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Identifying japonica-type wide compatibility (JWC) restorers for developing indica/japonica hybrids

Li, C.G.; Wang, Z.M.; Zhong, W.G.

International Rice Research Notes 18(1): 9


Accession: 002402865

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Eighteen JWC rice lines were crossed with 2 contrasting CMS lines derived from Hong Lian (HL) and wild abortive (WA) CMS sources, and the F1s evaluated for pollen and spikelet fertility at Nanjing during 1990-91. Seven of the JWC lines were efficient restorers for both HL and WA lines and could be used to develop indica/japonica intersubspecific hybrids. A further 7 JWCs were good maintainers for both CMS lines and could also be used as backcrossing parents to develop CMS lines with wide compatibility.