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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 2352

Chapter 2352 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Muller, J., 1992:
Echinococcosis of the temporal bone: epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and literature review

Furth, M.; Hoida, G.; Malsay, Y.; Greenberg, Z.; E.O., J., 1994:
Echinococcosis/hydatidosis in Israel and in the world

Virga, A.; Todaro, D.; Internicola, G.; Giardina, P., 1993:
Echinococcosis/hydatidosis in Trapani province. Sheep farm survey

Thurairatnam, T.P., 1992:
Echinococcus breast abscess

Cook, G.C., 1992:
Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis in Europe

Rezabek, G.B.; Giles, R.C.; Lyons, E.T., 1993:
Echinococcus granulosus hydatid cysts in the livers of two horses

Rajamanickam, C.; Faridah, M.; Ong, B.L.; Asiah, N.M.A.; Mohd Mokhtar, A.; Rafidah, J.; Sharifah, R., 1992:
Echinococcus granulosus survey in dogs

Storandt, S.T.; Kazacos, K.R., 1993:
Echinococcus multilocularis identified in Indiana, Ohio, and east-central Illinois

Gottstein, B., 1992:
Echinococcus multilocularis infection: immunology and immunodiagnosis

Felleisen, R.; Gottstein, B., 1993:
Echinococcus multilocularis: molecular and immunochemical characterization of diagnostic antigen II/3-10

Meneghelli, U.G.; Martinelli, A.L.C.; Velludo, M.A.S.L., 1990:
Echinococcus vogeli cysts in the liver of the agouti (Cuniculus paca) in the State of Acre, Brazil

Geor, R.J.; Lund, E.M.; Weiss, D.J., 1993:
Echinocytosis in horses: 54 cases (1990)

Fain, A.; Pereira-Lorenzo, A., 1993:
Echinonyssus galiciae n. sp. (Acari: Laelapidae) from Talpa caeca Savi in Spain

Didenko, E.M., 1992:
Echinorhynchus theragrae sp. nov. (Acanthocephala: Echinorhynchidae) - parasite of Theragra chalcogramma in the Sea of Japan

Huffman, J.E.; Fried, B., 1990:
Echinostoma and echinostomiasis

Fujino, T.; Fried, B., 1993:
Echinostoma caproni and E. trivolvis alter the binding of glycoconjugates in the intestinal mucosa of C3H mice as determined by lectin histochemistry

Bangs, M.J.; Purnomo; Anthony, R.L., 1993:
Echinostomiasis in the highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Bonagura, J.D., 1994:

Stadler, P.; Deegen, E.; Kroker, K., 1994:
Echocardiography and therapy of atrial fibrillation in horses

Vrabely, Tamas, 1993:
Echocardiography, as a modern diagnostic tool in the cardiology of dogs

G. de Bulnes, A.; Herreros, M.A.; G.B.tey, C., 1993:
Echographic study of pregnancy in dogs

Leonardi, G.P.; Greenberg, A.J.; Costello, P.; Szabo, K., 1993:
Echovirus type 30 infection associated with aseptic meningitis in Nassau County, New York, USA

Lutz, H., 1993:
Eckfeldapis electrapoides nov. gen. n.sp., a honey bee from the Middle Eocene of the Eckfelder Maar near Manderscheid/Eifel, Germany

Degenhardt, D.F.; Kondra, Z.P.; Stringam, G.R., 1992:
Eclipse summer turnip rape

Shibanaka, Y.; Hayashi, H.; Takai, M.; Fujita, N., 1993:
Eclosion hormone activates phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis in silkworm abdominal ganglia during metamorphosis

Naya, S.-Ichi.; Suzuki, K.; Fugo, H.; Sehnal, F., 1994:
Eclosion hormone-like immunoreactivity in the nervous system of Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) and Antheraea yamamai (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) before and after hatching

Morris, M.; Takeda, S.C., 1993:
Eclosion rhythms of Hyphantria cunea Drury (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) in Tsukuba

Poldervaart, P., 1994:
Eco cleaning - correct application is decisive

Tuting, L., 1994:
Eco or ego tourism? The misuse of a buzzword

Barua, I.C.; Gogoi, A.K., 1993:
Eco-diversity of common weeds in rice fields of Assam

Wang, Y.M., 1994:
Eco-environmental characteristics and their regionalization in Ningxia

Wolff, L.A., 1992:
Eco-farming pulled between technology and policy. An agricultural sociology study based on an example from Brazil

Kalushkov, P.K.; Donchev, K.D.; Dimova, V.I., 1990:
Eco-faunistic studies on the coccinellids (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in lucerne plots near Pleven

Evans, A., 1993:
Eco-living in Sweden. Inspiration for Canadian consumers and developers

Smolenskii, I.N.; Adamenko, Y.O.; Mel' nichuk, M.P.; Dmitrash, I.N., 1993:
Eco-monitoring of the air in a woodworking enterprise

Terashima, K.; Akita, S.; Sakai, N., 1992:
Eco-physiological characteristics related to lodging tolerance of rice in direct sowing cultivation. 1. Comparison of the root lodging tolerance among cultivars by the measurement of pushing resistance

Myers, N., 1994:
Eco-refugees: a crisis in the making

Ishmael, L., 1993:
Eco-tourism: the planning issues

Mizuno, M., 1994:
Eco-wave, sports equipment takes up the green challenge

Ordonez, J.A.; McGrann, J.M., 1992:
Ecoanalysis-DP: a tool for the economic analysis of dual-purpose production systems

