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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2396

Chapter 2396 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Giridhar, K.; Giri, G., 1991:
Growth and yield of summer castor (Ricinus communis) and greengram (Phaseolus radiatus) in intercropping

Sarmah, P.C.; Katyal, S.K.; Verma, O.P.S., 1992:
Growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) varieties in relation to fertility level and plant population

Arain A.S.; Alam S.M., 1991:
Growth and yield of sunflower varieties as influenced by row spacings

Barholia, A.K.; Bisen, A.L.; Mishra, K.K., 1992:
Growth and yield of turmeric as influenced by time of planting and planting material

Lopez Bellido, L.; Fuentes, M.; Lhamby, J.C.B.; Castillo, J.E., 1994:
Growth and yield of white lupin (Lupinus albus) under Mediterranean conditions: effect of sowing date

Prasad, T.N.; Prasad, U.K., 1992:
Growth and yield of winter maize inter crops under irrigation and pattern of sowing

Khan, S.; Zada, K.; Wadan, D.; Gul, F.; Khan, M., 1993:
Growth and yield potential of groundnut in relation to phosphorus rates and frequency of irrigation

Wilson, H.; Ovid, A., 1993:
Growth and yield responses of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) as affected by shade and fertilizer applications

Yang, C.M.; Fan, M.J.; Hsiang, W.M., 1993:
Growth and yield responses of maize (Zea mays L.) to soil water deficits. II. Effects of water deficit timing and strength

Fangmeier, A.; Brockerhoff, U.; Gruters, U.; Jager, H.J., 1994:
Growth and yield responses of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Turbo) grown in open-top chambers to ozone and water stress

Oikeh, S.O.; Asiegbu, J.E., 1993:
Growth and yield responses of tomatoes to sources and rates of organic manures in ferralitic soils

Rajendra, T.; Singh, N.P.; Sharma, B.B., 1992:
Growth and yield studies of urdbean varieties under various row and plant spacings

Anez, B.; Tavira, E., 1993:
Growth and yields of capsicum in response to different planting distances and nitrogen rates

Noort, P.C. van den, 1993:
Growth as a prerequisite for sustainability

Patil, B.N.; Ghuge, V.Y., 1991:
Growth attributes in some induced mutants of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Vijayalakshmi, S.; Gopalakrishnan, S.; Radhakrishnan, R., 1993:
Growth attributes on yielding ability in blackgram

Abu Tarboush, H.M., 1994:
Growth behavior of Lactobacillus acidophilus and biochemical characteristics and acceptability of acidophilus milk made from camel milk

Chattopadhyay, N.; Ghosh, S.N.; Kundu, S., 1992:
Growth behavior of some promising types of cashew in laterite tract of West Bengal

Dixit, J.P., 1992:
Growth behaviour and production of chickpea in relation to sowing time and moisture levels

Saikia, L.; Dutta, P.K., 1991:
Growth behaviour of betelvine cuttings as affected by number of internodes, growth regulators and mud-dipping

Ladhar, S.S.; Gill, B.S., 1991:
Growth behaviour of intraspecific cytotypes of Eugenia jambolana Lamk

Cao, G.C.; Wu, D.B., 1992:
Growth behaviour of spring wheat sown in late-autumn in north China and its significance

Springer, T.L.; Tharel, L.M., 1992:
Growth chamber modification to emulate a seed germination chamber

Zhao, Z.Z. et al., 1992:
Growth characteristics and cultivation techniques of Qinyou 2

Xia, G.H.; Qiu, Q.R.; Zhang, X.H.; Kong, X.D.; Zhang, B.Q.; Tan, C.D.; Dai, Z.Y.; Xu, M.L.; Liu, X.J.; Zhan, C.Y., 1990:
Growth characteristics and cultural techniques for the intermediate japonica rice cultivar Yangjing 201

Hwang, Y.H.; Park, S.G., 1993:
Growth characteristics and yield potentials of soyabeans in upland and paddy fields

Takahashi, T.; Chiba, K.; Ozaki, R.; Sadakata, H.; Andoh, Y.; Yoshikawa, N., 1992:
Growth characteristics in cultured cucumber tissues infected with hop stunt viroid

Pretorius, W.A.; Lempert, G.G., 1993:
Growth characteristics of Aspergillus sp. grown on spent sulphite liquor

Arias Castro, C.; Scragg, A.H.; Stafford, A.; Rodriguez Mendiola, M., 1993:
Growth characteristics of Glycyrrhiza glabra cell suspension cultures

Matoh, T.; Saraswati, R.; Phupaibul, P.; Sekiya, J., 1992:
Growth characteristics of Sesbania species under adverse edaphic conditions in relation to use as green manure in Japan

Ventling, B.L.; Mistry, V.V., 1993:
Growth characteristics of bifidobacteria in ultrafiltered milk

Suresh, S.; Kumanan, K.; Manorama Dhinakaran; Padmanaban, V.D.; Raghavan, N., 1993:
Growth characteristics of bovine herpesvirus-1

Dean G.D.; Clavero C.T., 1992:
Growth characteristics of dwarf elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum cv. Mott)

Rupainene, O.; Tsinite, A., 1991:
Growth characteristics of gravitropically induced coleoptiles. I. Changes in carbohydrate composition of the cell wall

Bhimani, R.S.; Freitas, Y.M., 1993:
Growth characteristics of lactococcal phages isolated from the dairy sources in India

Luo, Y.; Nobel, P.S., 1993:
Growth characteristics of newly initiated cladodes of Opuntia ficus-indica as affected by shading, drought and elevated CO2

Smith, D.J.; Paulson, G.D., 1994:
Growth characteristics of rats receiving ractopamine hydrochloride and the metabolic disposition of ractopamine hydrochloride after oral or intraperitoneal administration

