992:
Development of an all-fish gene cassette for gene transfer in aquaculture

Dellepiane, N.; Manghi, M.; Eriksson, P.; D.P.ola, G.; Breero, M.L.; Deluchi, S., 1993:
Development of an alternative method for testing the potency of whole-cell pertussis vaccines

Woodward, B.W.; Mabry, J.W.; See, M.T.; Bertrand, J.K.; Benyshek, L.L., 1993:
Development of an animal model for across-herd genetic evaluation of number born alive in swine

Westwood, R.N.; Kennedy, B.W.; Park, R.L.; Bartholomew, D.; Schaeffer, L.R., 1992:
Development of an animal model for multi-trait analysis in mink

Hayhow, C.S.; Saif, Y.M., 1993:
Development of an antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of enterovirus in commercial turkeys

McElwain, T.F.; Mishra, V.S.; Stephens, E.B., 1992:
Development of an antigenically defined vaccine against Babesia bigemina

Kraft, J.M.; Boge, W.L., 1994:
Development of an antiserum to quantify Aphanomyces euteiches in resistant pea lines

Govindaraju, R.S.; Kavvas, M.L.vent, 1993:
Development of an approximate model for unsaturated flow with root water uptake under rectangular water content profiles assumption

Wyckoff, G.W.; Einspahr, D.W.; Benson, M.K., 1990:
Development of an aspen sucker stand following irrigation and fertilization

Manzawa, K.; Saito, H.; Irie, Y.; Mitani, T., 1992:
Development of an automated grafting machine for eggplant seedlings

Kishihara, S.; Fujii, S., 1993:
Development of an automatic laboratory boiling pan

Iwao, K.; Shibata, T., 1992:
Development of an automatic plant growth monitoring system based on a personal computer

Nisperos Carriedo, M.O.; Baldwin, E.A.; Shaw, P.E., 1991:
Development of an edible coating for extending postharvest life of selected fruits and vegetables

Dean, C.; Sjodin, C.; Bancroft, I.; Lawson, E.; Lister, C.; Scofield, S.; Jones, J., 1991:
Development of an efficient transposon tagging system in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ganapathy, S.; Gajendra Singh, 1993:
Development of an electro-static sprayer

Fabregas, J.; Nascimento, P.; Vecino, E.; Gamallo, Y.; Otero, A.; Gonzalez, C., 1993:
Development of an electromechanical sensor and computer data acquisition system for monitoring the movement of cultured fish

Bhowmik, T.; Steele, J.L., 1993:
Development of an electroporation procedure for gene disruption in Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ 32

Serpek, B.; Elsaesser, F.; Meyer, H.H.D., 1993:
Development of an enzyme immunoassay for the determination of porcine growth hormone in plasma

Than, K.A.; Payne, A.L.; Edgar, J.A., 1992:
Development of an enzyme immunoassay for the phomopsin mycotoxins

Haque, Z.U.; Pruett, S.B., 1993:
Development of an enzyme linked immunoassay for beta -lactoglobulin in dairy products

Basheer, S.; Kut, O.M.; Prenosil, J.E.; Bourne, J.R., 1993:
Development of an enzyme membrane reactor for treatment of cyanide-containing wastewaters from the food industry

McArdle, F.A.; Persaud, K.C., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-based biosensor for atrazine detection

Todd, E.C.D.; Mackenzie, J.M.; Peterkin, P.I., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-linked antibody hydrophobic grid membrane filter method for the detection of Salmonella in foods

Sekino, T.; Samejima, T.; Tajima, M., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of antibodies to equine infectious anaemia virus

E.B.tawy, M.A.; Zahrin, A.S.; Madkor, S.A.; Smith, C.J., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of porcine pepsin as a milk clotting enzyme

Marco, M.P.lar; Gee, S.J.; Cheng, H.M.; Liang, Z.Y.; Hammock, B.D., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for carbaryl

Todd, D.; Mawhinney, K.A.; McAlinden, V.A.; Douglas, A.J., 1993:
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the serological diagnosis of big liver and spleen disease

Kempf, I.; Gesbert, F.; Guittet, M.; Bennejean, G., 1993:
Development of an experimental model of colibacillosis in the Muscovy duck

Harms, C.A.; Hoskinson, J.J.; Bruyette, D.S.; Carpenter, J.W.; Galland, J.; Veatch, J.K.; Wilson, S.C.; Baier, J.G., 1994:
Development of an experimental model of hypothyroidism in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus)

Jones, T.H.; Mumford, J.D.; Compton, J.A.F.; Norton, G.A.; Tyler, P.S., 1993:
Development of an expert system for pest control in tropical grain stores

Pasqual, G.M., 1994:
Development of an expert system for the identification and control of weeds in wheat, triticale, barley and oat crops

Sanders, C.J.; Lyons, D.B., 1993:
Development of an extensive pheromone trap monitoring system for forest pests

Reddick, B.B.; Gwinn, K.D.; Savary, B.J.; Collins Shepard, M.H., 1991:
Development of an immunoassay for detection of ergoline alkaloids in tall fescue

Imou, K.; Takenaga, H.; Morishima, H.; Seo, Y.; Kawagoe, Y., 1994:
Development of an impact counter for fruit

Taylor, P.W.J.; Dukic, S., 1993:
Development of an in vitro culture technique for conservation of Saccharum spp. hybrid germplasm

Hubl, S.; Zoglauer, K., 1991:
Development of an in vitro method of propagation for valuable larches

Galosi, C.M.; Oliva, G.A.; Nosetto, E.O.; Tohya, I.; Etcheverrigaray, M.E., 1993:
Development of an indirect ELISA for the diagnosis of equine herpesvirus 1

Sanders, J.P.M., 1993:
Development of an industrial process technology for the manufacturing of lysine from pig manure

Funk, D.A., 1992:
Development of an industry-wide dairy breeding council in Wisconsin

Jha, P.K.; Nair, S.; Babu, C.R., 1994:
Development of an inexpensive legume-Rhizobium inoculation technology which may be used in aerial seeding

Etienne, M., 1992:
Development of an integral outdoor management system on a network of fire breaks in the Esterel foothills

Oakley, J.N., 1992:
Development of an integrated control strategy for summer aphids in winter wheat

Secher, B.J.M.; Jorgensen, L.N.; Christensen, S.; Olesen, J.E., 1992:
Development of an integrated crop protection production programme for winter wheat

Weigand, S., 1990:
Development of an integrated pest management system in food legumes in the Icarda region

Heeschen, W., 1993:
Development of an integrated system for detecting antibiotics, sulphonamides and inhibitor substances in milk

Suitor, C.; Gardner, J., 1992:
Development of an interactive, self-administered computerized food frequency questionnaire for use with low-income women

Davies, R.L.; Gibbs, H.A.; McCluskey, J.; Coote, J.G.; Freer, J.H.; Parton, R., 1994:
Development of an intraperitoneal implant chamber for the study of in vivo-grown Pasteurella haemolytica in cattle

Carrillo, M.; Martinez, P., 1994:
Development of an irrigation well totalizing flowmeter

Nielen, M.; Schukken, Y.H.; Hogeveen, H., 1994:
Development of an on-line mastitis detection system within an integrated knowledge-based system for dairy management support

Kraan, J.A., 1992:
Development of an operator restraint device for log-skidding machines

Erkmen, Y.; Celik, A., 1993:
Development of an optimum production model for the farm of the Ataturk University Agriculture Faculty

Ram Kumar; Rajendra Singh, 1991:
Development of anaerobic biofilms on glass surface

Kondrashov, S.Y.; Shirina, L.I.; Krzhechkovskaya, V.V.; Gmoshinskii, I.V.; Mazo, V.K., 1993:
Development of anaphylaxis in rats during starvation

Nechaeva, N.T.; Antonova, K.G., 1992:
Development of annual saltworts on takyrs of the central Karakum (Karrykul)

Walker, D.R.; Aycock, M.K.; Jr, 1994:
Development of anther-derived dihaploids to combine disease resistance in Maryland tobacco

Lucas, A.D.; Bekheit, H.K.M.; Goodrow, M.H.; Jones, A.D.; Kullman, S.; Matsumura, F.; Woodrow, J.E.; Seiber, J.N.; Hammock, B.D., 1993:
Development of antibodies against hydroxyatrazine and hydroxysimazine: application to environmental samples

Anonymous, 1991:
Development of antimalaria activities 1946-1951

Rassadina, G.V.; Khromova, L.M.; Kirsanova, S.N.; Mett, V.L.; Kobets, N.S.; Piruzyan, E.S., 1991:
Development of approaches to the production of transgenic plants of potato expressing bacterial genes affecting the polyphenol oxidase system

Smirnov, S.P.; Krasheninnikova, L.V.; Kukushkina, L.N.; Khromova, L.M., 1991:
Development of approaches to using recombinant plasmids for the study of plant/pathogen interaction

Tisdell, C.A., 1991:
Development of aquaculture and the environment: coastal conflicts, and giant clam farming as a case

Ramos, P.; Campos, M.; Ramos, J.M., 1988:
Development of attack of Prays oleae Bern. on olives: III. Distribution and aggregation of eggs

Heath, R.R.; Epsky, N.D.; Landolt, P.J.; Sivinski, J., 1993:
Development of attractants for monitoring Caribbean fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Komiya, M.; Kawakami, K., 1994:
Development of automated milking equipment. Detection of teat location by image processing

