Gametophytic self-incompatibility in Nicotiana alata

Newbigin, E.; Anderson, M.A.; Clarke, A.E.

Genetic control of self incompatibility and reproductive development in flowering plants: 5-18


Accession: 002389159

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Gametophytic refers to the fact that the self incompatibility phenotype of the pollen is determined by its own (haploid) S-genotype. The subject is considered under the following headings: distribution of gametophytic self incompatibility (GSI), biology of GSI, molecular genetics of GSI, ribonuclease activity of the S-glycoproteins, localization of the S-RNases within the pistil tissue, role of S-RNases in arrest of pollen tube growth, nature of the pollen S-allele product, signal transduction during self incompatibility, glycosylation of S-RNases of N. alata, and relationship between S-RNases and other RNases.