Mahlau, G., 1994:
Ecobalance for fresh milk packaging

Hiremath, I.G.; Bhuti, S.G.; Lingappa, S., 1992:
Ecobiology and management of Mythimna separata (Walker)

Dikumbwa, N., 1990:
Ecoclimatic factors and biogeochemical cycles in dense dry evergreen forest in Muhulu, southern Shaba

Thakur, M.L., 1991:
Ecodevelopment and genetic diversity in insect fauna of Western Ghats, India

Morales, G.; Gonzalez de Moreno, L.; Pino, L.A.; Dominguez, J.R. de; Parra, M. de, 1988:
Ecoepidemiological characterization of gastrointestinal helminths from bovines from four different localities in Venezuela

Rioux, J.A.; Ashford, R.W.; Khiami, A., 1992:
Ecoepidemiology of leishmaniases in Syria. 3. Leishmania major infection in Psammomys obesus provides clues to life history of the rodent and possible control measures

Nayak, A.K., 1993:
Ecofriendly biobag - an alternative to polythene bags

Dragavtsev, V.A., 1991:
Ecogenetical background of quantitative traits

Smartt, J., 1992:
Ecogeographical differentiation and ecotype formation

Rohwer, J.G.; Kubitzki, K., 1993:
Ecogeographical differentiation in Nectandra (Lauraceae), and its historical implications

Bergmann, F.; Gregorius, H.R., 1993:
Ecogeographical distribution and thermostability of isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) alloenzymes in European silver fir (Abies alba)

Jaradat, A.A., 1993:
Ecogeographical races in natural populations of Triticum dicoccoides

Heathwaite, A.L.; Eggelsmann, R.; Goettlich, K.H., 1993:
Ecohydrology, mire drainage and mire conservation

Yoo, K.Y.ung; Kim, D.H.un; Shin, M.H.e; Noh, D.Y.ung; Choe, K.J.n, 1993:
Ecologic correlation study on nutrients/foods intake and mortality for female breast cancer in Korea

Kyablane, K.A., 1992:
Ecologic limits of application of mineral fertilizers in Estonia

Bauer, O.N.; Ieshko, E.P.; Pugachev, O.N., 1992:
Ecological Parasitology. Volume 1, Number 1, March 1992

Anonymous, 1994:
Ecological agriculture in Andalusia: preliminary results of four case studies

Kallander, I., 1992:
Ecological agriculture in Sweden

Ming, L.S., 1993:
Ecological agriculture research and extension in China

Mayer, H.; Pignatti, G., 1992:
Ecological amplitude of the Eucalyptus forests of Australia

Tardif, J.; Bergeron, Y., 1992:
Ecological analysis of black ash (Fraxinus nigra) stands on the shore of Lake Duparquet, northwest Quebec

Buschbacher, R.J., 1990:
Ecological analysis of natural forest management in the humid tropics

Valuta, T.; Oshkinis, V., 1993:
Ecological analysis of the helminths of burbot in Lake Druksiai

Ismail, I.I.; Abu Zeid, N.A.; Abdallah, F.F., 1988:
Ecological and behavioural studies on olive tree borers and their parasites

Hansen, L.F.; Korsgaard, M., 1993:
Ecological and biodynamic cultivation

Racheli, T.; Angeloni, S., 1990:
Ecological and biogeographical notes on the Italian Pterophoridae (Lepidoptera)

Mondino, G.P.; Nosenzo, A.; Dotta, A.; Cerutti, T., 1989:
Ecological and biometric study of a European larch seed-production stand at Briga Alta, Cuneo, Italy

Dzybov, D.S., 1991:
Ecological and coenotic bases for rapid restoration of grass vegetation on degraded land

Montserrat Recoder, P., 1992:
Ecological and cultural management of mountain landscapes

Willeke Wetstein, C., 1992:
Ecological and economic analysis of the agricultural production of small peasant farms in Ningxia (Northwestern China)

Pordomingo, A.; Johnson, N., 1992:
Ecological and economic possibilities of production

Suskevic, M., 1992:
Ecological and economical optimization of soil management under conditions of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic

Aune, J.B., 1993:
Ecological and economical requirements for sustainable land use in sub-Saharan Africa

Rola, J., 1993:
Ecological and economical results of idle and fallowing fields of arable land in Poland

Tishchenko, L.G., 1991:
Ecological and epidemiological bases for the prophylaxis of Avitellina infection in sheep

Hartig, J.H.; Jude, D.J., 1988:
Ecological and evolutionary significance of cyclopoid predation on fish larvae

Uzhintseva, L.P.; Romanova, O.I., 1991:
Ecological and genetical study of pea mutants with early onset of flowering

Roca, J.R.; Gil, M.J., 1992:
Ecological and historical factors affecting the distribution of water-mites (Hydracnellae, Acari) in pyrenean springs

Niemeyer, Hermann, M., 1992:
Ecological and molecular aspects of the interaction between aphids and their host plants

Barabanova, V.V.; Piletskaya, I.V., 1991:
Ecological and physiological characteristics of starvation in females of the mite Varroa jacobsoni

Vyskot, M., 1988:
Ecological and production aspects in tending Abies alba Mill

Rzeszutek, I.; Zawislak, K., 1992:
Ecological and production effects of increasing the percentage of potatoes in the crop rotation. II. Second rotation of crops

Rzeszutek, I., 1991:
Ecological and productive effects of increasing the percentage of potatoes in the crop rotation. I. First crop rotation

