Effect of heat treatment of milk on quality of buffalo milk Cheddar cheese

Kanawjia, S.K.; Singh, S.

Buffalo Journal 9(3): 203-211


Accession: 002356450

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Flavour, and body and texture development in buffalo milk Cheddar cheese is considerably slower than that of cow milk Cheddar. This could be mainly due to poor retention of moisture in the cheese which, in turn, manifests itself in slower acidity development during manufacture and ripening, accompanied by a relatively slower rate of proteolysis and lipolysis. In this study, attempts were made to enhance moisture retention in cheese, and thereby accelerate flavour, and body and texture formation by application of higher heat treatment. Three temperatures, i.e. 145, 155 and 165 degrees F, for 30 min were used. The highest heat treatment of 165 degrees F yielded a superior product compared with those heated at 145 and 155 degrees F, up to 6 months of ripening. Flavour formation and biochemical changes were more rapid compared with other heat treatments. The maximum yield and moisture retention was obtained in cheese made from milk heated at the highest temperature, which also gave the highest TS recovery.