Hsiao, Y.C.; Lin, J.C.; Jen, C.H., 1992:
Development of automatic control system for crystallization process

Hsiao, Y.C.; Hu, S.P.; Lin, J.C.; Jen, C.H., 1993:
Development of automatic control system for juice clarification process

Lu, F.; Lin, T.; Lee, Y.; Chen, Y., 1994:
Development of automatic rice checker for measuring moisture content and milling yield

Modrey, P.; Nichelmann, M., 1992:
Development of autonomic and behavioural thermoregulation in turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)

Szabo, M.; Koves, E.; Somogyi, I., 1994:
Development of auxin autotrophy in Nicotiana tabacum callus cultures

Tret' yakov, N.N.; Dankova, E.V.; Shevchenko, V.A.; Shmyglya, V.A., 1992:
Development of axillary buds in potato cuttings in vitro under different levels of reduced atmospheric pressure

Satish Lodha; Mali, P.C.; Burman, U., 1993:
Development of bacterial blight and changes in biochemical components in the resistant and susceptible genotypes of clusterbean

Troeger, K., 1994:
Development of bacterial count in scalding water during slaughter. Effect on surface bacterial counts in pig carcases

Rugge, C.D.; Ahlert, R.C.; O.C.nnor, O.A., 1993:
Development of bacterial cultures which can metabolize structural analogs of dioxin

Suhren, G.; Heeschen, W., 1991:
Development of bacteriological quality of bulk milk in the Federal Republic of Germany

Vale, G.A., 1993:
Development of baits for tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae) in Zimbabwe

Fahmy, E.M.; Abdel Tawab, F.M.; Rammah, A.M.; Sharawy, W.M., 1990:
Development of biochemical genetic indices for the identification of some alfalfa cultivars (Medicago sativa L.)

Clark, J.E.; Howell, J.H., 1992:
Development of bioengineering strategies in rural mountain areas

Gonzalez, G.; Ramirez, F.; Monroy, O., 1992:
Development of biofilms in anaerobic reactors

Darwish, S.M., 1993:
Development of biogenic amines in Hungarian hard cheese during ripening

Prasad, R., 1993:
Development of bioherbicides for integrated weed management in forestry

Murray, W.D.; Richardson, M., 1993:
Development of biological and process technologies for the reduction and degradation of pulp mill wastes that pose a threat to human health

Albert, R.; Schneller, H.; Sautter, H., 1993:
Development of biological control in ornamentals

Utkhede, R.S.; Smith, E.M., 1994:
Development of biological control of apple replant disease

Hanzel, J.J., 1992:
Development of bird-resistant sunflower

Punja, Z.K.; Chittaranjan, S.; Gaye, M.M., 1992:
Development of black root rot caused by Chalara elegans on fresh market carrots

Rosenkrans, C.J.; Zeng, G.; Mcnamara, G.; Schoff, P.; First, N., 1993:
Development of bovine embryos in vitro as affected by energy substrates

Sparks, A.E.T.; Canseco, R.S.; Russell, C.G.; Johnson, J.L.; Page, J.L.; Velander, W.H.; Mcgilliard, M.L.; Gwazdauskas, F.C., 1994:
Development of bovine morulae after bisection and biopsy and assessment of DNA amplification by the polymerase chain reaction

Parker, S.P.S., 1993:
Development of brake tests for off-highway logging trucks

Li, C.D.; Ye, J.R.; Han, Z.M.; Zheng, P.; Xu, G.H.; Min, S.B.; Li, X.Y., 1991:
Development of brown spot needle blight in young slash pine plantations in Fengxin, Jiangxi Province

Rao, P.J.M., 1991:
Development of byproduct industries in India

Binns, M.M.; Mumford, J.; Wernery, U., 1992:
Development of camel pox virus as a vaccine vector

Kochenko, Z.I., 1993:
Development of canker tumours on grape roots

Ulbricht, G.; Goetze, H.J.; Vulprecht, D.; Schmidt, G., 1992:
Development of canteen feeding in the new federal states. Results of a study in Potsdam

Suwono, A., 1991:
Development of cassava dryer using heat-pump

Wang, R.F.; Cao, W.W.; Johnson, M.G., 1992:
Development of cell surface protein associated gene probe specific for Listeria monocytogenes and detection of the bacteria in food by PCR

Chirianni, A.; Tullio Cataldo, P.; D.A.braccio, M.; Bonadies, G.; Liuzzi, G.; Orefice, G.; Patricelli, V.; Cangiano, F.; Piccinino, R.; Piazza, M.; Paone, G., 1992:
Development of cerebral toxoplasmosis in patients with AIDS and positive serology for anti-Toxoplasma gondii.

Wang, D.X., 1990:
Development of chemistry and chemical engineering of forest products for economic prosperity in mountain areas

Christensen-Dean, G.; Moore, R., 1993:
Development of chlorenchyma and window tissues in leaves of Peperomia columella

DiBartola, S.P.; Buffington, C.A.; Chew, D.J.; McLoughlin, M.A.; Sparks, R.A., 1993:
Development of chronic renal disease in cats fed a commercial diet

Tubelis, A.; Prates, H.S.; Salibe, A.A.; Carvalho, A.M., 1992:
Development of citrus decline on Pera sweet orange in commercial orchards grown in Latosols (Oxisols) of the state of Sao Paulo

Hök, K., 1993:
Development of clinical signs and occurrence of feline corona virus antigen in naturally infected barrier reared cats and their offspring

Wu, F.Y.; Lin, C.P.; Chen, C.C., 1993:
Development of cloned DNA probes for a mycoplasmalike organism associated with rice yellow dwarf

Zakharchenko, V.I.; Lagutina, I.S.; Zakharov, A.V.; Prokofyev, M.I., 1993:
Development of cloned rabbit embryos as influenced by various factors

Madhubala, K.; Rao, Y.V.B.G.ngadhara; Rao, M.V.S.bba, 1993:
Development of coagglutination test for the detection of antibodies in secondary hydatidosis

Velappan, E., 1992:
Development of cocoa cultivation in India

Rosnes, K.; Junttila, O.; Ernstsen, A.; Sandli, N., 1993:
Development of cold tolerance in white clover (Trifolium repens L.) in relation to carbohydrate and free amino acid content

Fregoso Gonzalez, J.; Mendoza Rodriguez, M., 1990:
Development of cold tolerant A, B and R lines of Sorghum bicolor L. Moench

Bakulov, I.A.; Gavrilov, V.A.; Sobakin, A.S., 1993:
Development of combined vaccine against anthrax and foot and mouth disease using monopreparations of new generation

Beebe, S.; Cardona, C.; Diaz, O.; Rodriguez, F.; Mancia, E.; Ajquejay, S., 1993:
Development of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) lines resistant to the bean pod weevil, Apion godmani Wagner, in Central America

Evans, L.D.; Stay, B., 1994:
Development of competence for milk production in a viviparous cockroach and its association with changes in brood sac glycogen

Kang, C.H.; Park, N.J., 1993 :
Development of computer programs for stock control of parts for repair and maintenance in farm machinery

Schumann, A.H., 1993:
Development of conceptual semi-distributed hydrological models and estimation of their parameters with the aid of GIS

Muthumary, J.; Jayachandra, J.A.; Preetha, M.B.agavathy, 1993:
Development of conidiomata in the Phyllosticta state of Guignardia mangiferae Roy and observations on the fine structure of the conidium

Kim, J.H.; Oh, B.Y.; Hu, N.Y.; Park, Y.S., 1992:
Development of controlled-release pesticide formulations utilizing natural polymeric compounds. 1. Controlled-release fungicide formulations using starch as polymer matrix

Dumet, D.; Engelmann, F.; Chabrillange, N.; Richaud, F.; Beule, T.; Durand Gasselin, T.; Duval, Y., 1993:
Development of cryopreservation for oil palm somatic embryos using an improved process

Hellmann, M.; Stoesser, R., 1992:
Development of cuticle thickness and epidermal cells of apple leaves

Kindiger, B., 1992:
Development of cytoplasmic male sterile lines of maize which are homozygous for indeterminate gametophyte (ig)

Shin, H.T., 1992:
Development of dairy cattle feeding and nutrition in Korea

Promma, S.; Gheva Joarakul, B.; Leenanuruksa, D., 1992:
Development of dairy cattle feeding and nutrition in Thailand

Sahni, G.S., 1993:
Development of dairy cooperatives in India

Metz, J.H.M.; Monteny, G.J., 1994:
Development of dairy cow housing with low ammonia emission

Cheng, G.W.; Crisosto, C.H., 1994:
Development of dark skin discoloration on peach and nectarine fruit in response to exogenous contaminations

Mizuyama, T.; Kobashi, S.; Ou, G.G., 1993:
Development of debris flow

Corrier, D.E.; Nisbet, D.J.; Hollister, A.G.; Scanlan, C.M.; Hargis, B.M.; DeLoach, J.R., 1993:
Development of defined cultures of indigenous cecal bacteria to control salmonellosis in broiler chicks

Weindlmaier, H., 1991:
Development of demand and supply for imitation milk and meat products

Ishibashi, Y.; Endo, G.; Koseki, T.; Hasegawa, N., 1992:
Development of detection methods for monitoring of genetically engineered microorganisms released into environment

Kishimoto, T.; Sakai, J.; Taniguchi, T.; Ishimoto, K., 1991:
Development of devices for measuring external forces acting on agricultural lugged wheels (part 1). Characteristics of transducers of orthogonally holed cantilever type

