Growth-specific changes in carcass quality of German Simmental cattle. 1. Growth of bulls, steers and heifers at different levels of nutrition

Schwarz, F.J.; Kirchgessner, M.; Augustini, C.; Branscheid, W.

Fleischwirtschaft 72(11): 1584-1589


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-363X
Accession: 002395682

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81 bulls and 57 steers were fattened from approx. 200 kg body weight to 350, 500, 575 or 650 kg, and 54 heifers were fattened to 350, 425 or 500 kg. Half the animals were fed at a high level (maize silage ad lib. and 1.8 kg concentrates daily) or at a low level (restricted feeding of maize silage and 1.0 kg concentrates). At a high level of nutrition, the av. daily gain of bulls was significantly higher than values for steers and heifers (1210 g vs. 1028 and 985 resp.), but there were no significant differences between the sexes for animals fed at a low level (870 g). Daily gain was significantly higher to 350 kg than to higher weights for animals fed at a high level. There were no significant differences between the sex types in feed conversion efficiency up to 350 kg body weight, but bulls performed significantly better than steers and heifers at higher weights at both levels of nutrition. There were significant differences between the sexes in feed intake above 350 kg body weight for animals fed at the high level.