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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2406

Chapter 2406 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Karch, S.; Garin, B.; Asidi, N.; Manzambi, Z.; Salaun, J.J.; Mouchet, J., 1993:
Impregnated mosquito nets for the control of malaria in Zaire

Mortreuil, J.C., 1991:
Impression techniques under the light microscope: identifying groundnut varieties from their seed coat, stoma observations, etc

Post, P.E.T.M., 1992:
Impressions gained from a study day organized by the Recreation Foundation and the Agricultural University of Wageningen on quality and the future role of distribution

Felder, B., 1994:
Impressions of South Africa - travels with the fruit growing group

Pourcel, Christine, 1993:
Imprinting and methylation

Strunnikov, V.A.; Gubanov, E.A.; Pronyaeva, M.A., 1991:
Imprinting in the mulberry silkworm

Chaudhuri, S.; Messing, J., 1993:
Imprinting of a zein post-transcriptional regulator

Babinet, C., 1992:
Imprinting of parental genomes

Peterson, K.; Sapienza, C., 1993:
Imprinting the genome: imprinted genes, imprinting genes, and a hypothesis for their interaction

Reik, W.; Allen, N.D., 1994:
Imprinting with and without methylation

Piedade, J.R.; Piedade, M.F., 1988:
Improper use of amitraz in cattle rearing

Christie, D.A., 1993:
Improve plant performance with automation studies

Neilson, L.N.; Coulthard, N., 1992:
Improved A-massecuite exhaustion at Maidstone

Bulgakov, V.M.; Gurchenko, A.P.; Baranovskii, V.N., 1992:
Improved KYM - 3 root harvester

Thomas, S.E., 1991:
Improved access to agricultural literature through a comprehensive, detailed agricultural thesaurus

Ueno, M.; Arai, T.; Kojima, K.; Ogawa, H.K.; Matsumoto, I.; Seno, N., 1992:
Improved affinity chromatographic purification of D-mannose-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine-specific lectin from the bark of Sophora japonica eliminating the loss by sugar specific self-aggregation

Sarkar, B.B.; Nath, S.C.; Dasgupta, A.; Chowhan, R.; Majumder, B.I.; Debbarma, B.L.; Bhattacharjee, T.K., 1990:
Improved agro-technology for jhum cultivation in Tripura

Brooker, J.D.; Thomson, A.M.; Ward, H., 1992:
Improved animal production by genetic engineering of ruminal bacteria

Conradsson, M., 1993:
Improved bacteriological diagnosis of strangles. A selective substrate for beta -haemolytic streptococci

Jeyarajan, R.; Samiyappan, R.; Ramakrishnan, G., 1993:
Improved biocontrol agents through genetic engineering

Lotter, L.H.; Pitman, A.R., 1992:
Improved biological phosphorus removal resulting from the enrichment of reactor feed with fermentation products

Zhen, Y., 1992:
Improved breed-Saibei rabbits

Meyer, J.H.; Antwerpen, R. van; Henry, P.C.; Leibbrandt, N., 1992:
Improved cane yields from vertical mulching under rainfed and irrigated cane conditions

Wimmerová, M.; Glatz, Z.; Janiczek, O.; Macholán, L., 1993:
Improved chromatographic purification of pea seedlings diamine oxidase

Parsons, L.R.; Wheaton, T.A.; Faryna, N.D.; Jackson, J.L., 1991:
Improved citrus freeze protection with elevated microsprinklers

Demmer, A.; Holstein, S.E.H.; Hinz, G.; Schauermann, G.; Robinson, D.G., 1993:
Improved coated vesicle isolation allows better characterization of clathrin polypeptides

Hall, M.R.; Chavez, L.; Sandblom, D.; Kvasnicka, W.G.; Hanks, D., 1993:
Improved control of trichomoniasis with Trichomonas foetus vaccine

Pavlyukov, I.A.; Berezantsev, Y.A.; Mezhazakis, F.I., 1990:
Improved coprological diagnosis of opisthorchosis

Donn, A.; Martin, L.A.; Donaldson, A.I., 1994 :
Improved detection of persistent foot-and-mouth disease infection in cattle by polymerase chain reaction

Elliott, C.T.; McEvoy, J.D.; McCaughey, W.J.; Crooks, S.R.H.; Hewitt, S.A., 1993:
Improved detection of the beta -agonist clenbuterol by analysis of retina extracts

Campbell, K.H.; Loi, P.; Cappai, P.; Wilmut, I., 1994:
Improved development to blastocyst of ovine nuclear transfer embryos reconstructed during the presumptive S-phase of enucleated activated oocytes

Tessier, S.; McLaughlin, N., 1993:
Improved double EOR drawbar pull transducer for 3-D forces measurement

Hammentun, A., 1992:
Improved environment leads to better eating habits

Sharshunov, V.A.; Ulakhovich, A.E.; Grin' kov, S.G., 1992:
Improved equipment OSP-5 for harvesting clover

Zel' tser, V.Ya, 1991:
Improved espalier construction for high stem vineyards

Zmarlicki, S.; Yuan, T.C.J.; Richardson, G.H., 1991:
Improved estimations of total and psychrotrophic microflora in raw milk using reflectance colorimetry at 32 degrees C

Norz, R.; Hanser, S.; Ginzinger, W.; Tschager, E., 1991:
Improved feeding and protein content of milk. Influence of a protein premium on production

Ball, G.L.; Guertin, D.P., 1992:
Improved fire growth modeling

Melching, C.S.; Anmangandla, S., 1992:
Improved first-order uncertainty method for water-quality modeling

Karki, M.B., 1993:
Improved fodder tree management in the agroforestry systems of central and western Nepal

Menashian, L.; Flam, M.; Douglas-Paxton, D.; Raymond, J., 1992:
Improved food intake and reduced nausea and vomiting in patients given a restricted diet while receiving cisplatin chemotherapy

Buban, T.; Ratz, M.B.; Olah, L., 1993:
Improved fruit shape and less russeting of apples by using gibberellins

Spieszalski W.; Niemczyk H.D., 1991:
Improved gas chromatographic method for analysis of trichlorfon insecticide in soil and turfgrass thatch

Parera, C.; Cantliffe, D., 1991:
Improved germination and modified imbibition of shrunken-2 sweet corn by seed disinfection and solid matrix priming

Opperman, L.; Barnard, R.O., 1992:
Improved growth and grain yield of wheat in deep mouldboard ploughed crater disease and disease-free soil on the Springbok Flats

Carter, J.M.; Gardner, W.K.; Gibson, A.H., 1994:
Improved growth and yield of Faba beans (Vicia faba cv. Fiord) by inoculation with strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar. viciae in acid soils in south west Victoria

Tilt, K.; Goff, W.D.; Williams, D.; Shumack, R.L.; Olive, J.W., 1994:
Improved growth of pecan and ornamental pear trees in containers with water-holding reservoirs

Hood, C.E.; Khalilian, A.; Garner, T.H.; Palmer, J.H., 1992:
Improved interseeding methods and equipment

Roy, K.C.; Willardson, L.S.; Clyde, C.G., 1992:
Improved irrigation management using unconfined aquifer pumping

Gammelgaard, H.I.; Andersson, N.E.; Skov, O., 1993:
Improved light distribution in greenhouses by the use of divided shading screens

Senadhira, D.; Herrera, R.M.; Roxas, J.P., 1993:
Improved lines with wide compatibility (WC) gene of Moroberekan

Shaikh, B.; Jackson, J., 1993:
Improved liquid chromatographic determination of neomycin B in bovine kidney

Fiyalka, M.D., 1993:
Improved machinery for silage preparation

Sabau, G., 1989:
Improved manufacturing process for pallets used in harbours and for cement

Tanaka, T.; Aoki, Y.; Tamase, K.; Umoto, F.; Ohbayashi, H.; Imou, M.; Sasaki, M., 1992:
Improved method for determination of total mercury and its application to vegetables and fruits in markets

McCusker, J.; Dawson, M.T.; Noone, D.; Gannon, F.; Smith, T., 1992:
Improved method for direct PCR amplification from whole blood

Rossi, F.S.; Neal, J.C.; Whitlow, T.H., 1993:
Improved method for maintaining soil moisture levels for plant seedling research

Rodde, C.; Mohamed, A.H.; Lüesse, H.G.; Kazda, J., 1992:
Improved method for purification of Mycobacterium leprae from armadillo tissues

Jyothi, R.; Foerster, B.; Hamelmann, C.; Shetty, N.P., 1993:
Improved method for the concentration and purification of faecal cysts of Entamoeba histolytica for use as antigen

Remmal, A.B.uchikhi, T.R.ayour, K.E.tayebi, M., 1993:
Improved method for the determination of antimicrobial activity of essential oils in agar medium

Ye, F.; Albaum, M.; Abel, W.O.; Markmann-Mulisch, U., 1993:
Improved method for the isolation of plant mitochondrial RNA from green leaves

Slavyanskii, A.A.; Sapronov, A.R.; Sorokovaya, M.A., 1992:
Improved method of boiling final massecuite

Vetterlein, E., 1990:
Improved method of calculating hydraulic conductivity in soils derived from glacial deposits

Burk, R., 1992:
Improved method of statistical analysis for evaluation of forest damage data in Europe. Part 1. Methodological basis

Burk, R., 1992:
Improved method of statistical analysis for evaluation of forest damage data in Europe. Part 2. Data analysis

Willoughby, L.G.; Roberts, R.J., 1994:
Improved methodology for isolation of Aphanomyces fungal pathogen of epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) in Asian fish

Sayama, M.; Homma, Y., 1993:
Improved methods for detecting and estimating the number of cystosori of Polymyxa betae from infested soil, and for separating the cystosori from infected rootlets of sugar beet

Thrane, U.; Filtenborg, O.; Frisvad, J.C.; Lund, F., 1992 :
Improved methods for detection and identification of toxigenic Fusarium species

Sugii, S.; Hirota, Y., 1991:
Improved methods for purification of a bovine serum mannan-binding protein

O.M.; Dauterman W.C.; Motoyama N., 1991:
Improved methods for the determination of kinetic constants of esterase inhibition

Navarrete, N.E.; Sambeek, J.W. van; Preece, J.E.; Gaffney, G.R., 1989:
Improved micropropagation of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.)

