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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2392

Chapter 2392 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Louis, I.H.; Rethinakumar, L., 1991:
Genetic load in coconut palm

Tozluca, A.; Boztepe, S., 1992:
Genetic losses from animal populations

Descimon, H.; Napolitano, M., 1992:
Genetic management of butterfly populations

Moore, P., 1993:
Genetic manipulation

Ward, K.A.; Brownlee, A.G.; Leish, Z.; Bonsing, J., 1993:
Genetic manipulation for disease control

Rubinstein, C.P.; Sanchez Rivas, C., 1989:
Genetic manipulation in auto-induced protoplasts of Bacillus thuringiensis.

Simons, J.P.; Ali, S.; Archibald, A.L.; Brown, P.; Harris, S.; McClenaghan, M.; Whitelaw, C.B.A.; Wilmut, I.; Clark, A.J., 1993:
Genetic manipulation in livestock improvement

Piche, Y.; Simon, L.; Seguin, A., 1994:
Genetic manipulation in vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Burrell, M.; Mooney, P.; Blundy, M.C.rter, D.W.lson, F.G.een, J.B.undy, K.; Ap-Rees, T., 1994:
Genetic manipulation of 6-phosphofructokinase in potato tubers

Gawron-Burke, C.; Baum, J.A., 1991:
Genetic manipulation of Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal crystal protein genes in bacteria

Brenig, B.; Brem, G., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of animals with special reference to expression of growth hormone and growth releasing hormone gene constructs

Young, Kevin D., 1993:
Genetic manipulation of coal-biotransforming microorganisms

Lindsey, Keith, 1992:
Genetic manipulation of crop plants

Boon, J. den; Snijder, E.; Chirnside, E.; Vries, T. de; Horzinek, M.; Spaan, W., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of equine arteritis virus: towards an infectious cDNA clone

Lukowicz, M. von; Forster, M.; Hilge, V.; Klupp, R.; Rosch, R.; Schultze, D.; Stein, H.; Ungemach, H., 1990:
Genetic manipulation of freshwater fish. Stage of development, importance and ecological risks

Tannock, G.W., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of gut microorganisms

Crampton, J.M.; Warren, A.; Lycett, G.J.; Hughes, M.A.; Comley, I.P.; Eggleston, P., 1994:
Genetic manipulation of insect vectors as a strategy for the control of vector-borne disease

Ottaviano, E.; Pè, M.E.; Binelli, G., 1991:
Genetic manipulation of male gametophytic generation in higher plants

Boland, M.J.; Hill, J.P.; Creamer, L.K., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of milk proteins and its consequences for the dairy industry

Dyer, T.A., 1991:
Genetic manipulation of photosynthetic processes in plants

Saunders J.A.; Bates G.W., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of plant cells by means of electroporation and electrofusion

Mount, M.S.; Berman, P.M., 1994:
Genetic manipulation of plants to improve postharvest disease resistance

Shimamoto, K., 1992:
Genetic manipulation of rice: from protoplasts to transgenic plants

Gupta, V.S.; Mawal, Y.R.; Sainani, M.N.; Ranjekar, P.K., 1991:
Genetic manipulation of storage proteins in rice

Pedersen, J.F.; Sleper, D.A., 1993:
Genetic manipulation of tall fescue

Utting, S.D.; Child, A.R., 1994:
Genetic manipulation of the Manila clam (Tapes philippinarum) using cytochalasin B to induce triploidy

E.G.ndy, F.A.; Gray, D.J., 1991:
Genetic manipulation through somatic hybridization between Vitis vinifera cv. Thompson Seedless and V. rotundifolia cv. Carlos grape protoplasts

Pratchett, N.; Laurie, D.A., 1994:
Genetic map location of the barley developmental mutant liguleless in relation to RFLP markers

Rodermel, S., 1992:
Genetic map of the Zea mays plastid chromosome

Rodermel, S., 1993:
Genetic map of the Zea mays plastid chromosome

Buckwalter, M.S.; Testa, C.M.; Noebels, J.L.; Camper, S.A., 1993:
Genetic mapping and evaluation of candidate genes for spasmodic, a neurological mouse mutation with abnormal startle response

Bernatzky, R., 1993:
Genetic mapping and protein product diversity of the self-incompatibility locus in wild tomato (Lycopersicon peruvianum)

Brar, D.S.; Reyes, B.G. de los; Panaud, O.; Sanchez, A.; Khush, G.S., 1991:
Genetic mapping in rice using isozyme and RFLP markers