Willms, W.D.; Fraser, J., 1992:
Growth characteristics of rough fescue (Festuca scabrella var. campestris) after three years of repeated harvesting at scheduled frequencies and heights

Mishra, A.K.; Jha, M.; Kumar, H.D., 1994:
Growth characteristics, nitrate and ammonium uptake, and nitrate reductase activities of two thermophilic cyanobacteria under reducing conditions

Ruel, M.T.; Habicht, J.P., 1992:
Growth charts only marginally improved maternal learning from nutrition education and growth monitoring in Lesotho

Zabielski, S., 1989:
Growth comparison of aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and cluster pine (P. pinaster) in the Tell Atlas mountains

Hashim, M.E., 1992:
Growth control trials for oleander

Toll Vera, J.R.; Juarez, P.V., 1991:
Growth curve and alternative management of oats (Avena sativa) cv. Gigante Tranquena

Bardoloi, T.; Raina, B.L.; Sharma, P.K., 1992:
Growth curve in Landrace pigs

Gomez, E.A.; Blasco, A., 1992:
Growth curves of lines selected on growth rate or litter size

Desiderio, E.; Bianchi, A.A.; Conti, D.; Monotti, M.; Ventura, A.; Anglani, C.; Fornara, M., 1992:
Growth cycle, yield and quality of grain of forty sorghum hybrids tested in six experimental plots in 1991

Sasa, K.; Yosida, K.; Satoh, F.; Fukazawa, K.; Fujiwara, K., 1991:
Growth cycles of the rootstock and undergrowth buds of chishimazasa (Sasa kurilensis)

Peng, S.; Eissenstat, D.M.; Graham, J.H.; Williams, K.; Hodge, N.C., 1993:
Growth depression in mycorrhizal citrus at high-phosphorus supply

Shariff, A.H.sni Mohd; Kadir, W.R.sidah Wan Abdul, 1994:
Growth differences, fertility status and foliar deficiency levels of six-year-old Acacia mangium on BRIS soils

Magnussen, S., 1993:
Growth differentiation in white spruce crop tree progenies

Orbovic, V.; Poff, K.L., 1993:
Growth Distribution during Phototropism of Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings

Hansen, D.; Michaelsen, K.F.; Skovby, F., 1992:
Growth during treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia

Torres P.; Honrubia M., 1991:
Growth dynamics and characterization of some ectomycorrhizal fungi in culture

Chylarecki, H., 1988:
Growth dynamics and development of larch (Larix) species and varieties under various site conditions in Poland. Pt. 1. Studies of larch stands under arboretum conditions

Golakiya, B.A.; Patel, M.S., 1992:
Growth dynamics and reproductive efficiency of groundnut under water stress at different phenophases

Adair, L.; Popkin, B.M.; VanDerslice, J.; Akin, J.; Guilkey, D.; Black, R.; Briscoe, J.; Flieger, W., 1993:
Growth dynamics during the first two years of life: a prospective study in the Philippines

Greco, L.; Santamaria, F.; Salvatore, D.; de Ritis, G., 1993:
Growth dynamics in cystic fibrosis

Nguen Van Shin', 1989:
Growth dynamics of Scots pine plantations following different site preparation methods

Lorenzini, G.; Panicucci, A.; Guidi, L., 1990:
Growth dynamics of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to sulfur dioxide pollution

Nakamura, T.; Klopfenstein, T.J.; Gibb, D.J.; Britton, R.A., 1994:
Growth efficiency and digestibility of heated protein fed to growing ruminants

McLean, E.; Donaldson, E.M.; Teskeredzic, E.; Souza, L.M., 1993:
Growth enhancement following dietary delivery of recombinant porcine somatotropin to diploid and triploid coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Tsai, H.J.n; Kuo, J.C.ien; Lou, S.W.n; Kuo, T.T.h, 1994:
Growth enhancement of juvenile striped mullet by feeding recombinant yeasts containing fish growth hormone

Blumenthal, C.S.; Barlow, E.W.R.; Wrigley, C.W., 1993:
Growth environment and wheat quality: the effect of heat stress on dough properties and gluten proteins

Devi P., 1991:
Growth estimates of sewage irrigated coriander and fenugreek

Ward, C.E.; Trent, A., 1993:
Growth export markets for meat products

Shinozuka, H.; Masuhara, M.; Kubo, Y.; Katyal, S.L., 1993:
Growth factor and receptor modulations in rat liver by choline-methionine deficiency

Chu, S.H.; Walker, W.A., 1991:
Growth factor signal transduction in human intestinal cells

Welin, A., 1993:
Growth factors and cartilage diseases in horses

Aaronson, S.A.; Miki, T.; Meyers, K.; Chan, A., 1993:
Growth factors and malignant transformation

Bines, J.E.; Walker, W.A., 1991:
Growth factors and the development of neonatal host defense

Adamson, E.D., 1993:
Growth factors and their receptors in development

Donovan, S.M.; Odle, J., 1994:
Growth factors in milk as mediators of infant development

Nemoto, M.; Sasaki, Y., 1993:
Growth form tactics of Commelina communis L. under various kinds of light environments

Kornegay, J.; White, J.W.; Ortiz, O., 1992:
Growth habit and gene pool effects on inheritance of yield in common bean

Essomba, N.B.; Coffelt, T.A., 1992:
Growth habit in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.): a comparative analysis of F2 progenies

Manjit Singh; Jindal, S.K.; Solanki, K.R.; Kackar, N.L., 1991:
Growth height of Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce in association with Acacia tortilis and Azadirachta indica

Meimberg, R., 1992:
Growth hormone (bovine somatotropin) in milk production

Fryburg, D.; Barrett, E.J., 1993:
Growth hormone acutely stimulates skeletal muscle but not whole-body protein synthesis in humans

