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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2368

Chapter 2368 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Buchi, R., 1994: Effects of two insect growth regulators on the booklouse, Liposcelis bostrychophila

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367003

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367030

Lee, Y. C.; Yeon, S. H.; Lee, J. W.; Thak, T. Y., 1993: Effects of unattended farrowing on reproduction and piglets' growth performance

Sritharan, Si; Clyma, W., 1992: Effects of uncertainties on the limits of on-farm improvement in irrigation rehabilitation

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Tomlinson, Ap; Van-Horn, Hh; Wilcox, Cj; Harris, B.Jr, 1994: Effects of undegradable protein and supplemental fat on milk yield and composition and physiological responses of cows

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Noe, F. P.; Uysal, M.; Jurowski, C., 1993: Effects of user and trip characteristics on responses to communication messages

Lokvenc, T., 1989: Effects of using machines for logging on subsequent reforestation in mountain regions

Tiemoko, Y., 1992: Effects of using rice polishings in broiler diets

Tudsri, S.; Sornprasit, P., 1993: Effects of utilization systems, sowing methods and type of grass on pasture production of centro and hamata mixed with ruzi and para on a small dairy farm. 1. Establishment and survival

Tudsri, S.; Sornprasit, P., 1993: Effects of utilization systems, sowing methods and type of grass on pasture production of centro and hamata mixed with ruzi and para on a small dairy farm. 2. Dry matter yield

Tudsri, S.; Harnbunjok, U., 1993: Effects of utilization systems, sowing methods and type of grasses on pasture production of centro and hamata mixed with ruzi and para on a small dairy farm. 3. Chemical composition

Gagrcin, M.; Cirkovic, D.; Popovic, M., 1992: Effects of vaccination of pregnant gilts with different viral vaccines on the level of IgG in newborn piglets

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Mortensen, L. M.; Moe, R., 1992: Effects of various day and night temperature treatments on the morphogenesis and growth of some greenhouse and bedding plant species

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367073

Elzubeir, E. A., 1991: Effects of various dietary levels of whole sunflower seed on energy and nitrogen balance of broiler chicks

Nwadukwe, F. O.; Ayinla, O. A.; Abby Kalio, N. J., 1993: Effects of various doses of acetone-dried powdered carp pituitary extract and season on hatchery propagation of Heterobranchus longifilis (Val., 1840) (Pisces: Claridae)

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367082

Liarn, T. F.; Chen, S. Y.; Chen, C. L.; Wu, C. P., 1993: Effects of various levels of chromium picolinate on growth performances and serum traits of pigs

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367087

Sumar, J., 1994: Effects of various ovulation induction stimuli in alpacas and llamas

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Lau C., 1992: Effects of various stressors on milk release in the rat

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367094

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367125

Franchini, A.; Meluzzi, A.; Manfreda, G.; Tosarelli, C., 1993: Effects of vitamin C on broiler skeleton development

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367130

Hidiroglou, M.; Farnworth, E.; Butler, G., 1993: Effects of vitamin E and fat supplementation on concentration of vitamin E in plasma and milk of sows and in plasma of piglets

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367132

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367133

Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367134

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367144

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367205

Meng, Q. X.; Xiong, Y. Q., 1993: Effects of wheat straw ammoniation and concentrate supplementation on lamb performance

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367630

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Section 3, Chapter 2368, Accession 002367663

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