Impacts of the targeted export assistance program on U.S. exports of U.S. apples, U.S. table grapes, and California citrus

Sparks, A.L.

Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing 4(2): 1-22


DOI: 10.1300/j047v04n02_01
Accession: 002404535

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The paper presents an analysis of the impact of the USA's Targeted Export Assistance Program on US exports of (1) US apples to Hong Kong, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, the GFR and Taiwan; (2) US table grapes to Hong Kong and Japan; and (3) California citrus to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, using 1970-87 data. A dummy variable as well as a demand forecasting technique are used to analyse the data. Results are consistent across analyses. Both approaches indicate that the TEA programme has been effective in promoting increased sales of all these commodities in Hong Kong and US table grapes in Japan.