Section 3
Chapter 2,359

Effect of pelleting and feeding level on apparent digestibility and feeding value of diets for growing-finishing pigs

Smits, B.; Jongbloed, A.W.; Sebek, L.B.J.

Animal Feed Science and Technology 45(3/4): 349-362


ISSN/ISBN: 0377-8401
Accession: 002358482

Apparent overall digestibility of organic nutrients in 5 diets by the Weende analysis, and feeding value in pigs from 35 to 100 kg liveweight, using total faecal collection, were studied. Diets A and C were cereal-based, diets B and D were byproduct-based (various) and diet E was based mainly on legume seeds and tapioca. Diets were ground and steam pelleted at about 80 degrees C, and given at 2.3 M and 2.8 M (M = 293 kJ NEf (net energy for fattening) per kg0.75).

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