Reyes, E.; Day, J.W.J.; White, M.L.; Yanez Arancibia, A., 1993:
Ecological and resource management information transfer for Laguna de Terminos, Mexico: a computerized interface

Fady, B., 1993:
Ecological and silvicultural characteristics of Greek firs in their natural area and in plantations in the south of France

Albers, B.; Rackwitz, R.; Winter, K.; Hartmann, A.; Beese, F., 1992:
Ecological application aspects on regulation of adenosine phosphates in soil

Perez Eid, C.; Macaigne, F.; Gilot, B., 1993:
Ecological approach to biotopes of Haemaphysalis (Alloceraea) inermis Birula, 1895, in France. Effects of incidence on epidemiology of Lyme disease

Shaikh, M.H.A., 1993:
Ecological approach to dry zone afforestation

Perng, K.D., 1988:
Ecological approaches to forest management in Taiwan

Plennik, R.Ya, 1990:
Ecological area and morphological/biological adaptation of a species in the plant introduction of natural flora

Gonzales Ormeno, D., 1990:
Ecological areas suitable for forest species in Cusco identified with a geographic information system

Botzenhardt, C.F.A., 1994:
Ecological aspects in the production and utilization of fish feeds

Boland, J.T.; Scott, P.J., 1992:
Ecological aspects of Arethusa bulbosa, Calopogon tuberosus and Pogonia ophioglossoides (Orchidaceae) in eastern Newfoundland. II. Partitioning of the microhabitat

Masutti, L., 1991:
Ecological aspects of Cephalcia arvensis outbreaks in spruce stands in the Venetian pre-Alps

Lapa, A.M.; Tkachev, V.M., 1992:
Ecological aspects of an integrated pest management system in orchards

Akmal' khanov, S.A.; Ishankulova, F.I.; L' vovich, E.A.; Ziyadullaev, K.Z., 1991:
Ecological aspects of application of high doses of nitrogen fertilizer in growing maize for silage

Pilipenko, O., 1991:
Ecological aspects of application of polymer composites in agricultural machines

Gamalei, Y.V.; Pakhomova, M.V.; Syutkina, A.V., 1992:
Ecological aspects of assimilate outflow. I. Temperature

Grib, S., 1992:
Ecological aspects of cereal crop breeding in Byelorussia

Strzyszcz, Z.; Bzowski, Z., 1991:
Ecological aspects of contamination of soils and plants with thallium

Kondrashin, A.V.; Jung, R.K.; Akiyama, J., 1991:
Ecological aspects of forest malaria in southeast Asia

Sharples, F.E., 1991:
Ecological aspects of hazard identification for environmental uses of genetically engineered organisms

Pysek, Petr, 1994:
Ecological aspects of invasion by Heracleum mantegazzianum in the Czech Republic

Popp, M., 1993:
Ecological aspects of nitrogen nutrition

Ogryzkov, E.P.; Ogryzkov, V.E.; Kobyakov, I.D., 1993:
Ecological aspects of operation with deep looseners of sweep type

Saiko, T.A.; Belyuchenko, I.S., 1992:
Ecological aspects of pastureland development in the Kalahari zone of Botswana

Novozhilov, K.V., 1991:
Ecological aspects of plant protection in contemporary agriculture

Cruz Cisneros, R.; Valdes, M., 1990:
Ecological aspects of the actinorhizal plants growing in the basin of Mexico

Neufahrt, A.; Damo, Z., 1992:
Ecological aspects of the biocide emulsifiers: Emulsogen ITN and Emulsogen ITL

Astudillo, A.M.; Gutierrez, Y.; Medina, C.A.; Manzano, M.R., 1992:
Ecological aspects of the pondskater Charmatometra bakeri Kirkaldi (Heteroptera: Gerridae) in the Cauca Valley

Sidorenko, O.I.; Nesterov, P.G.; Shpak, E.V.; Usharova, G.P.; Maichekina, R.M.; Koshanova, K.S., 1992:
Ecological aspects of the productive process in winter wheat

Boira, H.; Carretero, J.L., 1992:
Ecological aspects of the weed flora in citrus orchards in Valencia

Trautz, D., 1992:
Ecological assessment of set-aside in the agroecosystem

Kottack, C.P.; Costa, A.C.G., 1993:
Ecological awareness, environmentalist action, and international conservation strategy

Kuchlein, JH., 1991:
Ecological backgrounds of migration in Lepidoptera

Jolliet, O., 1993:
Ecological balance sheet for glasshouse production of tomatoes

Fehlberg, U., 1994:
Ecological barrier effects of motorways on mammalian wildlife

Uemoto, S., 1992:
Ecological behavior of wild Camellia japonica population in northernmost boundary in the world

Dunn, C.P.; Sterns, F.; Guntenspergen, G.R.; Sharpe, D.M., 1993:
Ecological benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program

Shaikenov, B.Sh., 1992:
Ecological border of distribution of Trichinella nativa Britov et Boev, 1972 and T. nelsoni Britov et Boev, 1972

Li, L-s.; Huang, F-n.; Chen, J-l., 1989:
Ecological characteristics of the citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashm.)

