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Effect of feeding wheat straw and oat hay on rumen microbial and enzymic activities in cattle and buffalo

, : Effect of feeding wheat straw and oat hay on rumen microbial and enzymic activities in cattle and buffalo. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 62(4): 364-368

Rumen liquor samples from adult males fistulated cattle and buffalo, 4 each, maintained on 4 diets (oat hay and wheat straw in combination with groundnut or clusterbean-meal) were subjected to protozoal (total and generic) and bacterial (proteolytic and amylolytic) counts through culturing techniques. Oat-hay-based diets, irrespective of protein source and species, enhanced the protozoal population (Holotrichs and Oligotrichs) and stimulated better growth of proteolytic and amylolytic bacteria. Ophryoscolex purkynei, Diplodinium cristagualli were absent in the rumen of buffalo and cattle respectively. Isotricha and Entodinium were predominant in both ruminants. Proteolytic (22.7 .times. 106) and amylolytic (4.5 .times. 106) bacteria count for buffalo was about 5 and 7 times that for cattle (3.9 and 1.7 .times. 106/ml respectively). Invariably higher ruminal ammonia observed in buffalo than in cattle may be ascribed to higher proteolytic bacterial population in buffalo. The activities of microbial enzymes responsible for ruminal proteosynthetic activities appeared to be identical in both ruminant species. Significantly higher bacterial and protozoal aminotransferase due to wheat straw-clusterbean-meal diet were exhibited in cattle, while GNC which was offered with either of roughages induced these transminases of buffalo. The activated of relatively less assayed enzymes, viz. glutamine and asparagine synthetases, were augmented in cattle fed oat hay-clusterbean-meal combination.

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