Johnson, K.R.; Lu, S.; Murtha, M.T.; Ruddle, F.H.; Davisson, M.T., 1992:
Genetic mapping of a new homeobox gene to mouse chromosome 7

Komatsuda, T.; Annaka, T.; Oka, S., 1993:
Genetic mapping of a quantitative trait locus (QTL) that enhances the shoot differentiation rate in Hordeum vulgare L

Alonso-Blanco, C.; Goicoechea, P.G.; Roca, A.; Alvarez, E.; Giraldez, R., 1994:
Genetic mapping of cytological and isozyme markers on chromosomes 1R, 3R, 4R and 6R of rye

Williams, J.G.; Reiter, R.S.; Young, R.M.; Scolnik, P.A., 1993:
Genetic mapping of mutations using phenotypic pools and mapped RAPD markers

Chakraborti, A.; Lippman, D.L.; Loh, H.H.; Kozak, C.A.; Lee, N.M., 1993:
Genetic mapping of opioid binding protein gene(s) to mouse chromosome 9

Andersson, L.; Haley, C.S.; Ellegren, H.; Knott, S.A.; Johansson, M.; Andersson, K.; Andersson-Eklund, L.; Edfors-Lilja, I.; Fredholm, M.; Hansson, I., 1994:
Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci for growth and fatness in pigs

Ganal, M.W.; Broun, P.; Tanksley, S.D., 1992:
Genetic mapping of tandemly repeated telomeric DNA sequences in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Angel, T.A.; Faust, C.J.; Gonzales, J.C.; Kenwrick, S.; Lewis, R.A.; Herman, G.E., 1993:
Genetic mapping of the X-linked dominant mutations striated (Str) and bare patches (Bpa) to a 600-kb region of the mouse X chromosome: implications for mapping human disorders in Xq28

Cash, J.M.; Remmers, E.F.; Goldmuntz, E.A.; Crofford, L.J.; Zha, H.; Hansen, C.T.; Wilder, R.L., 1993:
Genetic mapping of the athymic nude (RNU) locus in the rat to a region on chromosome 10

Kingsmore, S.F.; Watson, M.L.; Seldin, M.F., 1993:
Genetic mapping of the high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor gene, Ntrk1, to mouse chromosome 3

Douville, P.; Seldin, M.F.; Carbonetto, S., 1992:
Genetic mapping of the integrin alpha 1 gene (Vla1) to mouse chromosome 13

Vincek, V.; Passmore, H.C.; Trachtulec, Z.; Figueroa, F.; Klein, J., 1993:
Genetic mapping of the mouse t complex distal inversion

Kingsmore, S.F.; Tang, C.M.; Lo, C.K.; Hui, C.F.; Hwang, J.; Seldin, M.F., 1993:
Genetic mapping of the mouse topoisomerase II alpha gene to chromosome 11

Mock, B.A.; Krall, M.M.; Dosik, J.K., 1993:
Genetic mapping of tumor susceptibility genes involved in mouse plasmacytomagenesis

Johnson, K.R.; Cook, S.A.; Ward Bailey, P.; Davisson, M.T., 1993 :
Genetic mapping of variable length rDNA segments to centromeric regions of mouse chromosomes 11, 12, 15, 16 and 18

Mariat, D.; D.G.uyon, B.; Julier, C.; Lathrop, M.; Vergnaud, G., 1993:
Genetic mapping through the use of synthetic tandem repeats in the mouse genome

Goodfellow, P.N.; Sefton, L.; Farr, C.J., 1993:
Genetic maps

Weller, G.L.; Foster, G.G., 1993:
Genetic maps of the sheep blowfly Lucilia cuprina: linkage-group correlations with other dipteran genera

Bongard Pierce, D.; Dudley, M.; Poethig, S., 1993:
Genetic maps of visible and RFLP markers in the vicinity of Tp1 and Tp2

Bjornstad, A.; Skinnes, H.; Uhlen, A.K.ersti; Marum, P.; Maroy, A.G.ri, 1993:
Genetic marker segregations in doubled haploids in spring wheat crosses

Utter, F.; Ryman, N., 1993:
Genetic markers and mixed stock fisheries

Andersson Eklund, Lena, 1993:
Genetic markers and quantitative traits in dairy cattle

Pham, J.L., 1992:
Genetic markers and quantitative traits in rice: some data and prospects