Lee, G.H.; Kim, D.H.; Park, J.H.; Park, D.S.; So, J.D., 1992:
Ecological characteristics of the predator, Orius sauteri Poppius (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae)

Turin, H.; Alders, K. den Boer, PJ. van Essen, S.; Heijerman, T.; Laane, W.; Penterman, E., 1991:
Ecological characterization of carabid species (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Netherlands from thirty years of pitfall sampling

Makosa, K., 1991:
Ecological characterization of current state of fertility of forest sites in relation to the ameliorative reversal of site degradation

Doumandji Mitiche, B.; Doumandji, S.; Benzara, A.; Guecioueur, L., 1991:
Ecological comparison between several populations of Orthoptera in the Lakhdaria region (Algeria)

Philipchenko, A.A. (Filipchenko, A.A), 1992:
Ecological conception of parasitism and independency of parasitology as a branch of science

Babushkina, L.G.; Zueva, G.V.; Luganskii, N.A.; Marina, N.V.; Novoselova, G.N.; Naumova, L.A.; Kokovkina, T.F.; Shebalova, N.M.; Stepanova, I.P.; Fal' ko, N.V.; Sumenkova, T.N.; Simonova, L.I.; Uzhegova, I.A., 1993:
Ecological condition of forest stands in the zone of fluorine-containing industrial emissions

Jirgle, J., 1988:
Ecological conditions affecting forest regeneration in the Erzgebirge

Semetko, J., 1992:
Ecological conditions in relation to tractor parameters

Basnet, K.; Scatena, F.N.; Likens, G.E.; Lugo, A.E., 1993:
Ecological consequences of root grafting in tabonuco (Dacryodes excelsa) trees in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico

Kowarik, I., 1990:
Ecological consequences of the introduction and dissemination of new plant species; an analogy with the release of genetically engineered organisms

Mineyev, V.G.; Rempe, Y.K.; Voronina, L.P.; Solovey, I.N., 1993:
Ecological consequences of the use of chemical pesticides

Maslov, A.D.; Lisov, N.A.; Zakordonets, V.A., 1990:
Ecological consequences of using soil insecticides

Dambroth, M., 1993:
Ecological considerations in the cultivation of industrial and energy crops

Overholt, W.A.; Ngi Song, A.J.; Kimani, S.K.; Mbapila, J.; Lammers, P.; Kioko, E., 1994:
Ecological considerations of the introduction of Cotesia flavipes Cameron (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) for biological control of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Africa

Schrag, S.J.; Mooers, A.O.; Ndifon, G.T.ta; Read, A.F., 1994:
Ecological correlates of male outcrossing ability in a simultaneous hermaphrodite snail

Gaj, M.; Kucerova, J., 1994:
Ecological criteria for the development of tourism in the Roznava region

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1990:
Ecological culture of vegetables using plastic materials

Cisse, I.; Rapp, K.; Chasset, P., 1992:
Ecological dairy farms: an example to follow

Leps, J.; Spitzer, K., 1990:
Ecological determinants of butterfly communities (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) in the Tam Dao Mountains, Vietnam

Gove, J.H.; Patil, G.P.; Swindel, B.F.; Taillie, C., 1994:
Ecological diversity and forest management

Saberwal, A.; Malhotra, S.K.; Capoor, V.N., 1992:
Ecological dynamics of proteocephalid infections in Wallago attu at Allahabad

Li, F.; Li, Y.C.; Han, J.X.; Wang, M.F., 1991:
Ecological effect of young growth stage of natural and artificial forests in red earth hilly area

Lindner, M., 1992:
Ecological effects of first afforestations: status of research and conclusions for silvicultural practice

Fairhurst, C.P.; Leseque, C.; Elonard, J.M.; Paugy, D.; Yameogo, L., 1990:
Ecological effects of larviciding

Ryazanova, A.V.; Krasotina, T.S.; Zdrenik, V.M.; Bel' brut, A.V., 1992:
Ecological effects of the use of certain soil-aggregating agents

Szujecki, A., 1990:
Ecological engineering in the redevelopment of forest ecosystems on old farmland

Wigger, H., 1993:
Ecological estimation of coleopterous predators caught in bark beetle pheromone traps

Swarnalatha, N.; Rao, A.N., 1992:
Ecological evaluation of cyanobacterial blooms

Savich, V.I.; Khamraev, M.B., 1992:
Ecological evaluation of erosion processes

Alekseev, I.A.; Zakharenko, G.P.; Chudinova, T.G., 1992:
Ecological evaluation of logging machines

Zhao, Q.J.; Garrity, D.P.; Wang, Z.Y., 1993:
Ecological evaluation of rice-based cropping systems in the Philippines. I. The nutrient balance of various cropping systems

Savich, V.I.; Khamraev, M.B., 1992:
Ecological evaluation of the erosion process

Abe, T., 1991:
Ecological factors associated with the evolution of worker and soldier castes in termites

Oba, G., 1992:
Ecological factors in land use conflicts, land administration and food insecurity in Turkana, Kenya

Sauerbrey, R.; Eschner, D., 1991:
Ecological farming of fens

Kurkin, K.A., 1992:
Ecological features of differentiation of meadow vegetation

Ott, E.; Luscher, F.; Frehner, M.; Brang, P., 1991:
Ecological features of regeneration in subalpine Norway spruce forest in comparison with the montane forest zone

Ogryzkov, E.P.; Ogryzkov, V.E.; Kobyakov, I.D., 1992:
Ecological fitness of sweep subsoilers

Vargas, R.I.; Stark, J.D.; Nishida, T., 1992:
Ecological framework for integrated pest management of fruit flies in papaya orchards

Zimmerman, J.K.; Whigham, D.F., 1992:
Ecological functions of carbohydrates stored in corms of Tipularia discolor (Orchidaceae)

