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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2376

Chapter 2376 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Osunade, M.A.A., 1992:
Evaluation of fallow lands by small farmers of southwestern Nigeria

Brinton, W.F.Jr; Seekins, M.D., 1994:
Evaluation of farm plot conditions and effects of fish scrap compost on yield and mineral composition of field grown maize

Hauptvogel, P., 1992:
Evaluation of fast-growing genotypes of lucerne following harvest at the early stage of growth

Hinds, M.J.; Singh, B., 1994:
Evaluation of fatty acids in oil as reaping indices for Caribbean-grown groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)

Mahan, D.C.; Newton, E.A., 1993:
Evaluation of feed grains with dried skim milk and added carbohydrate sources on weanling pig performance

Hara, H.; Saito, Y.; Nakashima, H.; Kiriyama, S., 1994:
Evaluation of fermentability of acid-treated maize husk by rat caecal bacteria in vivo and in vitro

Maffeo, G.; Salvo, R.; Colombani, C.; Arzarello, A.; Vigo, D., 1994:
Evaluation of fertility and prolificacy in sows with ovulation induced during lactation

Vainas, E.; Boscos, C.; Lekkas, S., 1992:
Evaluation of fertility of heterosexual twin heifers by means of cytogenetic analysis

Reis, E.L.; Cartibani, M.M.B.; Santana, C.J.L. de, 1989:
Evaluation of fertilizer rates for a rubber nursery in south Bahia

Manara, W.; Santos, O.S. dos; Ribeiro, N.D.; Estefanel, V., 1993:
Evaluation of field bean genotypes in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul

la Porta, NC., 1990:
Evaluation of field parasitism by Trichopoda giacomellii (Blanch.) Guimaraes, 1971 (Diptera: Tachinidae) on Nezara viridula (L.) 1758 (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Tojo, M.; Ichitani, T., 1993:
Evaluation of field soil modeled for the ecological study of Pythium species, with special reference to oospore germination

Vargas Gonzalez, J.; Trujillo Ortega, M.E.; Doporto Diaz, J.M., 1991:
Evaluation of final production in a herd of pigs

Stepanov, V.; Kovalenki, V.; Mikhailov, N.; Maksimov, G.; Tarichenko, A., 1992:
Evaluation of finishing and carcass traits

Avdalov, N.; Barlocco, N.; Bauza, R.; Bertullo, E.; Corengia, C.; Giacometti, L.; Panucio, A., 1993:
Evaluation of fish silage in the fattening of pigs

Szarska, E., 1994:
Evaluation of fitness in horses during three-day event competition

Speilberg, L.; Evensen, O.; Bratberg, B.; Skjerve, E., 1993:
Evaluation of five different immersion fixatives for light microscopic studies of liver tissue in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Santos, R.; Carvajal, R.; Montiel, R., 1992:
Evaluation of five fungicides to control the stylar end rot of guava (Psidium guajava L.) fruit

Dannenhoffer, J.M.; Shen Miller, J., 1993:
Evaluation of fixative composition, fixative storage, and fixation duration on the fine structure and volume of root-cell nucleoli

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1992:
Evaluation of flowering crabapple susceptibility to apple scab in Ohio - 1991

Guy, B.; Dickinson, W.; Rudra, R., 1992:
Evaluation of fluvial sediment transport equations for overland flow

Korobkova, O.I., 1993:
Evaluation of fodder qualities of desert rangeland ameliorant shrubs

Manoharan, S.; Balasubramanian, R.; Balakrishnan, K.; Ali, A.M., 1992:
Evaluation of fodder sorghum for rainfed areas

Lawson, H.M.; Wiseman, J.S.; Wright, G.M., 1993:
Evaluation of fomesafen as a raspberry cane desiccant

Gallo, A.B.urdignon, F.P.cin, A.B.rbieri, T.R.snik, S., 1992:
Evaluation of food intake by means of 24 hour dietary recall in a town of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andersson, H., 1993:
Evaluation of food policy

Gomez, V.; Perez, J.I.; Torres, C., 1992:
Evaluation of forage tree Atriplex halimus for sheep feeding

Muska, A., 1993:
Evaluation of forecasting and warning for grapevine diseases in 1992

Savel' ev, N.I., 1992:
Evaluation of foreign apple varieties for resistance to scab

Scorza, R., 1992:
Evaluation of foreign peach and nectarine introductions in the U.S. for resistance of leaf curl (Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.)

Barisano, E., 1991:
Evaluation of forest resources in the eastern Rif region of Morocco using SPOT data

Cochran, K.D., 1992:
Evaluation of form and growth characteristics of Juniperus cultivars at the Secrest Arboretum

Savich, I.M.; Peruanskii, Y.V., 1992:
Evaluation of forms of maize for early ripening

Rennie, B.D.; Buzzell, R.I.; Anderson, T.R.; Beversdorf, W.D., 1992:
Evaluation of four Japanese soybean cultivars for Rps alleles conferring resistance to Phytophthora megasperma f.sp. glycinea

Gomirato, G.; Bonomi, A.; Crosato, M., 1991:
Evaluation of four alternative models for feeding newborn infants

Crizon Navarrete, T.P.; Leon Viteri, V., 1991:
Evaluation of four amounts of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa W.) in diets for rabbits, in Tumbaco, Pichincha

Chakanyuka, K.M.; Giga, D.P., 1986:
Evaluation of four chemical protectants against some pests of stored grain in Zimbabwe

Heinen, J.M.; Hankins, J.A.; Subramanyam, M., 1993:
Evaluation of four commercial diets for rainbow trout

Sanchez, A.; Blanco, H.; Calvo, G.; Shannon, P., 1991:
Evaluation of four insecticides for control of the chilli fly Neosilba spp. (Diptera: Lonchaeidae), under two management systems

Raju C.S.; Pallavi S.N.; Reddy M.M.; Suryanarayana N.; Singhal B.K.; Sengupta K., 1990:
Evaluation of four new mulberry varieties through silkworm rearings under irrigated condition

Ramirez Legarreta, M.R.; Jacobo Cuellar, J.L., 1993:
Evaluation of four prediction models for the management of apple fire blight

Shearer, K.; Christiansen, R.; Daae, B.; Torrissen, O., 1993:
Evaluation of four semi-purified test diets for juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Henry, P.C.; Shongwe, G.; Bhembe, V., 1993:
Evaluation of four soil-phosphate extractants and phosphorus fixation in soils from Swaziland sugarcane areas

Cazar E.A.; Saavedra, F.; Ortega, A., 1989:
Evaluation of four substrates for rooting tamarillo cuttings

Lopez Avila, V.; Dodhiwala, N.S.; Benedicto, J.; Beckert, W.F., 1992:
Evaluation of four supercritical fluid extraction systems for extracting organics from environmental samples

Lee, G.W.; Lee, K.A.; Davidson, W.R., 1993:
Evaluation of fox-chasing enclosures as sites of potential introduction and establishment of Echinococcus multilocularis

Rao K.L.N.; Shivraj A.; Sarma P.S., 1991:
Evaluation of foxtail millet cultivars for drought tolerance

Wang, J.T.C., 1993:
Evaluation of fragrant camellias

Arruda, R.P. de; Barnabe, V.H.; Alencar, M.M. de; Barnabe, R.C., 1992:
Evaluation of frozen bull semen. Effects of slow or rapid thermoresistance tests on fertility

Radicati, L.; Vergano, G.; Martino, I., 1993:
Evaluation of fruit characters in different walnut cultivars

Lavin A.A., 1989:
Evaluation of fruit species in the Cauquenes area. I. Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma R. et Pav.)

