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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2349

Chapter 2349 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348008

Jongruaysup, S.; Dell, B.; Bell, R. W., 1994: Distribution and redistribution of molybdenum in black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) in relation to molybdenum supply

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348012

Smagghe, G.; Degheele, D., 1992: Distribution and retention of the isotope of the ecdysteroid agonist RH 5849 in last instar larvae of Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) and Spodoptera exempta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in relation to toxicity

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Anonymous, 1993: Distribution maps of pests nos. 61 (1st revision), 278 (2nd revision), 279, 290, 466, 476 (all 1st revision), 535, 536 and 537

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348083

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348084

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348110

Grimault, V.; Anais, G.; Prior, P., 1994: Distribution of Pseudomonas solanacearum in the stem tissues of tomato plants with different levels of resistance to bacterial wilt

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348121

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348122

Yeates, GW., 1992: Distribution of Tylenchorhynchus and Geocenamus (Nematoda: Tylenchida) in pasture soils

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348126

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348127

Blake, J. H., 1993: Distribution of Xylella fastidiosa in oak, maple, and sycamore in South Carolina

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348131

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348132

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348153

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348157

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348163

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348165

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348196

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348201

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348208

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348215

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348221

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348779

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348815

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348825

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348839

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Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348844

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Ernst, E., 1992: Do vegetarians live longer?

Cali, S., 1992: Do viruses and mycoplasmas cause small sized apple fruit in Isparta?

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Potthast, V., 1993: Do we need a total mixed ration?

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Oellingrath, I. M., 1991: Do we need low-cholesterol milk products?

Abramova, G. P., 1990: Do we need marketing?

Glaeser, H., 1994: Do we need more heat treatments for producing market milk?

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Goldblatt, P.; Hoch, P. C.; McCook, L. M., 1992: Documenting scientific data: the need for voucher specimens

Ruane, J., 1993: Documenting the world's domestic animal resources

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348886

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Job, H., 1993: Does Germany still need nature parks? A report on the discussion about large conservation areas

Pederby, H., 1994: Does God care about what we eat? It is a question of the identity and origin of people

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Ter Wee, P. M., 1992: Does a protein-restricted diet inhibit the loss of renal function?

Szopa, J.; Bode, J.; Kay, V.; Kozubek, A.; Sikorski, A. F., 1993: Does a prototype scaffold/matrix-attached region (SAR sequence) affect intrinsic nuclear matrix endonuclease specificity?

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Jongebloed, P.H.J.; Elgersma, D. M.; Sabelis, M. W., 1992: Does a vascular fungus of tomato induce a defence response or a change in host plant quality that also affects the oviposition of spider mites?

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Alekseev, A. N.; Chunikhin, S. P., 1990: Does attack by uninfected ticks provide protection against tick-borne encephalitis during subsequent bites?

Prasad, Tk; Li, X; Abdel-Rahman, Am; Hosokawa, Z; Cloud, Np; Lamotte, Ce; Cline, Mg, 1993: Does auxin play a role in the release of apical dominance by shoot inversion in Ipomoea nil?

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Buchberger, J., 1990: Does breeding influence the technological value of milk?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348933

Schwellnus, M. P.; Jordaan, G., 1992: Does calcium supplementation prevent bone stress injuries? A clinical trial

Knight, J. D.; Verhees, F.; Kessel, C. van; Slinkard, A. E., 1993: Does carbon isotope discrimination correlate with biological nitrogen fixation

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348936

Clarke, William R.; Lauer, Ronald M., 1993: Does childhood obesity track into adulthood?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348938

Lord, J. M., 1993: Does clonal fragmentation contribute to recruitment in Festuca novae-zelandae?

Chapman, H. D.; Skinner, J. T.; Waldroup, P. W.; Schleifer, J. H., 1993: Does compensatory growth occur following withdrawal of salinomycin from the diet of broilers?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348941

Obeso, J. R., 1993: Does defoliation affect reproductive output in herbaceous perennials and woody plants in different ways?

Luca, Frank C., 1993: Does degradation lead to segregation?

Langevin, Serge; Denuna, Susie F.; Castell, Donald O., 1993: Does diet affect values obtained during prolonged ambulatory pressure monitoring

Zimmerman, J., 1993: Does dietary calcium supplementation reduce the risk of colon cancer?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348946

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348948

Filseth, E., 1992: Does double insemination pay?

Findley, S. E., 1994: Does drought increase migration? A study of migration from rural Mali during the 1983-1985 drought

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348951

Juvonen, Pekka; Mansson, Majvi; Jakobsson, Irene, 1994: Does early diet have an effect on subsequent macromolecular absorption and serum IgE?

