Effect of nitrogen and foliar application of some micronutrients on the yield, yield components and quality of maize

Dawood, R.A.; Kheiralla, K.A.; Gameh, M.A.

Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 23(4): 3-17


ISSN/ISBN: 1110-0486
Accession: 002357966

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In field trials at Assiut University, Egypt in 1991-92, maize cv. Giza 2 and TWC 310 were given 70, 100, 130, 160 or 190 kg N/feddan with or without foliar application of the trace element solution Fetrilion Combi Sahary (50, 34 and 17 p.p.m. of Zn, Mn and Fe, respectively). Grain yield was higher in TWC 310, was increased by trace elements, and was highest with 130 kg N/feddan. Data on yield components, CP content and N recovery are tabulated; 130 kg N/feddan generally gave the best results. [1 feddan = 0.42 ha].