Lavin A.A., 1989:
Evaluation of fruit species in the Cauquenes area. II. Cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.)

Johnston, S.A.; Probasco, P.R.; Phillips, J.R., 1991:
Evaluation of fumigants and nematicides for control of root-knot nematodes on carrot

Johnston, S.A.; Probasco, P.R.; Phillips, J.R., 1993:
Evaluation of fumigants and nematicides for the control of root-knot nematodes on carrot

Balsari, P.; Tamagnone, M., 1993:
Evaluation of functional parameters of boom sprayer nozzles

Ho, R.; Yik, C.P.; Soon, S.C.; Wong, J.L., 1992:
Evaluation of fungicidal seed and soil treatments against Rhizoctonia seedling damping-off disease in brassicas

Wilson, D.O.J.; Mohan, S.K.; Knott, E.A.; Shafii, B., 1993:
Evaluation of fungicide seed treatments for Shrunken-2 (Supersweet) sweet corn

Virendra Singh; Singh, R.R.; Kushwaha, K.P.S.; Mohit Singh, 1993:
Evaluation of fungicides against Colletotrichum truncatum on hyacinth bean

Rodriquez, F.; Mustelier, A.; Orbeal, W., 1990:
Evaluation of fungicides against Peronospora tabacina in tobacco nurseries

Gladders, P.; Lanham, C.A., 1992:
Evaluation of fungicides against Rhynchosporium secalis

Raj Kumar; Pandey, J.C., 1990:
Evaluation of fungicides against early and late blight diseases of potato

De, B.K.; Mohasin, M., 1993:
Evaluation of fungicides against late blight disease of potato

Abbaiah, K.; Devi, T.P.ameela, 1992:
Evaluation of fungicides against powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot of blackgram

Gomez Hurtado, J.E., 1993:
Evaluation of fungicides and some agricultural practices for the control of anthracnose on tamarillos in Sotara (Cauca)

Jones, D.R., 1994:
Evaluation of fungicides for control of eyespot disease and yield loss relationships in winter wheat

Guerrero G.O.; Checa C.O.E., 1990:
Evaluation of fungicides for control of garlic white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum Berk.) in Narino

Gopinath, A.; Shetty, H.S., 1992:
Evaluation of fungicides for control of grain mould in sorghum

Gladders, P.; Jones, O.W.; Slawson, D.D., 1992:
Evaluation of fungicides for control of ringspot and light leaf spot in Brussels sprouts

Colbaugh, P.F., 1992:
Evaluation of fungicides for controlling Rhizoctonia blight of St. Augustinegrass

Begum, S.N., 1989:
Evaluation of fungicides for controlling powdery mildew of field pea

Salazar Huerta, F.J., 1993:
Evaluation of fungicides in treatment of wheat seed to control Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica Mitra) in the Valle del Yaqui, Sonora

Lallan Singh; Bhonde, S.R.; Chauhan, K.P.S.; Srivastava, K.J.; Singh, K.N.; Singh, D.P., 1991:
Evaluation of garlic varieties at Karnal and Nasik

Cai, G.X., 1992:
Evaluation of gaseous nitrogen losses from fertilizers applied to flooded rice fields in China

Massoud, M.M.; Saleh, E.; Khalifa, A.; Saleh, A.I.; Labib, O.H., 1990:
Evaluation of gastric carcinoembryonic antigen in endemic schistosomal hepatosplenomegaly

Zharkova, I., 1992:
Evaluation of geese for feather yield

Lal, N.; Singh, H.N., 1993:
Evaluation of gelling and support materials for in vitro shoot multiplication in sugar cane

Wallich, R.; Helmes, C.; Schaible, U.E.; Lobet, Y.; Moter, S.E.; Kramer, M.D.; Simon, M.M., 1992:
Evaluation of genetic divergence among Borrelia burgdorferi isolates by use of OspA, fla, HSP60, and HSP70 gene probes

Fukunaga, M.; Sohnaka, M.; Nakao, M.; Miyamoto, K., 1993:
Evaluation of genetic divergence of borrelial isolates from Lyme disease patients in Hokkaido, Japan, by rRNA gene probes

Rathinavelu, S.; Premsekar, S., 1989:
Evaluation of genetic parameters in the hybrids of cotton (G. hirsutum L.)

Rotino, G.L.; Restaino, F.; Gjomarkaj, M.; Massimo, M.; Falavigna, A.; Schiavi, M.; Vicini, E., 1992:
Evaluation of genetic variability in embryogenetic and androgenetic lines of eggplant

Zelinskiy, Y.P.; Dmitrenko, Y.Y.; Pervozvanskiy, V.Y., 1992:
Evaluation of genome interaction from growth characteristics and karyological and morphological characters in triploid hybrids between wild goldfish and carp reared in Karelia

Laohasiriwong, S., 1991:
Evaluation of genotypic and seasonal effects on performance of mungbean in Khon Kaen

Olin M.H.E.; Svensson C., 1992:
Evaluation of geological and recharge parameters for an aquifer in southern Sweden

Frey, K.J., 1991:
Evaluation of germplasm

Haque, M.F.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Mahto, R.N., 1992:
Evaluation of gram varieties for late sown conditions in Plateau Region of Bihar

Patil, S.G.; Honrao, B.K.; Rao, V.G.; Patil, V.P., 1991:
Evaluation of grape germplasm for powdery mildew resistance

Passoni, F.; Rosemberg, M.; Flores, A., 1992 :
Evaluation of grasses and forage legumes in Satipo, Peru

Goncalves, C.A.; Costa, N. de L.; Oliveira, J.R. da C., 1992:
Evaluation of grasses and forage legumes in mixtures in Rondonia

Ayala, A.; Basulto, J., 1992:
Evaluation of grasses and forage legumes in the eastern region of Yucatan, Mexico

Gomez, I.; Cordovi, E., 1990:
Evaluation of grasses under a cutting regime in alluvial soil

Kunzmann, G.; Harrach, T.; Vollrath, H., 1990:
Evaluation of grassland areas for their importance for nature conservation

Amoli, N.; Sadeghi, S.K., 1992:
Evaluation of green bean varieties in Mazandaran

Henninger, F.; Roncaglione, L.C., 1992:
Evaluation of greenhouse films exposed in Brazil

Karol, I.L., 1991:
Evaluation of greenhouse potential of chlorofluorocarbons

Hebbara, M.; Patil, S.G.; Srinivas, S., 1992:
Evaluation of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes

Reddy K.B.; Reddy D.S.; Reddy C.M., 1991:
Evaluation of groundnut genotypes for phosphorus use efficiency

Satish Chandra; Sarma, B.K.; Singh, J.; Verma, R.N., 1992:
Evaluation of groundnut germplasm for resistance to early leaf spot disease

Maslia, M.L.; Aral, M.M.; Houlihan, M.F., 1992:
Evaluation of groundwater flow regime at a landfill with liner system

Rumynin, V.G.; Karachevtsev, N.F., 1992:
Evaluation of groundwater quality in the presence of areal infiltrational contamination with unstable constituents (model representations)

Larem, A.; Pigearias, B., 1990:
Evaluation of growth by measurement of body length, in children 8 to 12 years old, in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Humlova, M., 1988:
Evaluation of growth characters in the progeny of different parent trees in seed stands of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Greco, L.; Musmarra, F.; Amato, L.; Apicella, C.; Bello, L.; Bernardo, S.; Carrozzo, R.; Causa, P.; Caruso R. di Concilio, V.; Crosta, V. di; Izzo, A.; Manetti, S.; Mazzarella, G.; Misuraca, A.; Miranda, P.; Mottola, L.; Orso, G.; Ruggiero, M.; Scalone, M.G.; Auricchio, S., 1992:
Evaluation of growth of infants with a controlled energy intake: optimal standards for the population?

