Section 3
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Herd grazing and management systems: formalization of management of a grazing system

Hubert, B.; Meot, A.; Lasseur, J.; Havet, A.

Agriculture Programme de recherche Agrimed Approche globale des systemes d' elevage et etude de leurs niveaux d' organisation: concepts, methodes et resultats: actes d' un symposium organise par l' INRA SAD et le CIRAD IEMVT, Toulouse, France, 7 juillet 1990: 311-321


Accession: 002397670

This study gives a holistic representation of a grazing system as implemented on farms, in order to obtain an appropriate tool for diagnosis, to set research questions, and to simulate interactive work with farmers. The paper uses data recorded during two successive years from a sheep farm in the southern French Alps.

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