Effect of wild oats (Avena fatua L.) on wheat production (Triticum aestivum L.)

Ormeno, N.J.

Agricultura Tecnica Santiago 52(1): 25-31


Accession: 002361810

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Field trials were conducted at sites in Chillan, Temuco, Parral, Sn. Carlos and Yungay in 1987-90 to assess wheat losses caused by A. fatua infestation. Plots were treated with diclofop-methyl, diclofop-methyl + fenoxaprop + CGA 185072 safener + CGA 185072. Untreated plots were compared with the best chemical control plot in each trial and, if adequate control measures were taken, yield reductions could be decreased by 37%. An annual loss of US $25.7 million is estimated for the wheat producing region of Chile, where A. fatua is the most important grass weed.