Effect of sowing dates and varieties on productivity of maize. II. Yield and yield components

Mohamed, M.K.; Shams, S.A.A.

Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 29(4): 1359-1370


Accession: 002360229

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In trials at Moshtohor, Egypt in 1985-86, 5 maize cultivars were sown at 2-week intervals between 10 May and 29 July. Delaying sowing until 29 July decreased grain yield, compared with a 15 May sowing date, by an average of 72% in 1985 and 59% in 1986. Delaying sowing decreased most yield components, harvest index and shelling percentage. Yield among cultivars was in the order Ciba-Geigy 4141 > Pioneer 3147 > Pioneer 3xC42 > Giza 2 > America Early. The 3 higher yielding hybrid cultivars were less affected by late sowing than the synthetic Giza 2 and the open-pollinated cv. America Early.