Bennington, C.C.; McGraw, J.B.; Vavrek, M.C., 1991:
Ecological genetic variation in seed banks. II. Phenotypic and genetic differences between young and old subpopulations of Luzula parviflora

Gould, F., 1990:
Ecological genetics and integrated pest management

Martin, P.J., 1990:
Ecological genetics of anthelmintic resistance

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1994:
Ecological growing of leeks with plastics

Avila Cano, J.C., 1994:
Ecological horticulture in a 'latifundist' context: the co-operative experience of landless peasants in Andalusia (southern Spain)

Rudolph, R.; Klee, U., 1993:
Ecological husbandry methods in row crops

Jayanth, K.P., 1993:
Ecological impact of insects introduced for biological control of weeds - conflicting interests

Krishnakumar, A.K.; Eappen, T.; Rao, N.; Potty, S.N.; Sethuraj, M.R., 1990:
Ecological impact of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations in North East India. 1. Influence on soil physical properties with special reference to moisture retention

Krishnakumar, A.K.; Chandra Gupta; Sinha, R.R.; Sethuraj, M.R.; Potty, S.N.; Thomas Eappen; Krishna Das, 1991:
Ecological impact of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations in north east India: 2. Soil properties and biomass recycling

Cole, D.N., 1990:
Ecological impacts of wilderness recreation and their management

Huenneke, L.F., 1991:
Ecological implications of genetic variation in plant populations

Pieper, R.D., 1994:
Ecological implications of livestock grazing

Biernath, M.; Roloff, A., 1993:
Ecological indicator values for the most important mosses of the forest floor

Lefroy, E.C.; Hobbs, R.J., 1992:
Ecological indicators for sustainable agriculture

Eilenberg, J.; Philipsen, H.; Bresciani, J., 1992:
Ecological interactions between insect pathogens and insect pests of cabbage

Anderson, L.S.; Sinclair, F.L., 1993:
Ecological interactions in agroforestry systems

Friedrich, H.; Pohlmann, J.M.; Wittkamp, J., 1992:
Ecological judgement on locations based on plant surveys

Belanger, L.B.rgeron, Y.C.mire, C., 1992:
Ecological land survey in Quebec

Brunner, A., 1994:
Ecological light measurement in forests

Carroll, C.R., 1992:
Ecological management of sensitive natural areas

Robert, D.; Saucier, J.P., 1989:
Ecological mapping at scale 1:20 000. Rules and techniques

Gilot, B.; Laforge, M.L.; Cabassu, J.P.; Romani, M., 1992:
Ecological mapping of populations of the Rhipicephalus sanguineus group (Acari, Ixodidae) in the conurbation of Marseille, in relation to the different types of urban land use

McEvoy, P.B.; Cox, C.S.; James, R.R.; Rudd, N.T., 1990:
Ecological mechanisms underlying successful biological weed control: field experiments with ragwort Senecio jacobaea

Bergmann, J.H., 1993:
Ecological method of evaluating observation areas or landscapes as a habitat for nectar-sucking and pollen-eating insects

Kanschik, W., 1990:
Ecological model for utilization of the rain forests of the Knysna region

Muetzelfeldt, R.I.; Sinclair, F.L., 1993:
Ecological modelling of agroforestry systems

Dziecioowski, R.M., 1991:
Ecological niches of five big ungulates in a forest tract

Isikov, V.P., 1993:
Ecological niches of fungi on arboreous plants

Minkovsky, G.M.; Shoba, S.A., 1994:
Ecological niches of morphotypes in soil horizons

Ogawa, K.; Matsuzaki, K., 1991:
Ecological notes on the barnacle-infesting Rhizocephala found at the Pacific coast of Japan

Benkhelil, M.L.; Doumandji, S., 1992:
Ecological notes on the composition and structure of the population of Coleoptera in the Babor National Park (Algeria)

Kolarov, Y.A., 1990:
Ecological notes on the species of the subfamily Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) in Bulgaria

Xu, Z.W.; Wang, X.F.; Wei, X.M.; Shi, H., 1993:
Ecological observation on Phiolomycus bilineatus and a preliminary study on its damage control

Hilje, L.; Cubillo, D.; Segura, L., 1993:
Ecological observations on the whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) in Costa Rica

Fischer, H., 1994:
Ecological optimization in using plant oils in chemical and industrial products

Bauer, O.N.; Poljansky, G.I., 1992:
Ecological parasitology: present state and perspectives

Pystina, K.A., 1993:
Ecological peculiarities of fungi from the genus Pythium Pringsh

Martinez Alier, J., 1991:
Ecological perception and distributional conflicts: a historical view

Nemec, J.; Krejci, L., 1992:
Ecological policy for agriculture in OECD and EC countries

Kaul, M.L.H.; Mangal, P.D., 1993:
Ecological potential of crownbeard - a crop infesting weed

McCormick, F., 1992:
Ecological prerequisites for sustainable economic development and conservation of natural resources

Niyazov, O.D., 1992:
Ecological principles of the protection of cotton

Hagvar, E.B., 1991:
Ecological problems in the establishment of introduced predators and parasites for biological control

Ilnicki, P., 1992:
Ecological problems in valley reclamation

Vasak, J.; Fabry, A.; Zukalova, H., 1993:
Ecological problems in winter rape cultivation

Reimers, N.F.; Mosienko, N.A., 1991:
Ecological problems of agriculture and water management in the Volga basin

Kharitonov, V.Ya, 1989:
Ecological problems of timber-floating

Zaydel'man, F.R., 1993:
Ecological protection of reclaimed soils and agro-landscapes

