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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2357

Chapter 2357 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

el-Kady, I.A.; el-Maraghy, S.S.; Abdel-Mallek, A.Y.; Hasan, H.A., 1993:
Effect of four pesticides on aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus IMI 89717

Leoni, S.; Grudina, R.; Cadinu, M.; Madeddu, B.; Carletti, M.G., 1990:
Effect of four rootstocks on hybrids and a cultivar of melon

Chemale, V.M.; Vargas, J.N.R.; Schmidt, M.M.; Barni, N.A., 1988:
Effect of four row spacings and three weed removal periods for weed control in soyabean

Devlin, R.M.; Zbiec, I.I., 1993:
Effect of four safeners against the herbicidal activity of V-53482 in corn (Zea mays)

Tarocco, C., 1992:
Effect of fractionated weaning on the interval from weaning to oestrus in intensively managed sows

Rosenkrans, C.F.; First, N.L., 1994:
Effect of free amino acids and vitamins on cleavage and developmental rate of bovine zygotes in vitro

Gawecki, J.; Czarnocinska, J.; Jeszka, J., 1992:
Effect of free choice of macrocomponents of the diet on the efficiency of nutrition and on blood lipids in the rat

Yki-Järvinen, H.; Puhakainen, I.; Koivisto, V.A., 1991:
Effect of free fatty acids on glucose uptake and nonoxidative glycolysis across human forearm tissues in the basal state and during insulin stimulation

Yuan, H.Y.; Z.L., Z., 1993:
Effect of free radicals and temperature on sister chromatid exchanges in Hordeum vulgare L

Fontecha, J.; Pelaez, C.; Juarez, M.; Martin Hernandez, M.C., 1994:
Effect of freezing and frozen storage on the physicochemical, organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of a semi-hard ewes' milk cheese

Sgoutas, D.S.; Tuten, T., 1992:
Effect of freezing and thawing of serum on the immunoassay of lipoprotein(a)

Vazquez, I.; Graham, E.F.; Garda, J.; Artiga, C.G.; Gutierrez A., 1992:
Effect of freezing method on the fertility of ewes inseminated with frozen semen

Mor Mur, M.; Pla, R.; Carretero, C.; Guamis, B., 1992:
Effect of freezing on the microbial count of goat milk curd and on its development during ripening

Russell, S.M.; Fletcher, D.L.; Cox, N.A., 1994:
Effect of freezing on the recovery of mesophilic bacteria from temperature-abused broiler chicken carcasses

Truong Meyer, X.M.; Riba, J.P.; Strehaiano, P., 1993:
Effect of freezing on the thermal inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nadir, S.; Saacke, R.G.; Bame, J.; Mullins, J.; Degelos, S., 1993:
Effect of freezing semen and dosage of sperm on number of accessory sperm, fertility, and embryo quality in artificially inseminated cattle

Razz, R.; Gonzalez, R.; Faria, J.; Esparza, D.; Faria, N., 1992:
Effect of frequency and intensity of defoliation on the nutritive value of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit

Prasad, L.K., 1993:
Effect of frequency of cutting and stubble height on deenanath grass (Pennisetum pedicellatum Trin)

Peragon, J.; Ortega Garcia, F.; Barroso, J.B.; Higuera, M. de la; Lupianez, J.A., 1993:
Effect of frequency of feeding of diets with different protein content on the fractional rate of protein synthesis and degradation in liver and muscle of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Kang, S.W.; Jin, S.H.; Lee, W.S.; Kim, Y.K.; Chung, S.B., 1994:
Effect of fresh citrus pulp on beef production and feed efficiency of improved Cheju bulls

Sharma, K.R.; Kausal, A.N., 1991:
Effect of freshening period and acid treatment on oleo-resin yield from blue pine (Pinus wallichiana A.B.Jackson)

Valdez, G.F. de; Giori, G.S. de, 1993:
Effect of frezing and thawing on the viability and uptake of amino acids by L. delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus

Prunier, J.P.; Bordjiba, O., 1991:
Effect of frost on bacterial necrosis of apricot buds

Chakrabarty, P.K.; Shyam, K.R., 1992:
Effect of frost, boron and different levels of nitrogen on curd rot of cauliflower

Luick, B.R.; E.S.yaad, G.A.E.; Cheeke, P.R., 1992:
Effect of fructooligosaccharides and yeast culture on growth performance of rabbits

Ketsa, S.; Pota, S.; Subhadrabandhu, S., 1992:
Effect of fruit position in the tree canopy on postharvest changes and quality of 'Nam Dok Mai' mangoes

Valdes, V.; Anguita, P., 1993 :
Effect of fruit position on the plant on seed yield in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Gajc, J.; Skapski, H., 1991:
Effect of fruit ripening stage in four zucchini cultivars on the yield and biological value

Randhawa, H.S.; Hari Singh; Sharma, H.L., 1991:
Effect of fruit rot on seed quality of watermelon

Samim, W.; Banks, N.H., 1993:
Effect of fruit water status on bruise susceptibility and bruise colour of apples

Betz, J., 1990:
Effect of fuel prices on the costs of milk collection

Kaszas, I.; Schmidt, J.; Sipocz, J.; Cenkvari, E., 1993:
Effect of full-fat rapeseed and rapeseed cake on rumen fermentation, composition of milk and butter quality

Sitja Bobadilla, A.; Alvarez Pellitero, P., 1992:
Effect of fumagillin treatment on sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax parasitized by Sphaerospora testicularis (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida)

Gazaway, W.; Edmisten, K., 1991:
Effect of fumigation on cotton yields and root-knot nematodes

Jacob, C.K.ruvilla; Joseph, A.; Jayarathnam, K., 1991:
Effect of fungal antagonists on Phellinus noxius causing brown root disease of Hevea