Lanneluc, I.; Drinkwater, R.D.; Elsen, J.M.; Hetzel, D.J.S.; Nguyen, T.C.; Piper, L.R.; Thimonier, J.; Harrison, B.; Gellin, J., 1994:
Genetic markers for the Booroola fecundity (Fec) gene in sheep

Kallab, M., 1993 :
Genetic markers in a population of miniature pigs

Alston, F.H.; Battle, I., 1992:
Genetic markers in apple breeding

Perrigo, G.; Belvin, L.; Quindry, P.; Kadir, T.; Becker, J.; Van Look, C.; Niewoehner, J.; Vom Saal, F.S., 1993:
Genetic mediation of infanticide and parental behavior in male and female domestic and wild stock house mice

Rachubinski, R.A., 1990:
Genetic methods for and gene structure in other Candida species

Slesaravichyus, A.K., 1992:
Genetic methods in breeding grasses

Jakob, E., 1994:
Genetic milk protein variants-their frequency and importance for milk rennet

Tada, S.; Honma, K.; Kakizaki, M.; Fujisaki, K.; Nakasuji, F., 1994:
Genetic mode of flight muscle dimorphism in a scarabaeid, Heptophylla picea Motschulsky

Burns, T.L.; Moll, P.P.; Lauer, R.M., 1993:
Genetic models of human obesity - family studies

Moreno-Gonzalez, J., 1992:
Genetic models to estimate additive and non-additive effects of marker-associated QTL using multiple regression techniques

Hoekstra, S.; Van Zijderveld, M.; Van Bergen, S.; Van Der Mark, F.; Heidekamp, F., 1994:
Genetic modification of barley for end use quality

Von Wright, A.; Sibakov, M., 1993:
Genetic modification of lactic acid bacteria

Dons, J.J.M., 1992:
Genetic modification of ornamental crops: procedures and applications

Buscaroli, C., 1992:
Genetic monitoring in the field in nursery certification

Sansavini, S.; Buscaroli, C.; Selli, R., 1990:
Genetic monitoring of the multiplication of fruit crops

Rakha F.A.; Abou Youssef A.Y.; Omar A.A.; E.B.ndary A.A.; E.F.uly M.M., 1992:
Genetic nature of phosphorus accumulation in maize

Bui Chi Buu, Phung B.Tao, 1992:
Genetic nature of some agronomic traits in two elite lines of rice

Morse, H.C., 1992:
Genetic nomenclature for loci controlling surface antigens of mouse hemopoietic cells

Wolstenholme, D.R., 1992:
Genetic novelties in mitochondrial genomes of multicellular animals

Vito, M. di; Saccardo, F.; Errico, A.; Zacheo, G.; Catalano, F., 1992:
Genetic of resistance to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) in Capsicum chacoense, C. chinense and C. frutescens

Zhang, Y.; Rowley, K.B.; Patil, S.S., 1993:
Genetic organization of a cluster of genes involved in the production of phaseolotoxin, a toxin produced by Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola

Fremaux, C.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 1992:
Genetic organization of the helveticin J operon and factors affecting the heterologous expression of the bacteriocin

Ahn, C.; Stiles, M.E.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 1992:
Genetic organization of the lactacin F operon and expression of the bacteriocin in other lactic acid bacteria

Northcutt, S.L.; Wilson, D.E., 1993:
Genetic parameter estimates and expected progeny differences for mature size in Angus cattle

Hodge, G.R.; White, T.L., 1992:
Genetic parameter estimates for growth traits at different ages in slash pine and some implications for breeding

Hodge, G.R.; Purnell, R.C., 1993:
Genetic parameter estimates for wood density, transition age, and radial growth in slash pine

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Genetic parameter estimates in the maize interpopulation BR-105 x BR-106 and its implications in selection

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Genetic parameter estimates of ultrasound-measured longissimus muscle area and 12th rib fat thickness in Brangus cattle

Irvin, K.M.; Feng, X., 1993:
Genetic parameter estimation for swine

Hawlader, S.H., 1991:
Genetic parameters and character association in foxtail millet (Setaria italica Beauv.)

