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Genetic study on male sterility in rape (Brassica napus L.) . I. A preliminary report of breeding of allo-nuclear NCa male sterile materials

Cai, M.; Liu, G.H.; Qin, X.Y.

Oil Crops of China 4: 1-3, 7


Accession: 002391463

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The B. napus cv. Zhongyou 821 (N) was reciprocally crossed with B. carinata (Ca). Selection in the F3 generation was made for morphological characters of B. napus while male sterile plants were selected from the N x Ca combination. The selected male sterile plants were test crossed with fertile plants from the corresponding reciprocal combination (Ca x N) to screen for NCa male sterile lines with the agronomic characters of B. napus and maintainer lines. Through continuous backcross and selection some NCa allo-nuclear CMS lines and their maintainers were obtained.