Karki, M.B.; Gold, M.A., 1992:
Evaluation of growth performance of ten commonly grown fodder tree species in central and western Nepal

Shehata, S.A., 1990:
Evaluation of growth, yield and chemical composition of some carrot cultivars

Nagpal, A.K.; Rai, A.K., 1993:
Evaluation of guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) phalgati as maintenance ration for camels

Osuna B.D.R.; Inciarte, M.U.; Casanova, A.; Ventura, M.; Gonzales S.C.; Rincon, E., 1991:
Evaluation of guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) under different stocking rates and supplementation levels

Vijayakumari, P.; More, T.A.; Seshadri, V.S., 1991:
Evaluation of gynoecious F1 hybrids for horticultural characters in cucumber

Bukowski, K.; Kopotek, A.K.; Dziaa, G., 1991:
Evaluation of halogenophore effectiveness on strains of Candida albicans isolated from mare's reproductive organs

Vanco, B., 1994:
Evaluation of harmfulness of Fusarium root rot of lucerne

Canto, M.W. do; Barreto, I.L.; Pires, M.B.G., 1992:
Evaluation of hay yield and quality of soyabean cultivars

Moga, I.; Raducanu, C.; Veverca, D.; Fluerasu, V.; Dihoru, A.; Jinga, E., 1992:
Evaluation of heat factors on winter crops followed by silage maize in the irrigated zones of the Dunarii Plain

Moga, I.; Raducanu, C.; Veverca, D.; Fluerasu, V.; Dihoru, A.; Jinga, E., 1992:
Evaluation of heat factors on winter crops followed by sweet sorghum, Sudan grass and millet in the irrigated zones of the Dunarii Plain

Vooijs, A.J.; Beumer, H.; Poel, A.F.B. van der, 1993:
Evaluation of heat treatments to improve the protein digestibility of Phaseolus vulgaris beans in pigs

Benes, S., 1991:
Evaluation of heavy metal content in industrially manufactured composts

Zoran, D.L.; Jergens, A.E.; Riedesel, D.H.; Johnson, G.S.; Bailey, T.B.; Martin, S.D., 1992:
Evaluation of hemostatic analytes after use of hypertonic saline solution combined with colloids for resuscitation of dogs with hypovolemia

Morcos, S.H.; Mansour, M.M.; Khayyal, M.T.; Saleh, S.; Ishak, E.A.; Girgis, N.I., 1992:
Evaluation of hepatic fibrosis after oxamniquine therapy of murine schistosomiasis

Patten, K.D.; Shanks, C.H.; Mayer, D.F., 1993:
Evaluation of herbaceous plants for attractiveness to bumble bees for use near cranberry farms

Patel, R.J.; Patel, B.K., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicidal concentrations against Alternaria sp. causing cumin blight

Parekhiya, A.M.; Patel, B.K., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicidal concentrations against Cercoseptoria sesami (Hansf.) Deighton causing angular leaf spot of sesame

Patel, S.M.; Patel, B.K., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicidal concentrations against Fusarium oxysporum f. cumini causing cumin wilt

Hermann, O., 1992:
Evaluation of herbicide products in European sugarbeet cultures

Capri, E.; Ghebbioni, C.; Trevisan, M., 1992:
Evaluation of herbicide-cup interaction in soil water sampler

Pritchard, G.H., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicides for control of common prickly pear (Opuntia stricta var. stricta) in Victoria

Singh, R.D.; Ghosh, A.K., 1992:
Evaluation of herbicides for control of wild oat (Avena ludoviciana) in wheat (Triticum species)

Sosa, L.; Medrano, C., 1992:
Evaluation of herbicides for controlling unwanted woody plant in pastures of Zulia State

McIntyre, G., 1991:
Evaluation of herbicides for use in mixed cropping situation

Kabir, S.E.; Chaudhuri, T.C.; Hajra, N.G., 1991:
Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in Darjeeling tea

Dusky, J.A.; Stall, W.M.; White, J.M., 1989:
Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in Florida lettuce production

Ramesh Babu; Rao, M.V.H., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in irrigated cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Murthy, G.M.A.; Gowda, J.V.N., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa Linn.) cv. Double

Poonia, B.L.; Gupta, O.P., 1993:
Evaluation of herbicides in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) grown with or without applied phosphate under two irrigation regimes

Barros, A.C. de; Matos, F.S.A.; Netto, C.T., 1992:
Evaluation of herbicides in the control of weeds in the soyabean crop

Rao, K.N.; Rao, R.S.N., 1991:
Evaluation of herbicides to control Cuscuta spp. in rice fallow black gram

Lowe, E.; Buckmaster, D., 1994:
Evaluation of high application rates of chemical conditioners

Sahadeo, P., 1992:
Evaluation of high capacity continuous centrifugals

Schone, F.; Ludke, H.; Geinitz, D., 1993:
Evaluation of high niacin supply in lactating sows

Villalobos, G.; Adams, D.C.; Klopfenstein, T.J.; Lamb, J.B., 1992:
Evaluation of high quality meadow hay as a winter supplement for gestating beef cows in the sandhills of Nebraska

Hirano, A.; Kirisawa, R.; Matsuba, T.; Komatsu, R.; Tanaka, M.; Takahashi, K.; Kawakami, Y.; Onuma, M., 1991:
Evaluation of high sensitive DNA probe for the detection of Theileria sergenti infection in cattle

Akkermans, J.P.W.M., 1993:
Evaluation of histological examination of the brain of pigs

Van Toor, R.F.; Littlejohn, R.P., 1994:
Evaluation of hive management techniques in production of royal jelly by honey bees (Apis mellifera) in New Zealand

Furgala, B.; Duff, S.R.; Shimanuki, H., 1993:
Evaluation of honey bee stocks from New Zealand

Balayer, M., 1990:
Evaluation of honey plant potential in Roussillon

Vostrel, J.; Vesely, F.; Stys, Z., 1992:
Evaluation of hop protection in 1992

Kroupa, F., 1993:
Evaluation of hops in relation to the presence of individual alpha - and beta -bitter acid analogues

Rangaswamy, K.T.; Anilkumar, T.B.; Vishwanath, K.P.; Shambulingappa, K.G., 1992:
Evaluation of horsegram genotypes for resistance to yellow mosaic

Qiu, J.; Westerdahl, B.B.; Giraud, D.; Anderson, C.A., 1994:
Evaluation of hot water treatments for management of Ditylenchus dipsaci and fungi in daffodil bulbs

Kashyap, R.; Iyer, L.R.; Singh, M.M.; Kashyap, S.K., 1993:
Evaluation of human exposure to the persistent insecticides DDT and HCH in Ahmedabad, India

Gonzalez U.J.; Klee G.G.; Soto O.P., 1991:
Evaluation of hybrid maize for silage on clay soil suitable for rice

Singh, A.P.K.; Feyen, J.; Persoons, E., 1992:
Evaluation of hybrid model for simulating water flows in closed end sloping borders for design and management

Ayers, A.C.; Cheeke, P.R.; Patton, N.M., 1992:
Evaluation of hybrid poplar leaves as a feedstuff for rabbits

Gonzalez U.J.; Klee G.G.; Soto O.P., 1991:
Evaluation of hybrid sorghum for silage on clay soil suitable for rice

Xiques, X.; Lemes, M.; Fernandez, R.; Scull, R.; Timor, C.; Crespo, M., 1992:
Evaluation of hybrids and taxa selected in the genus Datura L. (Solanaceae)