Ng, B.; Wolf, R.F.; Weksler, B.; Brennan, M.F.; Burt, M., 1993:
Growth hormone administration preserves lean body mass in sarcoma-bearing rats treated with doxorubicin

Hooghe, R.; Delhase, M.; Vergani, P.; Malur, A.; Hooghe Peters, E.L., 1993:
Growth hormone and prolactin are paracrine growth differentiation factors in the haemopoietic system

Scharfmann, R.; Atouf, F.; Tazi, A.; Czernichow, P., 1994:
Growth hormone and prolactin regulate the expression of nerve growth factor receptors in INS-1 cells

Donahue, L.R.; Beamer, W.G., 1993:
Growth hormone deficiency in 'little' mice results in aberrant body composition, reduced insulin-like growth factor-I and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), but does not affect IGFBP-2, -1 or -4

Hoj, S.; Fredholm, M.; Larsen, N.J.; Nielsen, V.H., 1993:
Growth hormone gene polymorphism associated with selection for milk fat production in lines of cattle

Lundeberg S.; Belfrage M.; Wernerman J.; Von Der Decken A.; Thunell S.; Vinnars E., 1991:
Growth hormone improves muscle protein metabolism and whole body nitrogen economy in man during a hyponitrogenous diet

Tomas, F.M.; Campbell, R.G.; King, R.H.; Johnson, R.J.; Chandler, C.S.; Taverner, M.R., 1992:
Growth hormone increases whole-body protein turnover in growing pigs

Geffner, M.E.; Bersch, N.; Golde, D.W., 1993:
Growth hormone induces insulin resistance in Laron dwarf cells via lactogenic receptors

Murray, J.D.; Oberbauer, A.M., 1992:
Growth hormone manipulation and growth promotants in sheep

Gabriel, S.M.; Roncancio, J.R.; Ruiz, N.S., 1992:
Growth hormone pulsatility and the endocrine milieu during sexual maturation in male and female rats

Suttie, J.M.; Veenvliet, B.A.; Littlejohn, R.P.; Gluckman, P.D.; Corson, I.D.; Fennessy, P.F., 1993:
Growth hormone pulsatility in ram lambs of genotypes selected for fatness or leanness

Carmignac, D.F.; Robinson, I.C.; Enberg, B.; Norstedt, G., 1993:
Growth hormone receptor regulation in growth hormone-deficient dwarf rats

Monsonego, E.; Halevy, O.; Gertler, A.; Volokita, M.; Schickler, M.; Hurwitz, S.; Pines, M., 1993:
Growth hormone receptors in avian epiphyseal growth-plate chondrocytes

Beattie, J.; Flint, D.J., 1993:
Growth hormone receptors/binding proteins - how many and what are their functions?

Lovendahl, P.; Sejrsen, K., 1993:
Growth hormone release in calves selected for milk yield

Bonneau, M., 1993:
Growth hormone response to GRF and insulin-induced hypoglycemia in Yorkshire and Meishan pigs

Bell, A.G.; Jones, B.R.; Scott, M.F., 1993:
Growth hormone responsive dermatosis in three dogs

Buyse, J.; Tixier Boichard, M.; Berghman, L.R.; Huybrechts, L.M.; Decuypere, E., 1994:
Growth hormone secretory characteristics of sex-linked dwarf and normal-sized chickens reared on a control or on a 3,3',5-triiodothyronine-supplemented diet

Anderson, N.G., 1994:
Growth hormone signalling from plasma membrane to nucleus

Milsom, S.R.; Breier, B.H.; Gallaher, B.W.; Cox, V.A.; Gunn, A.J.; Gluckman, P.D., 1992:
Growth hormone stimulates galactopoiesis in healthy lactating women

Mjaaland, M.; Unneberg, K.; Bjoro, T.; Revhaug, A., 1993:
Growth hormone treatment after abdominal surgery decreased carbohydrate oxidation and increased fat oxidation in patients with total parenteral nutrition

Schams, D.; Einspanier, R., 1991:
Growth hormone, IGF-I and insulin in mammary gland secretion before and after parturition and possibility of their transfer into the calf

Kuti, J.O.; Jarvis, B.B., 1992:
Growth hormone-like activities of macrocyclic trichothecenes in in vitro callus induction and growth of four Baccharis species

Leshin, L.S.; Barb, C.R.; Kiser, T.E.; Rampacek, G.B.; Kraeling, R.R., 1994:
Growth hormone-releasing hormone and somatostatin neurons within the porcine and bovine hypothalamus

Michelsen, Anders, 1993:
Growth improvement of Ethiopian acacias by addition of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi or roots of native plants to non-sterile nursery soil

Singh, K.; Kaur, K., 1992:
Growth in agricultural productivity and nature of technological change in Punjab agriculture

Anonymous, 1993:
Growth in cheese sales reduces the effect of a lower milk price

Verge, C.F.; Cowell, C.T.; Howard, N.J.; Donaghue, K.C.; Silink, M., 1993:
Growth in children with X-linked hypophosphataemic rickets

Kirkman, L.K.; Sharitz, R.R., 1993:
Growth in controlled water regimes of three grasses common in freshwater wetlands of the southeastern USA

Barbaglia, M.; Ardizzi, A.; Guzzaloni, G.; Moreni, G.; Fatica, P.; Grugni, G.; Morabito, F., 1991:
Growth in height in childhood obesity

Honma, M., 1993:
Growth in horticultural trade: Japan's market for developing countries

Gallini, F.; Zecca, E.; Maggio, L.; Tortorolo, L.; Papacci, P.; Marrocco, G., 1992:
Growth in the first two months of life of infants weighing 1500 g or less at birth. Parenteral and orogastric feeding compared

Overton, Ce, 1992:
Growth in world food consumption slowed in the late 1980's

Muller, F., 1990:
Growth increases by using grape cake compost in container substrates