Kishimoto, T.; Taniguchi, T.; Sakai, J.; Ishimoto, K.; Ohtomo, K., 1991:
Development of devices for measuring external forces acting on agricultural lugged wheels (part 2). Characteristics of small-sized transducers of three-surfaced lug type

Hamers, R.; Songa, E.B.; Diall, O.; Panyim, S., 1993:
Development of diagnostics for T. evansi in camels and water buffaloes; perspectives in vaccine development. Project report TS2-071

Chen, Z.H.o; Liu, C.X.u; Li, F.L.ang; Han, Z.J.u, 1993:
Development of diamond-back moth strains resistant to dimehypo and cartap with reference to the mechanism of resistance

Hill, J.O.; Lin, D.; Yakubu, F.; Peters, J.C., 1992:
Development of dietary obesity in rats: influence of amount and composition of dietary fat

McCracken, K.J.; Kelly, D., 1993:
Development of digestive function and nutrition/disease interactions in the weaned pig

Bateman, G.L., 1993:
Development of disease symptoms and fungal pathogens on shoot bases in continuous winter wheat, and effects of fungicides

Vrkoc, J.; Konecny, K., 1992:
Development of dispensers and field trials in mating disruption of the codling moth

Bazynski, G., 1994:
Development of domestic design cereal drills exampled on the construction and testing of cereal drill S078 POLONEZ

Pearce, R.C.; Grabau, L.J.; Grove, J.H.; Lin, H., 1993:
Development of double-crop soybean under different soil water regimes

Little, D.C.; Khahil ; Takaikaew, P., 1992:
Development of duck-fish integrated systems in northeast Thailand

Rao, T.M.; Patil, J.R.; Bidari, V.B., 1991:
Development of dwarf, early and promising cultures of pigeonpea

Feng, H.L.; Yang, Q.Z.; Sun, Q.Y.; Qin, P.C.; Liu, J.M., 1994:
Development of early bovine embryos in different culture systems

Macua Gonzalez, J.I., 1991:
Development of early ripening summer cauliflower in spring cultivation

Sass, O.; Frauen, M., 1991:
Development of early-maturing field beans with particular emphasis on resistance to chocolate spot

Sayers, A.C.; Johnson, R.H.; Arndt, D.J.; Bergman, M.K., 1994:
Development of economic injury levels for European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on corn grown for seed

Blanco, G.; Herryman, M.; Galvez, L.O., 1992:
Development of economic research at a R&D institute

Ghaffar, S.A., 1992:
Development of education in the decade 1980-1990 in Pakistan

Javahery, M., 1994:
Development of eggs in some true bugs (Hemiptera-Heteroptera) part I. Pentatomoidea

Breure, C.J.; Bos, I., 1992:
Development of elite families in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

Mitsuhashi, W.; Oaks, A., 1994:
Development of Endopeptidase Activities in Maize (Zea mays L.) Endosperms

Murzagil' din, Z.G.; Sabirova, A.K.; Yumaguzhin, M.S., 1992:
Development of enrichment cultures of sulfate-reducing bacteria on metal surfaces during corrosion by a macrogalvanic couple

Taori, K., 1992:
Development of entrepreneurship in rural areas

Oida, A.; Hoki, M.; Salokhe, V.M., 1994:
Development of environment-symbiotic agricultural machinery

Sathananthan, S., 1992:
Development of environmental policy

Schuurman, H.A., 1993:
Development of environmental quality standards

Grether, A.; Hammer, P.; Heeschen, W., 1994:
Development of enzyme immunoassays for the detection of certain sulphonamides in milk

Takafuji, S., 1993:
Development of enzyme modified cheese

Lee, S.B.; Huh, K.T.; Kim, C.K.; Kim, J.B.; Han, S.H., 1992:
Development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for determination of heat denaturation in milk protein

Akiyama, K.; Sugii, S.; Hirota, Y., 1992:
Development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for conglutinin, mannan-binding protein, and serum amyloid-P component in bovine sera

D.B.llis L.; Nishimura, M., 1991:
Development of enzymes of the glyoxylate cycle during senescence of pumpkin cotyledons

Hume, L., 1993:
Development of equations for estimating yield losses caused by multi-species weed communities dominated by green foxtail (Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.)

Waggitt, P.W.; Riley, S.J., 1992:
Development of erosion standards for use in the rehabilitation of uranium mines in northern Australia

Koukina, I.V.; Akinchina, G.T.; Orlov, V.S.; Fedjanina, L.V.; Amanmuradov, A.C.; Anufrieva, V.N.; Dilevskaya, L.M., 1991:
Development of exoerythocytic stages of Plasmodium yoelii yoelii (strain 265 BY) in rat hepatocytes in vitro

Noguchi, R.; Sakai, J.; Chen, P.; Kinoshita, O., 1992:
Development of expert CAD system for optimum planning design of rotary tiller shaft

Pestemer, W.; Gunther, P.; Wischnewsky, M.B.; Novopashenny, I.; Wang, K.; Zhao, J., 1993:
Development of expert systems to aid herbicide use with regard to their behaviour in soil

Feher, A.; Balint, D., 1991:
Development of family farming in Northern Hungary

Tiller, H., 1992:
Development of feeding costs with respect to a controlled egg production in layer flocks

Bazhanova, A.P., 1991:
Development of fibre outturn in hybrids of Gossypium barbadense

Roy, S.K., 1993:
Development of flood tolerant Artocarpus heterophyllus though in vitro technique

Awasthi, D.N., 1993:
Development of floriculture in the country

Fries, Anders, 1994:
Development of flowering and the effect of pruning in a clonal seed orchard of lodgepole pine

Essenberg, M.; Pierce, M.L.; Hamilton, B.; Cover, E.C.; Scholes, V.E.; Richardson, P.E., 1992:
Development of fluorescent, hypersensitively necrotic cells containing phytoalexins adjacent to colonies of Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum in cotton leaves

Briefel, R.; Woteki, C., 1992:
Development of food sufficiency questions for the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Volosin, J., 1993:
Development of foreign trade relations between Bavaria and the former Czechoslovakia

Zhao, S.D., 1991:
Development of forest ecosystem research stations in China - current status, problems and perspective

Ratan Mazumdar, 1991:
Development of forest resources in Andamans: trend and prospects

Deeken, K.P., 1991:
Development of forestry in Niger: management of natural forest in the Sahel region

Suwanchewakorn, P.; Jarimopas, B.; Jakkokesung, S., 1992:
Development of fruit ripening room

Litterick, A.M.; Holmes, S.J., 1993:
Development of fungicide programmes for control of Rhizoctonia diseases of heathers

Spellmann, H.; Diest, W. von, 1990:
Development of future-crop trees in oak trial areas observed over a long period

Ferreira, F.A.; Casali, V.W.D.; Alvares, V.H., 1991:
Development of garlic cultivars Amarante and Cateto Roxo after artificial dormancy breaking

Ferreira, F.A.; Casali, V.W.D.; Alvares, V.H.; Resende, G.M. de, 1991 :
Development of garlic cultivars Chonan and Quiteria after refrigerated storage

Sangild, P.T.; Foltmann, B.; Cranwell, P.D., 1991:
Development of gastric proteases in fetal pigs and pigs from birth to thirty six days of age. The effect of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH)

Harland, N.M.; Leigh, J.A.; Collins, M.D., 1993:
Development of gene probes for the specific identification of Streptococcus uberis and Streptococcus parauberis based upon large subunit rRNA gene sequences

Liu, D., 1994:
Development of gene probes of Dichelobacter nodosus for differentiating strains causing virulent, intermediate or benign ovine footrot

Kirchhof, G.; Hartmann, A., 1992:
Development of gene-probes for Azospirillum based on 23S-rRNA sequences

Ramachandram, M.; Sujatha, M., 1991:
Development of genetic male sterile lines in safflower

Huestis, G.M.; McGrath, J.M.; Quiros, C.F., 1993:
Development of genetic markers in celery based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Sibley, L.D.; Pfefferkorn, E.R.; Boothroyd, J.C., 1993:
Development of genetic systems for Toxoplasma gondii

Kovda, I.V.; Morgun, Y.G.; Alekseyeva, T.V., 1992:
Development of gilgai soil cover in central Ciscaucasia

Hiiro, K.; Mukai, H.; Wakida, S.; Marugame, K., 1993:
Development of gluconate ion sensitive sensors

Saito, T.; Hiroi, M.; Kato, T., 1994:
Development of glucose utilization studied in single oocytes and preimplantation embryos from mice

Pakarinen, P.A.; Huhtaniemi, I.T., 1992:
Development of gonadal feedback regulation of gonadotropin gene expression and secretion in female rats

Toth, S., 1991:
Development of goose for fat liver production part. III. Efforts in establishing a synthetic population from Landaise and Hungarian breeds

Toth, S., 1991:
Development of goose for fat liver production. IV. Crossbreeding experiments with the Cuban breed

Rex, M.; Muller, K., 1992:
Development of grassland vegetation on a meadow fertilizer experiment in the High Black Forest under the influence of various fertilizing over 38 years

Clarke, J.S.; Sorensen, J.W.; Strickland, H.G.; Collins, G., 1992:
Development of ground water vulnerability database for the US Environmental Protection Agency's hazard ranking system using a geographic information system

Sarma, V., 1991:
Development of guidelines for small scale genetic manipulation work

Umaoka, Y.; Noda, Y.; Nakayama, T.; Narimoto, K.; Mori, T.; Iritani, A., 1993:
Development of hamster one-cell embryos recovered under different conditions to the blastocyst stage

