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Etched2 (et2), a new etched endosperm/albino seedling mutant, is located on 2S

Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter ( 67): 9

Etched2 (et2), a new etched endosperm/albino seedling mutant, is located on 2S

This maize mutant, designated et*-2352, was found segregating on the selfed ear of a Mutator outcross plant. Mutant grains gave rise to off-white albino seedlings, with occasional greening of leaf tips. Some mutant seedlings had fine, green revertant sectors typical of Mu-induced seedling mutants. Mutant seedlings died after the grain nutrient reserves had been exhausted.

Accession: 002373590

Related references

Stinard, P.S., 1992: Shrunken-6 (sh6), a new shrunken endosperm/virescent seedling mutant located on 7S. This new recessive mutation of maize, found segregating on a selfed ear of a plant derived from a yl-Mu stock, gives grains similar to sh1 grains in appearance, Seedlings are pale green, turning greener slowly.

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Schwartz, D., 1964: Genetic Studies on Mutant Enzymes in Maize. IV. Comparison of Ph 7.5 Esterases Synthesized in Seedling and Endosperm. The pH 7.5 esterases specified by the EF and ES alleles in both endosperm and seedling are relatively resistant to inactivation by urea and thioglycolic acid. The NN enzyme specified by the EN allele shows differential inactivation by both agents...

W.D.anXing; Shu QingYao; Xia YingWu; Liu GuiFu, 1998: Construction and modification of chloroplast ultrastructure of a special albino rice mutant W25 during the seedling greenish process. W25 is a gamma radiation-induced albino rice mutant line, with the mutant trait being temperature-dependent and lethal at lower temperatures (25 and 30 degrees C). Genetic analysis indicated that the mutant trait is controlled by both a single nuc...

W.D.anXing; Shu QingYao; Xia YingWu; Xia JianFeng; Zhen XingQin; Liu GuiFu, 1997: Carbohydrate and protein metabolism in seedling leaves of a greenable albino mutant line cv. W25 of rice (Oryza sativa). Significant differences in carbohydrate and protein content were identified between seedling leaves of albino rice mutant W25 and its parental line 2177s. Contents of carbohydrates and proteins in leaves of 2177s were similar at 20 degrees C and 2...

Torti, G.; Manzocchi, L.; Salamini, F., 1986: Free and bound indole-acetic acid is low in the endosperm of the maize mutant defective endosperm-B18. The defective endosperm-B18 mutant (low endosperm dry weight), carrying the mutant gene de*-B18, and its near-isogenic line, carrying the wild-type allele De*-B18, were compared for free and bound IAA content at 5 developmental stages. In endosper...

Tanaka, Y.; Matsuda, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Nitta, Y., 1999: Ultrastructure of endosperm in sugary mutant strains of rice. II. Soluble polysaccharides accumulation in endosperm cells. Scanning electron microscopy was applied to different endosperm layers of several sugary mutant strains of rice. Differences were observed in amyloplast structure and in glycogen deposition.

Torti G.; Manzocchi L.; Salamini F., 1986: Free and bound iaa is low in the endosperm of the maize mutant defective endosperm b 18. The maize mutant defective endosperm-B18 (de*-B18), which is recessive to its wildtype, accumulates substantially less dry matter in the endosperm than its normal counterpart. Both free and bound indole-acetic acid (IAA) content has been measured...

Peng, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Lv, J.; Zhang, J.; Li, P.; Shi, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, H.; He, Z.; Teng, S., 2012: Characterization and fine mapping of a novel rice albino mutant low temperature albino 1. Albino mutants are useful genetic resource for studying chlorophyll biosynthesis and chloroplast development and cloning genes involved in these processes in plants. Here we report a novel rice mutant low temperature albino 1 (lta1) that showed al...

Foster, C.A., 1977: Linkage of shrunken endosperm mutant sex 1 and male sterile mutant msg,,bk on chromosome 6 of barley. F2 progenies of eight F1 repulsion heterozygotes (Msg,, bk sex1/msg,,bk Sex1) were analysed. The xenia expression of the shrunken-endosperm gene permitted the separation of normal and shrunken grains prior to sowing, allowing the separation of the...