Firake, N.N.; Salunkhe, D.S.; Pampattiwar, P.S., 1991:
Evaluation of hydraulic performance of a micro-sprinkler irrigation system

Márquez-Ruiz, G.; Pérez-Camino, M.C.; Dobarganes, M.C., 1993:
Evaluation of hydrolysis and absorption of thermally oxidized olive oil in non-absorbed lipids in the rat

Burattini, R.; Montanari, L.; Mulligan, L.J.; Cannon, M.S.; Gross, D.R., 1992 :
Evaluation of hypercholesterol diet-induced changes in viscoelastic properties of carotid circulation in pigs

Marinin, E.A.; Voroshilova, T.G.; Masanskaya, V.V., 1993:
Evaluation of immune response in groups of calves and piglets

Tonglet, R.; Soron'gane, M.; Lembo, M.; W.M.kalay, M.; Dramaix, M.; Hennart, P., 1993:
Evaluation of immunization coverage at local level

Marcos, A.; Varela, P.; Santacruz, I.; Muñoz-Vélez, A., 1993:
Evaluation of immunocompetence and nutritional status in patients with bulimia nervosa

Abou-Zakham, A.A.; Romia, S.A.; el-Naggar, H.M.; el-Khouly, E.S., 1990:
Evaluation of immunodiagnostic tests in detection of trichinosis in experimentally infected rats

Howe, T.K.; Waters, W.E.; Price, J.F., 1991:
Evaluation of impatiens cultivars for the landscape in west-central Florida

Kibria, S.S.; Nahar, T.N.; Mia, M.M., 1993:
Evaluation of important tree leaves available in Bangladesh using Black Bengal goats

Afifi, E.A.; Khalil, M.H.; Salem, M.A., 1992:
Evaluation of imported and locally born Friesian cows raised at commercial farms in Egypt. 1. Models and non-genetic effects

Khalil, M.H.; Afifi, E.A.; Salem, M.A., 1992:
Evaluation of imported and locally born Friesian cows raised on commercial farms in Egypt. 2. Evaluation of correction factors and of some genetic effects

Moujahed, N.; Kraiem, K.; Abdouli, H., 1993:
Evaluation of in situ protein degradation of several protein resources

Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 1993:
Evaluation of in vitro antimycotic activity of terbinafine, a new allylamine agent. II. Antimycotic activity against Candida albicans strains freshly isolated from patients with superficial candidiasis

Wiesak, T.; Hardin, R.T.; Foxcroft, G.R., 1994:
Evaluation of in vitro culture conditions to demonstrate pregnancy-dependent changes in luteal function in the pig

Moura Costa, P.H.; Kandasamy, K.I.; Mantell, S.H., 1993:
Evaluation of in vitro screening methods for assessing anthracnose disease reactions in tropical yams (Dioscorea spp.)

Kergoat, M.; Gespach, C.; Rosselin, G.; Portha, B., 1992:
Evaluation of in vivo insulin action and glucose metabolism in milk-fed rats

Walsh, K.D.; Houston, W.N.; Houston, S.L., 1993:
Evaluation of in-place wetting using soil structure measurements

Stoltzfus, R.J.; Habicht, J.P.; Rasmussen, K.M.; Hakimi, M., 1993:
Evaluation of indicators for use in vitamin A intervention trials targeted at women

Shilaskar, D.V.; Parashar, G.C., 1989:
Evaluation of indigenous anthelmintics. In vitro screening of some indigenous plants for their anthelmintic activity against Ascaridia galli

Okello Uma, I., 1992:
Evaluation of individual cow and dairy herd production records at Luyengo, Swaziland

Sharma, A.N.; Bhatnagar, P.S.; Singh, R.N., 1994:
Evaluation of induced mutants of soybean for stem fly resistance and yield

Birani, V.; Tiberi, M.; Ferrari, V.; Acciarri, N.; Medico, P. del; Cacciatori, T.; Crescentini, P.; Manoni, A.; Angeletti, G.; Chiorrini, C., 1992:
Evaluation of industrial Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars sown on two dates

Jagger, S.; Wiseman, J.; Cole, D.J.; Craigon, J., 1992:
Evaluation of inert markers for the determination of ileal and faecal apparent digestibility values in the pig

Shishkoff, N.; Bruckart, W., 1993:
Evaluation of infection of target and nontarget hosts by isolates of the potential biocontrol agent Puccinia jaceae that infect Centaurea spp

Brindani, F.; Cattabiani, F.; Freschi, E.; Ossiprandi, M.C., 1991:
Evaluation of inhibitory activity in Streptococcus salivarius var. thermophilus strains

Schone, F.; Kirchheim, U.; Ludke, H., 1993:
Evaluation of inorganic feed phosphates. P supply of weaner pigs

Okada, M., 1993:
Evaluation of insect pathogenic micro-organisms in integrated pest management

Hafez, J.A., 1992:
Evaluation of insecticidal efficiency of certain new selective formulations against Musca domestica (L)

Latha, C.R.P.; Sriramulu, M.; Babu, T.R., 1993:
Evaluation of insecticides against insect pest complex of soybean Glycine max (L) Merril

David, P.M.M.; Jayasekhar, M.; Natarajan, S., 1990:
Evaluation of insecticides and botanicals for the control of the flower gallmidge on chilli

Uvah, I.I.; Ajayi, O.; Olarewaju, J.D., 1989:
Evaluation of insecticides and mulching materials for control of the tomato fruitworm Helicoverpa (Heliothis) armigera Hubner at Kadawa, Nigeria

Migui, S.M.; Macharia, M.; Muthangya, P.; Wanjama, J.K., 1992:
Evaluation of insecticides for the control of cereal aphids transmitting BYDV in barley

Costa, E.C.; Link, D., 1992:
Evaluation of insecticides for the control of grain bugs in irrigated rice crop

Kandasamy, C.; Mohanasundaram, M.; Karuppuchamy, P., 1990:
Evaluation of insecticides for the control of the thrips Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood on chillies (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Evaluation of introduced sesame germplasm

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Evaluation of investment on research in bidi tobacco technology in Karnataka - an economic analysis

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Evaluation of investment returns

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Evaluation of ioxynil, fluroxypyr and clopyralid for the control of volunteer potato in vegetable crops

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Evaluation of lambs at optimum finishing. First results

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Evaluation of livestock housing from economics, energy and entropy - its concept and example

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Evaluation of losses of plant material during an almond breeding programme

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Evaluation of lucerne lines developed by inbreeding and chemical mutagenesis methods

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Evaluation of lucerne seed vitality by the method of accelerated aging

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Evaluation of luteolysis and oestrous synchronization using a prostaglandin analogue (Prosolvin) in Boran x Friesian crossbred heifers in Ethiopia

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Evaluation of lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) cultivars on the Atherton Tableland of North Queensland

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Evaluation of lymphocyte proliferative responses to food antigens with regard to age and food-specific IgE antibodies in food-sensitive atopic dermatitis

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Evaluation of maize (Zea mays) top crosses for their potential use in a breeding program

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Evaluation of maize chlorotic dwarf virus resistance in maize with multiple inoculations by Graminella nigrifrons (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

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Evaluation of maize cob silages as native sources of organic acids in pig feeding

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Evaluation of maize half-sib families in different plant densities

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Evaluation of maize inbred lines derived from two heterotic populations

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Evaluation of maize silage for feeding dairy and beef cattle

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Evaluation of male and female asparagus plants. Interest in obtaining male or dioecious hybrids

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Evaluation of male sterile lines with Honglien cytosterility

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Evaluation of malting potential in barley breeding programmes

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Evaluation of management factors in a winter wheat cultivar sown on irrigated soil

