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Effects of respiratory inhibitors and succinate on glycine decarboxylation in wheat and maize leaves

Igamberdiev, A.U.; Bykova, N.V.

Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 41(3): 344-347


ISSN/ISBN: 1021-4437
Accession: 002366042

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The rates of glycine decarboxylation in leaf discs from wheat Severodonskaya and maize Voronezhskaya 76 leaves were measured in the presence of respiratory and photorespiratory inhibitors, as well as succinate and other respiratory substrates. Glycine decarboxylase activity was estimated as the 14CO2 release from glycine introduced into the leaf discs. This was fairly low in green wheat leaves and twice as low in green maize leaves. In both plants, the relative rate of glycine decarboxylation in etiolated leaves was about half that estimated in green tissues. KCN inhibited 14CO2 release from glycine in the green wheat leaves by 15% but had no effect on decarboxylase activity in the green maize leaves.

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