Ivanov, V.B.; Bystrova, E.I.; Yakovlev, K.I.; Rozhkova, N.D.; Stetsenko, A.I.; Adamov, O.M., 1992:
Growth inhibiting and cytostatic activities of binuclear triamine complexes of platinum (II) with heterocyclic amines

Fortin, C.; Nester, E.W.; Dion, P., 1992:
Growth inhibition and loss of virulence in cultures of Agrobacterium tumefaciens treated with acetosyringone

Kantt, C.A.; Torres, J.A., 1993:
Growth inhibition by glucose oxidase of selected organisms associated with the microbial spoilage of shrimp (Pandalus jordani): in vitro model studies

Sall, P.N.; Aussenac, G.; Dreyer, E.; Granier, A., 1991:
Growth inhibition due to drought of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in the Sahelo-Sudanian climate of Senegal

Akutsu, K.; Hirata, A.; Yamamoto, M.; Hirayae, K.; Okuyama, S.; Hibi, T., 1993:
Growth inhibition of Botrytis spp. by Serratia marcescens B2 isolated from tomato phylloplane

Jiménez-Delgadillo, B.; Rosales-Encina, J.L.; Matluk, M.R., 1992:
Growth inhibition of Entamoeba histolytica by rat colon components

Soni, G.L.; Sedha, R.K.; Khanna, P.K.; Garcha, H.S., 1992:
Growth inhibition of Fusarium oxysporum by phenolic compounds

Sulzer, G.; Busse, M., 1991:
Growth inhibition of Listeria spp. on Camembert cheese by bacteria producing inhibitory substances

Ryu, D.,.; Holt, D.L., 1993:
Growth inhibition of Penicillium expansum by several commonly used food ingredients

Harbaugh, B.K.; Evans, M.R., 1994:
Growth inhibition of caladium by high temperature

Isshiki, K.; Nishinomiya, T.; Nozaka, N.; Tokuoka, K., 1993:
Growth inhibition of microorganisms by plant extracts

Shimoni, M.; Reuveni, R.; Ravid, U., 1993:
Growth inhibition of plant pathogenic fungi by essential oils

Pybus, V.; Loutit, M.W.; Lamont, I.L.; Tagg, J.R., 1994:
Growth inhibition of the salmon pathogen Vibrio ordalii by a siderophore produced by Vibrio anguillarum strain VL4355

Lozoya Saldana, H., 1994:
Growth inhibitors for pot chrysanthemums (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev). II. Paclobutrazol

Isman, Murray B., 1993:
Growth inhibitory and antifeedant effects of azadirachtin on six noctuids of regional economic importance

Suzuki, K.; Ishimoto, M.; Kikuchi, F.; Kitamura, K., 1993:
Growth inhibitory effect of an alpha -amylase inhibitor from the wild common bean resistant to the Mexican bean weevil (Zabrotes subfasciatus)

Ahmed, S.R.; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1991:
Growth inhibitory effect of some plants for Spilosoma obliqua Walker

Sato, M.; Tsuchiya, H.; Akagiri, M.; Fujiwara, S.; Fujii, T.; Takagi, N.; Matsuura, N.; IInuma, M., 1994:
Growth inhibitory properties of chalcones to Candida

Kasai, T.; Iwashita, A.; Kiriyama, S., 1993:
Growth is compromised in rats fed ozone-treated casein

Gottschal, Jan C., 1993:
Growth kinetics and competition - some contemporary comments

Straatsma, G.; Gerrits, J.P.G.; Gerrits, T.M.; Camp, H.J.M. op den; Griensven, L.J.L.D. van, 1991:
Growth kinetics of Agaricus bisporus mycelium on solid substrate (mushroom compost)

Prosser, J.I., 1993:
Growth kinetics of mycelial colonies and aggregates of ascomycetes

Vicente, J.S.; Garcia Zimenez, F., 1992:
Growth limitations of suckling rabbits. Proposal of a method to evaluate the numerical performance of rabbit does until weaning

Yamanaka, M.; Mimura, K.; Yase, K.; Sato, K.; Inaoka, K., 1993:
Growth mechanism of long chain molecular crystals in KCl substrate due to annealing

Inamura, T., 1993:
Growth model of Eleocharis kuroguwai Ohwi. under yearly application of herbicides and prediction of weed damage to rice

Pretzsch, H., 1992:
Growth models for mixed stands as a challenge for forest growth research

Focke, U., 1991:
Growth modifications on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) as a result of nitrogenous immissions

Owusu, W.B.; Lartey, A., 1992:
Growth monitoring: experience from Ghana

Caycedo Amador, H.; Poel, P. van der, 1988:
Growth of 11 forest species in different physiographic units of the Bojaya region, Choco-Colombia

Gardezi, A.K.; Jaen Contreras, D.; Guzman Plazola, R.A.; Ferrera Cerrato, R., 1990:
Growth of Acacia farnesiana associated with mycorrhizal fungi in three types of Mexican soils

Panitz, E.; Yaacob, A., 1992 :
Growth of Acacia mangium planted on windrow sites

Vink, A.T., 1990:
Growth of Acacia seyal: analysis of 1987-1990 measurements in Rawashda forest

Eley, A.; Geary, I.; Wilcox, M.H., 1993:
Growth of Aeromonas spp. at 4 degrees C and related toxin production

Ziombra, M.; Gapinski, M.; Siwulski, M., 1991:
Growth of Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus, Lentinula edodes and Stropharia rugoso-annulata mycelia on different media

Barbosa, D.C.A., 1991:
Growth of Anadenanthera macrocarpa (Leguminosae-Mimosoideae)

Oliveira, I.B. de; Oliveira, O. dos S.; Antoniolli, Z.I., 1990:
Growth of Araucaria angustifolia seedlings under different combinations of N, P, K and B

Thamizharasi, V.; Narasimham, P., 1993:
Growth of Aspergillus niger on onion bulbs and its control by heat and sulphur dioxide treatments