Feng, X.R.; Wolyn, D.J., 1993:
Development of haploid asparagus embryos from liquid cultures of anther-derived calli is enhanced by ancymidol

Liu, K.; Phillips, R.D.; Hung, Y.C., 1992:
Development of hard-to-cook defect in cowpeas: role of pectin methylesterase

Abd Rahim Shuib; Abdul Halim, H.; Ahmad, H., 1989:
Development of harvesting machines for oil palm

Janin, G.; Klumpers, J.; Mazet, J.F.; Koukos, P.; Scalbert, A.; Lavisci, P.; Xeuxet, D.; Rapenne, L.; Thevenot, L.; Blaise, L., 1990:
Development of heartwood colour with age in oaks and evaluation of polyphenol content

Pott, R., 1989:
Development of hedges in the cultivated landscape of northwest Germany

Schmidt, R.R., 1993:
Development of herbicides - role of bioassays

Chutkaew, C.; Aekatasanawan, C.; Jampatong, S., 1992:
Development of high oil hybrid corn in Thailand

Cho, C.Y.; Hynes, J.D.; Wood, K.R.; Yoshida, H.K., 1994:
Development of high-nutrient-dense, low-pollution diets and prediction of aquaculture wastes using biological approaches

Weigold, P.; Bohm, H.; Friedt, W., 1991:
Development of high-oleic, low-glucosinolate hybrid winter rapeseed varieties for the production of oil for industrial use

Porpaczy, A., 1990:
Development of high-yielding black currant hybrids well adapted to Hungarian climatic conditions

Evers, R.G.; Minjas, A.N.; Mtaita, T.A., 1993:
Development of horticulture training in Tanzania

Zscheischler, J., 1993:
Development of hybrid maize breeding in Germany

Lee, W.B.; Komatsuda, T., 1994:
Development of hybrids with higher susceptibility to Agrobacterium tumefaciens A208 and inheritance of the susceptibility on soybeans

Bretzlaff, K.N., 1993:
Development of hydrometra in a ewe flock after ultrasonography for determination of pregnancy

Bhojaraj, S.K., 1990:
Development of imbibition water/mixed juice heat exchanger - an interesting auxiliary equipment

Pier, A.C.; Ellis, J.A.; Mills, K.W., 1993:
Development of immune response to experimental bovine Trichophyton verrucosum infection

Stiff, M.I.; Bafundo, K.W., 1993:
Development of immunity in broilers continuously exposed to Eimeria sp

Grønvold, J.; Nansen, P.; Gasbarre, L.C.; Christensen, C.M.; Larsen, M.; Monrad, J.; Midtgaard, N., 1992:
Development of immunity to Ostertagia ostertagi (Trichostrongylidae: Nematoda) in pastured young cattle

Song, Y.Z.; Wang, S.W., 1991:
Development of implements of ramie extraction in China

Jongejan, F.; Asselbergs, M.; Camus, E.; Kafuwa, P.T.; Langa, A.; Lawrence, J.A.; Martinez, D.; Kobold, A.C.M.; Vries, N. de; Whiteland, A.P., 1993:
Development of improved serodiagnostic methods for heartwater (Cowdria ruminantium infection) with emphasis on their application in endemic areas

Marin Sanchez, R.M.E.; Gomez Hernandez, T., 1990 :
Development of improved sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) varieties in Mexico

Behboodi, E.; Anderson, G.B.; Bondurant, R.H., 1992:
Development of in vitro fertilized oocytes from pregnant and nonpregnant cows in oviductal epithelial and cumulus cell co-culture systems

Fukui, Y.; Matsuyama, K., 1994:
Development of in vitro matured and fertilized bovine embryos cultured in media containing human leukemia inhibitory factor

Frankenburg, S.; Jonas, F.; Gross, A.; Klaus, S., 1993:
Development of in vitro parameters of cell-mediated immunity in the course of human cutaneous leishmaniasis infection

Kramarenko, L.A., 1993:
Development of in vitro propagated apricots under unprotected cultivation

Tahardi, J.S., 1994:
Development of in vitro technologies for clonal propagation of estate crops

Dorcus, D.; Vivekanandan, M., 1992:
Development of in vivo nitrate reductase activity (NRA) as a function of chloroplast development

Kasubuchi, T., 1992:
Development of in-situ soil water measurement by heat-probe method

Veenendaal, W.L.H. van; Outer, R.W. den, 1993:
Development of included phloem and organisation of the phloem network in the stem of Strychnos millepunctata (Loganiaceae)

Mikelsaar, M.; Mandar, R., 1993:
Development of individual lactic acid microflora in the human microbial ecosystem

Aycardi, E.R., 1991:
Development of industrial biotechnology in Colombia and its application to domestic animals

Bimbenet, J.J.; Trystram, G., 1993:
Development of industrial engineering in the food industry

Coutinho, T.A.; Rijkenberg, F.H.J.; Van Asch, M.A.J., 1993:
Development of infection structures by Hemileia vastatrix in resistant and susceptible selections of Coffea and in Phaseolus vulgaris

Alghali, A.M., 1992:
Development of insect management practices for sustainable production of cowpea in the semi-arid zones of West Africa

Barton, K., 1989:
Development of insect resistant cotton

Muchembled, C., 1991:
Development of insecticidal treatments in beet

Marc, P., 1993:
Development of integrated control in orchards with apple trees resistant to fungal diseases: transfrontal cooperation Wallonie/Nord-Pas de Calais

Raven, P.W.J.; Stokkers, R., 1992:
Development of integrated flower bulb production

Miklos, D.; Cicel, B., 1993:
Development of interstratification in K- and NH4-smectite from Jelsovy Potok (Slovakia) treated by wetting and drying

Ray, S.K., 1992:
Development of irrigation and its impact on pattern of land use, output growth and employment generation

Tairbekov, M.G.; Kordyum, E.L.; Klimchuk, D.A.; Zabotina, O.A.; Lozovaya, V.V.; Baggerud, K.; Iversen, T.X.; Rasmussen, O.; Gmunder, F., 1993:
Development of isolated plant cells under space-flight conditions (the 'protoplast' experiment)

Barker, J.F.; Enz, J.W., 1993:
Development of laboratory reared banded sunflower moth, Cochylis hospes Walsingham (Lepidoptera: Cochylidae), in relation to temperature

Ripken, H., 1992:
Development of labour costs and labour productivity in the Lower Saxony Forest Administration

Sadowski, F.G.; Watkins, A.H., 1991:
Development of land data sets for studies of global climate change

Richmond, M.D.; Yeung, E.S., 1993:
Development of laser-excited indirect fluorescence detection for high-molecular-weight polysaccharides in capillary electrophoresis

Yoshihira, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Oku, T.; Inoue, H., 1992:
Development of light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b protein complex phosphorylation in thylakoids from dark-grown seedlings

Longstaff, M.A.; Bryce, J.H., 1993:
Development of Limit Dextrinase in Germinated Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (Evidence of Proteolytic Activation)

Posso, C.E.; Cardona, C.; Valor, J.F.; Morales, H., 1992:
Development of lines of beans resistant to the weevil Zabrotes subfasciatus (Boheman) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Forrester, P.D.; Gonna, M.A. von der, 1990:
Development of live limbs on stumps following juvenile spacing

Ota, K.; Terao, H.; Noguchi, N.; Irimajiri, T.; Kubota, M., 1993:
Development of location method for driverless tractor using image sensor (Part 1). Construction of measurement system

Ota, K.; Terao, H.; Irimajiri, T.; Kubota, M., 1994:
Development of location method for driverless tractor using image sensor (Part 2). Measurement accuracy and vehicle recognition method for outdoor

Kumar, S.R.M.; Atmaram, K., 1991:
Development of low calorific dietetic yoghurt using aspartame

Smith, P.S., 1994:
Development of low fat/lower calorie products

Thies, W.; Kraling, K., 1991:
Development of low-indolylglucosinolate starting material for rapeseed breeding, and a rapid method for determining indolylglucosinolates

Ahmadi, N.; Blanchet, F.; Simpara, M.; Traore, B., 1994:
Development of lowlands in Mali

Bottazzi, V.; Battistotti, B.; Vescovo, M.; Rebecchi, A.; Bianchi, F., 1992:
Development of lysis of homofermentative thermophilic lactobacilli microcolonies in grana cheese

Lorenzoni, C.; Marocco, A.; Bertolini, M.; Rizzi, E.; Motto, M., 1991:
Development of maize (Zea mays L.) varieties adapted to producing a second crop

Dornescu, D.; Istrati, E.; Siminiceanu, E., 1992:
Development of maize yields under the influence of fertilizers in stationary long-term experiments on different soils of medium fertility on the Moldavian Plain. I. Influence of nitrogen rates on different soil types

Caporali, E.; Carboni, A.; Galli, M.G.; Rossi, G.; Spada, A.; Marziani Longo, G.P., 1994:
Development of male and female flower in Asparagus officinalis. Search for point of transition from hermaphroditic to unisexual developmental pathway

Soesilotomo, P.S., 1991:
Development of manau rattan plantation in the area of Dampit protection forest, Malang Forest District

Laine, J.; Grenie, X., 1990:
Development of maritime pine stands in southern Brittany

Gillespie, D.Y., 1993:
Development of mass-rearing methods for the sugarcane borer Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) II: diet gelling agents