Ott, M.; Dorer, B.; Hoppe, E., 1991:
Improved model for the annual updating of information on Scots pine stands less than 40 years old

Buchan, G.D.; Grewal, K.S.; Robson, A.B., 1993:
Improved models of particle-size distribution: an illustration of model comparison techniques

Báez-Camargo, M.; Flores-Soto, E.; Orozco, E., 1992:
Improved molecular karyotype of Entamoeba histolytica

Estornell, E.; Barber, T.; Cabo, J., 1994:
Improved nitrogen metabolism in rats fed on lipid-rich liquid diets

Gandin, C.L.; Thomazelli, L.F.; Guimaraes, D.R., 1992:
Improved onion cultivars for Santa Catarina State, south Brazil

Kosterkin, K.M.; Petukhov, G.I.; Svechnikov, P.G., 1993:
Improved onion harvest technology

Beck, E.J.; French, P.D.; Helbert, M.H.; Robinson, D.S.; Moss, F.M.; Harris, J.R.; Pinching, A.J.; Mitchell, D.M., 1992:
Improved outcome of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in AIDS patients: a multifactorial treatment effect

Ebbert, M.A.; Nault, L.R., 1994:
Improved overwintering ability in Dalbulus maidis (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) vectors infected with Spiroplasma kunkelii (Mycoplasmatales: Spiroplasmataceae)

Lal P., 1991:
Improved package of practices for poplars under agroforestry

Castro, H.R.; Battaglia, M., 1992:
Improved pear and apple cultivars and clones suitable for growing in Rio Negro and Neuquen

McIlroy, S.G.; Goodall, E.A.; Rice, D.A.; McNulty, M.S.; Kennedy, D.G., 1993:
Improved performance in commercial broiler flocks with subclinical infectious bursal disease when fed diets containing increased concentrations of vitamin E

Baker, K.F., 1993:
Improved performance in flame atomic absorption spectroscopy

Hernandez, R.; Moody, R.C., 1992:
Improved performance of southern pine structural glued-laminated timber

Satyanarayana, G.; Vaikuntam, K.; Raghuveer, S., 1992:
Improved performances of evaporators and chemical recovery boiler with the increased utilisation of hard woods at ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited

Torr, S.J.; Holloway, M.T.P.; Vale, G.A., 1992:
Improved persistence of insecticide deposits on targets for controlling Glossina pallidipes (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Sigvald, R.; Gustafsson, G., 1993:
Improved plant protection forecasts based upon weather data

Amer, I.M., 1992:
Improved plant regeneration from organogenic soybean cultures

Morris, Pi, 1991:
Improved preservative treatment of spruce-pine-fir at higher moisture contents

Osterland, N., 1994:
Improved process for microfiltration of cheese milk

Chee, R.P.; Cantliffe, D.J., 1992:
Improved production procedures for somatic embryos of sweetpotato for a synthetic seed system

Thomas, L.; Loffler, F., 1994:
Improved protein functionalities by enzymatic treatment

Tamura, M.; Tao, R.; Sugiura, A., 1993:
Improved protoplast culture and plant regeneration of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)

Albrecht, J.; Jansen, I.; Kula, M.R., 1993:
Improved purification of an (R)-oxynitrilase from Linum usitatissimum (flax) and investigation of the substrate range

Haff, L.A., 1994:
Improved quantitative PCR using nested primers

Walther, H.; Bohmer, M., 1992:
Improved quantitative-genetic selection in breeding for resistance to Septoria nodorum (Berk.) in wheat

Pathak, P.; Laryea, K.B., 1992:
Improved rainfed farming for the semiarid tropics: implications for soil and water conservation

Wan Tarmeze, W.A.; Koh, M.P.; Mohd Tamizi Mustafa, 1993:
Improved rattan through phenolic resin impregnation - a preliminary study

Schuurmans, J.W.; Schuurmans, W.; Leeuwen, J. van, 1992:
Improved real time control of water deliveries

Gibeaut, D.M.; Carpita, N.C., 1994:
Improved recovery of (1->3),(1->4)- beta -D-glucan synthase activity from Golgi apparatus of Zea mays (L.) using differential flotation centrifugation

Allan, C.L.; Hemingway, R.G.; Parkins, J.J., 1993:
Improved reproductive performance in cattle dosed with trace element/vitamin boluses

Suss, M., 1992:
Improved safety with new sow boxes

Kozlo, M.S.; Oleinik, I.A.; Sadych, A.V.; Belinskii, A.S.; Poddubnyi, Y.A.; Kovtun, O.G.; Leshchenko, V.M., 1992:
Improved scheme of diffusion juice purification

Allah Rang; Sharma, D.P., 1990:
Improved seed and its certification in forestry

Slyusarenko, M.Y.; Zubritskii, V.A., 1992:
Improved seed root crop storage

Dhanvantari, B.N.; Brown, R.J., 1993:
Improved seed treatments for control of bacterial canker of tomato

Olson, P.; Nelson, S.; Dornburg, R., 1994:
Improved self-inactivating retroviral vectors derived from spleen necrosis virus

Bornman, M.S.; Kok, E.L.; Otto, B.S.;, D.; D.P.essis, D.J., 1992:
Improved semen quality after treatment for schistosomiasis

Sparkes, A.H.; Werrett, G.; Stokes, C.R.; Gruffydd-Jones, T.J., 1994:
Improved sensitivity in the diagnosis of dermatophytosis by fluorescence microscopy with calcafluor white

Moldrup, P.; Hansen, J.A.; Rolston, D.E.; Yamaguchi, T., 1993:
Improved simulation of unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity by the moving mean slope approach

Jones, E.A.; Reed, D.D., 1991:
Improved site index curves for young red pine plantations in the northern Lake States

Sohn, K.S.; Maxwell, C.V.; Buchanan, D.S.; Southern, L.L., 1994:
Improved soybean protein sources and early-weaned pigs: 1. Effects on performance and total tract amino acid digestibility

Handzel, T.R.; Green, R.M.; Sanchez, C.; Chung, H.; Sobsey, M.D., 1993:
Improved specificity in detecting F-specific coliphages in environmental samples by suppression of somatic phages

Awadhwal, N.K., 1991:
Improved spray shield

Weber, R.; Bryan, R.T.; Juranek, D.D., 1992:
Improved stool concentration procedure for detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in fecal specimens

Reed, Barbara M., 1993:
Improved survival of in vitro-stored Rubus germplasm

Sugimoto, H.; Uchida, H.; Akiyama, N.; Nagao, T.; Tomikawa, S.; Mita, K.; Beck, Y.; Inoue, S.; Watanabe, K.; Nakayama, Y., 1992 :
Improved survival of renal allograft recipients with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia by early diagnosis and treatment

Kale, U.M.; Kadam, M.L.; Shinde, C.S.; Patil, S.V., 1991:
Improved technique for the treatment of compressed yeast used for distillery

Whitehouse, N.L.; Olson, V.M.; Schwab, C.G.; Chesbro, W.R.; Cunningham, K.D.; Lykos, T., 1994:
Improved techniques for dissociating particle-associated mixed ruminal microorganisms from ruminal digesta solids

Drew, Roderick A., 1992:
Improved techniques for in vitro propagation and germplasm storage of papaya

Chakravarty, D.K.; Deb, G.; Saha, D., 1993:
Improved technology for cultivation of oyster mushroom

Mohammad, I.; Sessions, J., 1991:
Improved timber transportation strategy for the coniferous forests of Pakistan

Poole, N.J., 1993:
Improved tomatoes produced by modification of polygalacturonase activity

Brimer, L., 1991:
Improved utilization of multipurpose tree legumes through a better understanding of their chemistry. The Acacia species: a case study. An introduction to selected topics concerning minor forestry products, toxic and antinutritional constituents

Liljas, E., 1993:
Improved weather forecasts and agrometeorological cooperation in Europe

Krifi, M.N.; el Ayeb, M.; Ben Lasfar, Z.; Miled, K.; Dellagi, K., 1992:
Improvement and standardization of antivenoms sera

Wang, X.M.; Zhang, R.B.; Fan, L., 1991:
Improvement effects of recurrent selection by Taigu nuclear sterile wheat

Matthews, P.G.; Wahlqvist, M.L.; Marks, S.J.; Myers, K.A.; Hodgson, J.M., 1993:
Improvement in arterial stiffness during hypolipidaemic therapy is offset by weight gain

Reddy, P.S.; Narahari, D.; Talukdar, J.K.; Sundararasu, V.; Rajini, R.A., 1990:
Improvement in broiler farm economy index (BFEI) due to TM-50 (oxytetracycline) in broiler feeds

Arora, M.; Kahlon, S.S., 1992:
Improvement in digestibility of corn cobs with solid state fermentation

Chernovol, M.I., 1992:
Improvement in durability of machine elements with the aid of composite coatings

Munshi Singh; Patil, N.B.; Singh, V.P., 1993:
Improvement in fibre-bundle strength in medium-staple varieties of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Castro, J.; Saavedra, M.; Pastor, M., 1991:
Improvement in infiltration in olive groves through use of a cereal cover crop

Kabir, J.; Das, A.; Samanta, S.K., 1992:
Improvement in plant type and seed protein in hyacinth bean (Lablab niger Medik.)