Hildebrandt, J., 1989:
Ecological relations in estuarine salt marshes

Sitko, Jilji, 1993:
Ecological relations of trematodes infesting lariform birds in the Czech Republic

Pastor, J.; Oliver, S.; Garcia, A., 1992:
Ecological relationships between pasture species and soil factors in degraded areas of the southern submeseta

Zhang, J.T., 1992:
Ecological relationships of some montane grasses

Verspui, K.; Visser, S., 1992:
Ecological research on a population of the heath fritillary (Mellicta athalia)

Supuka, J., 1992:
Ecological responses of linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) to experimental doses of salts

Simons, J.; Vries, P.J.R. de, 1990:
Ecological responses of macro- and microphytic algae to water pollution

Akcakaya, H.R.; Ginzburg, L.R., 1991:
Ecological risk analysis for single and multiple populations

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Economic and ecological carrying capacity: applications to pastoral systems in Zimbabwe

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Economic and environmental impacts of alternative cropping sequences in Michigan

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Economic and environmental implications of alternative agricultural systems in the eastern Corn Belt: a multiple criteria decision approach

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Economic and environmental implications of herbicide-tolerant corn and processing tomatoes

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Economic and environmental policies for sustainability

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Economic and financial appraisal of cultivation techniques used in hazel nut production

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Economic and financial conditions surrounding the freedom to travel in the year 2000

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Economic and geobotanical evaluation of agricultural plant communities with red clover varieties

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Economic and marketing aspects of privatization in the Hungarian wine sector

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Economic and marketing aspects of small-scale processing in rural areas

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Economic and marketing implications of special forest products harvest in the coastal Pacific Northwest

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Economic and mathematical modelling of the development and distribution of dairy industry ventures

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Economic and organizational advantages of a new approach in maintenance and repair at '10th October' combine

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Economic and policy considerations in marketing walnuts

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Economic and regulatory matters regarding soil protection and water policy in Sardinia

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Economic and resource impacts of policies to increase organic carbon in agricultural soils

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Economic and social change and its effects on the State: the great changes in agricultural research in Sao Paulo from 1887 to 1990

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Economic and social consequences of resource exploitation: the case of tin mining and rural communities in the Kinta Valley, Malaysia

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Economic and social factors influencing Lithuanian agricultural development

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Economic and social impacts of retirees migrating to East Texas

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Economic and social implications of groundwater irrigation: some evidence from South India

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Economic and social marginalisation of irrigation project displaced people

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Economic and structural development of the East German dairy industry

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Economic and technical aspects of lactation in Awassi sheep with special reference to simplified recording and system development under semi-arid conditions

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Economic and technological change - moving to market-led development and its implications for agriculture

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Economic and technological indicators used in maize production in the Azuero region

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Economic and trade view of Chile and prospects for the Colombian agricultural export sector in the face of a free trade treaty with that country

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Economic appraisal of an improved yam storage barn

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Economic appraisal of heat energy carriers

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Economic appraisal of silvipastoral systems vis a vis traditional agriculture in Shivalik foothills

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Economic appraisal of technological innovation: environmental problems in the Italian olive oil sector

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Economic aspect of sequential intercropping in sugarcane

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Economic aspects of acceleration of spring triticale seed reproduction in consequence of reduction of sowing rate

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Economic aspects of apple production in relation to tree density

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Economic aspects of application of Avotan preparation in cow feeding

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Economic aspects of banana and plantain use in animal feeding: the Cameroon experience

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Economic aspects of conserving biological diversity

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Economic aspects of enforcing agricultural water policy

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Economic aspects of feeding pigs on maize-cob silage in comparison with traditional feeding methods

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Economic aspects of fodder beet as roughage in dairy farming

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Economic aspects of greenhouse horticulture: energy efficiency and CO2 emission in the Dutch glasshouse industry

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Economic aspects of growing oil flax from a farming point of view

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Economic aspects of in-store drying technique in Southeast Asia

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Economic aspects of innovative activities in private industries

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Economic aspects of intensive apple planting

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Economic aspects of interpersonal communication: a choice for extension work

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Economic aspects of meat marketing by individual farms

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Economic aspects of mushroom growing in Sicily

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Economic aspects of near-natural forestry

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Economic aspects of nutrition in relation to environment and product quality of eggs and broilers

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Economic aspects of production and use of cereal and legume whole plant silages

Anonymous, 1993:
Economic aspects of raw wool production and marketing in China

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Economic aspects of rehabilitation

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Economic aspects of sorghum in farming systems in Queensland

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Economic aspects of structural changes in irrigation management

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Economic aspects of sustainable land management: Thailand's experience

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Economic aspects of sustainable land management: regional experience

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Economic aspects of the eradication programme of Boophilus spp. in Mexico

abanowski, G., 1990:
Economic aspects of the occurrence of the western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) on ornamental greenhouse plants

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Economic aspects of the restructuring of the Consorzi Agrari

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Economic aspects of the selection of machines for lawns

Anonymous, 1992:
Economic aspects of the sugar harvest 1991/92

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Economic aspects of the world scene

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Economic aspects of winter wheat irrigation in the new economic conditions of 1991

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Economic assessment of environmental impacts in project analysis

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Economic assessment of suckling and fattening production systems in sheep

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Economic assessment of weed control strategies

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Economic assessments of serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) as a pasture weed

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Economic bases for optimal measurement during reconstruction of dairy farms

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Economic basis of harvesting spruce seeds in North European Russia in good years

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Economic benefits in sustainable technological proposals