Kagawa, H.; Tanaka, H.; Okuzawa, K.; Hirose, K., 1994:
Development of maturational competence of oocytes of red seabream, Pagrus major, after human chorionic gonadotropin treatment in vitro requires RNA and protein synthesis

Watkins, C.B.; Brookfield, P.L.; Harker, F.R., 1993:
Development of maturity indices for the 'Fuji' apple cultivar in relation to watercore incidence

Lee, T.M., 1993:
Development of meadow voles is influenced postnatally by maternal photoperiodic history

Ferguson, A.M.; Pusch, W.M., 1992:
Development of mechanical dry-pollen application to kiwifruit

Tsavalos, A.J.; Day, J.G., 1994:
Development of media for the mixotrophic/heterotrophic culture of Brachiomonas submarina

Hayashi, S.; Hinotani, T.; Hayashi, T.; Takasaki, Y.; Imada, K., 1993:
Development of medium components for the production of glucosyl-transferring enzyme by Aureobasidium

Deshpande, G.D., 1993:
Development of medium for selective expression of Curvularia lunata in sorghum seed health testing

Higley, P.M.; Mcgee, D.C.; Burris, J.S., 1993:
Development of methodology for non-destructive assay of bacteria, fungi and viruses in seeds of large-seeded field crops

Hiraoka, H.; Kanetani, Y.; Fujii, H.; Ho, N.K., 1992:
Development of methods for the improvement of seedling establishment in wet seeding rice culture in the Muda area in Malaysia

Holgersson, Y., 1993:
Development of methods of pelt evaluation

Padua, L.E., 1989:
Development of microbial pesticide for mosquito control in the Philippines

Zhou, Y.M.; Zhang, Y.M.; Huang, B.K., 1992:
Development of microcomputer software Vehicle Dynamic Simulation (VDS)

Steinwandter, H., 1992:
Development of microextraction methods in residue analysis

Zerfus, V.M.; Khamova, O.F., 1991:
Development of microflora and biological activity of soil under intensive rape and wheat growing

Ataev, G.L.; Dobrovol' skii, A.A., 1992:
Development of micropopulations of Philophthalmus rhionica rediae in molluscs naturally infected by other trematode species

Dodd, C.E.R.; Waites, W.M., 1992:
Development of microscopic techniques for examining microbial growth in situ in food ecosystems

Adhikari, A.K.; Mathur, O.N.; Patil, G.R., 1993:
Development of microstructure in acid and heat coagulated indigenous milk products: a comparative scanning electron microscope study

Anonymous, 1990:
Development of milk production in Morocco

Park, Y.H.; Lee, B.M.o; Song, N.H.un; Kim, Y.K.o; Park, Y.S.n, 1993:
Development of mixed pesticide for mite and aphid control in apple tree

Lee, B.M.o; Kwon, O.K.ung; Park, S.S.on; Lee, C.H.e, 1992:
Development of mixed pesticides for control of sesame major diseases

Jin, Y.D.k; Oh, B.Y.ul; Kim, Y.K.o; Kim, S.K., 1993:
Development of mixed smoking pellet for the control of major diseases and insect pests under greenhouse conditions

Orech, J.; Zilinec, J.; Georgiev, I.; Cisty, R., 1990:
Development of model equipment for the electrooptical control of the surface of wood

Seifert, H.; Reissmann, M., 1993:
Development of model populations of Berlin miniature pigs and African dwarf goats as a basis for research on environmental stability and reproductive biology

Cho, B.H.; Kim, B.H.; Sohn, S.W.; Jin, N.S.; Park, J.M., 1993:
Development of modified 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) reduction test for the detection of sulfonamide residues in raw milk

Gevers, H.O.; Lake, J.K., 1992:
Development of modified opaque-2 maize in South Africa

Abramson, D., 1991 :
Development of molds, mycotoxins and odors in moist cereals during storage

Stalmans, M.; Mentis, M.T., 1993:
Development of monitoring procedures for the herbaceous layer on the Northeastern Transvaal escarpment

Hanna, PJ.; Altmann, K.; Chen, D.; Smith, A.; Cosic, S.; Moon, P.; Hammond, LS., 1992:
Development of monoclonal antibodies for the rapid identification of epizootic Vibrio species

Thornton, C.R.; Dewey, F.M.; Gilligan, C.A., 1993:
Development of monoclonal antibody-based immunological assays for the detection of live propagules of Rhizoctonia solani in soil

Shamim, M.; Baig, M.; Datta, R.K.; Gupta, S.K., 1994:
Development of monoclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA for the detection of nuclear polyhedra of nuclear polyhedrosis virus infection in Bombyx mori L

Pandian, T.J.; Varadaraj, K., 1990:
Development of monosex female Oreochromis mossambicus broodstock by integrating gynogenetic technique with endocrine sex reversal

Multani, D.S.; Jena, K.K.; Brar, D.S.; de Los Reyes, B.G.; Angeles, E.R.; Khush, G.S., 1994:
Development of monosomic alien addition lines and introgression of genes from Oryza australiensis Domin. to cultivated rice O. sativa L

Cheong, H.T.; Takahashi, Y.; Kanagawa, H., 1992:
Development of mouse embryonic nuclei transferred to enucleated oocytes and zygotes

Rooney, W.; Thimasarn, K., 1991:
Development of multi-drug resistance in forest related falciparum malaria

Pradhan, K.; Dana, S., 1992:
Development of multicut open pollinated varieties of bajra. I. Plant height at different stages of growth

Heinrichs, E.A., 1994:
Development of multiple pest resistant crop cultivars

Ishiy, T.; Machado, J.R., 1992:
Development of mutant rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes by gamma irradiation

Davide, C.L.; Sarmago, I.G.; Rocafort, R.F., 1993:
Development of natural part skim Mozzarella-type cheese for the pizza industry

Coomans, A.V., 1992:
Development of nematology in the low land countries

MacDonald, C., 1993:
Development of new animal cell lines by oncogene immortalisation

Christensson, L.S., 1993:
Development of new dried products in the dairy industry

Pilla, F.; Rubertis, F. de; Leone, P.; Piazzi, G.; Rognoni, G.; Ferretti, L., 1993:
Development of new genetic markers in cattle: CpG islands and microsatellites

Takigawa, T.; Yamana, N.; Hirata, A., 1993:
Development of new mechanism for grass pickup equipment

Neeteson, J.J., 1992:
Development of nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for arable crops in the Netherlands in relation to nitrate leaching

Franich, R.A.; Jakobsson, E.; Jensen, S.; Kroese, H.W.; Kylin, H., 1993:
Development of non-destructive methods for the determination of airborne pollutants in pine needles: identification of trace constituents in radiata pine epicuticular wax

Pathak, P.A., 1993:
Development of non-farm activities through institutional credit

Merrill, J.E., 1993:
Development of nori markets in the western world

Fujii, S., 1991:
Development of novel carbohydrate food materials

Figueira, A.; Janick, J., 1993:
Development of nucellar somatic embryos of Theobroma cacao

Szakaly, S.; Schaffer, B.; Mozsik, G., 1993:
Development of nutritional biologically advantageous animal origin (HIF) foods in Hungary

Panizzi, AR.; Machado-Neto, E., 1992:
Development of nymphs and feeding habits of nymphal and adult Edessa meditabunda (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) on soybean and sunflower

Bouttier, C.M.rgan, D., 1992:
Development of oilseed rape buds, flowers, and pods in vitro

Wasscher, Marcel, T., 1994:
Development of oligo-mesotrophic dragonfly habitats

Liu, Y.Q.; Dengler, N.G., 1992:
Development of open and closed leaf sheaths in Festuca trachyphylla and Festuca rubra (Poaceae)

Arinze, E.A.; Sokhansanj, S.; Schoenau, G.J., 1993:
Development of optimal management schemes for in-bin drying of canola grain (rapeseed)

Carlsten, J.; Sandgren, B.; Dalin, G., 1993:
Development of osteochondrosis in the tarsocrural joint and osteochondral fragments in the fetlock joints of Standardbred trotters. I. A radiological survey

Sandgren, B.; Dalin, G.; Carlsten, J.; Lundeheim, N., 1993:
Development of osteochondrosis in the tarsocrural joint and osteochondral fragments in the fetlock joints of Standardbred trotters. II. Body measurements and clinical findings

Hirooka, R.; Kano, K.; Miyano, T.; Miyake, M.; Kusunoki, H.; Kato, S.; Yamaguchi, K., 1993:
Development of ovaries, oviducts and uterine horns in Meishan x Landrace pigs

Rexroad, C.E.; Powell, A.M., 1993:
Development of ovine embryos co-cultured on oviductal cells, embryonic fibroblasts, or STO cell monolayers

Umehara, T.; Suzuki, K., 1992:
Development of paddy herbicide, pyrazosulfuron-ethyl (NC-311)

Meng, C.F.; Fu, Q.L.; Cao, Z.H., 1992:
Development of paddy-upland rotation systems in paddy fields and its agro-ecological effects in south China

Watanabe, K.; Okada, K.; Katsu, T., 1993:
Development of paraquat and methamphetamine-sensitive electrodes and their application to forensic chemistry

Buck, L.E., 1993:
Development of participatory approaches for promoting agroforestry: collaboration between the Mazingira Institute, ICRAF, CARE-Kenya, KEFRI and the forestry department (1980-91)

Branney, P.; Dev, O.P., 1993:
Development of participatory forest management for community forests in the Koshi Hills

