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Effect of feeding method on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Cheju native horses

Oh, W.Y.; Kang, T.H.; Kim, D.C.; Jin, S.H.; Hong, S.K.; Yang, S.J.; Jung, J.H.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 35(6): 505-509


Accession: 002355703

Nine Cheju Native Horses with an average weight of 169.2kg were used in a 238-d (34-wk) fattening trial designed to evaluate the effects of feeding method on growth performance and carcass characteristics. Horses were randomly allotted to three treatment groups: T-1, 6-wk (Former fattening period: FFP) + 28-wk (Latter fattening period: LFP), T-2, 9-wk (FFP) + 25-wk (LFP), T-3, 12-wk (FFP) + 22-wk (LFP). During the FFP, concentrate was restricted at approximately 1.5% of their body weights but horses were allowed ad libitum access to concentrate during the subsequent LFP. The horses were individually penned in 2.5-m times 3-m pipe stalls with front feeding gates. They were allowed 3 h of exercise in a pen (50-m times 30-m) outside the barn monthly. Horses were weighed at 30-d intervals and feed consumption was measured daily. At the end of the 238-d fattening period, one horse in each treatment was selected randomly and slaughtered for meat quality evaluation. Results obtained from the present study were summarized as follows: during the overall fattening period, average daily gains (ADG) and nutrient intake (TDN) per kg wt. gain were 0.59, 5.10(T-1), 0.51, 5.84(T-2) and 0.43, 6.37kg(T-2), respectively. When horses were allowed ad libitum access to concentrate for 28 wk(T-1), ADG and feed efficiency(TDN) were improved by 37%(P gt .05) and 20%(P gt .05) compared to those allowed concentrate free choice for 22 wk(T-3). Horse in T-1 group had an improved dressing percentage and carcass weight with good quality grades(intramuscular fat, meat color, fat color). Taste panelists(150 amateures) detected no difference from longissimus lumborum steaks between Cheju Native Horse and improved Cheju Native Cattle, but found juiciness and meat flavor were superior to those of beef.

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