Pereira, R.M.; Alves, S.B.; Stimac, J.L., 1993:
Growth of Beauveria bassiana in fire ant nest soil with amendments

Kephart, K.; Buxton, D.; Taylor, S., 1992:
Growth of C3 and C4 perennial grasses under reduced irradiance

Lopez Fernandez, J.L.; Arguello Henriquz, A.; Fabelo Marrero, F.; Capote Alvarez, J., 1993:
Growth of Canary Island goats from 6 months of age to first kidding

Lopez, J.L.; Arguello, A.; Capote, J.; Fresno, M., 1992:
Growth of Canary Island kids to 2 months of age

Das, S.; Agarwal, H.C., 1993:
Growth of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) on different maize cultivars

Koch, J., 1994:
Growth of Coniophora puteana modified by a gall-inducing mycoparasite

Stoneman, G.L.; Dell, B., 1993:
Growth of Eucalyptus marginata (Jarrah) seedlings in a greenhouse in response to shade and soil temperature

Ylimartimo, A.; Haansuu, P., 1993:
Growth of Gremmeniella abietina on artificial media simulating the effects of mineral nutrient imbalance of Scots pine

Favrot, C.; Maubois, J.L., 1994:
Growth of Lactococcus lactis subsp lactis in reconstituted irradiated milk powder

Cirillo, J.D.; Falkow, S.; Tompkins, L.S., 1994:
Growth of Legionella pneumophila in Acanthamoeba castellanii enhances invasion

Gill, A.S.; Roy, R.D.; Bajpai, C.K., 1992:
Growth of Leucaena leucocephala in a mango-based, intercropped agroforestry system

Chen, J.H.; Hotchkiss, J.H., 1993:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium sporogenes in cottage cheese in modified atmosphere packaging

Back, J.P.; Langford, S.A.; Kroll, R.G., 1993:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in Camembert and other soft cheeses at refrigeration temperatures

Huang, J.; Lacroix, C.; Daba, H.; Simard, R.E., 1994:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in milk and its control by pediocin 5 produced by Pediococcus acidilactici UL5

Katoh, H., 1991:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in skim milk

Rørvik, L.M.; Yndestad, M.; Skjerve, E., 1991:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in vacuum-packed, smoked salmon, during storage at 4 degrees C

Hudson, J.A.; Mott, S.J., 1993:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes, Aeromonas hydrophila and Yersinia enterocolitica on cold-smoked salmon under refrigeration and mild temperature abuse

Hudson, J.A.; Mott, S.J., 1993:
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes, Aeromonas hydrophila and Yersinia enterocolitica on cooked beef under refrigeration and mild temperature abuse

McDonald, C.L.; Croker, K.P.; Allen, J.G., 1992:
Growth of Merino weaners born in June compared to those born in August when grazed on Gungurru lupin stubbles

Judd, L.K.; Cox, D.A., 1992:
Growth of New Guinea impatiens inhibited by high growth-medium electrical conductivity

Ufodike, EBC.; Omoregie, E., 1991:
Growth of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus niloticus subjected to sublethal concentrations of Gammalin 20 and Actellic 25 EC in a continuous-flow toxicant autodelivery system

Kozyreva, L.P.; Golovleva, L.A., 1993:
Growth of Nocardioides simplex on a mixture of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D herbicides

Donnelly, P.K.; Hegde, R.S.; Fletcher, J.S., 1994:
Growth of PCB-degrading bacteria on compounds from photosynthetic plants

Heth, D.; Spetter, E., 1993:
Growth of Pinus brutia Ten. as affected by thinning intensities

Jouvenceau, S., 1994:
Growth of Pinus radiata in Chile

Alimbek, B.M., 1989:
Growth of Pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings in Ioshkar-Ola

Kiran Bisht, 1993:
Growth of Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus and Pinus roxburghii Sarg. seedlings in relation to nutrients and water

Lopez Francos L.M.G.; Sierra, I., 1992:
Growth of Romanov lambs

Golden, D.A.; Rhodehamel, E.J.; Kautter, D.A., 1993:
Growth of Salmonella spp. in cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew melons

Nordin, A.K.; Mohd, Z.A.K., 1992:
Growth of Schizosaccharomyces sp. on skim latex serum

Shtukin, S.S., 1989:
Growth of Scots pine in thinned plantations wih intensive use of chemicals and biological improvement

Bugaev, V.A.; Padezh, Y.E., 1989:
Growth of Scots pine plantations in the steppe zone

Kazerskii, A.S., 1990:
Growth of Scots pine plantations on cutover sites with stumps removed

Zhao, K.F.; Zhang, B.Z.; Lu, Y.H.; Harris, P.J.C., 1990 :
Growth of Sesbania species in saline soils of the Yellow River Delta, China

Thompson, D.A., 1992:
Growth of Sitka spruce and timber quality

Canizares, R.O.; Dominguez, A.R., 1993:
Growth of Spirulina maxima on swine waste

Samkova, E.; Kalous, R.; Kral, M., 1992:
Growth of Sumava lambs in relation to sex and litter size

Yassir, A., 1991:
Growth of Tuber uncinatum (Burgundy truffle). Effect of calcium and certain physicochemical factors

Ishac, Y.Z.; Angle, J.S.; E.B.rollosy, M.E.; E.D.merdash, M.E.; Mostafa, M.I.; Fares, C.N., 1994:
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Growth of fermentative and non-fermentative yeasts in natural yoghurt, stored in polystyrene cartons

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Growth of lactic acid bacteria with multiple exponential phase

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Growth of lambs from Rambouillet ewes, mated with Suffolk, Hampshire or Rambouillet rams, on the high plateau at San Luis Potosi

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Growth of leaf dry weight during cutting with Chamaecyparis obtusa