Rehman, A.; A.H.q, M.I.; Mohyuddin, G., 1992:
Development of pasteurized banana milk-based beverages using cow and buffalo milk

Demir, I.; Ellis, R.H., 1992:
Development of pepper (Capsicum annuum) seed quality

Ono, M.; Mori, M.; Soares, W., 1994:
Development of pheromone traps

Pike, V., 1993:
Development of pheromone-baited traps and their uses for the larger grain borer

Heitz, J.R., 1987:
Development of photoactivated compounds as pesticides

Tayama, K.; Shisa, H., 1994:
Development of pigmented scales on rat skin: relation to age, sex, strain, and hormonal effect

Espenhain, F., 1992:
Development of plant breeders' rights in Denmark

Pott, Richard, 1992:
Development of plant communities by agriculture and grassland management

Muller, N., 1990:
Development of plant growth in park lawns after conversion to meadow cutting. Results of 5 years' observations of permanent lawns

Park, W.P.; Hong, J.T.; Lee, W.Y., 1993:
Development of plastic film mulcher for tractor

Purwantara, A., 1992 :
Development of pod rot and stem canker diseases on cocoa caused by Phytophthora palmivora

Leech, D.; Wang, J.; Smyth, M.R., 1992:
Development of polishable electrocatalytic electrode for glucose detection

Wang, Q.S.; Shi, Y.P.; Wang, J.Z.; Su, C.Y., 1992:
Development of pollen grain in peach

Gil Sotres, F.; Leiros, M.C.; Trassar Cepeda, M.C., 1992:
Development of pollution-neutralizing properties in very young mine soils

Bhojaraj, S.K., 1990:
Development of poly baffle entrainment catcher, an effective device to prevent entrainment in sugar factory

Marconi, R.T.; Garon, C.F., 1992:
Development of polymerase chain reaction primer sets for diagnosis of Lyme disease and for species-specific identification of Lyme disease isolates by 16S rRNA signature nucleotide analysis

Smulders, M.J.M.; Rus Kortekaas, W.; Gilissen, L.J.W., 1994:
Development of polysomaty during differentiation in diploid and tetraploid tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) plants

Gilissen, L.J.W.; Van Staveren, M.J.; Creemers Molenaar, J.; Verhoeven, H.A., 1993:
Development of polysomaty in seedlings and plants of Cucumis sativus L

Sevagina, E.N.; Gorbunov, N.N., 1991:
Development of populations of the cereal stem leaf beetle in barley crops of different ages

Paauw, C.G. van der; Rietveld, A.M.J.; Maarse, H.; Griepink, B.; Maier, E.A., 1992:
Development of pork fat reference material for OCPs BCR-CRM 430. 1. Preparation, homogeneity and stability

Scheidt, M., 1992:
Development of potato breeding at the Landesanstalt fur Bodenkultur und Pflanzenbau from the middle of the 1950s

Torres, W.; Jerez, E., 1991:
Development of potato plants under different temperature conditions

Rashid, M.H.; Kabir, M.H.; Hossain, M.M.; Elias, M.; Rashid, M.A.; Hossain, A.E.; Akhter, S.; Rashid, M.M., 1991:
Development of potato varieties from germplasm

Sivapalan, A., 1994:
Development of powdery mildew fungi on leaves submerged under water

Marboutie, G.; Balduque, R.; Latorre, Y., 1993:
Development of powdery mildew on peach in Spain (Vallee de la Cinca) in 1989 and in France (Moyenne Vallee du Rhone) in 1989, 1990 and 1991

Andrivon, D., 1992:
Development of powdery mildew populations on cereals. Better understanding for better control

Gupta, M.L.; Vatsa, D.K.; Verma, M.K., 1994:
Development of power tiller-operated potato planter-cum-fertilizer applicator

Higgins, I.J.hn; Bolbot, J., 1992:
Development of practical electrochemical biological sensing devices

Yamana, N.; Takigawa, T.; Hirata, A., 1994:
Development of precision control system for agricultural semi-trailer tracing the track of tractor (Part 3). Improvement of offset trailer followability and practical experiments by roll baler

Hirata, A.; Yamana, N.; Takigawa, T., 1994:
Development of precision control system for agricultural semi-trailer tracing the track of tractor (Part 4). Development of active control method using estimated steering angle of tractor wheels

Yamana, N.; Takigawa, T.; Hirata, A., 1993:
Development of precision control system for agricultural semi-trailer tracing the track of tractor. Part 2. Improvement of dynamic characteristics by active control method and investigation of control method for off-set trailer

Suzuki, O.; Ogura, A.; Asano, T.; Noguchi, Y.; Yamamoto, Y.; Oike, M., 1993:
Development of preimplantation guinea-pig embryos in serum-free media

Jha, Y.K.; Gupta, S., 1994:
Development of processed cheese spread from cow's milk using enzymes and additives

Vnuchkova, V.A.; Anashchenko, A.V., 1993:
Development of promising spring wheat lines by method of in vitro haploidy

Mcelroy, D.; Zhang, W.; Xu, D.; Witrzens, B.; Gubler, F.; Jacobsen, J.; Wu, R.; Brettell, R.I.S.; Dennis, E.S., 1994:
Development of promoter systems for the expression of foreign genes in transgenic cereals

Procházka, R.; Kanka, J.; Sutovský, P.; Fulka, J.; Motlík, J., 1992:
Development of pronuclei in pig oocytes activated by a single electric pulse

Collada, C.; Allona, I.; Aragoncillo, P.; Aragoncillo, C., 1993:
Development of protein bodies in cotyledons of Fagus sylvatica

Moller, K., 1994:
Development of pupal eyes of the pine sawfly Gilpinia frutetorum (Hym., Diprionidae)

Bhat, R.G.; Mcblain, B.A.; Schmitthenner, A.F., 1993:
Development of pure lines of Phytophthora sojae races

Kurtgel' dyev, B.K.; Mamedov, K., 1991:
Development of quantitative characters in variety-mutant hybrids of Gossypium barbadense

Galal, E.S.E.; Khalil, M.H., 1994:
Development of rabbit industry in Egypt

Li, J.; Foote, R.H.; Simkin, M., 1993:
Development of rabbit zygotes cultured in protein-free medium with catalase, taurine, or superoxide dismutase

Miyoshi, K.; Funahashi, H.; Okuda, K.; Niwa, K., 1994:
Development of rat one-cell embryos in a chemically defined medium: effects of glucose, phosphate and osmolarity

Waksmundzka, M., 1994:
Development of rat x mouse hybrid embryos produced by microsurgery

Van Dijk, A.A., 1993:
Development of recombinant vaccines against bluetongue

Hammock, B.D.; McCutchen, B.F.; Beetham, J.; Choudary, P.V.; Fowler, E.; Ichinose, R.; Ward, V.K.; Vickers, J.M.; Bonning, B.C.; Harshman, L.G., 1993:
Development of recombinant viral insecticides by expression of an insect-specific toxin and insect-specific enzyme in nuclear polyhedrosis viruses

Taniguchi, T.; Kanagawa, H., 1992:
Development of reconstituted mouse embryos produced from the cytoplast of bisected oocytes or pronuclear-stage embryos and single blastomeres of 2-cell stage embryos

Taley, S.M.; Dalvi, V.B., 1991:
Development of relationship between erosion index and precipitation index for the watersheds of high rainfall zone of Vidarbha region

Paran, I.; Michelmore, R.W., 1993:
Development of reliable PCR-based markers linked to downy mildew resistance genes in lettuce

Chu, K.Y.; Barbano, D.M.; Kindstedt, P.S., 1992:
Development of rennet-free and starter-free cheese making methods for Mozzarella cheese

Yancheva, A., 1991:
Development of reproductive organs in oriental tobacco in relation to rates of mineral fertilizer

Reddy, G.R.; Chitra, K.C.; Rao, P.K., 1991:
Development of resistance to insecticides in different populations of Heliothis armigera Hubner (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) in Andhra Pradesh

E.Din, M.H.Tag, 1992:
Development of resistance to organophosphates and carbamates in Tetranychus urticae Koch in fruit orchards in Egypt

Ayad, F.A.; Alyousef, E.F., 1988:
Development of resistance to some insecticides in the cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) (Coleoptera-Bruchidae)

Hide, G.A.; Hall, S.M., 1993:
Development of resistance to thiabendazole in Helminthosporium solani (silver scurf) as a result of potato seed tuber treatment

Jacobson, K.B.; Arlinghaus, H.F.; Doktycz, M.J.; Sachleben, R.A.; Brown, G.M.; Larimer, F.W., 1993:
Development of resonance ionization spectroscopy for genome mapping and DNA sequencing using stable isotopes as DNA labels

Kim, J.Y.; Jung, D.H.; Lee, C.S., 1993:
Development of rice seeder in submerged paddy field

Gunavardana, D.N.; Barchukova, A.Y.; Leonova, T.G.; Aleshin, E.P.; Muromtsev, G.S., 1990:
Development of rice yield under saline conditions after treating seeds with fusicoccin

Byon, J.S.; Lee, E.H.; Kang, J.Y.; Ryu, M.H.; Hong, S.K., 1993:
Development of ridger and vinyl mulcher for power tiller

Guillen, J.; Sanchez, S.; Rodriguez, J., 1992:
Development of rigid plastic plates made from PVC or PC for covering greenhouses

Greiling, A.; Preissler, L., 1993:
Development of rigidity of butter in the province of Thuringia

Mullick, S.G.; Ramachandran, S.P., 1993:
Development of rinderpest precipitins in experimentally infected rabbits

