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Effect of the source and level of energy in the feeding of sows at the end of pregnancy. 1. Characteristics of the litters and adipose tissue in piglets

Franci, O.; Zappa, A.; Poli, B.M.; Campodoni, G.; Geri, G.

Rivista di Suinicoltura 32(7): 63-68


Accession: 002361120

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From the 95th day of pregnancy until farrowing, 32 Large White sows, in 3 groups, were given a basal diet 2.4 kg, daily without (group C) or with supplements of maize starch 600 g (group S) or maize oil 270 g (group O). Dietary metabolizable energy was 30% greater in groups S and O. All diets were equal in protein. During lactation all sows were given the basal diet to appetite. Diet treatment did not affect weight gain of sows from the 30th day of pregnancy until the end of lactation.

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