Cromwell, E.; Winpenny, J., 1993: Does economic reform harm the environment? A review of structural adjustment in Malawi

Leeson, S.; Caston, L. J., 1993: Does environmental temperature influence body weight:shank length in Leghorn pullets?

Mitchell Olds, Thomas, 1992: Does environmental variation maintain genetic variation? A question of scale

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Hahn, C. N.; Mayhew, I. G., 1993: Does equine motor neuron disease exist in the United Kingdom?

Buttner, G., 1994: Does examination of the soil help where rhizomania is suspected?

Kubik, M.; Michalczuk, L.; Malinowski, T. , 1991: Does externally applied Ca influence endogenous Ca accumulation in apple fruit?

Ben Shahar, R., 1993: Does fencing reduce the carrying capacity for populations of large herbivores?

Tunbridge, F. K. E.; Home, P. D.; Murphy, M.; Alberti, K. G. M. M., 1991: Does flexibility at mealtimes disturb blood glucose control on a multiple insulin injection regimen?

Ruttan, V. W., 1993: Does food aid have a future?

Hanisch, R., 1993: Does foreign aid develop? The lessons from Africa

Houlton, J. E. F.; Dyce, J., 1992: Does fracture pattern influence thoracic trauma? A study of 300 canine cases

Quenette, Pierre Yves; Gerard, Jean Francois, 1992: Does frequency-dependent selection optimize fitness?

Pinfield, N. J.; Bihzad, M. A.; Ayisire, B., 1991: Does gibberellic acid inhibit 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-induced ethylene production in Cucurbita pepo L. seedlings?

Stuiver, C. E. E.; Kok, L. J. de; Kuiper, P. J. C., 1992: Does glutathione play a role in freezing tolerance of plants?

Horch, H. D., 1994: Does government financing have a detrimental effect on the autonomy of voluntary associations? Evidence from German sports clubs

Hallas, T. E.; Yi, Xue; Schou, C., 1993: Does guanine concentration in house-dust samples reflect house-dust mite exposure?

Menken, S. B. J., 1991: Does haplodiploidy explain reduced levels of genetic variability in Hymenoptera?

Nokes, C.; Bundy, D. A. P., 1994: Does helminth infection affect mental processing and educational achievement?

Maramorosch, K., 1992: Does hoja blanca occur in China?

Woolf, C. M., 1993: Does homozygosity contribute to the asymmetry of common white leg markings in Arabian horse?

Wan, Changgui; Sosebee, Ronald E.; Mcmichael, Bobby L., 1993: Does hydraulic lift exist in shallow-rooted species? A quantitative examination with a half-shrub Gutierrezia sarothrae

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348976

Danial, D. L.; Broers, L. H. M.; Parlevliet, J. E., 1993: Does interplot interference affect the screening of wheat for yellow rust resistance?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348979

Bouis, H; Haddad, L; Kennedy, E., 1992: Does it matter how we survey demand for food? Evidence from Kenya and the Philippines

Conboy, P.; Goddard, E. W.; McCutcheon, M., 1992: Does it matter to advertising investment levels if advertising is considered a fixed or a variable cost?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348982

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348983

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348984

Contini, C.; Romani, R.; Vullo, V.; Delia, S.; Sorice, F., 1992: Does laboratory recovery of Pneumocystis carinii always mean clinically significant disease?

Colegrave, N., 1993: Does larval competition affect fecundity independently of its effect on adult weight?

Liebhold, Am; Mcmanus, Ml, 1991: Does larval dispersal cause the expansion of gypsy moth outbreaks?

Horn, S.; Allworden, H. N. von; Feldheim, W., 1993: Does lecithin supply affect the stamina of high performance athletes?

Schutz Y.; Tremblay A., 1992: Does lipid oxidation differ in gynoid and android obese women?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348991

Fordy, J.; Benton, D., 1994: Does low iron status influence psychological functioning?

Yanega, D., 1992: Does mating determine caste in sweat bees (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348994

Chemineau, P.; Berthelot, X.; Daveau, A.; Maurice, F.; Viguie, C.; Malpaux, B., 1993: Does melatonin allow out-of-season reproduction in farm domestic mammals?

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348996

Prentice, A., 1993: Does mild zinc deficiency contribute to poor growth performance?

Chavance, Michel; Herbeth, Bernard; Lemoine, Alain; Zhu, Bao Ping, 1993: Does multivitamin supplementation prevent infections in healthy elderly subjects? A controlled trial

Section 3, Chapter 2349, Accession 002348999

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