Fattening performance, carcass traits and meat quality of German Simmental and German Simmental X German Black Pied Dairy cattle

Augustini, C.; Flachowsky, G.; Rosch, M.

Zuchtungskunde 65(2): 119-130


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 002381232

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28 German Simmental (GS) and 26 GS X German Black Pied Dairy bulls aged 6 months were fattened to 308 days of age. Daily gain to slaughter averaged 1130 and 1149 g resp., dry matter consumption 7.76 and 7.90 kg per bull daily, and dressing percentage 56.9 and 55.9. For the longissimus dorsi muscle, moisture and fat percentages averaged 74.60 and 2.74 resp. in GSs vs. 72.9 and 4.42 in crossbreds (P<0.001), the corresponding figures for the 8th-9th rib cut being 68.10 and 11.81 vs. 64.49 and 16.27 (P<0.01). There were significant meat colour differences between the 2 groups. For the longissimus dorsi muscle, subjective ratings for marbling and fat distribution were significantly higher in the crossbreds. For meat from carcasses hung for 14 days, flavour rating was significantly higher and grilling loss percentage was significantly lower in the crossbreds than in the GSs. For meat from carcasses hung for 28 days, ratings for flavour, tenderness and aroma were significantly higher and Warner-Bratzler shear values were significantly lower in crossbreds than in GSs.