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Evaluation of management strategies to combat nitrogen leaching

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Evaluation of marigold cultivars as bedding plants, spring and fall 1989

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Evaluation of measurement errors in ground surface reflectance for satellite calibration

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Evaluation of mechanical transmission of HIV by the African soft tick, Ornithodoros moubata

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Evaluation of medetomidine-induced immobilization in Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx): clinical, hematologic and biochemical effects

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Evaluation of media for enumeration of Bifidobacterium adolescentis, B. infantis, and B. longum from pure culture

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Evaluation of medical and surgical treatment in cases of chronic tendinitis. Comparative study

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Evaluation of methods and time of zinc application to rice

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Evaluation of methods for control of ammonia volatilization from surface-applied nitrogen fertilizers to sugarcane trash in North Queensland

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Evaluation of methods for dehydration of bovine colostrum for total replacement of normal colostrum in calves

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Evaluation of methods for determination of psychrotrophic bacteria in raw milk

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Evaluation of methods for determining soil-water retentivity and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

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Evaluation of methods for determining sulphur-35 and sulphur-32 in the same trapping solution of Johnson and Nishita method

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Evaluation of methods for differentiation of coagulase-positive staphylococci

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Evaluation of methods for estimating bacteriological property of raw milk

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Evaluation of methods for estimating inoculum potential of Aphanomyces euteiches in soil

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Evaluation of methods for extraction of nematodes and endoparasitic fungi from soil

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Evaluation of methods for identification of corn genotypes with stalk rot and lodging resistance

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Evaluation of methods for measuring plant-available phosphate in some acidic Swaziland soils. I. Effects of varying the pH of the soils on the quantity of phosphate removed by different extractants

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Evaluation of methods for selective enumeration of Fusarium species in feedstuffs

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Evaluation of methods for soil inorganic nitrogen analysis

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Evaluation of methods for the determination of the neutralizing power and the calcium and magnesium contents of limestones

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Evaluation of methods of estimating phosphorus and fluorine availability from solubility in ruminal and abomasal fluids or citric acid

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Evaluation of methods of estimating provitamins A

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Evaluation of methods of extension part lactation records

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Evaluation of methods of potassium application in potato production on acidic soils of Shimla

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Evaluation of methods of providing supplemental heat to newborn pigs during and after farrowing

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Evaluation of methods of replacing established uncapped arabica coffee with a new improved cultivar

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Evaluation of methods to measure coagulation time of ultrafiltered milk

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Evaluation of microbial contamination of the extractor

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Evaluation of micronutrient supplying power of soils for rice

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Evaluation of microorganisms for biocontrol of Botrytis cinerea in container-grown black spruce seedlings

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Evaluation of milk performance of primigravida cows of different genotypes from privately owned farms

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Evaluation of milk quality: statistical analysis on data from the 'Mar y Sierras' and 'Abasto Sur' regions

Anonymous, 1993:
Evaluation of milk recording results in 1992-93

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Evaluation of milk replacer quality and management systems for dairy calves in the United States

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Evaluation of milking machines and techniques on selected farms of Lublin region

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Evaluation of mineral metabolism of calves in the period of milk diet and weaning on the basis of some parameters of the blood

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Evaluation of mixed and single cropping systems using cowpeas and maize

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Evaluation of mixed feeding schedules in two Indian major carps, catla (Catla catla) and rohu (Labeo rohita)

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Evaluation of mixtures of oats and annual ryegrass with cool season legumes

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Evaluation of modified environments in sealed plastic packaging and with chemical absorption of ethylene on the post-harvest ripening and conservation of the avocado Hass

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Evaluation of mold inhibitors in broiler diets and their influence on the performance of broilers

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Evaluation of molluscicidal effect of nicotinanilide against Oncomelania snails

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Evaluation of molt induction to body weight loss of fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five percent by feed removal, daily limited, or alternate-day feeding of a molt feed

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Evaluation of mono- and polyclonal antibody-based antigen detection immunoassays for diagnosis of Trypanosoma evansi infection in the dromedary camel

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Evaluation of morphological traits of eggs from laying hens of heavy breeds and carriers of the dw gene

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Evaluation of moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechel) lines against yellow mosaic virus

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Evaluation of moth catches in pheromone traps for monitoring the larch roller (Zeiraphera diniana) in 1989

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Evaluation of mulberry leaf quality under two systems of pruning for young and late age silkworm rearing

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Evaluation of multipeptide-copper complex medications on open wound healing in dogs

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Evaluation of multipurpose trees in southern Spain

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Evaluation of mustard (Brassica juncea) varieties in association with potato (Solanum tuberosum)

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Evaluation of naked oat (Avena nuda) in the broiler chicken diet

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Evaluation of national watershed development programme (a study of two districts in Rajasthan)

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Evaluation of native wheat varieties in Xianjiang, with notes on their usefulness

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Evaluation of natural family planning programmes in Liberia and Zambia

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Evaluation of neem and neem products against cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)

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Evaluation of neem extract for control of southern chinch bug in St. Augustinegrass

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Evaluation of neem oil against rice leaf folder and stem borer

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Evaluation of neem seed oil as tuber protectant against Phthorimaea operculella Zell. (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae)

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Evaluation of negative effect of reclamative and water management objects on environment and of ecological risk

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Evaluation of nematicide treatments for control of nematodes on sugar beet

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Evaluation of nematicides for nematode control and yield of field corn

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Evaluation of nematicides for the control of root-knot nematodes on carrot

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Evaluation of nematicides, organic amendments and varietal resistance to the root knot nematode (Meloidogyne salasi Lopez) on a cultivar of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Panama

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Evaluation of neo-formation hydrocarbons and free and esterified minor components of different classes of olive oil

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Evaluation of neural networks as a tool for management of swine

Korthals, R.; Hahn, G.; Nienaber, J., 1994:
Evaluation of neural networks as a tool for management of swine environments

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Evaluation of new Canal Point sugarcane clones. 1990-91 harvest season

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Evaluation of new Canal Point sugarcane clones. 1991-92 harvest season

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Evaluation of new and old rootstocks for peach cv. Redhaven

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of Toxoplasma encephalitis

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of cryptococcal meningitis

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of diarrhea caused by Cryptosporidium

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of diarrhea caused by Entamoeba histolytica

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of diarrhea caused by Giardia lamblia

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of vaginal infections

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Evaluation of new anti-infective drugs for the treatment of vascular access device-associated bacteremia and fungemia

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Evaluation of new antifungal drugs for the treatment of systemic fungal infections

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Evaluation of new broiler breeding birds. Performance during the early growing period

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Evaluation of new dwarf breeding hens and their crosses for meat production

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Evaluation of new field pea (Pisum sativum) genotypes in relation to plant density

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Evaluation of new fungicides for rice blast disease (Pyricularia grisea) control in Guyana

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Evaluation of new herbicides for general weed control in oil palm

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Evaluation of new herbicides for weed control in direct seeded rice

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Evaluation of new media for detecting dihydroxypyrindine-degrading ruminal bacteria in cattle fed Leucaena

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Evaluation of new nitrophosphate fertilizers for rice in different soils

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Evaluation of new sugar cane varieties under Faisalabad conditions (1987-89)

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Evaluation of new sugarcane varieties against Drechslera (Helminthosporium) sacchari in different regions of Cuba

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Evaluation of newborn puppies

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Evaluation of nitrogen availability in a soil treated with organic amendments

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Evaluation of nitrogen sources and levels on potato nutrition and their effects on soil fertility under potato-fallow-potato crop sequence in Shimla Hills