Cosnes, J.; Evard, D.; Beaugerie, L.; Gendre, J.P.; L.Q.intrec, Y., 1992:
Improvement in protein absorption with a small-peptide-based diet in patients with high jejunostomy

Reddy, G.S.; Vatnal, R.V., 1992:
Improvement in quality of sugar

Randhawa, A.S.; Sharma, S.K.; Bagga, P.S., 1992:
Improvement in the germination of wheat through seed-dressing

Friedman, M.; Finot, P.A., 1991:
Improvement in the nutritional quality of bread

Noguchi, N., 1991:
Improvement in the performance of a duel-fueled tractor with alcohol and diesel fuel

Foti, S.; Mauromicale, G., 1994:
Improvement in the production calendar of globe artichoke and in crop quality characters by the introduction of new varieties

Litwinczuk, W.; Surmiak, J., 1994:
Improvement in the technique for crossing lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

Munshi Singh; Singh, V.P.; Sitaram, M.S., 1989:
Improvement in yield and quality of upland cotton (G. hirsutum L.) by continuous selection

Anonymous, 1991:
Improvement of Acacia koa. Resource documents, Proceedings of a workshop held in Kamuela, Hawaii, April 18-20, 1991

Agarwal, P.K., 1993:
Improvement of Citrus

Pascual, M.J.; Correal, E., 1991:
Improvement of Euphorbia lagascae by mutagenesis

Sharma, P.P.; Joshi, A.K., 1993:
Improvement of French bean

E.S.erbieny, H.Y.; E.I.riby, H.A.; Mahgoub, G.M.A.; Ismail, A.A., 1991:
Improvement of a commercial maize single cross by improving its component inbreds. II. Improving inbred line Sids 62, the male parent of single cross 9

Casanova, P.; Capaccioli, A., 1991:
Improvement of a forest pasture for wildlife

Dobigny, A.; Truong, V.; Haicour, R.; David, C.; Rossignol, L.; Rousselle, P., 1992:
Improvement of a method for the transformation of potato using Agrobacterium rhizogenes: application to the introduction of Phthorimaea operculella resistance into variety Fanette

Zhou, J.H., 1993:
Improvement of a native maize germplasm in Sichuan province by means of population reshaping

Voitsik, A.A.; Rasnitsyn, S.P., 1992:
Improvement of a technique for determining insecticidal activity of bacterial preparations against mosquito larvae

Minato, K.; Yasuda, R., 1992:
Improvement of acoustic and hygroscopic properties of wood by some non-formaldehyde cross-linking agents

Liu, C.Z., 1990:
Improvement of agricultural structure in Taiwan, R.O.C

Mohideen, M.K.; Irulappan, I., 1993:
Improvement of amaranths

Chadha, T.R., 1993:
Improvement of apple

Sathiamoorthy, S.; Balamohan, T.N., 1993:
Improvement of banana

Shewry, P.R.; Tatham, A.S.; Halford, N.G.; Davies, J.; Harris, N.; Kreis, M., 1994:
Improvement of barley and wheat quality by genetic engineering

Jensen, M.; Linde Jensen, J.J., 1992:
Improvement of bathing water quality by reduction of urban outlets: case study for the beach of Rodvig, Denmark

Schultze Dewitz, G., 1994:
Improvement of beech wood

Singh, D.P.; Anand, N.; Deshpande, A.A., 1993:
Improvement of bell pepper

Ryl' sskii, E.; Mironskii, V.; Ostroushko, A., 1990:
Improvement of biotechnical methods in animal reproduction

Chadha, M.L., 1993:
Improvement of brinjal

Unver, O.; Voron, B., 1993:
Improvement of canal regulation techniques: the Southeastern Anatolia Project-GAP

Anonymous, 1994:
Improvement of cereal quality by genetic engineering. Proceedings of the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute, Cereal Chemistry Division Symposium on Improvement of Cereal Quality by Genetic Engineering, Sydney, Australia, 12-16 September 1993

Shewry, P.R.; Kreis, M., 1991:
Improvement of cereal seed proteins

Jarnail Singh, 1993:
Improvement of chillies

Gill, H.S., 1993:
Improvement of cole crops

Marceau, J.; Dumont, J., 1993:
Improvement of combined equipment for extracting honey from wax cappings and for mixing creamed honey

Dong, H.S.; Yu, J.L., 1993:
Improvement of conditions for increasing effects of the weak strain TBA16 of the pathogen (Alternaria alternata) to induce tobacco resistance to brown spot

Sharma, P.P.; Joshi, A.K., 1993:
Improvement of cowpea

Chadha, M.L.; Tarsem Lal, 1993:
Improvement of cucurbits

Tseng, Sheng Hsiung, 1991:
Improvement of cultural practices for ratoon sorghum in the paddy-converted dryland

Yamashita, F.; Kojima, H.; Takase, N., 1990:
Improvement of culture of forced eggplants (Part 1). The effect of sowing dates and rootstock cultivars

Sarikaya, H.Z.; A.M.rshoud, S., 1993:
Improvement of dewatering characteristics of aerobically digested sludges

Minato, K.; Yano, H., 1990:
Improvement of dimensional stability and acoustic properties of wood for musical instruments by sulfur dioxide catalysed formalization

Minato, K.; Yasuda, R.; Yano, H., 1990:
Improvement of dimensional stability and acoustic properties of wood for musical instruments with cyclic oxymethylenes I. Formalization with trioxane

Minato, K.; Yasuda, R.; Yano, H., 1990:
Improvement of dimensional stability and acoustic properties of wood for musical instruments with cyclic oxymethylenes II. Formalization with tetraoxane

Flock, D.K., 1993:
Improvement of disease resistance of fowls using conventional breeding methods

Baldini, M.; Cecconi, F.; Megale, P.; Benvenuti, A.; Vannozzi, G.P., 1992:
Improvement of drought resistance in cultivated sunflower by the use of Helianthus argophyllus T&G. Results of a divergent selection for physiological parameters

Kim,; Chang, H.S.; Kim, Y.B.e; Kim, J.H., 1993:
Improvement of drying method for dried persimmons by far infrared ray

Corradini, C.; Pittia, P.; Sensidoni, A.; Innocente, N., 1993:
Improvement of emulsion characteristics in low-fat butter

Klaver, F.A.M.; Twigt, M., 1993:
Improvement of eye formation in cheese

Pedroso, R.; Stable, J.; Ortiz, R., 1992:
Improvement of fertility in Holstein cows returning to oestrus, using an LHRH analogue (Supergestran, Spofa)

Daubinger, K.; Averdunk, G.; Kalm, E.; Preisinger, R., 1993:
Improvement of fertility in cattle through use of information for milk recording and insemination

Daubinger, K., 1994:
Improvement of fertility in cattle using milk recording and AI data

Daubinger, K.; Kalm, E.; Averdunk, G., 1993:
Improvement of fertility using milk recording data

Khanif, Y.M.; Husin, A., 1992:
Improvement of fertilizer N recovery of rice by dicyandiamide and hydroquinone

Shivashankar, G.; Kulkarni, R.S.; Shashidhar, H.E.; Mahishi, D.M., 1993:
Improvement of field bean

Unver, O.; Voron, B.; Akuzum, T., 1993:
Improvement of field water distribution and irrigation techniques: the Southeastern Anatolia Project-GAP

Smit, C.J., 1992:
Improvement of fruitset of navels in the Citrusdal area

Narsinghani, V.G.; Anamika Tiwari, 1993:
Improvement of garden pea

Bhattacharyya, A.K.; Lahiri, A.K.; Basu, R.N., 1991:
Improvement of germinability of Eucalyptus species by pregermination treatments

Corbineau, F.; Come, D., 1993:
Improvement of germination of Terminalia ivorensis seeds

Negi, A.K.; Todaria, N.P., 1993:
Improvement of germination of some Himalayan tree seeds by temperature treatment

Misra, R.K., 1993:
Improvement of goat production in farmers' flocks - network approach

Mukherjee, T.K., 1992:
Improvement of goats in the tropics through genetic and biotechnological methods

Singh, R.; Murthy, B.N.S., 1993:
Improvement of grape

Hashim, R.; Ali, A.; Saat, N.A.M., 1992:
Improvement of growth and feed conversion of hybrid catfish (Clarias gariepinus X C. macrocephalus) fry fed with diets supplemented with live Tubifex

Gamliel, A.; Hadar, E.; Katan, J., 1993:
Improvement of growth and yield of Gypsophila paniculata by solarization or fumigation of soil or container medium in continuous cropping systems

Gurusubramanian, G.; Babu, A.; Venkatesan, S.; Karnan, P., 1991:
Improvement of growth rate, adult emergence and reproductive potential of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): an evaluation of natural and semisynthetic diets

Subramanyam, M.D.; Iyer, C.P.A., 1993:
Improvement of guava

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Improvement of human resources in the fishing sector - the contribution of the Ghana/Netherlands regional training and applied research programme for artisanal fish processing in West Africa, 1988-91

Sivarajasingam, S., 1992:
Improvement of indigenous cattle and buffalo breeds in South East Asia

Yokoyama, T.; Fujikata, M.; Fujiie, A., 1993:
Improvement of infectivity of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) to Anomala cuprea Hope (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) by ultraviolet irradiation of protoplasts

Bunpromma, K., 1992:
Improvement of kenaf production in northeast Thailand

Clement, B.; Delolme, C.; Damanhuri, E., 1992 :
Improvement of landfill biogas productivity by leachate recycling

Kretzschmar, U., 1993:
Improvement of larch micropropagation by induced short shoot elongation in vitro

Pandey, S.C., 1993:
Improvement of leafy vegetables

Keilani, T.; Schlueter, W.A.; Levin, M.L.; Batlle, D.C., 1993:
Improvement of lipid abnormalities associated with proteinuria using fosinopril, an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor

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Improvement of lipoprotein lipid composition in type II diabetic patients with concomitant hyperlipoproteinemia by acipimox treatment

Anonymous, 1993:
Improvement of living conditions in rural Ningxia

Baume, J.P.; Certain, F.; Malaterre, P.O.; Rey, J.; Sally, H., 1992:
Improvement of main canals management through a mathematical flow simulation model. Application to the Kirindi-Oya Canal (Sri Lanka)

Iyer, C.P.A.; Subramanyam, M.D., 1993:
Improvement of mango

Syso, A.I., 1992:
Improvement of mineral nutrition of fodder crops on peat soils

Pathak, R.K.; Pathak, R.A., 1993:
Improvement of minor fruits

Dordio, A.M.;, J.F.; Monteiro, M.F., 1991:
Improvement of native pastures in 'Montado' areas south of Portugal

Tartarino, P., 1991:
Improvement of natural forests: a contribution to environmental protection at Mt. Daunia in the southern sub-Appennines

