Effect of 50 years of application of organic and mineral fertilizers on podzolized chernozem fertility in the Central Wooded Steppe of Pravoberezhje, Ukraine. Report 6. Effect of systematic application of fertilizers on the agrophysical properties and soil water regime in grain-beet crop rotation

Martynovich, N.N.; Martynovich, L.I.

Agrokhimiya (10): 49-55


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 002352545

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The effects of mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers on soil physical properties of a Chernozem were studied over a 50 year period in the Ukraine. Systematic fertilizer application increased the use of productive moisture from evapotranspiration by 1.5-3%, water use of unit DM with mineral fertilizers by 7.2%, and with organo-mineral fertilizers by 13.5-17%. Fertilizer applications contributed to soil shrinkage.