Sakaue, O., 1994:
Development of robotic system for automated seedling production (Part 1). Main body of the robot and its traverse method

Lisovii, M.P.; Kol' nobrits' kii, M.I.; Shupikova, O.I., 1991:
Development of root rots of winter wheat in different ecological zones of the Ukraine related to cultivars, crop protection system and forecrops

Bhagawati, B.; Phukan, P.N., 1993:
Development of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on pea seedlings of different ages

Rat Morris, E., 1993:
Development of rosy aphid Dysaphis plantaginea on a tolerant apple cultivar 'Florina'

Gupta, C.P.; Bohra, C.P., 1992:
Development of rotary potato soil clod separator

Zitnan, R.; Bomba, A.; Sommer, A.; Kolodzieyski, L., 1993:
Development of rumen metabolism and ruminal epithelium in lambs

Takeuchi, J., 1992:
Development of rural industries and its implications to policy formulation in Japan

Ahmed, M.U., 1993:
Development of rural industries and transformation of China's rural economy

Raig, I., 1992:
Development of rural life and agriculture in Estonia: 1992-94

Narasimhan, M.K., 1991:
Development of rural markets and creation of storage facilities

Behari, O.P., 1991:
Development of rural primary markets as growth centres and creation of storage facilities

Shannon, M.C., 1993:
Development of salt stress tolerance - screening and selection systems for genetic improvement

Arya, I.D.; Chakravarty, T.N.; Sopory, S.K., 1993:
Development of secondary inflorescences and in vitro plantlets from inflorescence cultures of Amaranthus paniculatus

Garguillo, M.B.; Stiles, E.W., 1993:
Development of secondary metabolites in the fruit pulp of Ilex opaca and Ilex verticillata

Zahid Ali; Ahmed Samiullah; Fahima Rehman, 1993:
Development of seed drill for rain-fed farming

Furll, C., 1993:
Development of seepage in green forage ensiling

Uzik, M., 1993:
Development of selection indices and their application in plant breeding

Lakes, R.; Pollack, G.S., 1990:
Development of sensory cells of the labella and the legs of the blowfly Phormia regina.

Shkalikov, V.A.; Niandaiti, P.; Usmanova, I.G., 1990:
Development of septoriosis related to spring wheat infection by other diseases

Moiseyeva, Y.B.; Solodovnikov, A.A., 1990:
Development of sex cells in striped bass, Morone saxatilis, reared in seawater

McBrien, H.L.; Judd, G.J.R.; Borden, J.H.; Smith, R.F., 1994:
Development of sex pheromone-baited traps for monitoring Campylomma verbasci (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Jayachandran, C.K.; Thirunavoukkarasu, M.; Venkataramanan, K.S.; Ganesan, M.; Gurumurti, K., 1992:
Development of shade house system for vegetative propagation studies

Park, H.J.; Lee, Y.R.; Hong, J.T.; Park, P.K.; Yun, C.J., 1993:
Development of shaking type plum harvester

Gill, M.A.; Bonman, J.M.; Yasin, S.I., 1993:
Development of sheath rot (Sarocladium oryzae) in tungro viruses infected and virus-free rice plants under natural and inoculated conditions in CO39 and IR50

Thrane, I.F., 1993:
Development of sheep breeding in Denmark in 1983-1992, including slaughter and classification

Anonymous, 1993:
Development of sheep breeding in the EC

Dorlanne, D., 1991:
Development of silviculture of maritime pine in Gascony

Tonogai, Y.; Tsumura, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Ito, Y.; Miyata, M.; Kamakura, K.; Hasegawa, M.; Wada, I.; Fujiwara, Y., 1993:
Development of simultaneous analysis for 8 kinds of organonitrogen fungicides in vegetables and fruits by FTD-GC

Phillips, G.B., 1992:
Development of site index curves for Eucalyptus rubida Deane et Maiden growing in Lesotho

Ohlin, J.B.; Vickory, F.A., 1994:
Development of ski resort liability: statutory challenges and implications for the hospitality industry

Goa, A.W.B., 1992:
Development of small farmers in Tegalasri village, Blitar, East Java

Tasdemiroglu, E., 1993:
Development of small hydropower in Turkey

Jahangiri, G.; Nourbakhsh, A., 1992:
Development of small hydropower stations in Iran

Biwi, K.M., 1993:
Development of smallholder dairying in Zanzibar

Zastenskii, L.S.; Pontus, V.R., 1989:
Development of snow cover in the system of shelterbelts at the '10th Anniversary of the BSSR' state farm in Minsk province

Leschber, R., 1992:
Development of soil conservation in Germany

Sharma, S.D.; Prasad, K.G.; Singh, R.K.; Naresh Malik, 1993:
Development of soil technology for afforestation of sodic soils in Haryana, India

Sharma, S.D.; Prasad, K.G.; Khan, G.H.; Singh, V.K., 1993:
Development of soil technology for afforestation of sodic soils in Uttar Pradesh, India

Degheidi, M.A.; Effat, B.A.; Shalaby, A.R., 1992:
Development of some biogenic amines during Ras cheese ripening with special reference to different starters

Stewart, R.E.; Parsons, R.J.; Hill, D.L., 1993:
Development of some early sensorimotor behaviors in sodium-restricted rats

Lanuza, F.; Dumont, J.C.; Navarro, H., 1991:
Development of some production and economic indicators of a bi-seasonal milk production system in the Decima Region of Chile

Okazaki, K.; Miyazaki, M.; Nagasaki, Y.; Kozai, S., 1994:
Development of soyabean planter with no tillage and barley straw mulch in the converted paddy field

Kenig, A.; Mishoe, J.W.; Boote, K.J.; Cook, P.W.; Reicosky, D.C.; Pettigrew, W.T.; Hodges, H.F., 1993:
Development of soybean fresh and dry weight relationships for real time model calibration

Giesendorf, B.A.; van Belkum, A.; Koeken, A.; Stegeman, H.; Henkens, M.H.; van der Plas, J.; Goossens, H.; Niesters, H.G.; Quint, W.G., 1993:
Development of species-specific DNA probes for Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter coli, and Campylobacter lari by polymerase chain reaction fingerprinting

Borovsky, D.; Powell, C.A.; Carlson, D.A., 1992:
Development of specific RIA and ELISA to study trypsin modulating oostatic factor in mosquitoes

Mraz, F., 1991:
Development of spectra of physiological races of powdery mildew on wheat in Czechoslovakia

Miller, C.T.; Rabideau, A.J., 1993:
Development of split-operator, Petrov-Galerkin methods to simulate transport and diffusion problems

Tebbutt, G.M., 1991:
Development of standardized inspections in restaurants using visual assessments and microbiological sampling to quantify the risks

Wolfaardt, G.M.; Lawrence, J.R.; Hendry, M.J.; Robarts, R.D.; Caldwell, D.E., 1993:
Development of steady-state diffusion gradients for the cultivation of degradative microbial consortia

Sharma, B.D.; Sharma, U.C.; Kaul, H.N., 1992:
Development of stolons into tuber as influenced by genetic variability in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Kamble, M.Y.; Salunkhe, G.N., 1992:
Development of storage grain insect Tribolium castaneum on grain and flour of pearl millet

Lu, H.N.; Gai, J.Y.; Ma, Y.H., 1992:
Development of studies in soyabean inheritance and transformation

Enescu, V., 1993:
Development of studies in the field of forest tree genetics and breeding in relation to world trends

Trujillo Pinto, G.E., 1993:
Development of studies of phytopathogenic bacteria in Venezuela

Stengl, R.; Kovarik, A., 1993:
Development of sugarbeet growing in recent years

Tonnemaker, K.A.; Auld, D.L.; Thill, D.C.; Mallory Smith, C.A.; Erickson, D.A., 1992:
Development of sulfonylurea-resistant rapeseed using chemical mutagenesis

Bozzini, A.; Iannelli, P., 1993:
Development of summer chickpea cultivation under irrigation in south Italy

Voland, R.P.; Epstein, A.H., 1994:
Development of suppressiveness to diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani in soils amended with composted and noncomposted manure

Khan, M.A., 1992:
Development of surface water resources

Devendra, C.; Chantalakhana, C., 1992:
Development of sustainable crop-animal systems in Asia

Backhaus, C.; Srithongkam, S., 1992:
Development of sustainable land-use systems by farmer evaluation and planning

Pennell, D., 1992:
Development of sweet cherry cultivars for the UK

Song, K.; Tang, K.; Osborn, T.C., 1993:
Development of synthetic Brassica amphidiploids by reciprocal hybridization and comparison to natural amphidiploids

Bhatt, A.M.; Dean, C., 1992:
Development of tagging systems in plants using heterologous transposons

Irish, E.E.; Nelson, T.M., 1993:
Development of tassel seed 2 inflorescences in maize

Ilyukhin, V.V.; Beshnov, G.V.; Shlyamina, T.A.; Kukushkin, V.K.; Stroi, A.A.; San' kov, S.M., 1992:
Development of technical means for digging out seedlings in nurseries

Thiele Wittig, M.H., 1992:
Development of technical work in UPOV

Satoria, J.; Homola, P., 1993:
Development of technological equipment for physical stimulation of the biological activity of animal organisms

Rajvanshi, A.K., 1992:
Development of technologies for rural areas: need for new thinking

Polyanskii, K.K.; Rodionova, N.S.; Golubeva, L.V.; Larina, N.V., 1991:
Development of technology for obtaining smetana-type products using membrane methods

