Growth and yield of turmeric as influenced by time of planting and planting material

Barholia, A.K.; Bisen, A.L.; Mishra, K.K.

Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal 17(2): 172-174


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5193
Accession: 002395004

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Daughter rhizomes and mother rhizomes of a local cultivar of Curcuma longa were planted on 16 Apr., 16 May or 16 June 1983. For mother rhizomes, the greatest plant height (100 cm), number of tillers (2.62/plant) and number of leaves (13.12/plant) were obtained with planting on 16 May. For daughter rhizomes, plant height increased and numbers of tillers and leaves/plant decreased with later planting date. Highest fresh yield of rhizome was obtained with planting on 16 May (151.58 and 204.07 q/ha for daughter and mother rhizomes, respectively).