Sundaravadivelu, K.; Palaniswami, A., 1993:
Effect of fungal contamination of copra on quality of oil

Churakov, B.P., 1989 :
Effect of fungal diseases of Scots pine trees on their seedling progeny

Vijayan, A.K., 1990:
Effect of fungal metabolites on seed germination and seedling development of Acacia catechu Willd

Dawson Andoh, B.E.; Morrell, J.J.; Biermann, C.J.; Hull, J.L., 1991:
Effect of fungal pretreatment on strength and optical properties of softwood and hardwood kraft pulps

Fitters, P.F.L.; Belder, E. den, 1992:
Effect of fungal products on nematodes

Chandra S.; Reddy M.R.; Reddy G.V.N., 1991:
Effect of fungal treatment of paddy straw on nutrient utilization in complete diets for sheep

Gulati, S.L., 1992:
Effect of fungal treatment on chemical composition of sorghum hay and bagasse

Krishnasamy, V.; Pandian, I.R.S., 1992:
Effect of fungicial seed treatment in brinjal

Sharma, I.M.; Badiyala, S.D.; Sharma, N.K., 1993:
Effect of fungicidal drenching against wilt of mango seedlings caused by Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc

Junaid Mukhtar; Rathi, Y.P.S.; Khan, A.A., 1991:
Effect of fungicidal seed and soil application on collar rot of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Arora, P.C.; Anil Gupta; Indra Hooda; Sher Singh, 1990:
Effect of fungicidal seed treatment on the incidence of loose smut of wheat

Champawat, R.S.; Pathak, V.N., 1991 :
Effect of fungicidal seed treatment on wilt disease of cumin

Besri, M.; Diatta, F., 1992:
Effect of fungicide application techniques on the control of Botrytis cinerea and development of fungal resistance

Schramm, H.; Hoffmann, G.M., 1992:
Effect of fungicide applications on development of infection by Phoma lingam in winter rape

Ando, Y., 1994:
Effect of fungicide applications on the suppression of tea gray blight by the tea brown blight fungus Glomerella cingulata

Chung, K.W.; Ju, J.I., 1993:
Effect of fungicide benoram seed treatment on germination, growth, and yield in summer-type soyabean

Loughman, R.; Khan, T.N., 1993:
Effect of fungicide seed dressings on leaf stripe of barley caused by Pyrenophora graminea S. Ito & Kuribay

Bharadwaj, S.S.; Shyam, K.R., 1993:
Effect of fungicide-nutrient applications on powdery mildew disease and pod yield in pea

Paula, T.J. de, Jr; Zambolim, L., 1994:
Effect of fungicides and herbicides on the establishment of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus tinctorius on Eucalyptus grandis

Paula, T.J.D., J.; Zambolim, L., 1994:
Effect of fungicides and herbicides on the establishment of the vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus etunicatum on Eucalyptus grandis

Canteri, M.G.; Furiatti, R.S.; Perino, M.A., 1993:
Effect of fungicides in single and combined application on control of potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Fontem, D.A.; Aighewi, B., 1993:
Effect of fungicides on late blight control and yield loss of potato in the western highlands of Cameroon

Grzybowska, T., 1988:
Effect of fungicides on marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) and pathogenicity of four isolated species

Ghini, R., 1993:
Effect of fungicides on nontarget microorganisms

Oliveira, S.H.F.; Barros, B.C.; Castro, J.L., 1992:
Effect of fungicides on the control of bean foliar diseases and seed quality

Goulart, A.C.P., 1992:
Effect of fungicides on the control of pathogens on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seeds

Chaurasia, S.C., 1992:
Effect of fungicides on the production of amylase by Rhizopus oryzae

Viswanathan, R.; Narayanasamy, P., 1993:
Effect of fungicides on the seed germination, seedling length, dry matter production and vigour index in rice

Kapkoti, N.; Pandey, K.N., 1990:
Effect of fungicides on the seed mycoflora of rice, maize and wheat in Kumaun Hills

Hinchcliff, K.W.; McKeever, K.H.; Muir, W.W.; Sams, R., 1993:
Effect of furosemide and weight carriage on energetic responses of horses to incremental exertion

Harkins, J.D.; Hackett, R.P.; Ducharme, N.G., 1993:
Effect of furosemide on physiologic variables in exercising horses

Cooley, J.L.; Hinchcliff, K.W.; McKeever, K.H.; Lamb, D.R.; Muir, W.W., 1994:
Effect of furosemide on plasma atrial natriuretic peptide and aldosterone concentrations and renin activity in running horses

Xu,; Gifford, R.M.; Chow, W.S., 1992:
Effect of fusicoccin on photosynthetic induction in soybean leaves

Mathew, A.G.; Sutton, A.L.; Scheidt, A.B.; Patterson, J.A.; Kelly, D.T.; Meyerholtz, K.A., 1993:
Effect of galactan on selected microbial populations and pH and volatile fatty acids in the ileum of the weanling pig

Schick, R.R.; Samsami, S.; Zimmermann, J.P.; Eberl, T.; Endres, C.; Schusdziarra, V.; Classen, M., 1993:
Effect of galanin on food intake in rats: involvement of lateral and ventromedial hypothalamic sites

Mukherjee, S.N.; Sharma, R.N., 1993:
Effect of gallic acid on oviposition, growth and development of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Mandal, S.K.; Biswas, A.K.; Majumder, N.R., 1990:
Effect of gallmidge Orseolia oryzae infestation on the yield attributing characters of paddy

Kurian, A.; Premalatha, T.; Nair, G.S., 1993:
Effect of gamma irradiation in kacholam (Kaempferia galanga L.)