Khorgade, P.W.; Sakhare, B.A.; Beena Pillai, 1992:
Genetic parameters and character associations in linseed

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Genetic parameters and correlation studies in forage yield components of cowpea

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Genetic parameters and expected gains from selection for monoterpene yields in Petford Eucalyptus camaldulensis

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Genetic parameters and heterosis in Hevea brasiliensis. I. Hybrid clones of RRII 105 x RRIC 100

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Genetic parameters and performance of flocks selected for advanced lambing date

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Genetic parameters for carcass traits estimated from Angus field records

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Genetic parameters for dairy performance in Holstein cows in Parana State

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Genetic parameters for economic traits in Sahiwal cattle

Pushkaran, K.; Nair, V.G., 1991:
Genetic parameters for groundnut in summer rice fallows

Li, X.; Kennedy, B.W., 1994:
Genetic parameters for growth rate and backfat in Canadian Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, and Hampshire pigs

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Genetic parameters for growth traits of Australian beef cattle from a multibreed selection experiment

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Genetic parameters for meat production in rabbits. 1. Non-carcass components

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Genetic parameters for milk production of Australian beef cows and weaning weight of their calves

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Genetic parameters for milk production traits in a closed herd of Egyptian buffaloes

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Genetic parameters for reproduction and lamb production and their components and liveweight, fat depth and wool production in Hyfer sheep

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Genetic parameters for scrotal weight and circumference in Canchim bulls

Choi, Y.S.; Lee, K.J.; Lee, M.Y.; Park, K.D., 1992:
Genetic parameters for the animal model

Grabowski, R.; Markiewicz Grabowska, H.; Kurek, A., 1993:
Genetic parameters for the quantity and chemical composition of milk from cows from capital intensive farms and small farms

Ducrocq, V., 1993:
Genetic parameters for type traits in the French Holstein breed based on a multiple-trait animal model

Gilmour, A.R.; Luff, A.F.; Fogarty, N.M.; Banks, R., 1994:
Genetic parameters for ultrasound fat depth and eye muscle measurements in live Poll Dorset sheep

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Genetic parameters for yield and reproductive traits of Holstein and Jersey cattle in Florida

Reddy, J.N., 1992:
Genetic parameters in early upland rice under different environments

Svendsen, M.; Skipenes, P.; Mao, I.L., 1993:
Genetic parameters in the feed conversion complex of primiparous cows in the first two trimesters

Magofke, S.J.; Garcia, F.X.; Arinoviche, N.M., 1994:
Genetic parameters of Angora rabbits

Santus, E.C.; Everett, R.W.; Quaas, R.L.; Galton, D.M., 1993:
Genetic parameters of Italian brown Swiss for levels of herd yield

Bidanel, J.P.; Ducos, A.; Labroue, F.; Gueblez, R.; Gasnier, C., 1994:
Genetic parameters of backfat thickness, age at 100 kg and meat quality traits in Pietrain pigs

Michalska, Elzbieta, 1992:
Genetic parameters of body weight and shank length for Japanese quail from four lines over three generations

Skripnichenko, G.G., 1991:
Genetic parameters of cellular factors of natural resistance and their use in selection processes

Kaw, R.N., 1991:
Genetic parameters of cold tolerance in rice

Pieta, M., 1991:
Genetic parameters of fleece weight and fertility of Polish Lowland ewes

Alkass, J.E.; Aziz, D.A.; Hermiz, H.N., 1991:
Genetic parameters of growth traits in Awassi sheep

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Genetic parameters of growth traits of Romanov sheep estimated by univariate and multivariate animal models

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Genetic parameters of juvenile body weight and conformation traits in pea and single comb population of Red Cornish

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Genetic parameters of lifetime performance traits in Holstein cows

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Genetic parameters of ovulation rate, embryo and fetal survival in rabbits

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Genetic parameters of pig meat quality traits in a halothane negative population

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Genetic parameters of productive traits in dairy buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis L.), J.; Kennedy, B.W., 1994:
Genetic parameters of purebred and crossbred Milking Criollos in tropical Mexico

Kumar, A.; Lavania, G.S.; Tomar, S.S., 1993:
Genetic parameters of sex-ratio in crossbred cattle

Drumen, C.P. van; Groot, A.J.C., 1992:
Genetic parameters of shell quality assays in layers

Baro, J.A.; Carriedo, J.A.; San Primitivo, F., 1994:
Genetic parameters of test day measures for somatic cell count, milk yield, and protein percentage of milking ewes

Beaumont C., 1992:
Genetic parameters of the duration of fertility in hens

Robinson, R.W., 1993:
Genetic parthenocarpy in Cucurbita pepo L

Bonen, L.; Brown, G.G., 1993:
Genetic plasticity and its consequences: perspectives on gene organization and expression in plant mitochondria