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Growth of lean, fat and bone tissues during rearing Pekin ducks of native strains

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Growth of medium-weight and heavy strains of quail and their reciprocal crosses

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Growth of molds on cheese treated with heat or liquid smoke

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Growth of native trees in plantations

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Growth of peanut roots under field conditions

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Growth of perennial forage legumes in acidic soils of the Appalachian hill-lands after liming

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Growth of pine and spruce on large-area clear felled sites

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Growth of planted lodgepole pine and hybrid spruce following chemical and manual vegetation control on a frost-prone site

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Growth of poinsettias, nutrient leaching, and water-use efficiency respond to irrigation methods

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Growth of potatoes cv. Granola and Temate in Jetis, Malang (at 500 m above sea level)

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Growth of protease-positive and protease-negative variants of lactic acid bacteria in mixed cultures

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Growth of rice in Assam

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Growth of small follicles and concentrations of FSH during the equine oestrous cycle

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Growth of smectite from leached layer during experimental alteration of albite

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Growth of some pine-spruce stands in the Yukon: a 27-year record

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Growth of some plants raised from polluted and unpolluted seeds

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Growth of southern pine beetle associated fungi in relation to the induced wound response in loblolly pine

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Growth of the alimentary tract with aging in chickens

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Growth of the collembolan Folsomia candida on cultures of the mycoparasite Coniothyrium minitans and sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Growth of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana on cuticular components from migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus sanguinipes

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Growth of the grain of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). The significance and timing of greening

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Growth of the pig

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Growth of triploid and diploid bighead carp, Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

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Growth of white lupin seedlings during the rosette stage as affected by seed size

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Growth of wild muskoxen under two nutritional regimes in Greenland

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Growth of world production of oilseeds and oil-bearing fruits

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Growth of young black spruce layers regenerated naturally after harvesting of dominant canopy trees

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Growth potential of HYBRO broilers under the conditions at Agropodnik Pisek

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Growth potential of poplars in Northern Ireland

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Growth quanta and rhythm in the structure of the shoots and buds of some species of oak in different growth conditions

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Growth rate in buffalo calves maintained on different levels of protein

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Growth, yield, and fruit quality of nucellar Frost 'Marsh' grapefruit on fifteen rootstocks in Cyprus

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Growth, yield, chilling and growing degree hours requirements of apricot trees

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Growth, yield, drymatter and nutrients uptake by mustard (Brassica juncea) in alluvial soil as influenced by phosphorus and organic matter

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Growth-blocking peptide or polydnavirus effects on the last instar larvae of some insect species

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Growth-dependent changes of folate metabolism and biosynthesis in cultured Daucus carota cells

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Growth-disrupting pesticides - effective and considerate, but exacting to use

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Growth-limiting nutrients in Sphagnum-dominated bogs subject to low and high atmospheric nitrogen supply

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Growth-linked and cometabolic biodegradation: possible reason for occurrence or absence of accelerated pesticide biodegradation

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Growth-linked biodegradation

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Growth-promoting activity of tryptic digest of caseinomacropeptide for Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis

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Growth-promoting factors for Bifidobacterium longum

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Growth-regulating activity of monoethyl esters of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids

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Growth-related changes in predation behavior in incipient colonies of the ponerine ant Ectatomma tuberculatum (Olivier)

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Growth-stimulating effect of products of flower pollen processing in chickens and rabbits

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Growtubes for rapid early height growth of red cedar

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Gruyere - Greyerzer cheese. Gruyere charter, market situation, quality

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Guaianolides from Lactuca sativa

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Guaifenesin-ketamine-xylazine anesthesia for castration in ponies: a comparative study with two different doses of ketamine

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Guangjiu - a hardy citrus germplasm

Anonymous, 1993:
Guangxi Miyou pummelo

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Guanidination of lysine in selected dietary proteins

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Guanine nucleotide binding protein involvement in early steps of phytochrome-regulated gene expression

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Guar cultivar responses to nitrogen fertilizer rates on oolitic calcareous soils and disease incidence in south Florida

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Guar gum improves insulin sensitivity, blood lipids, blood pressure, and fibrinolysis in healthy men

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Guar gum in insulin-dependent diabetes: effects on glycemic control and serum lipoproteins

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Guarana responses to mineral fertilization

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Guarani, an early upland rice variety for Minas Gerais

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Guarantee of successful operation

Anonymous, 1991:
Guaranteed production of high-quality food would be a socially correct agricultural policy

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Guardians of Manomin: aboriginal self-management of wild rice harvesting

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Guarea michel-moddei (Meliaceae), a new species from central French Guiana

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Guava 'Allahabad Surkha' in deep pink inside

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Guava and jackfruit

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Guayule biomass production under irrigation

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Guazatine Plus as a seed treatment bactericide to eradicate Xanthomonas campestris pv. undulosa from wheat seeds

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Guelph permeameter: Commercial and regulatory demands for acceptance of a new method

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Guerilla vs. phalanx strategies of resource capture: growth and structural plasticity in the trunk trail system of the harvester ant Messor barbarus

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Guest editorial. Fallacies in flood hydrologic design

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Guest farms in Namibia: an emerging accommodation sector in Africa's hottest destination

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Guest history: it is being utilized?