Kheiralla, Z.H.; Hassanin, N.I.; Amra, H., 1992:
Effect of gamma irradiation on aflatoxin production by Aspergillus parasiticus

Jeyanthi, R.; Rangasamy, S.R.S., 1991:
Effect of gamma irradiation on in vitro androgenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Horvatic, M.; Gruener, M., 1993:
Effect of gamma irradiation on methionine and tryptophan content in soya protein products

Leszczynski, W.; Golachowski, A.; Lisinska, G.; Peksa, A., 1992:
Effect of gamma irradiation on potato quality and subsequent production of chips

Basyony, A.E.; E.R.faei, M.I.; Galal, M.S.; Barakat, M.I.E., 1989:
Effect of gamma irradiation on seed-borne fungi and soybean seed components during storage

Hasaballa, Z.A., 1988:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the larval and pupal stages of the navel orangeworm, Paramyclois transitella (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Shauchuk, S.M., 1992:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the pigment apparatus of cereal plants

Ibrahim, M.K.; Hiekal, A.H., 1992:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the properties of casein. 2 - Buffalo's milk

Zaharia, D.; Popa, D.; Bercea, V., 1991:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the seed germination and biosynthesis of assimilating pigments in several ornamental plants

Katoch, P.C.; Massar, J.E.; Plaha, P., 1992:
Effect of gamma irradiation on variation in segregating generations of F2 seeds of rice

Kulieva, I.A.; Kul' gel' dyeva, R., 1991:
Effect of gamma irradiation on wilt resistance in Gossypium barbadense

Viswanathan, T.V.; Sunil, K.P.; Jolly, A., 1993:
Effect of gamma irradiation-induced lethality on germination and growth parameters of Holostemma annulare L. syn. H. ada-kodien Schultues, syn. H. rheedii Wall

Khalaburdin, A.P., 1991:
Effect of gamma radiation from 60Co on changes in some biological and morphological traits in hybrid canna

Varma, T.K.; Malviya, H.C.; Dwivedi, P.; Prasad, A., 1993:
Effect of gamma radiation on Paramphistomum epiclitum (Fischoeder, 1904) and its humoral immune response in lambs

Seth, R.K.; Sehgal, S.S., 1991:
Effect of gamma radiation on host-selection behaviour of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)

Kumar P.; Jayaprakas C.A.; Kishore R.; Sengupta K., 1990:
Effect of gamma radiation on the reproductive potential of uzi fly

Krasaechai, A., 1992:
Effect of gamma radiation on tuberose (Polyanthes tuberosa)

Jayachandran, B.K.; Mohanakumaran, N., 1992:
Effect of gamma ray irradiation on ginger

Singh, N.K.; Chauhan, S.V.S.; Kinoshita, T., 1993:
Effect of gamma rays and some chemical mutagens on pollen fertility in Brassica juncea var. Pusa Bold

Prasad, R.R., 1992:
Effect of gamma rays on fertility characteristics in Brassica rapa L

Kumari, S., 1994:
Effect of gamma rays on germination and seedling growth in Vicia

Singh, C.; Naveen Kapoor; Kaul, B.L., 1990:
Effect of gamma rays on growth and oil content in Vernonia anthelmintica

Sharma S.K.; Arya S.R.; Chaukiyal S.P., 1990:
Effect of gamma rays on the growth of poplar

Akhaury, K.D.N.; Sinha, A.K., 1993:
Effect of gamma rays on the seed output of Vicia species

Khanna, V.K., 1991:
Effect of gamma-irradiation of seeds on deoxyribonucleic acid content in chickpea

Shukla, R.S.; Tiwari, R.K.; Agrawal, D.P., 1993:
Effect of ganglionectomy on the larval body form and metamorphosis of the lemon-butterfly, Papilio demoleus L. (Lepidoptera)

Evbuomwan, M.I., 1993:
Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on the thrombogenic properties of blood of normal and hypercholesterolaemic rats

Evbuomwan, M.I., 1992:
Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on tissue cholesterol levels in normal and hypercholesterolaemic rats

Othman, B.A.; E.D.ugdoug, K.; Abo, M., 1991:
Effect of garlic bubbilies extraction on tomato mosaic virus

Hanafy, M.S.; Shalaby, S.M.; el-Fouly, M.A.; Abd el-Aziz, M.I.; Soliman, F.A., 1994:
Effect of garlic on lead contents in chicken tissues

Ogawa, H.; Suezawa, K.; Meguro, T.; Sasagawa, S., 1993:
Effect of garlic powder on lipid metabolism in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Mirhadi, S.A.; Singh, S.; Gupta, P.P., 1991:
Effect of garlic supplementation to cholesterol-rich diet on development of atherosclerosis in rabbits

Fangmeier, A.; Steubing, L., 1989:
Effect of gaseous pollutants on plant communities of the forest floor

Goran, M.I.; Poehlman, E.T.; Sreekumarau Nair, K.; Danforth, E.J., 1992:
Effect of gender, body composition, and equilibration time on the superscript 2H-to-18O dilution space ratio

Yapi, C.V.; Boylan, W.J.; Robinson, R.A., 1992:
Effect of genetic and environmental factors on lamb mortality

Wadhwani, K.N.; Joshi, R.S.; Pandya, P.R.; Patel, A.M., 1993:
Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on birth weight in inter se Holstein x Kankrej crossbred

Sharma, B.D.; Singh, S.K., 1993:
Effect of genetic and nongenetic factors on reproductive performances of Landrace, Large White and desi pigs and their crosses

Silva, F.L.R. da; Milagres, J.C.; Lima, F. de A.M.; Cardoso, R.M.; Torres, R. de A., 1993:
Effect of genetic factors on preweaning gain in crossbred Santa Ines sheep in Ceara State

Pieramati, C.; Van Vleck, L.D., 1993:
Effect of genetic groups on estimates of additive genetic variance

Sacco, R.E.; Nestor, K.E.; Saif, Y.M.; Tsai, H.J.; Patterson, R.A., 1994:
Effect of genetic selection for increased body weight and sex of poult on antibody response of turkeys to Newcastle disease virus and Pasteurella multocida vaccines

