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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2406

Chapter 2406 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Glynn, J. R.; Lines, J.; Bradley, D. J., 1994: Impregnated bednets and the dose-severity relationship in malaria

Karch, S.; Garin, B.; Asidi, N.; Manzambi, Z.; Salaun, J. J.; Mouchet, J., 1993: Impregnated mosquito nets for the control of malaria in Zaire

Mortreuil, J. C., 1991: Impression techniques under the light microscope: identifying groundnut varieties from their seed coat, stoma observations, etc

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405003

Felder, B., 1994: Impressions of South Africa - travels with the fruit growing group

Pourcel, Christine, 1993: Imprinting and methylation

Strunnikov, V. A.; Gubanov, E. A.; Pronyaeva, M. A., 1991: Imprinting in the mulberry silkworm

Chaudhuri, S.; Messing, J., 1993: Imprinting of a zein post-transcriptional regulator

Babinet, C., 1992: Imprinting of parental genomes

Peterson, K.; Sapienza, C., 1993: Imprinting the genome: imprinted genes, imprinting genes, and a hypothesis for their interaction

Reik, Wolf; Allen, Nicholas D., 1994: Imprinting with and without methylation

Piedade, J. R.; Piedade, M. F., 1988: Improper use of amitraz in cattle rearing

Christie, D. A., 1993: Improve plant performance with automation studies

Neilson, L. N.; Coulthard, N., 1992: Improved A-massecuite exhaustion at Maidstone

Bulgakov, V. M.; Gurchenko, A. P.; Baranovskii, V. N., 1992: Improved KYM - 3 root harvester

Thomas, S. E., 1991: Improved access to agricultural literature through a comprehensive, detailed agricultural thesaurus

Ueno, M.; Arai, T.; Kojima, K.; Ogawa, H. K.; Matsumoto, I.; Seno, N., 1992: Improved affinity chromatographic purification of D-mannose-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine-specific lectin from the bark of Sophora japonica eliminating the loss by sugar specific self-aggregation

Sarkar, B. B.; Nath, S. C.; Dasgupta, A.; Chowhan, R.; Majumder, B. I.; Debbarma, B. L.; Bhattacharjee, T. K., 1990: Improved agro-technology for jhum cultivation in Tripura

Brooker, J. D.; Thomson, A. M.; Ward, H., 1992: Improved animal production by genetic engineering of ruminal bacteria

Nimmo, J. R.; Akstin, K. C.; Mello, K. A., 1992: Improved apparatus for measuring hydraulic conductivity at low water content

Conradsson, M., 1993: Improved bacteriological diagnosis of strangles. A selective substrate for beta -haemolytic streptococci

Jeyarajan, R.; Samiyappan, R.; Ramakrishnan, G., 1993: Improved biocontrol agents through genetic engineering

Lotter, L. H.; Pitman, A. R., 1992: Improved biological phosphorus removal resulting from the enrichment of reactor feed with fermentation products

Zhen, Y., 1992: Improved breed-Saibei rabbits

Dirksen, C.; Dasberg, S., 1993: Improved calibration of time domain reflectometry soil water content measurements

Meyer, J. H.; Antwerpen, R. van; Henry, P. C.; Leibbrandt, N., 1992: Improved cane yields from vertical mulching under rainfed and irrigated cane conditions

Tchunden, J.; Petitdemange, E.; Raval, G.; Petitdemange, H.; Gay, R., 1992: Improved cellulase production by stable Clostridium cellulolyticum mutants

Wimmerova, M.; Glatz, Z.; Janiczek, O.; Macholan, L., 1993: Improved chromatographic purification of pea seedlings diamine oxidase

Parsons, L. R.; Wheaton, T. A.; Faryna, N. D.; Jackson, J. L., 1991: Improved citrus freeze protection with elevated microsprinklers

Demmer, Annette; Holstein, Susanne E. H.; Hinz, Giselbert; Schauermann, Gabriele; Robinson, David G., 1993: Improved coated vesicle isolation allows better characterization of clathrin polypeptides

Hall, Mark R.; Chavez, Lloyd; Sandblom, David; Kvasnicka, William G.; Hanks, Donald, 1993: Improved control of trichomoniasis with Trichomonas foetus vaccine

