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Effects of restricted energy intake and continuous or alternate feeding of ionophores on the feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing steers

Daugherty, M.S.; Clare, D.D.

Proceedings Western Section American Society of Animal Science July 8-10, 1992 43: 487-490


Accession: 002366043

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In a 4 multiply 2 factorial arrangement, 48 crossbred steers were fed for 140 days on a diet without or with monensin or lasalocid at 360 mg/head daily or every other day. Feeding was to appetite or restricted to provide a constant average daily gain (ADG) of 1360 g. Steers on restricted feeding had a 7.8% improvement in feed:gain ratio, 10.8% lower ADG and a 17.8% less DM intake compared with those fed to appetite; they also had greater marbling score.

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