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Evaluation of nuclear polyhedrosis virus with certain adjuvants for the control of Heliothis armigera (Hubner)

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Evaluation of nutrient intake by fuzzy sets

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Evaluation of nutrient-chlorophyll relationships in the Rybinsk Reservoir

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Evaluation of nutritional energy requirements for Malaysia

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Evaluation of nutritional quality of parboiled rice

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Evaluation of nutritional state in infancy

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Evaluation of nutritional status by using anthropometry in adults with alcoholic and nonalcoholic liver disease

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Evaluation of nutritional status in patients admitted to an internal medicine department. Study of 100 cases

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Evaluation of organic pest control agents

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Evaluation of organisms antagonistic to the sclerotioid organs of Drechslera teres, the causal agent of barley net blotch

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Evaluation of organophosphorus and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides against six vector mosquito species

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Evaluation of parental lines based on univariate cross-prediction at the seedling stage of a potato breeding programme

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Evaluation of parental-type classification for the inbred-backcross method of estimating gene number

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Evaluation of parents and F2 crosses in a winter wheat breeding programme

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Evaluation of pasture legumes on a seasonally flooded heavy clay soil in south-east Queensland

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Evaluation of pea screenings and canola meal as a supplementary protein source in barley-based diets fed to growing-finishing pigs

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Evaluation of peach varieties in the Crimean steppe

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Evaluation of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) leaflets from mature zygotic embryos as recipient tissue for biolistic gene transfer

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Evaluation of pearl millet hybrids in two seasons

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Evaluation of pediocin AcH activity in a model dairy system in the presence of an emulsifier

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Evaluation of pencycuron (MoncerenReg.) against black scab (Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn) of potato

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Evaluation of pentamidine for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia

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Evaluation of pentobarbitone sodium as a general anesthetic in camels

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Evaluation of pepper genotypes to Leveillula taurica Lev.(Arn.) resistance in Tunisia

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Evaluation of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) cultivars in the IX Region

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Evaluation of performance in broilers kept on prophylactic medication with coccidiostats

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Evaluation of performance of different Agave species under different soil working conditions

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Evaluation of performance of some exotic poplar clones

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Evaluation of permanent groundcovers at Everdon Estate, Natal

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Evaluation of peroxidase isoenzymes in eight interspecific hybrids of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum x Nicotiana megalosiphon)

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Evaluation of pests, agronomic and economic factors of maize intercropped with beans under two cultivation systems

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Evaluation of phagocytic function of canine peripheral polymorphonuclear leucocytes by whole blood chemiluminescence

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Evaluation of pheasant semen production during the reproductive season

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Evaluation of phenotypic plasticity of root system characters in rice

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Evaluation of phenyldimethylethoxysilane treated high-performance thin-layer chromatographic plates. Application to analysis of flavonoids in Scutellariae radix

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Evaluation of pheromone and virgin female traps in monitoring Earias vittella on bhendi

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Evaluation of pheromone dispensers for use in gypsy moth detection (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

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Evaluation of pheromone to disrupt mating of Eoreuma loftini (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in sugarcane

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Evaluation of phorate as a nematicide and its persistence pattern in the sugarcane ecosystem

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Evaluation of phosphate materials for control of acid production in pyritic mine overburden

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Evaluation of photoelectric sensors for robotic transplanting

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Evaluation of photosynthetically active insolation (influx of the PAR photons) in the area of Poland

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Evaluation of phylloplane microflora of cluster bean against Xanthomonas campestris pv. cyamopsidis

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Evaluation of physicochemical properties of fly-ash of thermal power station Koradi (Nagpur) for its likely use in agriculture

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Evaluation of physiological and sanitary quality of bean and maize seeds used by farmers in the semiarid region of Sergipe state

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Evaluation of phyto-extracts for control of mango fruit anthracnose

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Evaluation of phytotoxic effects of Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Walp. prunings on maize and cowpea seedlings

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Evaluation of pig carcasses using random sampling. An alternative approach

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Evaluation of pigeonpea hybrids, their parents, and other genotypes for grain and fodder production

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Evaluation of pigs of different genotypes

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Evaluation of pinyon sapwood to phytomass relationships over different site conditions

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Evaluation of plant extracts for the control of fungal diseases of mulberry

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Evaluation of planting material under unirrigated condition in three poplar clones

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Evaluation of planting pattern and density effects on sunflower:groundnut sole and intercrop system in a systematic fan design

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Evaluation of plasma cortisol and corticosterone responses to synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone administration in ferrets

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Evaluation of plasma erythropoietin levels in normal adult dogs by in vivo bioassay using concentrated plasma

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Evaluation of plus tree selection of Abies procera on the basis of provenance trials after fertilizer application

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Evaluation of polycross sweet potato clones for growth and yield characters

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Evaluation of possible alternatives to double-strength skim milk used to saturate drag swabs for Salmonella detection

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Evaluation of post mortem magnesium concentration in bovine eye fluids as a diagnostic aid for hypomagnesaemic tetany

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Evaluation of post-added ester and/or urea as a formaldehyde scavenger in UF resins used to bond southern pine particleboard

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Evaluation of post-application water management on effectiveness of herbicides in rice paddy field in Mazandaran

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Evaluation of post-harvest losses and quality changes in tomatoes in Borno State, Nigeria

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Evaluation of post-vaccination immunity following the 1989 rinderpest vaccination campaign in Cote d'Ivoire

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Evaluation of postharvest diseases in grapefruit under cold storage

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Evaluation of postharvest treatments for improving keeping quality in chayote (Sechium edule) fruits

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Evaluation of potassium chloride solution against leaf diseases in barley

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Evaluation of potato cultivars and clones in the coastal areas of Santa Catarina State, Brazil

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Evaluation of potato cultivars for fresh consumption. Main trials with medium-early culinary cultivars, 1988-1990 (Series 62)

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Evaluation of potato cultivars for salinity tolerance

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Evaluation of potato cultivars, clones and a true seed population for resistance to Rhizoctonia solani

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Evaluation of potato late blight forecasts modified to include weather forecasts: a simulation analysis

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Evaluation of potato sowing dates in Khuzestan

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Evaluation of potential models for imprinted and nonimprinted components of human chromosome 15q11-q13 syndromes by fine-structure homology mapping in the mouse

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Evaluation of potential yield per ear in varieties of spring wheat released for cultivation at different periods

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Evaluation of power weeder performance

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Evaluation of pre- and post-emergence herbicides in cacao (Theobroma cacao) nurseries

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Evaluation of pre-harvest sprouting in triticale compared with wheat and rye using a line source rain gradient

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Evaluation of pre-harvest sprouting resistance in wheat using germination tests conducted at two temperatures

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Evaluation of pre-precipitation in a wastewater treatment system for extended nutrient removal

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Evaluation of pre-wetting methods for the determination of structural stability

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Evaluation of precocious yellow gene squash cultivars for tolerance to watermelon mosaic virus

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Evaluation of pressmud cake and Azotobacter seed treatment for manuring of sorghum

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Evaluation of pressure relations in a milking machine with milk pipeline

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Evaluation of probiotics in calf rearing

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Evaluation of probiotics in poultry feeding

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Evaluation of procedures for growing cash crops taking account of the effects of the previous and subsequent crops

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Evaluation of process parameters for production of Pleurotus fungi cultivated on cane straw

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Evaluation of processing quality in some carrot varieties

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Evaluation of processing tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) cultivars in the Azua valley

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Evaluation of production flexibility and costs by NPK pilot plant experimentation

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Evaluation of productive efficiency through DEA. Application to pig farms

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Evaluation of progeny testing data

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Evaluation of promising blackgram varieties against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.) and yellow mosaic