Burmeister J.E.; Crooker B.A.; Hansen L.B.; Young C.W., 1992:
Effect of genetic selection for milk yield on plasma nonesterified fatty acid response of lactating heifers to epinephrine

Imafidon, G.I.; Farkye, N.Y.; Tong, P.S.; Vink, S., 1992:
Effect of genetic variants of beta -lactoglobulin and kappa -casein on proteolysis of cheddar cheese

Mahaut, M.; Korolczuk, J., 1994:
Effect of genetic variants of casein on the recovery of milk proteins in fresh and soft cheeses obtained by ultra- or microfiltration from goat's milk

Tong, P.S.; Vink, S.; Farkye, N.Y.; Medrano, J.F., 1994:
Effect of genetic variants of milk proteins on the yield of Cheddar cheese

Chiericato, G.M.; Rizzi, C.; Rostellato, V., 1993:
Effect of genotype and environmental temperature on the performance of the young meat rabbit

Kovacs, G.; Kovacs, M.; Barnabas, B., 1992:
Effect of genotype and induction nutrient medium in maize anther culture

Halvankar, G.B.; Raut, V.M.; Taware, S.P.; Patil, V.P., 1993:
Effect of genotype and plant stand on yield of soybean (Glycine max)

Rao, B.R.R.; Bhattacharya, A.K.; Kaul, P.N., 1993:
Effect of genotype and time of harvesting on yield and quality of periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus)

Wanka, U.; Genzel, M.; Schuler, L.; Thiele, H.H., 1993:
Effect of genotype on immune response in Pekin ducks

Meunier Salaun, M.C.; Gort, F.; Prunier, A.; Caritez, J.C.; Schouten, W.P.G., 1991:
Effect of genotype on maternal behaviour. A comparison of Chinese (Meishan) and European (Large White) sows

Sanudo, C.; Delfa, R.; Casas, M.; Gonzalez, C.; Alcalde, M.J.; Vijil, E., 1992:
Effect of genotype on meat quality in Aragonese lambs

Stojakovic, M., 1991:
Effect of genotype on seedling traits and combining ability in sugarbeet

Herbert, F.; Thomson, E.F.; Capper, B.S., 1994:
Effect of genotype on the morphological characteristics, chemical composition and feeding value of nine barley straws, and responses to soya-bean meal supplementation

Mal' tsev, A.V.; Dragavtsev, V.A.; Burdun, A.M., 1993:
Effect of genotype x environment interaction on environmental variation in quantitative traits and its evaluation

Elhag, H.; Butler, L.G., 1992:
Effect of genotype, explant age and medium composition on callus production and plant regeneration from immature embryos of sorghum

Szendro, Z,; Radnai, I.; Toth Zelei, I., 1992:
Effect of genotype, sex and harvesting method on wool production and wool quality of Angora rabbits

Kataria, V.P.; Mishra, C.M., 1993:
Effect of genotypes of pigeonpeas on the yield attributes and grain yield

Barriere Y.; Demarquilly C.; Hebert Y.; Dardenne P.; Andrieu J.; Maupetit P.; Lila M.; Emile J.C., 1991:
Effect of genotypic and environmental variability on in vitro and in vivo digestibility of silage maize

Mcalister, R.; Clark, A.Iii, 1991:
Effect of geographic location and seed source on the bending properties of juvenile and mature loblolly pine

Matyas, C.; Yeatman, C.W., 1992:
Effect of geographical transfer on growth and survival of jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) populations

Camacho, L.; Sierra, C.; Marcus, D.; Campos, R.; Guzman, E.; Baer, D. von, 1991:
Effect of germination on heat-resistant antinutritional factors and essential nutrients in lupin seeds

Silva, H.C.; Braga, G.L.; Bianchi, M. de L.P.; Rossi, E.A., 1990:
Effect of germination on oligosaccharide and reducing sugar contents of Brazilian soybean cultivars

Kallela, K.; Saastamoinen, I.; Saloniemi, H., 1991:
Effect of germination on vomitoxin level in grain

McMenamy, K.R.; Zachman, R.D., 1993:
Effect of gestational age and retinol (vitamin A) deficiency on fetal rat lung nuclear retinoic acid receptors

E.N.eem, F.M.A.; E.D.n, M.M.S.; Soliman, A.A., 1993:
Effect of gibberellic acid (GA3), some macro and micro nutrients on protein composition of soybean seeds

E.G.zawy, A.M.;, I.; Sharaf, A.;, M., 1992:
Effect of gibberellic acid and Alar on flowering and seed yield of spinach

Bankar, G.J.; Prasad, R.N., 1990:
Effect of gibberellic acid and NAA on fruit set and quality of fruits in ber cv. Gola

Khader, S.E.S.A., 1992:
Effect of gibberellic acid and Vapor Gard on ripening, amylase and peroxidase activities and quality of mango fruits during storage

Madaan, T.R.; Aruna Tyagi; Kapoor, H.C., 1990:
Effect of gibberellic acid and adenosine 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate on lipase activity in muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) seedlings

Garg, N.; Garg, O.P.; Dua, I.S., 1992 :
Effect of gibberellic acid and kinetin on nodulation and nitrogen fixation in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Dagnino, D.S.; Carelli, M.L.D.; Arrabal, R.F.; Esquibel, M.A., 1991:
Effect of gibberellic acid on Ipomoea batatas regeneration from meristem culture

Bishnoi, N.R.; Krishnamoorthy, H.N., 1992:
Effect of gibberellic acid on chlorophyll content and photosynthesis in waterlogged chickpea, Cicer arietinum L

Tagliacozzo, G.M.D.; Valio, I.F.M., 1992:
Effect of gibberellic acid on flowering in the carrot cultivars Nantes and Brasilia