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Guglielmina, a new very late peach cultivar with yellow flesh

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Guidance manual on sampling, analysis, and data management for contaminated sites. Volume 1: main report

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Guidance manual on sampling, analysis, and data management for contaminated sites. Volume 2: Analytical method summaries

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Guidance of a machine for maintaining uncultivated land using image processing

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Guidance on the proper use of agricultural chemicals at the farm level

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Guidance on the transport of casualty farm animals

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Guidance systems for agricultural vehicles

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Guide RNA tails of the unexpected

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Guide for harvesting with protection of the regeneration (mechanized felling)

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Guide to current indexing and abstracting services in the Third World

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Guide to electroporation and electrofusion

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Guide to ferns and allied plants

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Guide to forest drainage

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Guide to identifying the grapevine Bonarda Piemontese

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Guide to methods of intervention in the forest environment

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Guide to national parks in Africa: North Africa, West Africa

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Guide to phytosanitary protection 1991-1993 for fruit tree crops

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Guide to techniques in mouse development

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Guide to the National Literacy Programme in Namibia

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Guide to the identification of logs of the 26 most exploited species in Cameroon

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Guide to the trees and forests of Galicia

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Guide to the use of trees in agroforestry systems in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Guide to tree planting in Kenya

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Guide values for physical properties of peat substrates

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Guide-lines for successful propagation of pear rootstocks with hard-wood cuttings

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Guideline for laboratory testing of the side-effects of pesticides on entomophagous nematodes Steinernema spp

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Guideline for testing the effects of pesticides on Folsomia candida Willem (Collembola): laboratory tests

Eur Mediterr Plant Prot Organ, 1992:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of bactericides. No 166. Erwinia amylovora

Anonymous, 1993:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides No. 172. Ascochyta and Botrytis spots of peas

Anonymous, 1993:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides No. 173. Puccinia horiana

Eur Mediterr Plant Prot Organ, 1992:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 165. Botrytis on ornamentals

European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, 1993:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of insecticides. Apple leaf miners

European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, 1993:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of insecticides. Leaf miners on ornamentals

European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, 1993:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of insecticides. Leaf miners on vegetables

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Guideline for the evaluation of side-effects of plant protection product on Trichogramma cacoeciae

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Guideline for the laboratory evaluation of pesticides against the aphid predatory midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Rondani) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

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Guidelines and scouting methods in integrated production of field vegetable crops; the situation in Switzerland

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Guidelines for EC negotiations in agriculture and forestry

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Guidelines for applying environmental economics in developing countries

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Guidelines for assessment of vaccine coverage in children

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Guidelines for better sugar dryer operation

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Guidelines for compost sanitation

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Guidelines for control of meningococcal disease

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Guidelines for detection and management of dyslipidaemia

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Guidelines for determining a farm's earnings value

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Guidelines for developing a coastal zone management plan for Belize

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Guidelines for dog population management

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Guidelines for drinking-water quality (2nd edition). Volume 1: Recommendations

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Guidelines for dynamic international programs: connecting basic research to basic needs

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Guidelines for examining sampling apparatus on milk tankers

Anonymous, 1993:
Guidelines for fat spreads

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Guidelines for flood disaster prevention and preparedness

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Guidelines for forecasting the vector-borne disease implications in the development of a water resources project

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Guidelines for improved agronomic management and economic evaluation of crop rotation trials in Mediterranean environments

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Guidelines for land-use planning

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Guidelines for lead in soil: proposal of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health

Anonymous, 1992:
Guidelines for mountain protected areas

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Guidelines for planning a genebank facility

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Guidelines for planning, monitoring and evaluating cookstove programmes

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Guidelines for promotional techniques for tourism

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Guidelines for registration of origins of improved genetic material for reforestation

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Guidelines for screening for Cryptosporidium in stools: report of a joint working group

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Guidelines for sensory analysis in food product development and quality control

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for strengthening animal health services in developing countries

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for study of adverse reactions to food

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Guidelines for testing and application of pesticides for plant protection

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Guidelines for testing effects of pesticides on non-target plants

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Guidelines for the Daniel funnel test - a laboratory test to measure side effects of pesticides on the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris L

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Guidelines for the collection and description of natural resource data

Anonymous, 1993:
Guidelines for the design of agricultural investment projects

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Guidelines for the development of effective statistical soil sampling strategies for environmental applications

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Guidelines for the eradication of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in Hungary

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Guidelines for the establishment, operation and management of cereal banks

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Guidelines for the incorporation of health safeguards into irrigation projects through intersectoral cooperation with special reference to the vector-borne diseases

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Guidelines for the interpretation of laboratory findings in birds and mammals with unknown reference ranges: plasma biochemistry

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Guidelines for the management of vertebrate pests: report of a workshop, Canberra 6-7 June 1991

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Guidelines for the preliminary investigation, sampling, analysis, and assessment of contaminated soils

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Guidelines for the prevention and control of herbicide-resistant black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.)

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for the release into the environment of genetically modified organisms

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Guidelines for the scientific review of enteral food products for special medical purposes

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Guidelines for tourism to Britain, 1993-1997

McKinnon, A.O., 1993:
Guidelines for veterinarians involved in breeding horses with cooled, transported semen

Gauweiler, P., 1992:
Guidelines of Bavarian environmental policy

Anonymous, 1993:
Guidelines on best agricultural practices to optimize fertiliser use in Asia and the Pacific

Anonymous, 1992:
Guidelines on best agricultural practices to optimize fertilizer use in Asia and the Pacific

Anonymous, 1992:
Guidelines on burning tussock grasslands

Chang, T.T., 1991:
Guidelines on developing core collections of rice cultigens

Anonymous, 1993:
Guidelines on pest risk analysis. Check-list of information required for pest risk analysis (PRA)

European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, 1993:
Guidelines on pest risk analysis. Pest risk analysis to decide immediate action to be taken on interception of a pest in an EPPO country

Anonymous, 1993:
Guidelines on the conservation of medicinal plants

Reid, P.C.M., 1992:
Guidelines to highest priority irrigation research: goals and objectives

Food and Agriculture Organization, 1991:
Guidelines: land evaluation for extensive grazing

Anonymous, 1990:
Guiding principles for planning, organization and management of veterinary public health programmes

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Guiding the path of the tourist explosion

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Guild structure of beetle communities in three stages of vegetational succession

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Guinea (Panicum maximum) grass grown in cattle sewage water as feed for cross bred calves