Pavlyukov, I. A.; Berezantsev, Yu A.; Mezhazakis, F. I., 1990: Improved coprological diagnosis of opisthorchosis

Bon, H. de; Boula, R., 1992: Improved cultivation of tania, Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott, in Martinique

Saito, T.; Nishimura, S., 1994: Improved culture conditions for somatic embryogenesis using an aseptic ventilative filter in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

Van Der Vlugt, Cornelia I. M.; Derks, A. F. L. M.; Boonekamp, P. M.; Goldbach, R. W., 1993: Improved detection of iris severe mosaic virus in secondarily-infected iris bulbs

Donn, A.; Martin, L. A.; Donaldson, A. I., 1994: Improved detection of persistent foot-and-mouth disease infection in cattle by polymerase chain reaction

Spiegel, Sara; Martin, R. R., 1993: Improved detection of potato leafroll virus in dormant potato tubers and microtubers by the polymerase chain reaction and ELISA

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405039

Campbell, Khs; Loi, P; Cappai, P; Wilmut, I., 1994: Improved development to blastocyst of ovine nuclear transfer embryos reconstructed during the presumptive S-phase of enucleated activated oocytes

Tessier, S.; McLaughlin, N., 1993: Improved double EOR drawbar pull transducer for 3-D forces measurement

Erb, W. Alan, 1993: Improved drought tolerance and root development as components of a scheme to breed blueberries for mineral soil adaptability

Mandal, A; Lang, V; Orczyk, W; Palva, Et, 1993: Improved efficiency for T-DNA-mediated transformation and plasmid rescue in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hammentun, A., 1992: Improved environment leads to better eating habits

Luz, M. R. M. P.; Soeiro, M. de N. C.; Araujo Jorge, T. C., 1993: Improved enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the study of Trypanosoma cruzi-host cell interaction in vitro

Sharshunov, V. A.; Ulakhovich, A. E.; Grin' kov, S. G., 1992: Improved equipment OSP-5 for harvesting clover

Zel' tser, V. Ya, 1991: Improved espalier construction for high stem vineyards

Pettitt, T. R.; Parry, D. W.; Polley, R. W., 1993: Improved estimation of the incidence of Microdochium nivale in winter wheat stems in England and Wales, during 1992, by use of benomyl agar

Zmarlicki, S.; Yuan, T. C. J.; Richardson, G. H., 1991: Improved estimations of total and psychrotrophic microflora in raw milk using reflectance colorimetry at 32 degrees C

Craig, A. M.; Bilich, D.; Hovermale, J. T.; Welty, R. E., 1994: Improved extraction and HPLC methods for ergovaline from plant material and rumen fluid

Hoefsloot, H.; Pol, F. van der; Roeleveld, L., 1993: Improved fallow. Options for development of production systems in West Africa

Norz, R.; Hanser, S.; Ginzinger, W.; Tschager, E., 1991: Improved feeding and protein content of milk. Influence of a protein premium on production

Ball, G. L.; Guertin, D. P., 1992: Improved fire growth modeling

Melching, C. S.; Anmangandla, S., 1992: Improved first-order uncertainty method for water-quality modeling

Karki, M. B., 1993: Improved fodder tree management in the agroforestry systems of central and western Nepal

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405060

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405061

Spieszalski W.; Niemczyk H.D., 1991: Improved gas chromatographic method for analysis of trichlorfon insecticide in soil and turfgrass thatch

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405065

Parera, Ca; Cantliffe, Dj, 1991: Improved germination and modified imbibition of shrunken-2 sweet corn by seed disinfection and solid matrix priming

Frame, J., 1992: Improved grassland management

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405068

Opperman, Linda; Barnard, R. O., 1992: Improved growth and grain yield of wheat in deep mouldboard ploughed crater disease and disease-free soil on the Springbok Flats

Gerhard, Elke; Butsch, Bertram M.; Marison, Ian W.; Von Stockar, Urs, 1993: Improved growth and methane production conditions for Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Fett-Neto, Ag; Melanson, Sj; Sakata, K; Dicosmo, F., 1993: Improved growth and taxol yield in developing calli of Taxus cuspidata by medium composition modification

Carter, J. M.; Gardner, W. K.; Gibson, A. H., 1994: Improved growth and yield of Faba beans (Vicia faba cv. Fiord) by inoculation with strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar. viciae in acid soils in south west Victoria