Doeschate, R.A.H.M. ten; Scheele, C.W.; Schreurs, V.V.A.M.; Boekholt, H.A., 1992:
Improvement of nitrogen efficiency in broiler chicks by changing the amino acid profile of the feed to the amino acid profile of body accretion

Okamoto, M.; Yamakawa, M.; Abe, H., 1992:
Improvement of nutritive value of cereal straw by solid state fermentation using Pleurotus ostreatus

Sharma, B.R.; Arora, S.K., 1993:
Improvement of okra

Pathak, C.S.; Gowda, R.V., 1993:
Improvement of onion

Mishina, Z.D., 1990:
Improvement of organization and of labour incentives at Moscow Refrigeration Combine No. 8

Peuty, M.A. du; Themelin, A.; Cruz, J.F.; Arnaud, G.; Fohr, J.P., 1994:
Improvement of paddy quality by optimisation of drying conditions

Kamimura, Y.; Furue, K.; Nishizono, N., 1994:
Improvement of paddy soil derived from glassy volcanic ash (Shirasu) by successive applications of organic and inorganic amendments

Mansha Ram, 1993:
Improvement of papaya

Bidnenko, E.; Valyasevi, R.; Cluzel, P.J.; Parreira, R.; Hillier, A.; Gautier, M.; Anba, J.; Ehrlich, S.D.; Chopin, M.C., 1993:
Improvement of phage resistance in Lactococcus

Simons, P.C.M.; Jongbloed, A.W.; Versteegh, H.A.J.; Kemme, P.A., 1992:
Improvement of phosphorus availability by microbial phytase in poultry and pigs

Keskar, B.G.; Karale, A.R.; Kale, P.N., 1993:
Improvement of pomegranate

Livescu, L.; Tsror, L.; Erlich, O.; Aharon, M.; Harush, D.; Nachmias, A.; Klein, L.; Cohen, S., 1992:
Improvement of potato yields by soil fumigation with methyl-bromide in the northern Negev

Ito, Yuji; Omura, Mitsuo; Nesumi, Hirohisa; Yoshida, Toshio, 1992:
Improvement of preparation and observation methods for Citrus chromosomes

Samiullah, F.B.S.; Khan, F.A.; Khan, N.A.; Ansari, S.A., 1992:
Improvement of productivity and quality of Lens culinaris by pyridoxine and phosphorus application

Moslah, M., 1993:
Improvement of productivity of dromedaries in Tunisia by early weaning and artificial rearing

Liu, Y.C.; Chen, W.H., 1992:
Improvement of proteinaceous attractants for Dacus dorsalis Hendel

Ascoglu, O.; Soyuer, U.; Aktas, E., 1991:
Improvement of psoriasis with oral nystatin

Bellini, E.; Giannelli, G.; Giordani, E.; Sabbatini, I., 1994:
Improvement of quality and commercial value in nectarines

Allavena, A.; Delogu, C., 1993:
Improvement of resistance to viruses in garden vegetable species

Ackgoz, N.; Gevrek, M.N.; Kaya, N.; Onogur, E., 1992:
Improvement of rice varieties suitable as a second crop with high quality and tolerance of diseases

Wada, M.; Aoki, H.; Komatsu, Y., 1991:
Improvement of ripening in paddy rice with inabenfide

Gill, H.S., 1993:
Improvement of root crops

Yambe, Y.; Takeno, K., 1992:
Improvement of rose achene germination by treatment with macerating enzymes

Bouharmont, J.; Beloualy, N.; Sint Jan, V. van, 1993:
Improvement of salt tolerance in plants by in vitro selection at the cellular level

Anonymous, 1993:
Improvement of semi-arid and highland agriculture in Asia. Report of APO Study Meeting, 7-12 December 1992, Japan

Li, X.L., 1992:
Improvement of sheep grazing system in high country of western Guizhou plain

Shukla, A.K.; Misra, P.N., 1993:
Improvement of sodic soil under tree cover

Itoh, J.; Shioya, T.; Nouguchi, R.; Kogano, K., 1992:
Improvement of soil properties by cultivation of tropical leguminous crops in heavy clayey paddy fields

Cui, Z.Z.; Cheng, G.X.; Duan, Y.Y., 1991:
Improvement of specificity of recombinant plasmid DNA probe labelled with digoxigenin

Karkara, B.K.; Uppal, D.K.; Jindal, K.K., 1993:
Improvement of stone fruit and nuts

Penalosa, J.M.; Cadahia, C.; Sarro, M.J.; Masaguer, A., 1994:
Improvement of strawberry nutrition in sandy soils by addition of manure, calcium and magnesium

Sullivan, J.A., 1991:
Improvement of strawberry using tissue culture techniques

Mohmand, A.S.; Rana, M.A., 1992:
Improvement of sunflower using tissue culture techniques

Uppal, D.K.; Chopra, S.K.; Chanana, Y.R., 1993:
Improvement of temperate fruits for subtropical climate

Singh, P.; Shah, M.H., 1991:
Improvement of temperate grassland through introduction of grass-legume mixtures

Sorokovaya, M.A.; Slavyanskii, A.A.; Gladkova, I.G., 1992:
Improvement of the affination of sugar from the final crystallization

Gericke, M.V.n-Zyl, W., 1992:
Improvement of the cell volume of Candida blankii through protoplast fusion

Arkhipov, A.A.; Valov, V.M., 1991:
Improvement of the construction of processing facilities

Kawamura, Y.; Hikidi, S.; Maruyama, K.; Uchiyama, S.; Saito, Y., 1993:
Improvement of the direct determination method of linamarin in beans and bean paste products

Fujimura, T.; Furuno, T.; Imamura, Y.; Jodai, S., 1994:
Improvement of the durability of wood with acryl-high-polymer VIII. Measurement of polymer adsorption onto wood by piezoelectric quartz crystal

Alam, M.M.; Hussain, M.D.; Saif, S.M.H.; Hussain, A.A.M., 1992:
Improvement of the existing design of bullock carts used in Bangladesh

Heynen, C., 1990:
Improvement of the extraction of the larvae of Diptera from agricultural soils

Yamamoto, Y., 1992:
Improvement of the forecasting of the development stage of paddy rice and its practical application to growth diagnosis (1)

Bouchet, Y.; Champion, R.; Corbineau, F.; Lechappe, J., 1993:
Improvement of the germination capacity of seeds of lamb's lettuce (Valerianella locusta) by fungicide treatment

Akerman, M.; Zauberman, G.; Fuchs, Y., 1993:
Improvement of the keeping quality of feijoa fruit after harvest

Bawden, M.P., 1994:
Improvement of the merthiolate-iodine-formalin (MIF) fecal technique for hookworm, Trichuris trichiura, and Ascaris lumbricoides eggs

Schlegel, R., 1992:
Improvement of the micronutritional efficiency of wheat by means of introgression

Wolf, P.; Mehlhart, G.; Telgmann, U.; Fuchs, U., 1991 :
Improvement of the nitrification efficiency of continuous waste water treatment plants with the Linpor-N process

Luna Figueroa, J.; Tejada de Hernandez, I.; Martinez Rojas, L., 1991:
Improvement of the nutritive value of cassava (Manihot esculenta) by heat processes. 1. Yucarea

Castellanos Castillo, J.R.; Valcarcel Fernandez, H.; Curbelo, E., 1993:
Improvement of the organization of the functions of technical advice and mechanization in the sugarcane sector using the Delphi method

Luckner, G.; Ockert, G., 1992:
Improvement of the polyxenic culture of Entamoeba histolytica strain HK9

Bressani, R.; Tuna, E., 1993:
Improvement of the protein quality of popped sorghum with soyabeans

Farooq, K.; Haque, Z.U., 1994:
Improvement of the quality of low-fat ice cream using fat mimetics

Bosze, Z.; Dohy, J., 1993:
Improvement of the quality of milk protein by new biotechnological methods

Szabó, I.; Varga, L.; Antal, T.; Tóth, I.; Faredin, I.; Seprödi, J.; Teplán, I., 1992:
Improvement of the reproductive performance of sows by treatment with a GnRH superactive analogue

Slooten, L.; Capiau, K.; Vandenbranden, S.; Sybesma, C.; Van Montagu, M.; Inze, D., 1992:
Improvement of the resistance of higher plants against oxidative stress

Sato, N.; Kato, M., 1993:
Improvement of the selective medium and method for the isolation of Phytophthora infestans

Kallman, S., 1992:
Improvement of the taste of wild plants during survival situations

Zalyazhnykh, V.V.; Gel' fand, E.D., 1989:
Improvement of the technology for preparing hydrolysates of vegetable raw material for biochemical processing

Litvinov, P.I.; Chebanovskaya, A.F., 1991:
Improvement of the technology of herbicide application in vineyards

Hentrich, W.; Schreiber, H., 1993:
Improvement of the tendency to allogamy in spring barley by means of mutation breeding

Lebas, F., 1993:
Improvement of the viability of young rabbits during fattening by weaning late

Kalloo, G.; Bhutani, R.D., 1993:
Improvement of tomato

Tucker, G.A., 1993:
Improvement of tomato fruit quality and processing characteristics by genetic engineering

Kim, J.Y.; Joo, K.N.; Yun, Y.D., 1992:
Improvement of transplanting device of band type rice transplanter

Torrubia Diaz, F.J., 1994:
Improvement of vaccination results by the concurrent administration of an immunostimulant and a vaccine against bovine respiratory disease

Meng, X.D.; Li, S.X., 1992:
Improvement of vegetable soyabean seed vigour by controlled water absorption pretreatments

Grigorov, M.S.; Stolbushkin, V.A., 1990:
Improvement of water regulation in an open irrigation network for wide-distribution 'Kuban' type sprinkler technology

Rhodes, I.; Webb, K.J.dith, 1993:
Improvement of white clover

Acevedo, E., 1991:
Improvement of winter cereal crops in Mediterranean environments. Use of yield, morphological and physiological traits

Buttner, R., 1992:
Improvement of wiring with strengthened wire - first test, then criticize

Furukawa, I.; Yamamoto, S., 1990:
Improvement of wood quality with chitin and chitosan. (II). Assessment of the fungicidal effect of chitosan-treated wood on wood decaying fungi and microorganisms in the soil

