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Feedlot performance and carcass characteristics: comparison of small, medium, and large frame wethers backgrounded on wheat pasture

Nicholas, M.E.; Dolezal, H.G.; Fitch, G.Q.; Phillips, W.A.

Proceedings Western Section American Society of Animal Science July 8-10, 1992 43: 196-199


Accession: 002382012

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155 Rambouillet wethers, aged approximately 7-8 months, representing small, medium and large-framed animals (average body weight 28.6, 32.7 and 35.9 kg respectively), were placed on wheat pasture for 105 days, and were then slaughtered at 14-day intervals during a 56-day feedlot finishing phase. Frame size did not significantly affect weight gain on pasture. On feedlot, the average daily gain of the small, medium and large groups was 0.27, 0.33 and 0.33 kg (P<0.05) respectively. At a constant slaughter weight of 47.7 kg, dressing percentage was 51.6, 48.7 and 47.9 (P<0.05) in the 3 groups, and warm carcass weight averaged 24.6, 23.3 and 22.8 kg (P<0.05).

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