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Efficacy of 0.1% permethrin on head louse infestation in elementary school children

Park, S.S.; Park, M.S.; Kong, S.C.; Kim, S.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, C.Y.; Park, J.D.; Sohn, W.S.; Shin, Y.S.; Lee, J.J.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, C.B.; Lee, C.H.; Han, D.G.; Pai, K.S.

Journal of the Korean Medical Association 34(11): 1236-1240


ISSN/ISBN: 1975-8456
Accession: 002367338

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The efficacy of 0.1% permethrin for the treatment of Pediculus capitis infestation was assessed on 114 South Korean school children, whether they were infested or not. Permethrin was applied to the children twice at an 18-day interval. 75 children were infested before treatment (although only 13 had adults of P. capitis); after the 2nd treatment, no children were infested with adult lice. However, 3 months later, 30 children were still infested.

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