Tilt, Ken; Goff, William D.; Williams, David; Shumack, Ronald L.; Olive, John W., 1994: Improved growth of pecan and ornamental pear trees in containers with water-holding reservoirs

Friel, James K.; Andrews, Wayne L.; Matthew, J. Derek; Mckim, Edna; French, Sandy; Long, David R., 1993: Improved growth of very low birthweight infants

Datla, Raju S. S.; Bekkaoui, Faouzi; Hammerlindl, Joe K.; Pilate, Gilles; Dunstan, David I.; Crosby, William L., 1993: Improved high-level constitutive foreign gene expression in plants using an AMV RNA4 untranslated leader sequence

Ramachandran, C. P., 1993: Improved immunodiagnostic tests to monitor onchocerciasis control programmes - a multicenter effort

Hood, C. E.; Khalilian, A.; Garner, T. H.; Palmer, J. H., 1992: Improved interseeding methods and equipment

Hodnett, M. G.; Bell, J. P.; Koon, D. A.; Soopramanien, G. C., 1991: Improved irrigation efficiency using soil physical techniques. The case of drip-irrigated sugar-cane in Mauritius

Roy, K. C.; Willardson, L. S.; Clyde, C. G., 1992: Improved irrigation management using unconfined aquifer pumping

Sorgeloos, Patrick; Leger, Philippe, 1992: Improved larviculture outputs of marine fish, shrimp and prawn

Gammelgaard, H. I.; Andersson, N. E.; Skov, O., 1993: Improved light distribution in greenhouses by the use of divided shading screens

Senadhira, D.; Herrera, R. M.; Roxas, J. P., 1993: Improved lines with wide compatibility (WC) gene of Moroberekan

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405083

Fiyalka, M. D., 1993: Improved machinery for silage preparation

Sabau, G., 1989: Improved manufacturing process for pallets used in harbours and for cement

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405087

Steenkamp, J.; Wild, I.; Lourens, A.; Van Helden, P., 1994: Improved method for DNA extraction from Vitis vinifera

Tanaka, Takeshi; Aoki, Yoshinari; Tamase, Kikuo; Umoto, Fumiaki; Ohbayashi, Hideyuki; Imou, Masako; Sasaki, Michiko, 1992: Improved method for determination of total mercury and its application to vegetables and fruits in markets

Mccusker, Jonathan; Dawson, Michael T.; Noone, David; Gannon, Frank; Smith, Terry, 1992: Improved method for direct PCR amplification from whole blood

Rossi, F. S.; Neal, J. C.; Whitlow, T. H., 1993: Improved method for maintaining soil moisture levels for plant seedling research

Yang, H. A.; Sivasithamparam, K.; O'brien, P. A., 1993: Improved method for protoplast regeneration of Rhizoctonia solani

Rodde, C.; Mohamed, A. H. A. F.; Luesse, H. G.; Kazda, J., 1992: Improved method for purification of Mycobacterium leprae from armadillo tissues

Jyothi, R.; Foerster, Birgit; Hamelmann, Christoph; Shetty, Nandini P., 1993: Improved method for the concentration and purification of faecal cysts of Entamoeba histolytica for use as antigen

Remmal, A; Bouchikhi, T; Rhayour, K; Ettayebi, M., 1993: Improved method for the determination of antimicrobial activity of essential oils in agar medium

Ye, Fei; Albaum, Mathias; Abel, Wolfgang O.; Markmann Mulisch, Ulrich, 1993: Improved method for the isolation of plant mitochondrial RNA from green leaves

Slavyanskii, A. A.; Sapronov, A. R.; Sorokovaya, M. A., 1992: Improved method of boiling final massecuite

Vetterlein, E., 1990: Improved method of calculating hydraulic conductivity in soils derived from glacial deposits

Burk, R., 1992: Improved method of statistical analysis for evaluation of forest damage data in Europe. Part 1. Methodological basis

Burk, R., 1992: Improved method of statistical analysis for evaluation of forest damage data in Europe. Part 2. Data analysis

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405103

Sayama, M.; Homma, Y., 1993: Improved methods for detecting and estimating the number of cystosori of Polymyxa betae from infested soil, and for separating the cystosori from infected rootlets of sugar beet

Thrane, U.; Filtenborg, O.; Frisvad, J. C.; Lund, F., 1992: Improved methods for detection and identification of toxigenic Fusarium species

Sugii, S.; Hirota, Y., 1991: Improved methods for purification of a bovine serum mannan-binding protein

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405107

Oi M.; Dauterman W.C.; Motoyama N., 1991: Improved methods for the determination of kinetic constants of esterase inhibition

Navarrete, N. E.; Sambeek, J. W. van; Preece, J. E.; Gaffney, G. R., 1989: Improved micropropagation of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.)

