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Econazole inhibits thapsigargin-induced platelet calcium influx by mechanisms other than cytochrome P-450 inhibition

Econazole inhibits thapsigargin-induced platelet calcium influx by mechanisms other than cytochrome P-450 inhibition

Biochemical Journal 295: 525-529

Cytochrome P-450 has been suggested as a mediator of the signal between depleted platelet calcium stores and an increase in plasma membrane permeability to calcium which follows depletion of the stores. This hypothesis is based on the observations that inhibitors of cytochrome P-450, such as the imidazole antifungal agents, also inhibit influx of a calcium surrogate (manganese) into calcium-depleted platelets. We tested the effects of econazole and of a cytochrome P-450 inhibitor, carbon monoxide (CO), on thapsigargin (TG)-induced platelet 45Ca-2+ influx. TG specifically depletes internal calcium stores and activates store-regulated calcium influx. Econazole blocked 14-5Ca-2+ influx when it was added before TG (IC-50 11 mu-M). Econazole at a concentration (20 mu-M) that inhibited 83% of TG-induced calcium influx was not inhibitory to TG-induced calcium efflux from 45Ca-2+-loaded platelets, and did not affect calcium fluxes in resting platelets. This econazole concentration was also inhibitory to calcium influx even when it was added after the stores had been calcium-depleted by EGTA and TG for 15 min and the signal to increase calcium influx had already been generated. Inhibition of cytochrome P-450 with CO bubbled through platelet suspensions did not change calcium influx in resting cells and potentiated TG-induced calcium influx (160% of control calcium accumulation at 20 min). This effect appeared to be concentration-dependent, such that a 5 min exposure to CO produced a greater influx potentiation than a 3 min exposure. These observations indicate that (1) cytochrome P-450 does not mediate store-regulated calcium influx, and (2) econazole probably inhibits store-regulated calcium influx by an alternative mechanism, such as interaction with plasma membrane calcium channels.

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Accession: 002351526

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PMID: 8240252

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