Martinez, M.; Cedeno Maldonado, A.; Vasquez, F., 1992:
Effect of gibberellic acid on phyllotaxy of bud grafted cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

Gupta, O.P., 1989:
Effect of gibberellic acid on seed germination in lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle)

Clark, J.R.; Irvin, K.M.; Fernandez, G.E., 1993:
Effect of gibberellic acid on seed traces of 'Venus' and 'Saturn' grapes

Kuiper, D.; Reenen, H.S. van; Ribot, S.A., 1991:
Effect of gibberellic acid on sugar transport into petals of 'Madelon' rose flowers during bud opening

Kashyap, A.S.; Ananda, S.A.; Jindal, K.K.; Negi, T.C.P., 1989:
Effect of gibberellic acid on the productivity and quality of Thompson Seedless grapes grown under dry temperate conditions

Miroshnichenko T.A.; Manankov M.I., 1991:
Effect of gibberellin and chlorocholine chloride on the pigment complex of onions

Mohinder Pal; Gupta, B.B.; Raturi, D.P., 1991:
Effect of gibberellin and fertilizers on growth of nursery stock of Dalbergia sissoo

Sakh' yuni, F.A.; Manankov, M.K., 1991:
Effect of gibberellin on fruit formation in pears

Zhang, X.; Yan, C.H., 1991:
Effect of gibberellin on the control of flower number of citrus

E.Sherbini, N.R., 1992:
Effect of girdling on hastening fruit maturity and quality of some peach cultivars

Karmas, R.P.lar-Buera, M.K.rel, M., 1992:
Effect of glass transition on rates of nonenzymatic browning in food systems

Cook, G.C., 1992:
Effect of global warming on the distribution of parasitic and other infectious diseases: a review

Soltys, J., 1992:
Effect of glucan preparation on the phagocytic ability of blood leucocytes in experimental ascaridosis of pigs

Smith,; Jeffers, D.; Devay, J.E., 1994:
Effect of glucose and biotin on the growth and sporulation of Fusarium species, especially pathogenic and nonpathogenic isolates of Fusarium oxysporum

Benito de Cárdenas, I.L.; Medina, R.; Oliver, G., 1992:
Effect of glucose and lactose on the utilization of citrate by Lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus ATCC 7469

Moresi, Mauro, 1994:
Effect of glucose concentration on citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica

Kitzman, H.H.Jr.; Mcmahon, R.J.; Williams, M.G.; Frost, S.C., 1993:
Effect of glucose deprivation on GLUT 1 expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Renauld, A.; Garrido, D., 1992:
Effect of glucose infusion in dogs on blood sugar, insulinemia and serum free fatty acid responses

Thompson, J.G.; Simpson, A.C.; Pugh, P.A.; Mcgowan, L.T.; James, R.W.; Berg, D.K.; Payne, S.R.; Tervit, H.R., 1992:
Effect of glucose level in culture medium on survival of in vitro cultured sheep embryos following transfer to recipient ewes

Hess, T.F.; Silverstein, J.; Schmidt, S.K., 1993:
Effect of glucose on 2,4-dinitrophenol degradation kinetics in sequencing batch reactors

Beaugerie, L.; Lemann, M.; Jian, R.; Flourie, B.; Franchisseur, C.; Rain, J.D.; Rambaud, J.C.; Quintrec, Y. le, 1992:
Effect of glucose on the intestinal absorption of sorbitol in man: the role of gastric emptying

Bruatto, M.; Gremmi, M.; Nardacchione, A.; Amerio, M., 1993:
Effect of glucose starvation on germ-tube production by Candida albicans

Shoji, S.; Hasuo, H.; Ishimatsu, M.; Akasu, T., 1992:
Effect of glucose-depletion on excitatory synaptic transmission in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the rat

Pellicane, P.; Gutkowski, R.; Jauslin, C., 1994:
Effect of glueline voids on the tensile strength of finger-jointed wood

Kishi, J.; Usui, K.; Ishizuka, K., 1992:
Effect of glufosinate on glutamine synthetase isozymes from several plant species

Higashiguchi, T.; Hasselgren, P.O.; Wagner, K.; Fischer, J.E., 1993:
Effect of glutamine on protein synthesis in isolated intestinal epithelial cells

Inoue, Y.; Grant, J.P.; Snyder, P.J., 1993:
Effect of glutamine-supplemented total parenteral nutrition on recovery of the small intestine after starvation atrophy

Lazarova, G., 1993:
Effect of glutathione on rose bengal photosensitized yeast damage

Mora, S.; Weber, G.; Barera, G.; Bellini, A.; Pasolini, D.; Prinster, C.; Bianchi, C.; Chiumello, G., 1993:
Effect of gluten-free diet on bone mineral content in growing patients with celiac disease

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Effect of graded levels of potassium on the production and activity of pectinolytic enzymes of Pyricularia oryzae Cav. in vitro

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Effect of granulometric composition of potassium chloride on the quality of its distribution when applied by spinner broadcaster

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Effect of granulometric composition on humidity of sandy desert soil

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Effect of grassland management on N mineralization potential, microbial biomass and N yield in the following year

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Effect of grazing management on the rangeland vegetation and heifers performance in western Rajasthan

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Effect of grazing on nutritive value of Cynodon dactylon at Bakhtiyarpur, Patna, Bihar

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Effect of grazing on nutritive value of Dichanthium annulatum at Barbigha, Munger, Bihar

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Effect of grazing on the rate of net accumulation in pastures of Lotus corniculatus

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Effect of grazing systems on reproductive performance and the net return of milk yielded by Sahiwal-Friesian (FS) cows

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Effect of green manure incorporation on nutrient kinetics in a flooded iron toxic soil

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Effect of green manure on the yield, N uptake and floodwater properties of a flooded rice, wheat rotation receiving 15N urea on a highly permeable soil