Ott, M.; Dorer, B.; Hoppe, E., 1991: Improved model for the annual updating of information on Scots pine stands less than 40 years old

Buchan, G. D.; Grewal, K. S.; Robson, A. B., 1993: Improved models of particle-size distribution: an illustration of model comparison techniques

Baez Camargo, M.; Flores Soto, E.; Orozco, E., 1992: Improved molecular karyotype of Entamoeba histolytica

Estornell, Ernesto; Barber, Teresa; Cabo, Jose, 1994: Improved nitrogen metabolism in rats fed on lipid-rich liquid diets

Gandin, C. L.; Thomazelli, L. F.; Guimaraes, D. R., 1992: Improved onion cultivars for Santa Catarina State, south Brazil

Kosterkin, K. M.; Petukhov, G. I.; Svechnikov, P. G., 1993: Improved onion harvest technology

Beck, E. J.; French, P. D.; Helbert, M. H.; Robinson, D. S.; Moss, F. M.; Harris, J. R. W.; Pinching, A. J.; Mitchell, D. M., 1992: Improved outcome of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in AIDS patients: a multifactorial treatment effect

Ebbert, M. A.; Nault, L. R., 1994: Improved overwintering ability in Dalbulus maidis (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) vectors infected with Spiroplasma kunkelii (Mycoplasmatales: Spiroplasmataceae)

Engeseth, Nicki J.; Gray, J. Ian; Booren, Alden M.; Asghar, Ali, 1993: Improved oxidative stability of veal lipids and cholesterol through dietary vitamin E supplementation

Lal P., 1991: Improved package of practices for poplars under agroforestry

Castro, H. R.; Battaglia, M., 1992: Improved pear and apple cultivars and clones suitable for growing in Rio Negro and Neuquen

Mcilroy, S. G.; Goodall, E. A.; Rice, D. A.; Mcnulty, M. S.; Kennedy, D. G., 1993: Improved performance in commercial broiler flocks with subclinical infectious bursal disease when fed diets containing increased concentrations of vitamin E

Baker, K. F., 1993: Improved performance in flame atomic absorption spectroscopy

Hernandez, R.; Moody, R. C., 1992: Improved performance of southern pine structural glued-laminated timber

Satyanarayana, G.; Vaikuntam, K.; Raghuveer, S., 1992: Improved performances of evaporators and chemical recovery boiler with the increased utilisation of hard woods at ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited

Torr, S. J.; Holloway, M. T. P.; Vale, G. A., 1992: Improved persistence of insecticide deposits on targets for controlling Glossina pallidipes (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Sigvald, R.; Gustafsson, G., 1993: Improved plant protection forecasts based upon weather data

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405127

Baer, Jt, 1993: Improved plasma cholesterol levels in men after a nutrition education program at the worksite

Morris, Pi, 1991: Improved preservative treatment of spruce-pine-fir at higher moisture contents

Tichy, Petr J.; Kapralek, Frantisek; Jecmen, Petr, 1993: Improved procedure for a high-yield recovery of enzymatically active recombinant calf chymosin from Escherichia coli inclusion bodies

Osterland, N., 1994: Improved process for microfiltration of cheese milk

Chee, Raymond P.; Cantliffe, Daniel J., 1992: Improved production procedures for somatic embryos of sweetpotato for a synthetic seed system

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405135

Thomas, L.; Loffler, F., 1994: Improved protein functionalities by enzymatic treatment

Tamura, M.; Tao, R.; Sugiura, A., 1993: Improved protoplast culture and plant regeneration of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)

Asano, Y.; Ito, Y.; Sugiura, K.; Fujiie, A., 1994: Improved protoplast culture of bentgrass (Agrostis L.) using a medium with increased agarose concentration

