Evaluation of selected almond (Prunus dulcis (Miller) C. A. Webb) germplasm for several shell and kernel characteristics

Ledbetter, C.A.; Shonnard, C.B.

Fruit Varieties Journal 46(2): 79-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0091-3642
Accession: 002375765

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In-shell kernel weights, kernel percentage, percentage doubles, amount of naval orangeworm [Paramyelois transitella] damage and kernel colour were determined in 9 almond selections and compared with values of cv. Nonpareil. This variety, although the preferred variety among processors, suffers from worm damage due to an open suture in the shell, and a mid bloom date predisposes it to frost sensitivity. All 9 selections had significantly fewer worm damaged kernels than Nonpareil. Variability was found for in-shell and kernel weights, kernel percentage and kernel colour. Selections 23-122 and 72-26 had significantly higher in-shell kernel weights than the other genotypes and kernel percentage was significantly higher in 75-16.