Kiss, A.; Varga, I.; Nagy, F., 1992:
Improvement of working quality of manure distributors in two-stage operation

Garber, M.P.; Bondari, K., 1992:
Improvement opportunities for growers of ornamental plants: a survey of landscape architects

Valente, C.A.; Sousa, A.P.M. de; Furtado, F.P.; Carvalho, A.P. de, 1992:
Improvement program for Eucalyptus globulus at PORTUCEL: technological component

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Improvement pruning and the effects on vegetative and yield behaviour in prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica Mill.) cultivar 'Gialla'

Petitpas, J.C., 1990:
Improvements and alterations to milk electronic meters

Throop, J.A.; Aneshansley, D.J.; Upchurch, B.L., 1993:
Improvements in an image processing algorithm to find new and old bruises

Bosse, E.D., 1993:
Improvements in continuous centrifugation to reduce non-sugar recirculation

Collins, H.M.; Munie, L.A., 1992:
Improvements in dry flowable tank mix compatibility

Ovalles V.F.; Brito, J.G. de, 1993:
Improvements in soil sampling for determination of fertility by establishing the area of influence and size of the sample

Miller, F.R., 1992:
Improvements in sorghum during the last 25 years

Cowell, P.A., 1992:
Improvements in the accuracy of control of tractor mounted hoes

Finglas, P.M.; Faure, U.; Wagstaffe, P.J., 1993:
Improvements in the determination of vitamins in food through intercomparisons and preparation of RMs for vitamin analysis within the BCR programme

Brocchi, E.; Gamba, D.; Poumarat, F.; Martel, J.L.; D.S.mone, F., 1993:
Improvements in the diagnosis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia through the use of monoclonal antibodies

Kol' chik, Y.A., 1992:
Improvements in the diagnosis of pregnancy in foreign dairy cows

Isaeva, L.I., 1989:
Improvements in the formulations of herbicides

Ostashko, F.I.; Isachenko, V.V.; Grishchenko, V.I.; Isachenko, E.F.; Krivokharchenko, A.S.; Ryabykh, V.P.; Sushko, A.B.; Fedotova, I.A., 1993:
Improvements in the method of freezing embryos

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Improvements in the nutritive values of roughages by explosive hydrothermal treatment

Abernathy, G.; Hughs, S.; Gillum, M., 1994:
Improvements of equilibrium moisture content models for cotton

Andersson, L., 1992:
Improvements of runoff models: what way to go ?

Yamaguchi, H.; Miura, K.; Higuchi, M.; Sakata, I., 1991:
Improvements of tannin resin by the use of the oxidative coupling reaction of phenols

Darasinh Sihachakr; Serraf, I.; Chaput, M.H.; Jadari, R.; Tizroutine, S.; Rossignol, L.; Ducreux, G., 1992:
Improvements of the potato crops by gene transfer via somatic hybridization

Vermunt, A.E.M.; Stadhouders, J.; Loeffen, G.J.M.; Bakker, R., 1993:
Improvements of the tube diffusion method for detection of antibiotics and sulfonamides in raw milk

Anonymous, 1992:
Improvements relating to energy and environment within the dairy industry. Standard solutions

Pendas, A.M.; Moran, P.; Garcia Vazquez, E., 1993:
Improvements to Atlantic salmon anterior kidney metaphase yields following phytohemagglutinin injection

Tait, D.; Wiechen, A., 1992 :
Improvements to a rapid method for separating strontium from liquid milk by treatment with a chelating resin and crown ethers

Abdurakhmanov, A.A.; Savel' ev, G.S.; Sitnikov, P.F., 1991:
Improving ESVM-7 machine operation rates at transient regimes

Lambert, J.C.; Soukehal, A., 1994:
Improving Tchoukou cheese technology in Niger

Tewari, V.K., 1992:
Improving access to services and facilities in developing countries

Carlson, J.L.; Golovanoff, G.W.; Kubat, K.A., 1993:
Improving accuracy and precision of calculated process variables by using directly measured nonsugars

Bach, F.R., 1992:
Improving arid and semi-arid zone arboreal genetic resources

Subbotin, A.D., 1993:
Improving artificial insemination results in cows

Tyagi, N.K.; Bhirud, S.; Jaiswal, C.S.; Tyagi, K.C., 1992:
Improving canal water utilization efficiency through conjunctive use

Zhuang, X.; Engel, B.A.; Baumgardner, M.F.; Swain, P.H., 1991:
Improving classification of crop residues using digital land ownership data and Landsat TM images

Krohn, F.B., 1994:
Improving communication skills of hospitality students through faculty development

Singh, R.N.; Bhumbla, D.K.; Keefer, R.F.; Horvath, D.J., 1992 :
Improving crop production by altering chemical properties of mineland with industrial waste

Otani, T.; Ito, M.; Mashima, M.; Nemoto, M., 1992:
Improving cultivation techniques of reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) swards. (1) Relations between characteristics and forage quality in reed canary grass

Rys, R., 1993:
Improving dietary value of animal products through nutrition, pharmacological additives and technological processes

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Improving drinkers for pigs

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Improving drought resistance in cotton: a review

Cregg, B., 1993:
Improving drought tolerance of trees for agroforestry systems

Vermillion, D.L.; Murray Rust, H., 1993:
Improving dry-season irrigation management in Indonesia: findings, issues, and manageable alternatives

Malhi, S.S.; Heier, K., 1993:
Improving effectiveness of urea as a forage fertilizer

Padua, A.I., 1994:
Improving efficiency and returns from mobile sawmilling in Papua New Guinea

Duma, V., 1988:
Improving efficiency of the sorting table in sawmills

Anonymous, 1994:
Improving fertility. Suggestions for the AI campaign

Barnett J.P.; Brissette J.C.; Kais A.G.; Jones J.P., 1988:
Improving field performance of southern pine seedlings by treating with fungicides before storage

Marttila, J.W., 1993:
Improving flow patterns in hopper bins

Juliano, Bienvenido O., 1993:
Improving food quality of rice

Hanna, W.W., 1993:
Improving forage quality by breeding

Heikal, E.K., 1991:
Improving fruit growth and development of Manfaloti pomegranate trees grown on sandy soil

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Improving fruit set in sweet cherry by the application of growth regulators. Effect of the conditions of pollination and fruit development

Hutton, R.J., 1992:
Improving fruit size and packout of Late Valencia oranges with ethephon fruit-thinning sprays

Looney, N.E., 1993:
Improving fruit size, appearance, and other aspects of fruit crop quality with plant bioregulating chemicals

Gray, R.; Furtan, H., 1992:
Improving gains from trade in wheat for the Canadian economy

Kashyap, A.S.; Parmar, C.; Rana, H.S., 1989:
Improving germination and seedling vigour of moist stratified crab apple seed with growth regulator treatments

Jinks, R.; Jones, S.; Gosling, P., 1994:
Improving germination of conifer seed

Lancelot, R.; Imadine, M.; Mopate, Y.; Faye, B., 1994:
Improving goat productivity in the outskirts of N'Djamena (Chad). Choice of improvement measures following an ecopathological survey

Peltonen Sainio, P.; Peltonen, J., 1993:
Improving grain yield and quality traits of oats in northern growing conditions

Jansen, H.G.P., 1994:
Improving horticultural export performance of developing countries in Asia

Reij, C., 1993:
Improving indigenous soil and water conservation techniques: does it work?

Petkov, N., 1989:
Improving initial breeds of the regionally distributed hybrid Hessa 1 x Hessa 2 for industrial silkworm feeding in spring. I. Variability of quantitative breeding characters

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Improving insect resistance in cowpea through biotechnology: initiatives at Purdue University, USA

Lucke, F.K., 1994:
Improving keeping quality of foods by using protective cultures, possibilities and limits

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Improving kiwifruit vine productivity with plant growth regulators

Lal, P.; Kulkarni, H.D.; Rao, S.N., 1993:
Improving land productivity and returns from agroforestry plantations

Beuselinck, P.R.; Bouton, J.H.; Lamp, W.O.; Matches, A.G.; Mccaslin, M.H.; Nelson, C.J.; Rhodes, L.H.; Sheaffer, C.C.; Volenec, J.J., 1994:
Improving legume persistence in forage crop systems

Hahn, G.L.; Morrow Tesch, J.L., 1993:
Improving livestock care and well-being

Rangnekar, D.V., 1994:
Improving livestock production systems on local feed resources

Ryzhov, S., 1992:
Improving machinery systems for animal husbandry and problems in carrying this out

Mazitov, N.K., 1993:
Improving machines for shallow cultivation of soil

Anonymous, 1992:
Improving manure management

Czaja, H., 1994:
Improving milk productivity and milk quality through genetic improvement of the herd

Sears, R.G.; Cox, T.S., 1993:
Improving milling and baking quality of wheat

Stafford, Susan G. ., 1993:
Improving natural resource management through monitoring. A workshop organized by the Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, 10-11 March, 1992, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Narwal, R.P.; Antil, R.S.; Pal, D.; Gupta, A.P., 1993:
Improving nitrogen status in pressmud amended soils

Graef, M.; Speckmann, H.; Vellguth, G., 1992:
Improving operator's safety by computer aided implement coupling

Ralph, W., 1993:
Improving our tropical grasses

Andreoli, C.; Khan, A.A., 1993:
Improving papaya seedling emergence by matriconditioning and gibberellin treatment

Mejaya, M.J.; Lambert, R.J., 1992:
Improving performance of adapted corn hybrid using exotic inbred

Ramalingam, M.; Vijayandran, V., 1991:
Improving performance of modern evaporator set by minimising scale - a case study

Swick, R.A.; Ivey, F.J., 1993:
Improving phosphorus retention with phytase

Mittendorf, H.J., 1993:
Improving physical marketing infrastructure in Africa through more self-help

Frochot, H.; Levy, G.; Lefevre, Y.; Wehrlen, L., 1992:
Improving plantation establishment of high-value broadleaves: ash on a site with good water reserves