Mathupala, Saroj P.; Zeikus, J. Gregory, 1993: Improved purification and biochemical characterization of extracellular amylopullulanase from Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus 39E

Albrecht, J.; Jansen, I.; Kula, M. R., 1993: Improved purification of an (R)-oxynitrilase from Linum usitatissimum (flax) and investigation of the substrate range

Haff, L. A., 1994: Improved quantitative PCR using nested primers

Walther, H.; Bohmer, M., 1992: Improved quantitative-genetic selection in breeding for resistance to Septoria nodorum (Berk.) in wheat

Pathak, P.; Laryea, K. B., 1992: Improved rainfed farming for the semiarid tropics: implications for soil and water conservation

Monfort, P.; Le Gal, D.; Le Saux, J. C.; Piclet, G.; Raguenes, P.; Boulben, S.; Plusquellec, A., 1994: Improved rapid method for isolation and enumeration of salmonella from bivalves using Rambach agar

Wan Tarmeze, W. A.; Koh, M. P.; Mohd Tamizi Mustafa, 1993: Improved rattan through phenolic resin impregnation - a preliminary study

Schuurmans, J. W.; Schuurmans, W.; Leeuwen, J. van, 1992: Improved real time control of water deliveries

Russell, Rw; Drane, Jw, 1992: Improved rearrangement of the integrated Michaelis-Menten equation for calculating in vivo kinetics of transport and metabolism

Gibeaut, D. M.; Carpita, N. C., 1994: Improved recovery of (1->3),(1->4)- beta -D-glucan synthase activity from Golgi apparatus of Zea mays (L.) using differential flotation centrifugation

Allan, C. L.; Hemingway, R. G.; Parkins, J. J., 1993: Improved reproductive performance in cattle dosed with trace element/vitamin boluses

Suss, M., 1992: Improved safety with new sow boxes

Kozlo, M. S.; Oleinik, I. A.; Sadych, A. V.; Belinskii, A. S.; Poddubnyi, Yu A.; Kovtun, O. G.; Leshchenko, V. M., 1992: Improved scheme of diffusion juice purification

Allah Rang; Sharma, D. P., 1990: Improved seed and its certification in forestry

Slyusarenko, M. Ya; Zubritskii, V. A., 1992: Improved seed root crop storage

Dhanvantari, B. N.; Brown, R. J., 1993: Improved seed treatments for control of bacterial canker of tomato

Olson, Paul; Nelson, Susan; Dornburg, Ralph, 1994: Improved self-inactivating retroviral vectors derived from spleen necrosis virus

Bornman, M. S.; Kok, E. L.; Otto, B. S.; Du Toit, D.; Du Plessis, D. J., 1992: Improved semen quality after treatment for schistosomiasis

Mackill, D. J.; Amante, M. M.; Vergara, B. S.; Sarkarung, S., 1993: Improved semidwarf rice lines with tolerance of submergence of seedlings

Sparkes, A. H.; Werrett, G.; Stokes, C. R.; Gruffydd Jones, T. J., 1994: Improved sensitivity in the diagnosis of dermatophytosis by fluorescence microscopy with calcafluor white

Yu, X. L.; Reed, B. M., 1993: Improved shoot multiplication of mature hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) in vitro using glucose as a carbon source

Faraway, Julian J., 1993: Improved sib-pair linkage test for disease susceptibility loci

Moldrup, P.; Hansen, J. A.; Rolston, D. E.; Yamaguchi, T., 1993: Improved simulation of unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity by the moving mean slope approach

Jones, E. A.; Reed, D. D., 1991: Improved site index curves for young red pine plantations in the northern Lake States

Sohn, K. S.; Maxwell, C. V.; Buchanan, D. S.; Southern, L. L., 1994: Improved soybean protein sources and early-weaned pigs: 1. Effects on performance and total tract amino acid digestibility

Sohn, K. S.; Maxwell, C. V.; Southern, L. L.; Buchanan, D. S., 1994: Improved soybean protein sources for early-weaned pigs: 2. Effects on ileal amino acid digestibility

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405169

Awadhwal, N. K., 1991: Improved spray shield

Aznar, M. P.; Corella, J.; Delgado, J.; Lahoz, J., 1993: Improved steam gasification of lignocellulosic residues in a fluidized bed with commercial steam reforming catalysts

