Effect of the number of sucking lambs on selected performance traits of Corriedale-type and Friesian ewes as evaluated during lactation

Niznikowski, R.; Janikowski, W.T.; Tyszka, Z.J.

Prace i Materialy Zootechniczne 1994(45): 93-97


Accession: 002361067

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Investigations were conducted over the years 1984-189 on 156 Friesian and 301 Corriedale-type ewes suckling one or two lambs. The examinations covered the effect of the number of sucking lambs on the ewes' body weight and dairy performance, as well as the growth of lambs. The ewes of both genotypes sukling twins, had a higher body weight during lactation and produced more milk than did dams with a single lamb (P ltoreq 0.01). Also, the live weight gain of the offspring during the first 4 weeks of lactation was higher in the case of twins.