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Evaluation of promising moth bean cultivars for yield and quality parameters and resistance to yellow mosaic virus

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Evaluation of promising stylo species and its animal productivity in western Vidarbha (Maharashtra)

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Evaluation of prostrate cultivars of tomato and F1 hybrids in diallel crosses

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Evaluation of protective treatment for field-drilled bolt holes

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Evaluation of protein content in a maize native race from Argentina

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Evaluation of protein requirements for trained strength athletes

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Evaluation of provenance tests on larch aged 40 years on the first international provenance experimental plot in Podbanske

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Evaluation of psorosis-concave gum, exocortis and cachexia-xyloporosis in sweet orange trees in the high valleys of Carabobo, Venezuela

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Evaluation of pumice as a perlite substitute for container soil physical amendment

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Evaluation of putative appetite suppressants in the domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus)

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Evaluation of pymetrozine to control green peach aphid on stonefruit

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Evaluation of pyrethrins against rhipicephalid ticks

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Evaluation of quality and yield in experimental hybrids of tomato

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Evaluation of quality attributes in intervarietal crosses of tomato

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Evaluation of quality of irrigation technologies

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Evaluation of quality of soyabeans grown in a reclaimed sugarcane area

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Evaluation of quantitative, qualitative and growth characters of cherry cultivars and correlations between some of them

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Evaluation of rabi onion cultivars

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Evaluation of racing performance of Thoroughbred horses using rank coefficients

ojek, J., 1993:
Evaluation of racing performance of two- and three-year old Thoroughbred horses depending on their age at skeletal maturity

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Evaluation of radiographic, echotomographic and four immunodiagnosis tests in hydatidosis

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Evaluation of radiolabelled microspheres as digesta markers

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Evaluation of radish cultivars in the coastal region of Karnataka

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Evaluation of ram semen motility by a swim-up technique

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Evaluation of ramie resources and elite germplasm in Guizhou province

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Evaluation of rape and turnip forage for weaned lambs

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Evaluation of rapeseed oilmeal with differing glucosinolate content in growing pigs with reference to iodine supply. 2. Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn status and other biochemical variables

Schone, F., 1992:
Evaluation of rapeseed oilmeal with varying glucosinolate content in growing pigs

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Evaluation of rapid gross visual appraisal of swine lungs at slaughter as a diagnostic screen for enzootic pneumonia

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Evaluation of raspberry hybrid families by fruit weight

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Evaluation of rates and methods of 65ZnSO4 application to mustard (Brassica juncea L.) in a sub-tropical climate

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Evaluation of real-time ultrasound for predicting carcass traits of feedlot lambs

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Evaluation of rearing quality of heifers with regard to later performance as dairy cows

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Evaluation of recombinant DNA-expressed VP7 protein as a group-reactive antigen in the blocking-ELISA for bluetongue viruses

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Evaluation of recombinant Schistosoma mansoni antigens Sm31 and Sm32 for immunodiagnosis

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Evaluation of rectal temperature, respiration rate and haematological aspects in lambs in two different environments

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Evaluation of recycled polystyrene for packaging of dairy products

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Evaluation of red clover for nematode resistance

LaMondia, J.A., 1993:
Evaluation of reduced fumigant nematicide rates on tobacco cyst nematode populations and shade tobacco yield

Tagel Din A.E., 1990:
Evaluation of reeds in complete diets for ruminant animals

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Evaluation of referral completion after a workplace cholesterol screening program

Gadegard, K.; Secher, B.J.M., 1993:
Evaluation of registration methods for pests and diseases in cereals

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Evaluation of reliability in the case of Don-1500 combines in service conditions

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Evaluation of reliability of pooling stool specimens from different patients and detection of Giardia lamblia antigen by microtiter enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Morgan, D.R.; Woolhouse, A.D., 1993:
Evaluation of repellents to prevent possum browsing

Oleksiak, S., 1993:
Evaluation of reproduction indices obtained at Polish Thoroughbred horse stud farms in the years 1958-87 and a trial of estimating their heritability

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Evaluation of reproductive ability in the stallion

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Evaluation of reproductive performance in some broiler lines

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Evaluation of residual nutrient bioavailability of sewage sludge and city refuse compost by rice plant pot culture

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Evaluation of residues and contaminants in food: difficulties and significance

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Evaluation of resistance in mulberry germplasms to yellow dwarf disease

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Evaluation of resistance in six wheat (Triticum vulgare L.) genotypes to partial bunt caused by the fungus Tilletia indica Mitra in the greenhouse

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Evaluation of resistance of Chinese aster (Callistephus chinensis) cultivars to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. callistephi

Ma, S.M., 1991:
Evaluation of resistance of Chinese soyabean cultivars to soybean mosaic potyvirus

Pessoa, G.P.; Barros, R.; Oliveira, J.V. de, 1993:
Evaluation of resistance of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. cultivars to Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabr.) in confinement in the laboratory

Pokorny, R., 1991:
Evaluation of resistance of red clover strains to bean yellow mosaic virus and field resistance

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Evaluation of resistance of rice cultivars to bacterial grain rot by the syringe inoculation method

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Evaluation of resistance of soyabean germplasms to race 3 of soyabean cyst nematode

Vachun, Z., 1990:
Evaluation of resistance of the fruit of new apricot hybrids to late spring frosts in the years 1989-1990

Salazar Huerta, F.J.; Fuentes Davila, G., 1993:
Evaluation of resistance to Karnel bunt (Tilletia indica Mitra) in advanced lines and varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Evaluation of resistance to Stemphylium vesicarium in asparagus hybrids and varieties

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Evaluation of resistance to bakanae and foot rot disease

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Evaluation of resistance to leaf mosaic disease in ramie germplasms

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Evaluation of resistance to plum pox virus in apricot trees

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Evaluation of resistance to rice yellow mottle virus in Oryza species

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Evaluation of resistance to speckled snow mold in winter wheat

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Evaluation of resistance to tufted apple bud moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) within and among apple cultivars

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Evaluation of resistance to viruses and fungi in wild capsicums

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Evaluation of resuscitation methods for the recovery of staphylococci exposed to sublethal heating and freeze drying

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Evaluation of rhinoscopy and rhinoscopy-assisted mucosal biopsy in diagnosis of nasal disease in dogs: 119 cases (1985-1989)

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Evaluation of rice accessions for field resistance to blast fungus Pyricularia oryzae Cav

N.G.essan, F.K.; Quisenberry, S.S.; Croughan, T.P., 1994:
Evaluation of rice anther culture lines for tolerance to the rice water weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Evaluation of rice cytoplasmic male sterile lines for floral traits influencing outcrossing

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Evaluation of selected genetic resources of white-seeded opium poppy

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Evaluation of selected gherkin-type cucumber varieties of local and foreign origin

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Evaluation of selected package materials to store a pike starter feed

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Evaluation of selected physical characteristics of the stem in interspecific Triticum aestivum L. X T. durum Desf. hybrids, their initial forms and the varieties Henika and Sigma

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Evaluation of selection procedures to improve annual egg production and egg weight in chickens

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Evaluation of separation plus acidification with nitric acid and separation plus dilution to make cattle slurry a balanced, efficient fertilizer for grass and silage

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Evaluation of sequential extraction for operation of trace metals in model soil containing natural minerals and humic acid

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Evaluation of seven species of oilseeds as spring planted crops for the Pacific Northwest

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Evaluation of several dwarf rootstocks and interstems grafted with 3 cultivars and planted at two depths

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Evaluation of sidedress fertilization for correcting nutritional deficits in crisphead lettuce produced on Histosols

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Evaluation of silage

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Evaluation of site data by statistical methods