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Guinea - Ordinance No. 081/PRG/SGG/89: Forestry Code. - 20 December 1989, and Decree No. 227/PRG/SGG/1989 implementing the Forestry Code. - 20 December 1989

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Guinea special: farming and agroindustries

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Guinea worm eradication: four more years to go

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Guinea worm: good news from Ghana

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Guinea-Bissau: power, conflict, and renewal in a West African nation

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Guinean and Sahelian rainfall anomaly indices at annual and monthly scales (1933-1990)

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Guipuzcoan populations of maize. I. Morphological evaluation and correlation between quantitative traits

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Gujarat model of health management information system with reference to malaria

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Gujarat, India: participatory monitoring, how farmers, extension volunteers and NGO staff work together in village-level soil and water conservation programmes

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Gully coolies, weed-women and Snijvolk: the sugar industry workers of North Java in the early twentieth century

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Gully erosion in the town of Kolwezi in Shaba, Zaire

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Gully headcuts as sediment sources on the Njemps Flats and initial low-cost gully control measures

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Gully initiation in Quaternary volcanic environments under temperate subhumid seasonal climates

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Gullying and the age of badlands: an application of the erosional susceptibility model Es

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Gum arabic (Acacia senegal) from Uganda: characteristic N.M.R. spectra, amino acid compositions, and gum/soil cationic relationships

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Gum exudates from Leucaena species

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Gum exudates from central American Leucaena species

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Gum polysaccharides of nine specimens of Laguncularia racemosa

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Gum synergy K.O.'s competition

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Gummosis and wilt of Acacia mearnsii in South Africa caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata

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Gums extracted from pods of Parkia nitida Miquel for use in the inoculation and pelleting of legume seeds

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Gums, starches and EPS

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Gunshyness. A fear that can be cured

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Gunwarrie's gums worry the salt problem

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Gura Bicului grows vegetables amidst political change

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Gurania sessiliflora (Cucurbitaceae), a new species from Panama

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Gut capacity, functional allocation of gut volume and size distributions of digesta particles in two macropodid marsupials (Macropus robustus robustus and M. r. erubescens) and the feral goat (Capra hircus)

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Gut cells of the tick Boophilus microplus: the effects of vaccination on digest cells and experiments on blood meal absorption by these cells

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Gut fermentation: a reappraisal of an old clinical condition with diagnostic tests and management: discussion paper

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Gut flora and disease resistance

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Gut hormones and diabetes mellitus

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Gut hormones and regulatory peptides in relation to enteral feeding, gastroenteritis, and necrotizing enterocolitis in infancy

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Gut microflora can modify fatty acid composition in liver and egg yolk lipids of laying Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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Gut tract microorganisms supply the precursors for methyl-branched hydrocarbon biosynthesis in the termite, Zootermopsis nevadensis

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Gut-specific genes from the black fly Simulium vittatum encoding trypsin-like and carboxypeptidase-like proteins

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Guttural pouch mycosis in a 3-month-old foal

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Guttural pouch mycosis in a horse: local treatment with enilconazole administered through a permanent cannula

Harrigan, J., 1991:

Lalbachan, V.; Paul, C.; Singh, J.; Forde, B.; Nanda, J.S., 1993:
Guyana 911, an improved rice variety for Guyana

Deep Ford, J.R., 1992:
Guyana's food performance in a Caribbean context: lessons for food security policy

Anonymous, 1993:
Guyana: public sector review

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Gymnasium scenes in the stuccoes of the underground Basilica di Porta Maggiore

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Gymnastics + dance: from two to six educational subjects

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Gymnastics in Belgium during the interwar period the catholic way

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Gynaecological screening in an Indian village. Part 1: compliance problems in screening programmes for women in villages in India

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Gynandromorphism in Aponomma hydrosauri (Denny) (Acari: Ixodidae)

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Gynandromorphism in a population of Sergentomyia minuta (Rondani, 1843) in the northeast of Spain

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Gynandromorphs of Euphydryas maturna L. (Lep.: Nymphalidae) and Papilio machaon gorganus Fruhst. (Lep.: Papilionidae)

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Gynodioecy and mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in natural populations of Beta vulgaris ssp maritima

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Gynodioecy, herkogamy and sex-ratio in Romulea bulbocodium var. dioica (Iridaceae)

Beurton, C., 1994:
Gynoecium and perianth in Zanthoxylum s.l. (Rutaceae)

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Gynogenesis and chromosome doubling in sugarbeet breeding

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Gynogenesis in common carp (Cyprinus carpio). IV. Growth, phenotypic variation and gonad differentiation in normal and methyltestosterone-treated homozygous clones and F1 hybrids

Gusakovskaya, M.A.; Nadzhar, M.A., 1994:
Gynogenesis in the culture of unfertilized wheat ovaries and ovules

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Gynogenic haploids produced in ovule cultures of male sterile, fertile, mono- and multigerm sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) lines

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Gynogenic plants from ovary culture of mulberry (Morus indica)

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Gynomonoecious sex form 1 gene (gsf1) of Tripsacum dactyloides: description and Tripsacum linkage map location

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Gypsophila (Gypsophila paniculata L.) cultivation in Europe

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Gypsum amendment to soil can reduce selenium uptake by alfalfa grown in the presence of coal fly ash

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Gypsum and acid soils: the world scene

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Gypsum as a soil and water ameliorant

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Gypsum crystals in soils

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Gypsy homologous sequences in Drosophila subobscura (gypsyDS)

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Gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) consumption and utilization of northern red oak and white oak foliage exposed to simulated acid rain and ozone

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Gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) egg mass distribution and sampling in a residential setting

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Gypsy moth invasion in North America: a quantitative analysis

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Gyrodactylidae and gyrodactylosis of Salmonidae

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Gyrodactylus (Platyhelminthes : Monogenea) infesting Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L

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