Morcombe, P.W.; Allen, J.G., 1993:
Improving production from September-born Merino lambs with a lupin grain supplement and phomopsis-resistant lupin stubbles

E.Sherbini, N.R., 1992:
Improving production of MM.106 apple rootstock stools using hydrogen cyanamide dormancy breaking agent

Cigras, G.K., 1992:
Improving productivity in SSP plants

Asokan, V.E., 1994:
Improving productivity in phosphoric acid plant

Kanwar, K., 1991:
Improving propagation of shy ratooning in sugarcane with plant growth regulators

Magnavaca, R.; Larkins, B.A.; Schaffert, R.E.; Lopes, M.A., 1993:
Improving protein quality of maize and sorghum

Chambers, J.; Ridgway, C.; Baker, C.W.; Barnes, R.J., 1993:
Improving quality by rapid pest detection

Bagchee, A.; Bagchee, S., 1992:
Improving rainfed farming systems through watershed development - a case study of Ralegansiddhi, India

Maiman, L.A.; Hildreth, N.G.; Cox, C.; Greenland, P., 1992:
Improving referral compliance after public cholesterol screening

Schwartz, H.J.; Walsh, M.G.H., 1993:
Improving reproductive performance in the dromedary: consequences for production systems

Darneley, A.H., 1993:
Improving reproductive performance with iron amino acid chelate

Gaile, G.L., 1992:
Improving rural-urban linkages through small town market-based development

Norwich, R., 1993:
Improving safety and hygiene at floor level in the food and drink industry

Norwich, R., 1992:
Improving safety and hygiene at floor level in the food and drink processing industry

Quarrie, S.A.; Mahmood, A., 1993:
Improving salt tolerance in hexaploid wheat

Davis, T.D.; Sankhla, D.; Sankhla, N.; Upadhyaya, A.; Parsons, J.M.; George, S.W., 1993:
Improving seed germination of Aquilegia chrysantha by temperature manipulation

Swaminathan, C.; Rai, R.S.V.naya; Suresh, K.K.; Sivaganam, K., 1993:
Improving seed germination of Derris indica by vertical sowing

Sadowski, H., 1991:
Improving seed quality of sugarbeet by chemical methods

Carnegie, S.F., 1992:
Improving seed tuber health

Batish, V.K.; Sunita Grover; Neelakantan, S., 1993:
Improving shelf life and safety of fermented milk products through genetically improved microorganisms

Mackey, B.M.; Roberts, T.A., 1993:
Improving slaughter hygiene using HACCP and monitoring

Henderson, I.F.; Martin, A.P.; Perry, J.N., 1992:
Improving slug baits: the effects of some phagostimulants and molluscicides on ingestion by the slug, Deroceras reticulatum (Muller) (Pulmonata: Limacidae)

DeBano, L.F.; Schmidt, L.J., 1989 :
Improving southwestern riparian areas through watershed management

Norwich, R., 1992:
Improving standards of hygiene and safety in relation to floors in food and drink factories

Tarmani, P.; Hanjokrowati, 1992:
Improving sugarcane production using N-FIX

Zhang, D.; Collins, W.W.; Belding, S., 1993:
Improving sweetpotato starch digestibility for animal feeding

Srivastava, H.C., 1993:
Improving tea productivity through application of photosynthetic improvers

Maslov, G.G.; Bobrovnik, A.A., 1993:
Improving the KS-6 sugarbeet harvester

Gutknecht, K.W., 1992:
Improving the Mozzarella-pizza partnership

Churkin, A.E., 1993:
Improving the RTSh-2 feed distributor

Zhang, Q.Q., 1991:
Improving the accessibility and availability of information in the agricultural library and information system of China

Zharinov, N.I.; Semenenko, V.Z.; Vycherova, S.P.; Boroda, L.V.; Folomeeva, V.V., 1992:
Improving the accuracy of a method for determining calcium salts

Pallutt, B.; Roder, W., 1992:
Improving the accuracy of forecasting weed-related yield losses on sandy soil in winter cereals

Katsch, C., 1993:
Improving the accuracy of standing-volume estimates based on yield tables with the aid of data from systematic forest inventories

Robinson, J.J.; Stentiford, E.I., 1993:
Improving the aerated static pile composting method by the incorporation of moisture control

Revilla, P.; Ordas, A.; Malvar, R.A., 1991:
Improving the agronomic value of sweetcorn

Shishakov, E.P.; Shkut, V.M.; Tsykunova, T.V.; Fedorova, O.I.; Shevchuk, O.M.; Nazarevich, V.G., 1990:
Improving the biological quality of hydrolysates of wood by the introduction of nitrate and complex salts in the inversion stage

A.Q.naibet, M.H.; ElWafa, E.A.A.; Mansour, M.M., 1992:
Improving the competitive status of the Saudi broiler industry

Bilkei, G.; Goos, T.; Keller, J.P.; Bolcskei, A., 1993:
Improving the conception rate by application of PG F2 alpha one day before weaning of the sow

Bendix, B.; Voigt, F.; Voigt, U., 1991:
Improving the conditions for raising seedlings of European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) in plastic greenhouses

Craig, I.A., 1992:
Improving the effectiveness of farming systems research: simple, innovative tools to collect, analyse and utilize information on rural systems

Teleshman, D.F.; Lipets, P.P.; Navrotskii, Y.B.; Mishchuk, R.T., 1992:
Improving the efficacy of decolorization of products of raw sugar refining

O.C.nnor, C.B.; Mezgebu, S.; Zewdie, Z., 1994 :
Improving the efficiency of buttermaking using an internal agitator fitted to a traditional clay pot

Evans, G.; Rowland, P., 1993:
Improving the efficiency of pesticide use in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

Von Steiger, B.; Schulin, R., 1993:
Improving the efficiency of soil sampling on a regional scale in impact assessment

Grebnev, V.P.; Panin, V.I.; Maslov, V.I., 1993:
Improving the efficiency of universal tractor-cultivator utilization

Jacobs, M.; Vernaillen, S., 1990:
Improving the essential amino-acid content of sorghum grains

Wood, I.M.; Wade, L.J.; So, H.B., 1992:
Improving the establishment of grain sorghum in Australia: a review of research, development and extension activities 1989-1992

Elias, A., 1992:
Improving the export capacity of the Hungarian food economy

Sheptukhov, V.N.; Ushakova, L.A.; Yegorov, V.N.; Galkina, M.M., 1993:
Improving the fertility and structure of sod-podzolic soils in crop rotation

Herrera, V.A.; Gomez Garcia, C., 1993:
Improving the field efficiency of sowing and fertilizer application

Lee, S.P.; Cho, Y.; Watkins, S.; Brady, J.W.; Batt, C.A., 1992:
Improving the gelation characteristics of bovine beta -lactoglobulin

Krylova, L.F.; Solov' ev, I.V.; Gumen, V.A.; Ryabko, V.M.; Lutsenko, V.A.; Krylov, N.N.; Yavishchenko, V.R., 1992:
Improving the gene pool and increasing productivity of pigs of the Ukrainian White Steppe breed

Blaas, K., 1994:
Improving the general profitability of dual purpose cattle. The extension of meat performance testing

Aneja, R.P., 1992:
Improving the hygienic quality of milk

Olwell, A.; Andrews, P.K., .:
Improving the lateral branching of Fuji/M.9 nursery trees

Bugon, V.A.; Shmonin, V.A., 1992:
Improving the machines for fertilizer application on the base of calculation projection method

Duah Yentumi, S.; Owusu Bennoah, E.; Oteng, J.W.; Acquaye, D.D.; Ahenkorah, Y., 1993:
Improving the management of Vertisols for sustainable cropping - report on the major season trial with maize on Vertisols of the Accra Plains

Eduvie, L.O.; Oyedipe, E.O., 1991:
Improving the management of reproduction of indigenous cattle in the semiarid and subhumid zones of West Africa

Cook, Mcf, 1993:
Improving the market performance of Northern Ireland mushrooms

Ramirez, J.L., 1993:
Improving the marketing of grain by farmers' cooperatives through the 'Bagsakan Center': the case of the CAVALCCO, Inc

Yanushko, A.D.; Beregova, T.S., 1989:
Improving the method for determining net costs of forest production

Prochal, P.; Pijanowski, Z.; Urbanowicz, A.; Rumian, A., 1991:
Improving the methods of erosion control reforming arable land in the mountains, with chosen villages in the civil parish of apsze Nizne as example

Radomanskii, V.M., 1991:
Improving the milk metering device

Krasnov, I.N.; Volgunin, E.P., 1992:
Improving the milk pipe washing system for UDS-3A milking installation

Balagopalan, C.; Padmaja, G.; George, M., 1992:
Improving the nutritional value of cassava products using microbial techniques

Anisimov, G.M.; Pamfilov, D.V.; Valyazhonkov, V.D.; Sergeev, V.P.; Kochnev, A.M., 1990:
Improving the operating efficiency of a wheeled skidder system

Nicholas, J., 1993:
Improving the operating performance of aquatic centres

Abdurakhmanov, A.A.; Savel' ev, G.S.; Sitnikov, P.F., 1992:
Improving the operation indices of an ESVM-7 tractor in transient regimes

Putyakov, D.N., 1990:
Improving the operational reliability of opaque greenhouses

Schick, M., 1994:
Improving the organization of work and optimizing the work input by the help of electronic herd management aids

Gong, W.H.; Guo, X.S.; Wang, L.C.; Yan, Y.C.; Liu, N.Q., 1992:
Improving the performance of Zhongwei goats with Angora goats

Herrmann, S.; Ritter, T.; Kottke, I.; Oberwinkler, F., 1992:
Improving the performance of forest plants (Fagus sylvatica and Quercus robur) by controlled inoculation with mycorrhizas

Zavon, J., 1992:
Improving the performance of the agricultural trading system: working group 1

Shaxon, T.F., 1993:
Improving the potential of soils in the Tropics

Rahn, C.R.; Vaidyanathan, L.V.; Paterson, C.D., 1992:
Improving the prediction of fertiliser nitrogen for brassica crops

Henry, P.C.; Meyer, J.H.; Wood, R.A.; Smith, M.F., 1992:
Improving the prediction of potassium requirements for irrigated cane on base saturated lowveld soils