Weber, Rainer; Bryan, Ralph T.; Juranek, Dennis D., 1992: Improved stool concentration procedure for detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in fecal specimens

Reed, Barbara M., 1993: Improved survival of in vitro-stored Rubus germplasm

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405175

Kale, U. M.; Kadam, M. L.; Shinde, C. S.; Patil, S. V., 1991: Improved technique for the treatment of compressed yeast used for distillery

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405177

Drew, Roderick A., 1992: Improved techniques for in vitro propagation and germplasm storage of papaya

Chakravarty, D. K.; Deb, G.; Saha, D., 1993: Improved technology for cultivation of oyster mushroom

Panday, Sorab; Huyakorn, Peter S.; Therrien, Rene; Nichols, Ralph L., 1993: Improved three-dimensional finite-element techniques for field simulation of variably saturated flow and transport

Mohammad, Iqbal; Sessions, John, 1991: Improved timber transportation strategy for the coniferous forests of Pakistan

Poole, N. J., 1993: Improved tomatoes produced by modification of polygalacturonase activity

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405183

Brimer, L., 1991: Improved utilization of multipurpose tree legumes through a better understanding of their chemistry. The Acacia species: a case study. An introduction to selected topics concerning minor forestry products, toxic and antinutritional constituents

Liljas, E., 1993: Improved weather forecasts and agrometeorological cooperation in Europe

Hawk, H. W.; Wall, R. J., 1994: Improved yields of bovine blastocysts from in vitro-produced oocytes. I. Selection of oocytes and zygotes

Hawk, H. W.; Wall, R. J., 1994: Improved yields of bovine blastocysts from in vitro-produced oocytes. II. Media and co-culture cells

Linko, Yu Yen; Wu, Xiao Yan, 1993: Improvement and estimation of enzymic starch saccharification process

Krifi, M. N.; El Ayeb, M.; Ben Lasfar, Z.; Miled, K.; Dellagi, K., 1992: Improvement and standardization of antivenoms sera

Wang, X. M.; Zhang, R. B.; Fan, L., 1991: Improvement effects of recurrent selection by Taigu nuclear sterile wheat

Matthews, P. G.; Wahlqvist, M. L.; Marks, S. J.; Myers, K. A.; Hodgson, J. M., 1993: Improvement in arterial stiffness during hypolipidaemic therapy is offset by weight gain

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405192

Arora, M.; Kahlon, S. S., 1992: Improvement in digestibility of corn cobs with solid state fermentation

Chernovol, M. I., 1992: Improvement in durability of machine elements with the aid of composite coatings

Munshi Singh; Patil, N. B.; Singh, V. P., 1993: Improvement in fibre-bundle strength in medium-staple varieties of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Castro, J.; Saavedra, M.; Pastor, M., 1991: Improvement in infiltration in olive groves through use of a cereal cover crop

Kabir, J.; Das, A.; Samanta, S. K., 1992: Improvement in plant type and seed protein in hyacinth bean (Lablab niger Medik.)

Cosnes, J.; Evard, D.; Beaugerie, L.; Gendre, J. P.; Quintrec, Y. le, 1992: Improvement in protein absorption with a small-peptide-based diet in patients with high jejunostomy

Reddy, G. S.; Vatnal, R. V., 1992: Improvement in quality of sugar

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405200

Mytton, L. R.; Cresswell, A.; Colbourn, P., 1993: Improvement in soil structure associated with white clover

Randhawa, A. S.; Sharma, S. K.; Bagga, P. S., 1992: Improvement in the germination of wheat through seed-dressing

Friedman, M.; Finot, P. A., 1991: Improvement in the nutritional quality of bread

Quinsac, A.; Lessire, M.; Krouti, M.; Ribaillier, D.; Coic, J. P.; Fauduet, H.; Rollin, P., 1994: Improvement in the nutritive value of high and low glucosinolate rapeseed meal by aqueous extraction

Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405206

Foti, S.; Mauromicale, G., 1994: Improvement in the production calendar of globe artichoke and in crop quality characters by the introduction of new varieties

Litwinczuk, W.; Surmiak, J., 1994: Improvement in the technique for crossing lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