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Effect of green manuring with certain legumes on the control of plant parasitic nematodes

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Effect of green manuring, period of decomposition and nitrogen levels on the yield of dwarf rice

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Effect of growing seedlings of woody exotics in a greenhouse on their growth in the open

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Effect of growth environment on development of Zea x Tripsacum hybrid kernels

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Effect of growth factors on bovine blastocyst development in a serum-free medium

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Effect of growth habit on yield and agronomic characteristics of late-planted soybean

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Effect of growth hormone application on the incidence of parthenocarpy and fruit quality of pummelo trees grown in plastic house

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Effect of growth promoters on monensin toxicity in broiler chicks

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Effect of growth regulators and shoot tip pinching on the formation of lateral shoots in maiden apple trees of cultivar Melrose

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Effect of growth regulators and urea sprays on the fruit quality of lemon (Citrus limon Burm)

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Effect of growth regulators for increasing seed yields of lucerne

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Effect of growth regulators on carbohydrate contents in mustard seeds

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Effect of growth regulators on foliar stomata of Vicia faba L

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Effect of growth regulators on germination and vigour of cocksfoot and timothy seeds from different harvest years

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Effect of growth regulators on germination of legume seeds and the vigour and state of health of seedlings under conditions of chilling stress

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Effect of growth regulators on growth and flowering of Hemerocallis aurantiaca

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Effect of growth regulators on growth and yield of groundnut

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Effect of growth regulators on productivity in samba and thaladi rices

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Effect of growth regulators on young plants of the Japanese plum cv. Golden Japan (Prunus salicina, Lindl.)

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Effect of growth substances on fibre quality of hybrid cotton

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Effect of growth substances on the growth and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.) cv. N-2-4-1

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Effect of guar gum on hunger and satiety after meals of differing fat content: relationship with gastric emptying

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Effect of gypsum and nitrogen on the yield and crude protein content of B.N.2 fodder grown in sodic soil

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Effect of gypsum and pyrite as sources of sulphur on nitrogen fixation, dry-matter yield and quality of soybean (Glycine max)

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Effect of gypsum application on soil properties and performance of kharif groundnuts

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Effect of gypsum application on the yield of cotton in salt affected clay soils

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Effect of gypsum fertilization on the susceptibility of potato tubers to soft rot caused by Erwinia spp

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Effect of gypsum on leaf-water potential of cottons (Gossypium hirsutum, G. herbaceum, and G. arboreum) varieties grown in salt-affected Vertisol of Madhya Pradesh

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Effect of gypsum on properties of sodic soils, infiltration rate and crop yield

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Effect of gypsum on soil potassium and magnesium status and growth of alfalfa

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Effect of gypsum on survival and growth of tree species in saline sodic soil

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Effect of gypsum treatment in the amelioration of industrial effluents

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Effect of gypsum, deep ripping, and irrigation on determinate tomatoes

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Effect of gypsy moth on aspen in Michigan

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Effect of habitat and time of clipping on the recovery of the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

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Effect of habitual exercise on daily energy expenditure and metabolic rate during standardized activity

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Effect of halothane or enflurane on hepatic functions and ultrastructure of the liver in murine schistosomiasis

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Effect of hamster liver passage on the isoenzyme patterns of Entamoeba histolytica

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Effect of harvest and storage conditions on potato infection by Erwinia carotovora

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Effect of harvest date on the amount and composition of the essential oil of Lippia multiflora

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Effect of harvest date on the shelf life of asparagus

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Effect of harvest interval and cultivar on damage to macadamia nuts caused by Hypothenemus obscurus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Effect of harvest maturity on storage performance of 'Hayward' kiwifruit

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Effect of harvest of old growth Douglas-fir stands and subsequent management on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere

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Effect of harvesting and storage conditions on infection of potatoes by Erwinia carotovora

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Effect of harvesting dates and nitrogen on growth, light utilisation, nitrogen use efficiency and oil yield of spearmints (Mentha spicata and Mentha cardiaca)

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Effect of harvesting intensity of asparagus (Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri) shoots on yield

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Effect of harvesting methods of tea leaves on biochemical indices of the raw material of different cultivars and populations

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Effect of harvesting systems and wilting in bermudagrass nutrient recovery and nutrient utilization by beef cattle

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Effect of harvesting temperature and refrigeration on capsicum fruit storage

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Effect of hatching season and system of housing on the body weight, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and mortality of Japanese quails

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Effect of hay preservation method on milk production and composition of Holstein cows

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Effect of haying on kura clover (Trifolium ambiguum) grown for seed

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Effect of haylage on the carcass value and meat quality of lambs

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Effect of hazel-nut hull on some meat traits of Merino male lambs

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Effect of head and neck position on respiratory mechanics in horses sedated with xylazine

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Effect of head-speed-ground-speed ratio on the picking effectiveness of a lowbush blueberry harvester

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Effect of health education on community participation in control of dengue hemorrhagic fever in an urban area of Thailand

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Effect of heat and concentration factor on whey protein denaturation in whole milk and whole milk ultrafiltered retentates

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Effect of heat and drought stress on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). 1. Panicle development and leaf appearance

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Effect of heat and drought stress on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). II. Grain yield

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Effect of heat denaturation of whey proteins on the fouling of ultrafiltration membranes

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Effect of heat on the nutritional quality and safety of soybean cultivars

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Effect of heat processing and of vegetables and fruit in human diets on 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colon carcinogenesis in rats

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Effect of heat shock and growth atmosphere on the heat resistance of Escherichia coli 0157:H7

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Effect of heat shock on primary thermostability and reparability of photosynthesis and ultrastructure of mesophyll cells in strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.)