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Evaluation of six soil extractants for assessing nickel availability to wheat

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Evaluation of skidder-mounted piling rakes for site preparation

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Evaluation of skin viability in dogs, using transcutaneous carbon dioxide and sensor current monitoring

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Evaluation of slow release fertilizers in forage crops

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Evaluation of slow rusting and slow mildewing resistance in wheat under field conditions

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Evaluation of slow-release fertiliser as one-off or dual application method in cocoa nurseries

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Evaluation of sludge properties at an activated sludge plant

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Evaluation of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for prevention of adhesions after uterine trauma in ewes

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Evaluation of sodium propionate loading test and liver biopsy as clinical diagnostic tools in bovines

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Evaluation of soil P availability parameters for predicting yield and P uptake by wheat in deep black soils of South Gujarat

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Evaluation of soil and plant tests for sulphur

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Evaluation of soil assessment maps for nature reserve planning

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Evaluation of soil fertility in Midi-Pyrenees: a mapping approach for better use of soil analyses

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Evaluation of soil fumigant nematicides for control of root-knot nematodes in tomatoes

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Evaluation of soil fumigants for nematode and black shank control and yield of flue-cured tobacco

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Evaluation of soil fumigants/nematicides for root-knot nematode control in carrots

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Evaluation of soil information system data for planning in the Stadensen water protection area with regard to the landfill problem

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Evaluation of soil labile phosphorus using a double-labeling (32P and 33P) technique

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Evaluation of soil moisture by bistatic microwave sensing

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Evaluation of soil pollutions applying an ecotoxicological assay

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Evaluation of soil test methods for available manganese in Vertisol of Karnataka

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Evaluation of soil test methods for available phosphorus in black soils for groundnut

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Evaluation of soil test methods for phosphorus in Inceptisols for wheat

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Evaluation of soil test methods for potassium in alluvial soils for lentil

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Evaluation of soil test methods of phosphorus for groundnut under field conditions

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Evaluation of soil water monitoring & measurement tools

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Evaluation of soil-pore continuity using geostatistical analysis on macroporosity in serial sections obtained by computed tomography scanning

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Evaluation of solid-state fermentation techniques to dispose of atrazine and carbofuran

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Evaluation of solvent and expeller linseed meals as protein sources for dairy cattle

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Evaluation of solvent extracted meals from winter rapeseed differing in the glucosinolate content in pigs with regard to iodine supply. 3. Apparent digestibility of crude nutrients, particularly carbohydrates and N-balance

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Evaluation of some JH analogues in deterrence of reproduction of Dysdercus koenigii Fab

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Evaluation of some New York sweet cherry selections in Romania

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Evaluation of some agronomic and biological traits in ecoptypes of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) from south-east Poland

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Evaluation of some agronomic characteristics in intergeneric F3 hybrids of Lolium multiflorum Lam. X Festuca arundinacea Schreb

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Evaluation of some cassava entries in the Gangetic Plains at early harvest

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Evaluation of some cultivars of zucchini for industrial processing. I. The production of marinades

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Evaluation of some cultivars of zucchini for industrial processing. II. Zucchini pickles

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Evaluation of some cultivars of zucchini for industrial processing. III. Freezing of zucchini

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Evaluation of some determining factors in the efficiency of Cleothera notata (Col: Coccinellidae) as predator of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus herreni (Hom: Pseudococcidae)

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Evaluation of some direct diagnostic methods in intestinal parasitic infections

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Evaluation of some drip irrigation systems in Antalya region

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Evaluation of some essential oils against pulse beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis)

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Evaluation of some exotic cabbage F1 hybrids and cultivars

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Evaluation of some fungicides against Helminthosporium sativum - the causal organism of root rot of wheat

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Evaluation of some fungicides for control of basal rot of tulip bulbs caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht f.sp. tulipae Apt

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Evaluation of some fungicides for the control of downy mildew disease on cucumber under plastic houses in Jordan

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Evaluation of some herbicides for controlling weeds in the rice nurseries of Mazandaran

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Evaluation of some important insecticides against Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) and Marasmia trapezalis (Guen.) infesting maize crop

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Evaluation of some indices of cellular immunity after experimental IBR virus infection of glucan-treated calves

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Evaluation of some indirect tests for detecting of sub-clinical mastitis

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Evaluation of some insecticides against the tendu gall insect, Trioza obsoleta Buckton (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

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Evaluation of some insecticides and neem oil against jasmine blossom midge, Contarinia sp

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Evaluation of some insecticides for the control of tea mosquito on cashew

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Evaluation of some introduced and local fig cultivars under Assiut climatic conditions. A - Tree vigour and its growth habit

E.K.ssas, S.E.; Mahmoud, H.M.; Amen, K.I.A.; Badawy, A.A., 1992:
Evaluation of some introduced and local fig cultivars under Assiut climatic conditions. B - Time of leafing out and leaf characters

E.K.ssas, S.E.; Mahmoud, H.M.; Amen, K.I.A.; Badawy, A.A., 1992:
Evaluation of some introduced and local fig cultivars under Assiut climatic conditions. C - Cyclic growth curve of syconium of some fig cultivars

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Evaluation of some introduced and local fig cultivars under Assiut climatic conditions. D - Yield and syconia (fruit) quality

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Evaluation of some introduced wheat lines under local conditions

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Evaluation of some lines of Chinese garlic comparing with Balady cultivar

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Evaluation of some methods for measuring transient hydraulic properties of rain-induced surface seals on two clay soils

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Evaluation of some new synthetic varieties of maize under different plant densities

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Evaluation of some pepper germplasm lines for pickling and freezing

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Evaluation of some pharmacodynamic effects of Mentha longifolia extracts

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Evaluation of some plant extracts for antifungal properties

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Evaluation of some plant powders as protectants against rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae Linn. (Curculionidae: Coleoptera)

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Evaluation of some plant products against Trogoderma granarium Everts in stored wheat and their effects on nutritional composition and organoleptic characteristics of treated grains

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Evaluation of some post-emergence herbicides for the control of volunteer oilseed rape in vegetable crops

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Evaluation of some potassium tests for rice in a Fluventic Ustochrept

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Evaluation of some potential pollen donors for strawberry cv. Pandora

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Evaluation of some productive and reproductive-related hormones in Egyptian male buffalo calves as affected by Lactobacillus acidophilus inoculation

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Evaluation of some radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula Pers.) cultivars in relation to nitrate accumulating capacity

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Evaluation of some rice cultivars and lines to rice blast disease

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Evaluation of some rose cultivars in glasshouse production

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Evaluation of some selection criteria in ragi

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Evaluation of some short-day onion cultivars in Taiwan

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Evaluation of some soil test methods for response to phosphorus by berseem

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Evaluation of some soils in South-Western Nigeria for arable crop production

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Evaluation of some sunflower cultivars grown under three plant densities

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Evaluation of some tomato cultivars for early production

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Evaluation of some unconventional and conventional feeds in Dakahlia Governorate

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Evaluation of some wheat cultivars for traits related to lodging resistance under different levels of nitrogen

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Evaluation of some yield components in a plantation of 15-year-old cocoa hybrids in the region of Guamal (Meta)

Tovar, G.; Ortiz, M., 1991:
Evaluation of some yield components in a plantation of 5-year-old cocoa hybrids in the region of Granada (Meta)

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Evaluation of some yield traits in introduced swede rape varieties

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Evaluation of sorghum cultivars and maize-sorghum blends for tortilla making quality

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Evaluation of sorghum entries for resistance to Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) under natural field conditions

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Evaluation of sorghum genotypes and planting densities under dry conditions in north Tamaulipas

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