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Economic benefits of combining spring protein peas with pig production in the north of France

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Economic benefits of improved water quality: a case study of North Carolina's Tar-Pamlico River

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Economic change: meat supply and demand in Kenya

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Economic characteristics of the MERCOSUL member countries

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Economic comparison of farming systems with alternative weed management strategies: a case study approach

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Economic comparison of mechanical harvesting and hand pulling of sweet potato slips

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Economic comparison of nutritional management strategies for Venezuelan dual-purpose cattle systems

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Economic comparison of three winter wheat-fallow tillage systems

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Economic comparisons and investment limits for various conservation procedures

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Economic consequences of ozone pollution for Swiss agriculture

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Economic consequences of structural policy measures in the Dutch pig industry

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Economic consequences of the manure policy for poultry farms in Flanders

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Economic consequences of the system of heating on the production of protected vegetables in Northern Greece

Dimeny, I., 1991:
Economic consideration of technical developments in agriculture

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Economic considerations for rural planning and development in Mu Us Shamo desert in Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China

Hanf, C.H., 1993:
Economic considerations in drawing up regulations and contracts imposing production constraints for environmental and nature conservation

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Economic considerations in satisfying agricultural water demands. Risk analysis

Arruda, Z.J. de, 1992:
Economic considerations in the production of bull calves for slaughter

Rawat, J.K., 1993:
Economic considerations in tree lopping

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Economic considerations of direct marketing

Mtei, B.J., 1991:
Economic considerations of traditional livestock (cattle) production in Tabora region of Tanzania

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Economic considerations on natural management systems in tropical mixed forests

Zadow, J.G., 1993:
Economic considerations related to the production of lactose and lactose by-products

Kidane, H., 1993:
Economic constraints of smallholder milk production in Kenya: a linear programming approach

Anonymous, 1992:
Economic cooperation for agricultural development in the near east region

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Economic cost of preweaning mortality: a report of the NAHMS national swine survey

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Economic costs of obesity

Perez Aleman, P., 1992 :
Economic crisis & women in Nicaragua

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Economic criteria for settling federalism disputes with an application to food safety regulation

Norton, G.A., 1989:
Economic criteria, decision-making and planning in regard to national tick control or eradication programmes

Lerche, J., 1992:
Economic development and transformation of traditional social relations: a case study of the Viswakarma blacksmith and carpenter caste of Orissa, India

Barbosa Zamuria, R.; Alvarado Vive, M.A., 1992:
Economic development and use of free time in old age

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Economic development in a fledgling democracy: the potential of the Polish agricultural extension system

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Economic development or developing economics: what are our priorities?

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Economic development versus land use regulation

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Economic development with limited supplies of family labor: Chinese peasant families in balancing demographic and economic requisites

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Economic developments in sheep rearing, and a forecast for the immediate future

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Economic developments in the production of ammonia and urea

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Economic dimensions of conservation reserve and target price program interactions

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Economic dimensions of groundnut marketing: a case study

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Economic diversification and growth in rural China: the anatomy of a 'socialist' success story

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Economic effect of the citrus red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) on southern California coastal lemons

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Economic effectiveness of new apple cultivars

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Economic effectiveness of rehabilitating the poorest forest sites

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Economic effects of European integration

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Economic effects of resistance and withdrawal of organophosphate pesticides on an apple production system

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Economic effects of the EC agricultural reform as regards crop production

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Economic effects of traditional and new agricultural policy instruments in Canada

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Economic effects on forest enterprises of air pollution damage to forests

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Economic efficiencies and land augmentation to increase agricultural production: a comparative analysis for investment priorities

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Economic efficiency of agricultural R & D

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Economic efficiency of agricultural research

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Economic efficiency of hydroponic farming of vegetables

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Economic efficiency of milk production on state farms in lowland regions of southern Poland and Slovakia

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Economic efficiency of synthetic sex pheromone as a control agent for the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Economic evaluation of a rye/wheat preparation used in feeds for porkers

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Economic evaluation of a solar greenhouse drier for medicinal plants compared with conventional drying

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Economic evaluation of butanol production from molasses and raw cassava

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Economic evaluation of drainage benefits from grassland

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Economic evaluation of forests of recreational significance

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Economic evaluation of gobar gas plants in Mehsana district of Gujarat state

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Economic evaluation of groundwater development plans in Upper Egypt

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Economic evaluation of irrigated rice production in Calabozo (Venezuela)

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Economic evaluation of irrigation

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Economic evaluation of output benefits under mixed cropping practice in a Nigerian farming community

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Economic evaluation of peach production in Bursa, Izmir and Samsun provinces

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Economic evaluation of pomegranate cultivation in western Rajasthan

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Economic evaluation of preventive programmes against congenital toxoplasmosis

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Economic evaluation of semen in a milking herd

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Economic evaluation of the Mini-cow retail dispensing system. Part II. Market acceptance

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Economic evaluation of the development of irrigated farming

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Economic evaluation of the influence of herd sizes in dairy farming

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Economic evaluation of the tolerance of bean varieties to the leafhopper Empoasca kraemeri Ross & Moore (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

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Economic evaluation of wheat varieties based on grain and forage production

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Economic expansion and health crisis in Paraguay

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Economic factors affecting sales of U.S. nursery stock

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Economic factors affecting the choice of technologies for pest control: an example from Honduras

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Economic factors surrounding technical parameters of livestock production

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Economic factors that influence educational performance in rural schools

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Economic feasibility of establishing a fresh produce packing house in Jordan

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Economic feasibility of using composted manure on irrigated grain sorghum

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Economic feasibility of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and mustard (Brassica juncea) intercropping under limited water-supply condition

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Economic forest resources of Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya

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Economic gains and social cost of West Asian migration: the case of Nachchaduwa

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Economic growth and agricultural trade prospects for the Middle East

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Economic growth and environmental degradation: win-win or lose-lose?

