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Effect of age, slaughter weight and sex on carcass and meat quality in rabbits. 2. Chemical composition and quality of meat

Parigi Bini, R.; Xiccato, G.; Cinetto, M.; Zotte, A. dalle

Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale 18(3-4): 173-190


Accession: 002353329

Six commercial hybrid rabbits were slaughtered weekly from 9 to 13 wk of age, and hind leg muscles were analysed for pH and chemical composition. Data are tabulated on pH and on water, protein, ether extract, ash, energy, cholesterol, mineral and individual fatty acid composition of 5 muscles. Significant differences were found between muscles in respect of fat, cholesterol, sodium and iron contents. Sex had only a small effect on meat composition, whereas age had significant, major effects.

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