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Effect of heat stress on egg quality characteristics and serum calcium levels of White Leghorn and Lyallpur Silver Black breeds of chickens

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Effect of heat stress on the growth, root sugars, acid invertase and protein profile of pepper seedlings following transplanting

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Effect of heavy metals on the pigment system of leaves

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Effect of height of stakes and intercropping with okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) on the yield of yam (Dioscorea spp.) grown from seed yams

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Effect of herbicides for control grasses

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Effect of herbicides on soil environment

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Effect of high fibrous roughage feeding at the first fattening stage on body weight gain in Holstein steers at a later stage

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Effect of high-protein diet on renal concentration capacity in rabbits

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Effect of higher crop density on growth and yield of strawberries

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Effect of hitches on mechanical plowing

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Effect of honeybee pollination on fruit yield of cucumber crop

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Effect of hormones on the propagation of papaya stem part

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Effect of host age on sorghum anthracnose

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Effect of host growth stage, leaf sheath position and sheath injury on severity of rice leaf sheath blight

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Effect of host larvae of Helicoverpa armigera Hubner on the parasitising ability of Campoletis chlorideae Uchida

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Effect of host plant genotype and growth rate on Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gall formation in Pinus radiata

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Effect of husking method on the grain

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Effect of hydration - dehydration on germination and seedling growth of certain oilseeds and pulse crops

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Effect of hydrocortisone on post-stimulation changes in the action potential of the small intestine

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Effect of hydrogen cyanamide on bud dormancy break, vine productivity and must chemical composition in Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

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Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the denaturation of whey proteins in heated milk

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Effect of hydrological construction in the basin of the River Volga on the status of opisthorchosis and diphyllobothriosis

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Effect of hydrolysis on the principal components of wood

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Effect of hydrothermal and extrusion treatment of maize and soyabeans on nutrient utilization of monogastrics

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Effect of hydrothermally processed pea in feed mixtures for carp

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Effect of hydrothermic treatments on feed additives

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Effect of hydrotropic substances on the complexation of clotrimazole with beta -cyclodextrin

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Effect of hyena disease in cattle on digestive efficiency

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Effect of hyperketonaemia, feeding frequency and intake of concentrate and energy on milk yield in dairy cows

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Effect of hyperthermia on induction of heat shock proteins in Bacillus thuringiensis

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Effect of improved systems of forage production and alteration of the calving date on milk production

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Effect of in ovo 17- beta -estradiol or tamoxifen administration on sexual differentiation of the external genitalia

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Effect of in vitro and in vivo migration of bovine neutrophils on binding and expression of Fc receptors for IgG2 and IgM

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Effect of in vitro storage at 4 degrees C on survival and proliferation of two apple rootstocks

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Effect of in-plane shear modulus of elasticity on buckling strength of paperboard plates

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Effect of inbreeding depression on grain yield and its components in the maize hybrid H-131, in two environments

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Effect of inbreeding on some production traits of economic importance in Gir cattle

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Effect of including milk substitute in the diet on some haematochemical values in piglets

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Effect of inclusion of beans in a mixed diet for the treatment of Peruvian children with acute watery diarrhea

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Effect of incorporated organic substances and of Azotobacter on the microbiological characteristics of the soil and on plant yield

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Effect of incorporating Carum copticum seeds in a high fat diet for albino rats

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Effect of incorporating plant materials on corn growth

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Effect of incorporation of lactulose in infant formulas on the intestinal bifidobacterial flora in rats

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Effect of incorporation of legume straw on soil properties and crop yield in a maize-wheat sequence

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Effect of incorporation of wheat straw and urea in different ratios into soil on biomass nitrogen and nitrogen supplying characteristics of paddy soil

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Effect of incorporation of wheat straw and urea into soil on biomass nitrogen and nitrogen-supplying characteristics of paddy soil

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Effect of increased concentration of boron on productivity and chemical composition of plants

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Effect of increased level of feeding of heifers on their subsequent productivity

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Effect of increased nitrate content in the nutrient medium on the quantity of photosynthetic pigments in pea plants and on their degradation when the leaves are in the dark

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Effect of increased nitrogen doses on protein content in the grain of spring barley grown in monoculture

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Effect of increased weight at slaughter of pigs given maize on fattening performance and suitability for dried ham processing

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Effect of increasing distance from Acacia nilotica trees on wheat yield

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Effect of increasing doses of fertilizers on the accumulation of nitrates and fluorine in the green matter of maize

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Effect of increasing doses of nitrogen and growth regulators on grain yield, yield structure and baking quality in varieties of spring triticale. I. Grain yield and yield components

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Effect of increasing doses of nitrogen and growth regulators on grain yield, yield structure and baking quality in varieties of spring triticale. II. Baking quality of the grain

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Effect of increasing doses of nitrogen on the intensity of nitrogen fixation, the assimilation of nitrogen and the productivity of lucerne

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Effect of increasing levels of lime (CaCO3) on soil chemical properties of acid soils

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Effect of increasing nitrogen and potassium fertilization on the growth and development of Callistephus chinensis Nees. cv. Alabaster

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Effect of increasing nitrogen fertilizer rates for malting barley on the extract content and cytolytic degradation of malt

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Effect of increasing rates of kieserite on root and sugar yields of beet and on content of available magnesium in the soil

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Effect of increasing the dietary level of rapeseed meal on intake by growing beef steers

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Effect of incubation of green manure treatments on a soil with and without phosphate fertilizer. Influence on organic matter and soil fertility

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Effect of index selection for reduced backfat thickness and increased growth rate on sow weight changes through two parities in swine

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Effect of individual and concomitant inoculations of Rotylenchulus reniformis, Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizoctonia solani on the nematode penetration in cowpea roots

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Effect of individual egg laying control on the reproductive capacity of geese

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Effect of induced moisture stress at different phenological stages on growth and yield of tomato cultivars

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Effect of induced molting on the course of infection and transmission of Salmonella enteritidis in white Leghorn hens of different ages

