Effect of body cooling during summer on feed and water intake in lactating Mehsani buffaloes and Kankrej cows

Fulsoundar, A.B.; Radadia, N.S.

Indian Journal of Animal Production and Management 9(1): 1-6


Accession: 002353756

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Groups each with 6 Meshana buffaloes and 6 Kankrej cows, all lactating, were provided with shelter alone (control) or shelter and also splashed with water at 10-min intervals between 12.30 and 14.20 h, daily (treated). The trial lasted 13 weeks and began in the second week in March. Average environmental temperature was 39 degrees C. For control and treated buffaloes average daily DM intake was 13.86 and 14.76 kg/day (P<0.01), feed conversion efficiency was 2.45 and 2.48 kg feed/kg milk, overall water intake was 54.99 and 52.35 litre/day (P<0.05), 3.99 and 3.56 litre/kg feed and 9.71 and 8.85 litre/kg milk. For cows corresponding values were 9.24 and 9.84 kg/day (P<0.01), 1.67 and 1.78 feed/kg milk, 36.91 and 33.23 litre/day (P<0.01), 36.91 and 33.23, 4.01 and 3.39 litre/kg feed, and 6.71 and 6.03 litre/kg milk.