Legg, J.P.; Gibson, R.W.; Otim Nape, G.W., 1994:
Genetic polymorphism amongst Ugandan populations of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), vector of African cassava mosaic geminivirus

Masojc, P., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism and quantitative variation in an inhibitor of endogenous alpha -amylase in the grain of cereals

Tanhuanpaa, P.; Vilkki, J.; Vilkki, J.; Pulli, S., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism at RAPD loci in spring turnip rape (Brassica rapa ssp. oleifera)

Shavrukov, Y.N.; Khanov, S.E., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism for separate/clustered flowers in the sugarbeet variety L'govskaya Odnosemyannaya 52

Scott, A.M.; Binns, M.M.; Holmes, N., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism in the camel and its use in parentage and identity testing

Fernandez, M.H.; Granado, A.; Ronda, R., 1990 :
Genetic polymorphism in three blood systems in river and swamp buffaloes

Tkhan' , K.; Lan' , D.K.; Mashurov, A.M., 1991:
Genetic polymorphism of beta -lactoglobulin, alpha s1-casein and beta -casein in milk during the development of a dairy breed of cattle in a subtropical climate

Berg, G. van den, 1994:
Genetic polymorphism of kappa -casein and beta -lactoglobulin in relation to milk composition and cheesemaking properties

Mechetina, L.V.; Fomicheva, I.I.; Taranin, A.V., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of IgG in the mink

Mechetina, L.V.; Olimova, D.C.; Taranin, A.V., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of IgG in the mink. IX. High proportion of allotype-producing lymphocytes in individuals with minor level of allotypes H3 and H4 in serum

Alexandrino, P.J.; Sousa, C.; Pereira, A.; Ferrand, N., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of adenosine deaminase (ADA; E.C. in allis shad, Alosa alosa, and twaite shad, Alosa fallax

Tsuji, S.; Asao, M.; Kusunoki, H.; Oishi, T., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of boar seminal plasma proteins

Slierendrecht, W.J.; Jensen, L.B.; Horlyck, V.; Koch, C., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of complement component C3 in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and resistance to viral haemorrhagic septicaemia

Jensen, L.B.; Koch, C., 1991:
Genetic polymorphism of component C3 of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) complement

Trakovicka, A.; Novy, J., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of erythrocyte X-protein in goats

Martin, P., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of goat milk proteins

Pałyga, J.; Górnicka-Michalska, E.; Kowalski, A., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of histone H1.z in duck erythrocytes

Provorov, N.A.; Simarov, B.V., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of leguminous crops in capacity for symbiosis with nodule bacteria

Jing, L.; Manzhu, L., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of milk protein and correlation with production traits

Jakob, E., 1994:
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins Hang, K.F.; Grosclaude, F., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins

Barillet, F.; Mahe, M.F.; Pelligrini, O.; Grosclaude, F.; Bernard, S., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins in the French Lacaune breed

Jakob, E., 1994:
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins. I. Genetic variants

Jakob, E.; Puhan, Z.; Fries, R., 1994:
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins. II. Allele and haplotype frequencies in Swiss cattle breeds

Parmar S.N.S.; Katpatal B.G.; Khan A.G., 1991:
Genetic polymorphism of plasma alkaline phosphatase isozymes and their performance with economic traits in dwarf broiler birds

Vankan, D.M.; Bell, K., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of plasma vitamin D-binding protein (GC) in Australian goats

Kubek, A.; Trakovicka, A.; Zitny, J.; Michalickova, E., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of proteins in a haemolysate in sheep

Bouhours, D.; Bouhours, J.F., 1991:
Genetic polymorphism of rat liver gangliosides

Baulov, M.; Aleksieva, S., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of some enzymes and proteins in the blood of Replyan sheep

Shibata, T.; Akita, T.; Abe, T., 1993:
Genetic polymorphism of the sixth component of complement (C6) in the pig

Hartl, G.B.; Ferrand, N., 1994:
Genetic polymorphism of transferrin (TF) and the haemoglobin alpha chain (HBA) in the brown hare (Lepus europaeus)

Zurkowski, M.; Kury, J.; Madeyska Lewandowska, A., 1992:
Genetic polymorphism of vitamin D binding protein and alpha 1 B-glycoprotein in blood serum of the Polish Primitive horse (Konik)