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Economic growth and environmental problems in South Korea: the role of the government

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Economic growth and the environment

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Economic health care and coccidiosis (field-observations)

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Economic hierarchy and the agroindustrial sector. Methodological developments seen in relation to the Italian situation

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Economic identity changes of rural women in contemporary China's social change

Anonymous, 1991:
Economic impact of Kentucky's tourism and travel industry, 1989 and 1990

Anonymous, 1992:
Economic impact of Kentucky's tourism and travel industry, 1990 and 1991

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Economic impact of Malaysian timber exports

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Economic impact of a documented case of reovirus infection in broiler breeders

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Economic impact of adult education programme: an empirical evidence from rural Tamil Nadu

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Economic impact of cooling delays on fruits and vegetables

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Economic impact of fishermen cooperative society on members - a case study of Amalinagar fishermen cooperative society, Chidambaranar district, Tamil Nadu

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Economic impact of marine recreational fishing in Massachusetts

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Economic impact of rural development projects on small farmers

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Economic impact of sugarbeet root aphid (Homoptera: Aphidiidae) on sugarbeet yield and quality in southern Minnesota

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Economic impact of technical cooperation among Andean countries

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Economic impact of tourism: an application to Flanders

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Economic impact on production performance of layer poultry due to subclinical Ranikhet disease

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Economic impacts of Civil War battlefield preservation: an ex-ante evaluation

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Economic impacts of TEDs on the shrimp production sector

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Economic impacts of alternative federal grazing fee formulas on representative ranches in New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada

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Economic impacts of alternative grazing fees on selected representative ranches and rural communities in the Western States

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Economic impacts of final agreement of Uruguay Round on agricultural production in Taiwan

Lauwers, L., 1992:
Economic impacts of manure policy on intensive livestock farms in the Flemish region (Belgium)

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Economic impacts of migration induced inbound tourism

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Economic impacts of removing quotas

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Economic impacts of the PROCISUR programme: an international study

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Economic imperatives and ecological desires, and their consequences for forestry and the wood industry

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Economic imperatives, political risks, and modes of action: agricultural policy implementation in India and Pakistan

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Economic implications of biotechnology

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Economic implications of taxing agricultural exports: the case of Pakistan's Basmati rice

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Economic importance and development of an integrated control approach against insect pests of stores of maize, millet and cowpea in farming areas

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Economic importance of breeding for resistance

Emmons, D.B., 1993:
Economic importance of cheese yield

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Economic importance of ticks and tick-borne diseases in animal production - Tanzania

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Economic incentives and agricultural drainage problems: the role of water transfers

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Economic incentives for PST adoption by Midwest hog producers

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Economic incentives for environmental protection: integrating theory and practice

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Economic incentives: a highly recommended tool

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Economic incidence of operative yield in mechanical load

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Economic indicators and characteristics of soyabean production at IPK Osijek from 1981 to 1990

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Economic indicators and technology used in the production of melon in the Azuero Region, Panama

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Economic inequality between top-enders and tail-enders in Sri Lankan irrigation schemes

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Economic injury level of gram pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera) in sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Dutta, S.K., 1992:
Economic injury level of mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) in toria crop (Brassica campestris var. toria)

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Economic injury levels and development and application of response surfaces relating insect injury, normalized yield, and plant physiological age

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Economic instruments for natural resource management in developing countries

Dzhumanov, A., 1992:
Economic inter-relationships in cotton production under conditions of transition to a market economy

E.Bushra, J., 1993:
Economic interest groups and their relevance for women's development

Schmid, A.A., 1993:
Economic interpretation of property in land

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Economic issues for dairy practitioners. Part I. Milk price and dairy health management

Hady, P.J.; Lloyd, J.W., 1993:
Economic issues for dairy practitioners. Part III. Management strategies and applications

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Economic issues in agricultural research priority setting

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Economic issues in ecotourism management

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Economic issues of organic agriculture: some Italian experiences

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Economic liberalization and Indian agriculture

Booth, D., 1994:
Economic liberalization, real markets and the (un)reality of structural adjustment in rural Tanzania

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Economic limits to extensive land cultivation

Soldevilla, M.B., 1991:
Economic losses caused by the sugarcane borer Diatraea saccharalis (Fab.) during the five-year period of 1981-1986

Doganay, A., 1993:
Economic losses from parasitic diseases in ruminants

Zayanchkovskii, I.F., 1991:
Economic losses resulting from infertility in cows

Scarpa, R., 1993:
Economic macro-indicators and environmentally sustainable economic development

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Economic mobility and agricultural labour in rural India: a case study

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Economic modeling of the losses associated with farm-related disabilities

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Economic modelling of arable farms in Southern Flevoland with regard to the environment and EC policies

Oskoui, K.E., 1992 :
Economic modelling of soil workability criteria

Krisna, J.; Pathak, S.M., 1993:
Economic models and their data requirements in farm planning

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Economic models for evaluating the impact of structural adjustment programmes on environment-limitations and possibilities

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Economic motivations for vendor financing

Szlavik, J.; Fule, M., 1991:
Economic motives behind environmental protection

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