Zadde, V.V.; Pigaltsev, E.S.; Bezmen, V.P.; Vershinin, V.S.; Shepovalova, O.V., 1991:
Development of temperature-sensitive and photo-sensitive elements based on use of silicon diodes

Maier, J.; Hoffmann, G.M., 1993:
Development of the barley IPM system in Bavaria for the integrated control of fungal diseases - basis and case studies

Hormann, D.M., 1993:
Development of the 'Structure-Conduct-Performance' approach for the evaluation of vertical production and marketing systems in agriculture and horticulture

Dekkers, W.A., 1993:
Development of the BETA decision support system for sugarbeet

Graser, S., 1994:
Development of the Bavarian milk industry in 1993

Morel, F., 1990:
Development of the Janjac factory at Bayeux. In good physical shape

Salén, J.C.; Worm, K.; Hau, J., 1993:
Development of the KVL segregating inbred strain of the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

Hori, H., 1993:
Development of the Mekong River basin, its problems and future prospects

Ushimaru, T.S.ibasaka, M.T.uji, H., 1992:
Development of the O2(-)-detoxification system during adaptation to air of submerged rice seedlings

Nath, M.N., 1992:
Development of the Ongole breed in India

Vain, P.; Keen, N.; Murillo, J.; Rathus, C.; Nemes, C.; Finer, J.J., 1993:
Development of the Particle Inflow Gun

McGovern, R.E., 1993:
Development of the Posi-Igloo seed potato storage tent

Adams, W.H.; Siekkinsen, G.G.; Jones, D.D.; Holland, K., 1992:
Development of the Water Efficient Landscape Planner knowledge-base

Harayama, H.; Kanda, S.; Kato, S., 1992:
Development of the accessory genital glands in Meishan boars

Garbuz, M., 1992:
Development of the agrarian sector is crucial

Galaktionov, K.V.; Malkova, I.I., 1993:
Development of the alimentary tract during morphogenesis of the metacercariae of Levinseniella brachysoma

uczak, I., 1990:
Development of the anthomyiid fly Pegomyia hyoscyami (Panz.) (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) on different cultivars of fodder beet

Koppel' , L.A.; Butenko, R.G., 1992:
Development of the apical meristem of tomato in vitro under light of differing spectral composition

Bourdin, D., 1991:
Development of the applications of natural gas: the leading energy supply for the food and agricultural industries

Yamamoto, Y.; Komatsu, M., 1991:
Development of the automatic traveling type power-weeder. On the working conditions and the steering performances

Forster, B., 1993:
Development of the bark beetle situation in the Swiss storm-damage areas

Mou, D.G., 1992:
Development of the biotechnology industry in developing countries: the Taiwan experience

Amimoto, A.; Iwamoto, S.; Hachimura, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Murata, T.; Taura, Y.; Nakama, S.; Hayashi, K., 1993:
Development of the canine tooth in the Beagle

Strebe, H., 1991:
Development of the dairy industry in Westfalen and Lippe

Schelhaas, H.; Voorbergen, M.P., 1994:
Development of the dairy industry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Martinez, A.; Lopez, J.; Sesma, P., 1993:
Development of the diffuse endocrine system in the chicken proventriculus

Flagstad, A., 1993:
Development of the electrophysiological pattern in congenital myasthenic syndrome

Martin, SJ., 1992:
Development of the embryo nest of Vespa affinis (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in southern Japan

Tillman, P.G.; Laster, M.L.; Powell, J.E., 1993:
Development of the endoparasitoids Microplitis croceipes, Microplitis demolitor, and Cotesia kazak (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on Helicoverpa zea and H. armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Dubois, C.; Coninck, V. de; Lengele, L., 1993:
Development of the epidemiological health situation in Belgium

Hoque, A.A.M.M.; Khan, A.R., 1990:
Development of the eri silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini (Boisd.) on castor-papaya leaves combinations

Zhadan, S.A., 1993:
Development of the exocrine and endocrine sections of the pancreas in albino rats during the foetal period

Hoek, I.; Cate, C.-Ten; Keijzer, C.; Schel, J.; Dons, H., 1993:
Development of the fifth leaf is indicative for whole plant performance at low temperature in tomato

Bradtmueller, J.; Hunt, M.; Fridley, K.; Mccabe, G., 1994:
Development of the five-point bending test to determine shear moduli of wood composites

Khachatryan, M.G., 1990:
Development of the follicular epithelium in oogenesis of the Ararat cochineal

Tsujimura, A.; Toyoda, M., 1993:
Development of the forest edge community on a mud flow on Mt. Bandai

Miller, J.C.; Hanson, P.E.; Kimberling, D.N., 1991:
Development of the gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) on Garry oak and red alder in western North America

Wallingford, J.C.; Yetley, E.A., 1991:
Development of the health claims regulations: the case of omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease

Ellsbury, M.M., 1991:
Development of the immature stages of the clover stem borer (Coleoptera: Languriidae) at constant temperatures

Anonymous, 1992:
Development of the international sugar markets

Jacob, J., 1992:
Development of the job situation of industrial manufacturing workers compared to forest work

Klapkova, H., 1993:
Development of the labour market in the agricultural sector

Valle, J.L.E. do; Moreno, I.; Dender, A.G.F. van; Souza, G. de, 1992:
Development of the lactic microflora in Prato cheese stored at subfreezing temperatures

Hellmann, M.; Stosser, R., 1994:
Development of the leaf area and cuticle thickness in apples

Shaffert, E.E.; Chebotar' , A.A., 1992:
Development of the male gametophyte in Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl. in the southern littoral of the Crimea

Kobakhidze, L.A.; Gachechiladze, M.I.; Maisaya, I.I., 1992:
Development of the male gametophyte in representatives of the genus Setaria (Poaceae)

Chulkova, S.A.; Vishnyakova, M.A., 1991:
Development of the male gametophyte in three clover species

Aldebis, H.K.; Osuna, E.V.; Santiago Alvarez, C., 1993:
Development of the male reproductive system in Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) treated as larvae with nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Baculoviridae)

Iide, A.A.; Staurengo da Cunha, M.A.; Betioli, J.V., 1993:
Development of the mandibular and abdominal glands of Nannotrigona testaceicornis

Bajkin, A.; Zigmanov, P., 1993:
Development of the mechanization in vegetable production

Kutzemeier, T., 1993:
Development of the milk industry in Central and Eastern Europe

Peng, J., 1992:
Development of the multipurpose pneumatic cultivator

Simon, D., 1994:
Development of the mycorrhizas of lime-treated silver fir (Abies alba)

Obst, A., 1993:
Development of the oat aphid

Hosomi, M.; Sudo, R., 1992:
Development of the phosphorus dynamic model in sediment-water system and assessment of eutrophication control programs

Gafizov, G.K., 1991:
Development of the proportions of component parts of the fruit in pomegranate

Harayama, H.; Tsutsui, A.; Kato, S., 1992:
Development of the reproductive organs in Jinhua boars

Pages, L.; Kervella, J.; Chadoeuf, J., 1993:
Development of the root system of young peach trees (Prunus persica L. Batsch): a morphometrical analysis

Takahashi, R.; Cruz Landim, C. da; Nascimento Kronka, S. do, 1990:
Development of the silk glands of silkworms (Bombyx mori L.) influenced by different types of fertilization of mulberry

Miyazaki, M.; Okazaki, K.; Nagasaki, Y., 1993:
Development of the small bale wrapping system for the silage making operation. 1. Development of the mounted roll baler for chopped forage

Andrianova, T.V., 1991:
Development of the species concept of phytopathogenic Deuteromycetes (with examples from the genus Septoria S. L.)

Scarlett, A.; Reed, J., 1992:
Development of the suspended rubber track (SRT) tractor

Bulk, R.W. van den; Vries van Hulten, H.J.P. de; Dons, J.J.M., 1993:
Development of the technique of microspore culture and possible breeding applications. First results obtained in Lilium

Trounson, A., 1992:
Development of the technique of oocyte donation and hormonal replacement therapy: is oestrogen really necessary for the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy ?

Dannenhoffer, J.M.; Evert, R.F., 1994:
Development of the vascular system in the leaf of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Lavallee, R.; Mauffette, Y.; Albert, P.J., 1993:
Development of the white pine weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on cut leaders of white pine

Russe, I.; Sinowatz, F.; Richter, L.; Lehmann, M.; Schallenberger, E., 1992:
Development of the yolk sac in ruminants (sheep and cattle)

Gdowska, E.; Gorecki, A.; Weiner, J., 1993:
Development of thermoregulation in the pheasant Phasianus colchicus

Boehles, H.; Aschenbrenner, M.; Roth, M.; V.Loewenich, V.; Ball, F.; Usadel, K.H., 1993:
Development of thyroid gland volume during the first 3 months of life in breast-fed versus iodine-supplemented and iodine-free formula-fed infants

Dalton, F.N., 1992:
Development of time-domain reflectometry for measuring soil water content and bulk soil electrical conductivity

Koppel' , L.A.; Butenko, R.G., 1992:
Development of tomato apical meristems in vitro under the influence of light with different spectral composition

Singh, T.V., 1992:
Development of tourism in the Himalayan environment: the problem of sustainability

Sharma, M.P.; Singh, P.R., 1992:
Development of tractor front mounted double row sugarcane windrower harvester

Neill, David, A., 1993:
Development of training programs for conservation research and natural resource management in Ecuador

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