Bigi, D.; Davoli, R.; Fiego, D.P. lo; Dall' Olio, S.; Russo, V., 1991:
Genetic polymorphism to two erythrocyte enzymes, PHI (phosphohexose isomerase) and PGD (phosphogluconate dehydrogenase) in some breeds of Italian pigs

Kondo, Y.; Serikawa, T.; Yasue, M.; Yamada, J., 1993:
Genetic polymorphisms of salivary proteins in the rat

Podzharova, Z.S.; Kovalevich, A.I.; Sidor, A.I., 1991:
Genetic pool of forest trees in Belorussia and its use

Skaala, O., 1992:
Genetic population structure of Norwegian brown trout

Laude, R.P.; Aseo, S.C.; Fajardo, G.P.; Dinulos, R.M.; Juliano, A.B.; Ordanes, M.A., 1992:
Genetic population studies in diamondback moth Plutella xylostella L. (Lepidoptera; Yponomeutidae) in crucifers

Kong, F.L.; Zhang, S.G.; Han, L.X.; Su, S.B.; Hu, X.S.; Zheng, C.G., 1991:
Genetic potential of opaque-2 maize and its utilization in North China

Virk, P.S.; Pooni, H.S., 1994:
Genetic potential of selected sunflower crosses for producing early flowering recombinant inbred lines

Berger, P.J., 1994:
Genetic prediction for calving ease in the United States: data, models, and use by the dairy industry

Migal' , N.D., 1993:
Genetic principles of producing monoecious hemp

Gordei, I.A.; Gordei, G.M., 1992:
Genetic principles of producing triticale. VI. Genetic basis of the efficacy of methods of producing triticale

Stouthamer, R., 1991:
Genetic problems caused by sex determination in the rearing of parasitoids

Stevens, J.R.; Welburn, S.C., 1993:
Genetic processes within an epidemic of sleeping sickness in Uganda

Gallo, M., 1993:
Genetic programme. Experiences of the National Plan for Genetic Improvement

Anonymous, 1992:
Genetic progress - the future as seen by Pig France

Anghel, I.; Rusanovschi, G.; Ciolpan, G., 1990:
Genetic progress achieved in winter bread wheat breeding at the Podu-Iloaiei Agricultural Research Station (1957-1988)

Ollivier, L.; Lagant, H.; Gruand, J.; Molenat, M., 1991:
Genetic progress in French Large White and French Landrace pigs from 1977 to 1987

Santos, E.S. dos; Leite, P.R. de M.; Lobo, R. do B., 1990:
Genetic progress in a herd of Gir dairy cattle at Umbuzeiro, Paraiba

Mendiondo, J.; Urioste, J.I., 1992:
Genetic progress in greasy fleece weight and body weight in a flock of Polwarth sheep

Jong, G. de, 1994:
Genetic progress in the Dutch cow population

Niedzwiadek, S.; Bielanski, P.; Piorkowska, M., 1992:
Genetic progress in the wool utility of L-1 and L-2 Angora rabbits

Li, R.D.; Zhou, K.D., 1991:
Genetic recombination among wide compatibility, glume-tip colour and restoring genes in rice

Dangler, C.A.; Deaver, R.E.; Kolodziej, C.M., 1994:
Genetic recombination between two strains of Aujeszky's disease virus at reduced multiplicity of infection

Nagy, P.D.; Bujarski, J.J., 1992:
Genetic recombination in brome mosaic virus: effect of sequence and replication of RNA on accumulation of recombinants

Li, Y.T.; Lu, M.Z.; Ren, T., 1991:
Genetic regularity of serum alkaline phosphatase isozymes and their correlations with the performance in Holstein cows

Childs, K.L.; Pratt, L.H.; Morgan, P.W., 1991:
Genetic regulation of development in Sorghum bicolor. VI. The ma3R allele results in abnormal phytochrome physiology

Foster, K.R.; Miller, F.R.; Childs, K.L.; Morgan, P.W., 1994:
Genetic Regulation of Development in Sorghum bicolor (VIII. Shoot Growth, Tillering, Flowering, Gibberellin Biosynthesis, and Phytochrome Levels Are Differentially Affected by Dosage of the ma3R Allele

Smith, M.W., 1993:
Genetic regulation of enterocyte differentiation

Mglinets, V.A., 1993:
Genetic regulation of limb development in vertebrates

Aruna, M.; Ozias Akins, P.; Austin, M.E.; Kochert, G., 1993:
Genetic relatedness among rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) cultivars determined by DNA amplification using single primers of arbitrary sequence

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Genetics of legs and feet traits

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