Simarev, Yu, 1992:
Improving the primary processing of milk

Mangin, M., 1991:
Improving the profitability of pastures

Broadfoot, R.; Miller, K.F.; Bartholomew, H.C., 1994:
Improving the quality of C sugar magma

Evans, J.; Penney, D.; Bryant, A., 1993:
Improving the quality of physical education? The Education Reform Act, 1988, and physical education in England and Wales

Bjorck, M.; Johansson, R.; Kanji, N., 1992:
Improving the quality of primary care services in Angola

Simarev, Yu, 1992:
Improving the quality of production and efficiency of utilization of motorized transport for the supply of milk from farms

Tolstenko, L.A.; Zhukova, L.I., 1991:
Improving the quality of raw materials and components

Farina, M.P.W., 1994:
Improving the quality of soil and plant samples

Wainwright, H.; Jeger, M.J., 1991:
Improving the quality of tropical fruits

Yakubov, G.Z.; Lugovtsov, V.V.; Braverman, G.P.; Dontsova, N.T., 1990:
Improving the rapidity of methods for detecting moisture in products

Lenteren, J.C. van, 1992:
Improving the reliability of biological control by applying quality control of natural enemies

Christenson, R.H.; Roeback, J.R.J.; Watson, T.E.; Hla, K.M., 1991:
Improving the reliability of total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol measurements

Koros Balogh, S.; Kovacs, L.; Barta, A., 1991:
Improving the ripening process in the pickling cucumber cultivar Kecskemeti Livme

Plyashchenko, S.I.; Baranovskii, M.V.; Novikov, L.V., 1993:
Improving the sanitary-hygienic quality of milk

Pabst, K.; Schulte Coerne, H.; Prodohl, L., 1992:
Improving the spreadability of winter butter by means of rape-calcium salts and colza cake

Gruzdev, N.V., 1991:
Improving the standards for feeding high-yielding cows

Kuznetsov, V., 1993:
Improving the state administration of agriculture

Khristova, L.; Petrova, R.; Iliev, L., 1992:
Improving the storage ability of sugarbeet with the aid of inhibitors and retardants

Chinarova, M.Yu, 1991:
Improving the structure of production on farms breeding pedigree stock

Tanton, T., 1991:
Improving the sustainability of irrigated agriculture under saline conditions

Xiao, Y.Z.; Zeng, W.M., 1992:
Improving the swamp buffaloes in Sichuan, China

Fatyga, J., 1991:
Improving the sward of mountain grasslands by undersowing and sowing after using chemical and mechanical methods of destroying the old sod

Garmashov, V.N.; Kalus, Y.A.; Selivanov, A.N.; Albul, A.A.; Polishchuk, B.F., 1993:
Improving the technique of applying nitrogenous fertilizers in winter wheat cultivation

Kleczek, C.; Poloczek, A.; Zywczok, H.; Wiewiora, W.; Kocon, Z.; Borowiak, J.; Deskur, J., 1991:
Improving the technique of pasture grazing by cows

Tvorogova, A.A.; Zinovkina, N.V.; Mishuchkova, L.A., 1992:
Improving the technology for soft ice cream

Budyka, S.K.; Zmushko, M.K.; Kulik, T.V., 1989:
Improving the technology of initial timber rafting

Shinners, K.; Stelzle, M.K.egel, R., 1994:
Improving the throwing effectiveness of an upward-cutting forage harvester

Pederson, E.; Pederson, C., 1993:
Improving the use of computer simulations in the hospitality curriculum

Zelenak, I.; Boda, K.; Jalc, D.; Bucko, J.; Lenart, J.; Kmet, V.; Havassy, I.; Kosta, K., 1991:
Improving the utilization of beech sawdust by sheep

Wagner, G., 1992:
Improving tobacco through metabolic engineering: promise and obstacles

Jahns, G., 1992:
Improving tractor/implement systems

Hodgkin, T., 1991:
Improving utilization of plant genetic resources through core collections

Corbett, D., 1993:
Improving vegetable production in Ukraine

Scott, G.J.; Wong, D.; Alvarez, M., 1993:
Improving village-level processing in developing countries: the case of potatoes

Sabrah, R.E.A., 1993:
Improving water availability in some sandy soils using a petro-chemical soil conditioner

Weise, G.; Paul, L.; Bahr, I., 1992:
Improving water quality by submerged and emergent macrophytes. A review of ecotechnological application

Cudney, D.W.; Orloff, S.B.; Adams, C.J., 1993:
Improving weed control with 2,4-DB amine in seedling alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Aslam, M.; Hashmi, N.I.; Majid, A.; Hobbs, P.R., 1993:
Improving wheat yield in the rice-wheat cropping system of the Punjab through fertilizer management

Aslam, M.; Majid, A.; Hashmi, N.I.; Hobbs, P.R., 1993:
Improving wheat yield in the rice-wheat cropping system of the Punjab through zero tillage

Palumbo, M.; Grillo, A.; Petti, R.; Boggini, G., 1991:
Improving yield and yield stability of barley in Mediterranean stress environments

Sarobol, E.; Anderson, I.C., 1992:
Improving yield of corn-soybean rotation: role of allelopathy

Reiter, J., 1992:
Improving your odds for new product success

Hebendanz, N., 1991:
Impurities - how to get rid of unwanted by-products

Rybak Chmielewska, H.; Muszynska, J.; Konopacka, Z., 1992:
Impurities content of propolis as affected by the conditions of its collection

Melton, B.E.; Colette, W.A.; Willham, R.L., 1994:
Imputing input characteristic values from optimal commercial breed or variety choice decisions

Anonymous, 1992 :
In 1990, large towns allocated 14% of their budgets to culture

Miller, D., 1994:
In Asia: new Olympic republics

Limongelli, F.; Tosco, D.; Consoli, D.; Padovani, L., 1994:
In Campania. More profitable production systems

Wittmann, H., 1993:
In Central Europe

Kamari, G., 1993:
In Greece

Bartaletti, F., 1993:
In Italy

Hessege, C., 1994:
In Lillehammer, the show goes on with the Paralympics

Valdes, B., 1993:
In Spain

Ekim, T., 1993:
In Turkey

Nanda, N.K.; Arzoo, K.K.; Sercarz, E.E., 1992:
In a small multideterminant peptide, each determinant is recognized by a different V beta segment

Novoselov, A.; Nechaev, V.; Stollyar, T.; Suprunov, A.; Kas' yanenko, V., 1992:
In co-operation with science

Gates, M., 1993:
In default: campesinos and the debt crisis

Laan, H.L. van der, 1992:
In defence of export marketing boards

Just, R.E.; Zilberman, D., 1992:
In defence of fence to fence: can the backward bending supply curve exist?

Dehmelt, C., 1992:
In dissolving a company registered under civil law, pay attention to the tax position

Negesse, Y.; Beimnet, K.; Miko, T.; Wondimus, A.; Berhan, T.Y., 1993:
In leprosy the presence of mycobacteria in the nerve is an essential factor in the cycle and spectrum of Mycobacterium leprae infection

Coura, J.R., 1993:
In memory of Leonidas de Mello Deane

Grosser, K.H.; Joachim, H.F., 1994:
In memory of Prof. Dr. Alexis Scamoni (1911-1993)

Cox, N.; Bailey, J.; Blankenship, L.; Gildersleeve, R., 1992:
In ovo administration of a competitive exclusion culture treatment to broiler embryos

Gribaudo, I.; Zanetti, R.; Botta, R.; Vallania, R.; Eynard, I., 1993:
In ovulo embryo culture of stenospermocarpic grapes

Carman, J.G.; Hess, J.R.; Bishop, D.; Hole, D.J., 1993:
In ovulo environments and embryo dormancy in wheat

Bechtold, N.; Ellis, J.; Pelletier, G., 1993:
In planta Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer by infiltration of adult Arabidopsis thaliana plants

Grant Downton, R., 1992:
In praise of Impatiens tinctoria

Sparks D., 1992:
In pursuit of a better pecan cultivar

King, P., 1993:
In pursuit of poultry

Park, R.J. et al., 1991:
In quest of excellence: development, problems, and values

Sharma, A.R.; Mittra, B.N., 1990:
In rice-based cropping systems in eastern India organic manures should be combined with chemical fertilizers

Flachowsky, G.; Peyker, W.; Schneider, A.; Henkel, K., 1992:
In sacco degradation of maize plant fractions depending on cultivars and vegetative stage

Bergner, H.; Woidke, D.; Lenk, J., 1994:
In sacco digestibility of wheat straw DM after treatment with urea-saccharose mixtures

Grbesa, D.; Cerny, T.; Pavic, V., 1992:
In sacco method for estimating feed protein degradability

Bose, A.N., 1992:
In search for an alternative direction for development

Sudoi, V., 1992:
In search for factors responsible for resistance in tea clones to red spider mite Oligonychus coffeae Nietner (Acari-Tetranychidae) and possibility of their future use in screening programmes

Banuelos, G.S.; Dyer, D.; Ahmad, R.; Ismail, S.; Raut, R.N.; Dagar, J.C., 1993:
In search of Brassica germplasm in saline semi-arid and arid regions of India and Pakistan for reclamation of selenium-laden soils in the U.S

Esterhuizen, J.M., 1992:
In search of Haworthia heidelbergensis G. G. Smith

Cook, R.A.; Yale, L.J., 1994:
In search of a common body of knowledge for introductory tourism courses

Silvestri, G.P.; Siviero, P.; Leoni, C.; Sandei, L.; Aldini, R.; Ghiretti, G.P.; Strina, F., 1992:
In search of a tomato more suitable for the preparation of new derivatives

Lonsdale, J.H., 1992:
In search of an effective postharvest treatment for the control of postharvest diseases of mangoes

Mans, J., 1993:
In search of flexibility

Umbreit, W.T., 1992:
In search of hospitality curriculum relevance for the 1990s

Lym, R.G.; Christianson, K.M., 1992:
In search of leafy spurge control herbicides

Shei, S.Y., 1992:
In search of new opportunities for Taiwan agriculture

Bullock, D.S., 1994:
In search of rational government: what political preference function studies measure and assume

