Growth-specific changes in carcass quality of German Simmental cattle. 4. Influence of feeding intensity and slaughter weight on tissue composition of steer carcasses

Augustini, C.; Branscheid, W.; Schwarz, F.J.; Kirchgessner, M.

Fleischwirtschaft 73(9): 1058-1066


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-363X
Accession: 002395684

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Data obtained from 57 intensively and extensively fed Simmental steers, slaughtered at 200, 350, 500, 575 and 650 kg, were evaluated to study changes in composition and proportion of coarse tissue of prime cuts and carcass. Steers were freely given maize silage plus concentrates 1.8 kg or had restricted access to the silage and were supplemented with concentrates 1 kg/day. Between 200 and 650 kg liveweight, muscle proportion of the carcass decreased from 66 to 58 and from 66 to 62% in high and low energy groups, respectively. Corresponding values for adipose tissue were 8 to 24 and 8 to 18%. Proportion of bone was determined by age. Muscle proportion of all prime cuts decreased with growth, except shin, particularly in flank, brisket and rib and was related to feeding intensity.