Section 3
Chapter 2,356

Effect of drought on growth rate of grains of barley

Mogensen, V.O.

Cereal Research Communications 20(3-4): 225-231


ISSN/ISBN: 0133-3720
Accession: 002355255

A barley crop (Hordeum distichum L., cv. Zita) was grown in sandy loam soil in lysimeters, and exposed to drought either during the vegetative growth stage or during the grain growth stage. The growth rate of grains was calculated for the linear phase of grain growth. For the fully irrigated treatment the growth rates of grains of main shoots and first tillers were 1.74 and 1.70 mg day-1 grain-1, respectively. For the fully irrigated treatments the daily increase in grain dry matter from all tillers were 21.1 g day-1 m-2. The growth rates of grains from normal shoots of the drought treatments did not differ significantly from those of the fully irrigated treatments. In the humid temperate climate where this investigation was conducted, and for the variety of barley grown in this experiment drought during the grain growth phase did not affect growth rates of grains until all plant available soil water had been utilized.

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