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Effect of fertilizer systems and crop rotations on the dynamics of mineral nitrogen in the soil and the yield and quality of winter wheat grain

Efremov, V.F.; Kurmysheva, N.A.; Trofimova, N.P.

Agrokhimiya 7: 63-67


Accession: 002355798

In long-term field trials (1979-90) on moderately loamy dernopodzolic soil, wheat grown in rotations of (a) potatoes/barley + clover/2 years clover/winter wheat, (b) potatoes/barley/maize/vetch + oats/winter wheat and (c) potatoes/barley/maize/potatoes/winter wheat was given no fertilizer or NPK calculated for target yields, alone or with FYM, straw and Sinapis alba green manure.

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