Munshi Singh; Singh, V. P.; Sitaram, M. S., 1989: Improvement in yield and quality of upland cotton (G. hirsutum L.) by continuous selection

Anonymous, 1991: Improvement of Acacia koa. Resource documents, Proceedings of a workshop held in Kamuela, Hawaii, April 18-20, 1991

Anonymous, 1991: Improvement of Black Pied cattle in Tyumen region by using bulls of the Holstein breed

Agarwal, P. K., 1993: Improvement of Citrus

Pascual, M. J.; Correal, E., 1991: Improvement of Euphorbia lagascae by mutagenesis

Sharma, P. P.; Joshi, A. K., 1993: Improvement of French bean

Paau, A. S., 1991: Improvement of Rhizobium inoculants by mutation, genetic engineering and formulation

O' Reilly, D. R., 1992: Improvement of a baculovirus pesticide by deletion of the egt gene

El Sherbieny, H. Y.; El Itriby, H. A.; Mahgoub, G. M. A.; Ismail, A. A., 1991: Improvement of a commercial maize single cross by improving its component inbreds. II. Improving inbred line Sids 62, the male parent of single cross 9

Nagai, N.; Kuroiwa, I.; Kanda, T.; Okazaki, M., 1994: Improvement of a fixed bed bioreactor for plant cell culture

Casanova, P.; Capaccioli, A., 1991: Improvement of a forest pasture for wildlife

Dobigny, A.; Truong, V.; Haicour, R.; David, C.; Rossignol, L.; Rousselle, P., 1992: Improvement of a method for the transformation of potato using Agrobacterium rhizogenes: application to the introduction of Phthorimaea operculella resistance into variety Fanette

Zhou, J. H., 1993: Improvement of a native maize germplasm in Sichuan province by means of population reshaping

Voitsik, A. A.; Rasnitsyn, S. P., 1992: Improvement of a technique for determining insecticidal activity of bacterial preparations against mosquito larvae

Minato, K.; Yasuda, R., 1992: Improvement of acoustic and hygroscopic properties of wood by some non-formaldehyde cross-linking agents

Van Altvorst, A. C.; Koehorst, H. J. J.; Bruinsma, T.; Dons, J. J. M., 1994: Improvement of adventitious shoot formation from carnation leaf explants

Anonymous, 1993: Improvement of agricultural statistics in Asia and the Pacific

Liu, C. Z., 1990: Improvement of agricultural structure in Taiwan, R.O.C

Mohideen, M. K.; Irulappan, I., 1993: Improvement of amaranths

Moksin, Mm, 1993: Improvement of an opto-thermal technique for wood

Quevauviller, P.; Ure, A.; Muntau, H.; Griepink, B., 1993: Improvement of analytical measurements within the BCR-programme: single and sequential extraction procedures applied to soil and sediment analysis

Hou, L; Ullrich, Se; Kleinhofs, A; Stiff, Cm, 1993: Improvement of anther culture methods for doubled haploid production in barley breeding

Chadha, T. R., 1993: Improvement of apple

Fang, Tony J.; Cheng, Yi Shin, 1993: Improvement of astaxanthin production by Phaffia rhodozyma through mutation and optimization of culture conditions

Isachenko, V. V.; Soler, C.; Ostashko, F. I.; Isachenko, E. F., 1994: Improvement of attachment rate of bovine embryos after transfer with trophoblastic fragments

Sathiamoorthy, S.; Balamohan, T. N., 1993: Improvement of banana

Shewry, P. R.; Tatham, A. S.; Halford, N. G.; Davies, J.; Harris, N.; Kreis, M., 1994: Improvement of barley and wheat quality by genetic engineering

Jensen, M.; Linde Jensen, J. J., 1992: Improvement of bathing water quality by reduction of urban outlets: case study for the beach of Rodvig, Denmark

Schultze Dewitz, G., 1994: Improvement of beech wood

Singh, D. P.; Anand, N.; Deshpande, A. A., 1993: Improvement of bell pepper

Ryl' sskii, E.; Mironskii, V.; Ostroushko, A., 1990: Improvement of biotechnical methods in animal reproduction

Chadha, M. L., 1993: Improvement of brinjal

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405360

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405376

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405379

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405415

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405420

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405443

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405569

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Section 3, Chapter 2406, Accession 002405669

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