Effects of feeding ethanol on performance and carcass traits of feedlot steers

Kreul, M.L.; Yates, L.D.; Gill, D.R.; Dolezal, H.G.; Koevering, M.T. van

Animal Science Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University ( P-933): 216-222


Accession: 002364204

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For 42 days 24 crossbred steers nearing market weight (1040 lb) were given 22 lb daily of a diet based on maize, lucerne hay, cottonseed hulls, protein supplement and molasses (91% concentrate) without or with ethanol 2, 4 or 6% to replace molasses on a DM basis. Ethanol had no effect on daily gain, feed efficiency and carcass values but fewer of the steers given ethanol showed the minimum degree of marbling to attain the US Choice quality grade. In a second trial 126 yearling crossbred steers were given a diet high in energy with 4% ethanol added for 0 (control), 17, 24, 38, 66 or 122 days before slaughter. Feedlot performance was not changed by ethanol supplementation and cattle given ethanol for different times had similar yield grades, marbling scores and incidence of liver abscess.