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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2388

Chapter 2388 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lorinson, D., 1993: Fracture of the 3rd lumbar vertebra due to a dog bite with paraplegia in a mixed breed dog

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Hummer, K. E., 1991: Fragaria at the national clonal germplasm repository at Corvallis, Oregon

Anonymous, 1992: Fragaria spp. L. (strawberry). Cultivar Gardena

Anonymous, 1992: Fragaria spp. L. (strawberry). Cultivar Sella

Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387012

Payton, R. W., 1992: Fragipan formation in argillic brown earths (Fragiudalfs) of the Milfield Plain, north-east England. I. Evidence for a periglacial stage of development

Payton, R. W., 1993: Fragipan formation in argillic brown earths (Fragiudalfs) of the Milfield Plain, north-east England. II. Post Devensian developmental processes and the origin of fragipan consistence

Payton, R. W., 1993: Fragipan formation in argillic brown earths (Fragiudalfs) of the Milfield Plain, north-east England. III. Micromorphological, SEM and EDXRA studies of fragipan degradation and the development of glossic features

Lavrov, A. P., 1993: Fragment of soil cover of the Badkhyz hill country

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387022

Downey, W. D., 1994: Fragmented ag markets create need for a field marketer

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Hobbs, Richard J. ., 1993: Fragmented landscapes in Western Australia

Cameron, P., 1993: Fragrance in Rhododendron species

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Zhou, C. J., 1994: Frame optimization of solar greenhouse with an inner post

Mellander, P. E.; Robinson, T., 1994: Frames matter-a comparison of different techniques of monitoring soil loss in Lesotho. A minor field study

Schmitz, S., 1993: Framework conditions for marketing in the East by the German dairy industry and consequences for enterprise strategies

Rieger, H. C., 1992: Framework conditions in support of self-help activities and self-propelling growth schemes in Asia India/Indonesia, 25 October to 4 November 1991

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Anonymous, 1993: Framework for analyzing the competitiveness of the agri-food sector

Maher, W. A.; Cullen, P. W.; Norris, R. H., 1994: Framework for designing sampling programs

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Cardwell, K. F.; Smith, J.; Weber, G.; Awad, A., 1991: Framework for orientation of Striga research at IITA

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Bourgeois, L.; Pouch, T.; Caraes, D.; Fady, S., 1994: France in world trade

Sinquin, J. P., 1991: France's trade in rabbits: the deficit falls

Barre, J., 1993: France, it could have been sold more often

Barre, J., 1993: France, we'll probably be able to sell it more often

Anonymous, 1993: France: local sports economy

Stiens, H., 1993: Franchising - an alternative for agricultural marketing?

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Kamata, N.; Yanbe, T., 1994: Frass production of last instar larvae of the beech caterpillar, Quadricalcarifera punctatella (Motschulsky) (Lep., Notodontidae), and method of estimating their density

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Hendrey, G. R.; Lewin, K. F.; Nagy, J., 1993: Free air carbon dioxide enrichment: development, progress, results

Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387063

Muse, W. A.; Balogun, R. A., 1992: Free amino acid concentrations in the male accessory glands during development of adult variegated grasshopper, Zonocerus variegatus L. (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

Siddiqui, I.; Siddiqi, A. H., 1990: Free amino acid pools of trematodes: normal excretion and role in osmoregulation

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Sundh, U. B., 1993: Free amino acids as food supplements

Resmini, P.; Hogenboom, J. A.; Pazzaglia, C.; Pellegrino, L., 1993: Free amino acids for the analytical characterization of Grana Padano cheese

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Papunidze, G. R., 1991: Free amino acids in the extract from Citrus unshiu Marc. flowers

Sefton, Ma; Winterhalter, P; Williams, Pj, 1992: Free and bound 6,9-dihydroxymegastigm-7-en-3-one in Vitis vinifera grapes and wine

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Pfosser, Martin, 1993: Free and conjugated polyamines during the initiation of the cell cycle of G0-arrested Medicago varia cell cultures

De Koning, A. J.; Hearshaw, K. D.; Van Der Merwe, Gretel, 1993: Free and esterified cholesterol in a number of South African fish oils and their corresponding meals

Kim, Y. H.; Ra, D. Y.; Kim, O. C.; Seo, C. W.; Kim, Y. T., 1992: Free and glycosidically bound vacuole volatile components of tobacco leaves

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387083

Labedev, N. N.; Siffel, P.; Krasnovsky, A. A., 1992: Free chlorophyll in green plant cells

Pilla, A. M.; Taibi, L.; Dell' Aquila, S., 1993: Free choice of feedstuff by dairy sheep and diet composition

Naylor, D.; Oosthuizen, P. H., 1992: Free convective heat transfer in a covered solar crop drying pad

Georgieva, Yu S., 1989: Free energy balance and metabolism of the leaf system in certain deciduous species in the dark

Hefny, A. A.; Osman, S. G.; Hegazi, N. A., 1992: Free fatty acid and quality of labneh made by different starter cultures and glucono- delta -lactone

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Hamosh, M., 1991: Free fatty acids and monoglycerides: anti-infective agents produced during the digestion of milk fat by the newborn

Coniglio, J. G., 1993: Free fatty acids in plasma may exert feed-back control of lipoprotein lipase activity

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Soto, A. M.; Calderon, R. F., 1990: Free intake and digestibility of native grass (Axonopus spp.; Paspalum spp.) supplemented with two amounts of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) in Pelibuey sheep

Rao, M. Seshagiri; Chatterjee, R. K.; Mohan, N. G. Raghu, 1992: Free iron oxides in soils of Alfisol-Vertisol toposequence

Gagarin, V. G., 1992: Free living nematodes from fresh waters of Russia

Gagarin, V. G., 1993: Free living nematodes from fresh waters of Russia and adjacent areas

Brinkman, H., 1992: Free living nematodes of the Trichodoridae family: a review

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Olgun, A.; Iskl, E., 1991: Free market economy and its effects on agricultural policy and on the agricultural sector in Turkey

Philibert, Denis; Fowler, J. David; Clapson, J. Brian, 1992: Free microvascular transplantation of the trapezius musculocutaneous flap in dogs

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Stewart, K.; Wickens, D. G.; Rai, G. S.; Dormandy, T. L., 1990: Free radical activity in acute illness in the elderly

Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387111

Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387112

Auer, De; Ng, J. C.; Seawright, A. A., 1993: Free radical oxidation products in plasma and synovial fluid of horses with synovial inflammation

Guha, S. N.; Schoneich, C.; Asmus, K. D., 1993: Free radical reductive degradation of vic-dibromoalkanes and reaction of bromine atoms with polyunsaturated fatty acids: possible involvement of Br in the 1,2-dibromoethane-induced lipid peroxidation

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387118

Halliwell B., 1991: Free radicals and cardiovascular disease

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Section 3, Chapter 2388 , Accession 002387156

Straughan, R., 1992: Freedom of choice. Principles and practice

Anonymous, 1993: Freeflow sunshine

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387192

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387199

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Section 3, Chapter 2388, Accession 002387251

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