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Effect of induced molting on the recurrence of a previous Salmonella enteritidis infection

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Effect of induced molting on the severity of intestinal lesions caused by Salmonella enteritidis infection in chickens

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Effect of industrial emissions of a metallurgical plant on vegetation and certain soil properties

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Effect of industrial emissions on the content of some heavy metals in selected forest tree and shrub species

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Effect of industrial fluorine pollution on the haematological and immunological characteristics of bovine leukosis

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Effect of infection by Fusarium root rot on amino acid content of different forms of red clover

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Effect of infection by Rhizoctonia solani on the quality of tubers for processing

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Effect of infection of rats with Trichinella spiralis and T. pseudospiralis (intestinal phase) on serum methacycline level

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Effect of infection on nutrient requirements

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Effect of infection on nutrient requirements

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Effect of infectious bursal disease virus on cell mediated immune response of chickens

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Effect of infestation of field beans (Vicia faba L.) with Bruchus rufimanus Bohem. (Coleopt.: Bruchidae) on seed quality

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Effect of inflation pressure on draught requirement of different types of pneumatic wheel used in two wheel camel cart

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Effect of inflorescence and floret number on floret site utilisation of white clover

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Effect of inflorescence on photosynthesis in Rubus caesius L. leaves

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Effect of ingestion of excess methionine diet on aging of erythrocytes in mice

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Effect of initial breeding weight and management system using a high-producing sow genotype on resulting reproductive performance over three parities

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Effect of initial litter quality on decomposition rates of the tree leaf litter in Himalayan forest ecosystems

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Effect of initial restraint, weaning, and transport stress on baseline and ACTH-stimulated cortisol responses in beef calves of different genotypes

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Effect of inoculation of phosphate-dissolving bacteria on rice (Oryza sativa) in acid soil

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Effect of inoculation of root associated bacteria on the growth of pearlmillet (Pennisetum americanum)

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Effect of inoculation pressure on maize dwarf mosaic virus strain-A disease incidence, severity and titer in sorghum

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Effect of inoculum density on Acremonium wilt of pea

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Effect of inoculum level and temperature on the incidence of damping off and root rot of tomato by Rhizoctonia solani

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Effect of inorganic fertilisers on seedlings of casuarina, sandal and teak

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Effect of inorganic fertilizers on seedlings of casuarina, sandal and teak

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Effect of inorganic fertilizers on the development of foot rot disease of soybean caused by Sclerotium rolfsii

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Effect of inorganic sulfate supplements on the productive performance and some blood constituents of weanling New Zealand White rabbits fed on sulfur amino acid deficient diets

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Effect of inpatient versus outpatient measurement protocol on resting metabolic rate and respiratory exchange ratio

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Effect of insect damage on seed germination in Albizia lebbeck

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Effect of insect growth regulators on reproduction of the spotted leaf beetle Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata F

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Effect of insecticidal and fungicidal seed treatments on rhizobial inoculum and nodulation in blackgram

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Effect of insecticidal application on the fibre quality, seed-cotton and carry over of Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.)

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Effect of insecticidal schedules on intermittent population of jassid and whitefly and yield of cotton

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Effect of insecticides and a chitin inhibitor on development of three parasitoids of the coconut black headed caterpillar Opisina arenosella Walker (Lep: Xyloryctidae)

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Effect of insecticides and fungicides on the biological activity of Bacillus thuringiensis preparations

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Effect of insecticides in the control of major pests of cauliflower

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Effect of insecticides on Trichogrammatoidea eldanae Viggiani (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

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Effect of insecticides on entomophages on Citrus

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Effect of insecticides on field populations of Bihar hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma obliqua Walker and its naturally occurring parasitoids in Bihar

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Effect of insecticides on nodulation in soybean (Glycine max)

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Effect of insecticides on pest incidence in cowpea

Anonymous, 1991:
Effect of insecticides on the parasitism of diamondback moth by two larval parasites

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Effect of insecticides on the serpentine leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

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Effect of insecticides on the virulence of the green muscardine fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae, against the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua

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Effect of insecticides on white fly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) and yellow mosaic virus in green gram, Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek

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Effect of insemination frequency on the fertility and hatchability of eggs from heavy hens

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Effect of insoluble fungal glucan on some indices of immunity in calves

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Effect of insulin on breakdown of muscle protein. Study in vitro of nitrogen composition and lysosomal acid protease activity

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Effect of insulin on oxidative and nonoxidative pathways of free fatty acid metabolism in human obesity

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Effect of insulin-induced hypoglycemia on cessation of macromolecular transport in the neonatal calf

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Effect of insulin-like factors on glucose transport activity in unweighted rat skeletal muscle

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Effect of intake of perilla oil or corn oil and 2-acetylaminofluorene treatment on lipid peroxidation, prostaglandin Esuperscript 2 and thromboxane B2 productions in rats

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Effect of integrated management practices on the yield and economics of crops under high intensity multiple cropping systems

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Effect of integrated weed management on broad leaf, narrow leaf weeds and total weed population in soybean (PKV-1)

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Effect of inter and intra spacings and nitrogen levels on sunflower

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Effect of inter-row spacings on yield of zinnia

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Effect of interaction between genotype and culture medium on callus induction and plant regeneration of anther culture of Vietnamese indica rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Effect of interaction of flooding and alkalinity at various growth stages on grain yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Effect of interaction of inoculum dose, cultivar, and geographic location on the magnitude of bacterial ring rot symptom expression in potato

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Effect of interactions between granulosa and thecal cells on meiotic arrest in bovine oocytes

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Effect of interactions of nitrogen, potassium and cycocel on growth-characters in relation to grain yield of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) var. T59

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Effect of intercrop on soybean with varying fertility levels

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Effect of Iron Deficiency on the Respiration of Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) Cells

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