Janakarajan, S., 1993:
In search of tanks: some hidden facts

Anonymous, 1992:
In search of the perfect granule

Collins, A.J.; Smith, M.W.; Freeman, T.C., 1993:
In situ analysis of lactase gene expression

Bruun, L., 1992:
In situ and in vitro aspects of embryo-ovule interactions in intra-interspecific beet crosses

Infascelli, F.; Moniello, G.; Lella, T. di; Piccolo, V.; Nizza, A., 1993:
In situ and in vitro protein degradability of concentrates

Faust, B.C., 1994:
In situ and on-site bioreclamation

Richardson, R.L.; Hausman, G.J.; Wright, J.T., 1994:
In situ binding and immunocytochemistry of insulin-like growth factor I receptors in primary cultures of porcine adipose tissue stromal vascular cells treated with indomethacin

Wiles, J.A.; Jepson, P.C., 1992:
In situ bioassay techniques to evaluate the toxicity of pesticides to beneficial invertebrates in cereals

Arshad, M.; Ronnegard, E.; Dejmek, P., 1993:
In situ build-up, breakdown and rebodying of acid casein gel

Kay, R.M.; Thomas, A., 1993:
In situ composting of pig manure: potential environmental and health risks

Olivier L.; Chauvet M., 1991:
In situ conservation at the interface between crop genetic resources and nature conservation

Plessis, W. du, 1992:
In situ conservation in Namibia: the role of national parks and nature reserves

Acharya, R.M., 1992:
In situ conservation of animal genetic resources: practical considerations

Heyn C.C.; Waldman M., 1992:
In situ conservation of plants with potential economic value

Dovrat, A., 1993:
In situ conservation of wild cereal grasses in Israel: a review

Leiva, A., 1994:
In situ conservation of wild plants

Upadhyay, M.P.; Balendira, S.; Vaughan, D.A., 1991:
In situ conservation of wild relatives of rice

Boyourthe, C.; Vernay, M., 1993:
In situ degradation of protected fat in the cow

Hahn, D.; Zeyer, J., 1994:
In situ detection of bacteria in the environment

Paquet, J.M.; Caron, J.; Banton, O., 1993:
In situ determination of the water desorption characteristics of peat substrates

Suman Singha; Baugher, T.A.; Townsend, E.C., 1994 :
In situ differences in fruit color development of six 'Delicious' apple strains

Kamisugi, Y.; Ikeda, Y.; Ohno, M.; Minezawa, M.; Fukui, K., 1992:
In situ digestion of barley chromosomes with restriction endonucleases

Miller, K.; Hibberd, C.A.; Swenson, K., 1991:
In situ dry matter and protein disappearance of feeds in beef cows fed concentrate or roughage diets

Duggan, J.W.; Bruell, C.J.; Ryan, D.K., 1994:
In situ emulsification and mobilization of gaseoline range hydrocarbons using surfactants

Alves, B.J.R.; Urquiaga, S.; Cadisch, G.; Souto, C.M.; Boddey, R.M., 1993:
In situ estimation of soil nitrogen mineralization

Runham, S.R.; Davies, J.S.; Rickard, P.C., 1992:
In situ field storage of carrots

Griesbach, R.J.; Klein, T.M., 1993:
In situ genetic complementation of a flower color mutant in Doritis pulcherrima (Orchidaceae)

Lory, S.; von Tscharner, C.; Marti, E.; Bestetti, G.; Grimm, S.; Waldvogel, A., 1993:
In situ hybridisation of equine sarcoids with bovine papilloma virus

Toyoda, H.; Nishiguchi, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Nonomura, T.; Ouchi, S., 1992:
In situ hybridization detection of mRNA in a filamentous phytopathogenic fungus, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici, by pricking microinjection of photobiotin-labeled antisense RNA probe

Allan, G.M.; Smyth, J.A.; Todd, D.; McNulty, M.S., 1993:
In situ hybridization for the detection of chicken anemia virus in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections

Greyson, R.I.; Banisikowska, E.; Walden, D.B., 1994:
In situ hybridization of 18 kDa HSP antisense RNA in maize root tips using digoxigenin detection

Narang, S.K.; Seawright, J.A., 1993:
In situ hybridization of histone genes in Anopheles albimanus

Zurbriggen, A.; Müller, C.; Vandevelde, M., 1993:
In situ hybridization of virulent canine distemper virus in brain tissue, using digoxigenin-labeled probes

Ahmad, I.; Steggles, A.W.; Finkelstein, J.A., 1992:
In situ hybridization study of obesity-associated alteration in growth hormone mRNA levels

Heslop Harrison, J.S.; Schwarzacher, T.; Anamthawat Jonsson, K.; Leitch, A.R.; Shi, M.; Leitch, I.J., 1991:
In situ hybridization with automated chromosome denaturation

Fouss, J.L.; Mahler, M.; Ellis, N.A., 1992:
In situ hydraulic head indicator system for monitoring field water table elevation

Benhamou, N.; Asselin, A., 1993:
In situ immunocytochemical localization of plant proteins

Miquel, M.; Dubacq, J.P., 1992:
In situ incorporation of Fatty acids into lipids of the outer and inner envelope membranes of pea chloroplasts

Levine, M.; Cantilena, C.C.; Dhariwal, K.R., 1993:
In situ kinetics and ascorbic acid requirements

Highett, M.I.; Shaw, P.J., 1993:
In situ labelling of nucleoli in pea root cells

Williams, G.M.; Higgo, J.J.W., 1994:
In situ laboratory investigations into contaminant migration

Yoshimi, Y.; Tokimatsu, K.; Ohara, J., 1994:
In situ liquefaction resistance of clean sands over a wide density range

Wu, S.C.eng; Hahlbrock, K., 1992:
In situ localization of phenylpropanoid-related gene expression in different tissues of light- and dark-grown parsley seedlings

Mckhann, H.I.; Hirsch, A.M., 1993:
In situ localization of specific mRNAs in plant tissues

Moukha, S.M.; Wösten, H.A.; Asther, M.; Wessels, J.G., 1993:
In situ localization of the secretion of lignin peroxidases in colonies of Phanerochaete chrysosporium using a sandwiched mode of culture

Goicoechea, P.G.; Chen, J.M.; Butnaru, G.; Houchins, K.; Gustafson, J.P., 1993:
In situ mapping of DNA restriction fragments in cereals

Koch, S.; Malicki, M.; Walcak, R.; Fluhler, H., 1993:
In situ measurement of breakthrough curves with TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)

Lightbody, K.E.; Savage, M.J.; Graham, A.D.N., 1994:
In situ measurement of sap flow rate in lateral roots and stems of Eucalyptus grandis, under conditions of marginality, using a steady state heat balance technique

Brackley, I.J.A.; Sanders, P.J., 1992:
In situ measurement of total natural horizontal stresses in an expansive clay

Gonnet, J.F.; Hieu, H., 1992 :
In situ micro-spectrophotometric and micro-spectrocolorimetric investigation of vacuolar pigments in flowers of cultivars of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Jonasson, S.; Havstrom, M.; Jensen, M.; Callaghan, T.V., 1993:
In situ mineralization of nitrogen and phosphorus of arctic soils after perturbations simulating climate change

Murphy, T.M.; Lusby, K.S.; McCollum, F.T.; Horn, G.W., 1992:
In situ nitrogen and dry matter disappearance and pepsin digestibility in vitro of feather meal

Mukherjee, S.; Sharma, A.K., 1993:
In situ nuclear DNA content in perennial fast and slow growing acacias from arid zones

Rattray, M.R.; Howard Williams, C.; Brown, J.M.A., 1990:
In situ nutrient limitation of aquatic macrophytes

Mcavoy R.J., 1992:
In situ plant canopy and potting medium temperatures under two greenhouse temperature regimes

Wunderlich, R.W.; Fountain, J.C.; Jackson, R.E., 1992:
In situ remediation of aquifers contaminated with dense nonaqueous phase liquids by chemically enhanced solubilization

Cardoso, J.E.; Branchereau, S.; Jeyaraj, P.R.; Houssin, D.; Danos, O.; Heard, J.M., 1993:
In situ retrovirus-mediated gene transfer into dog liver

Boila, R.J.; Ingalls, J.R., 1992:
In situ rumen digestion and escape of dry matter, nitrogen and amino acids in canola meal

Hameed, R.; Bouche, M.B.; Cortez, J., 1994:
In situ studies on the transfer of nitrogen from earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) to plants

Hooker, J.E.; Atkinson, D.; Pauline, O., 1992:
In situ techniques to study complementarity of root activity: implications for nitrate use efficiency

Richter, G.M.; Beblik, A.J.; Rolland, W.; Richter, J., 1993:
In situ tracer study on the simulation of nitrate dynamics in the unsaturated zone

Lilley, A.K.; Fry, J.C.; Day, M.J.; Bailey, M.J., 1994:
In situ transfer of an exogenously isolated plasmid between Pseudomonas spp. in sugar beet rhizosphere

Greacen, J.R.; Finkel, D.J., 1991:
In situ vadose zone remediation of petroleum contaminated soils

Hagelschuer, P., 1992:
In spite of the dilemma of Brussels agricultural policy the agricultural sector has a future

Hamilton Smith, E., 1993:
In the Australian bush: some reflections on serious leisure

Shurovenkov, Y.B.; Boiko, N.I.; Gudilova, L.A.; Popova, O.V., 1993:
In the Central Chernozem zone

Anonymous, 1992:
In the East Palaearctic Section of the International Organization for Biological Control

Goncharov, V.T.; Monastyrnaya, E.I.; Kovalenko, L.S.; Chuprina, V.P.; Fissyura, N.I.; Kirienkova, A.E., 1993:
In the Northern Caucasus

Vavilov, N.I., 1991:
In the Pamir mountain area (Darvaz, Roshan, Shugnan). An agronomic study

Biswas, C.R.; Chattopadhyay, C.N.; Bandopadhyay, A.K.; Chakraborty, P.K.; Apurba Ghosh, 1990:
In the coastal saline soils of West Bengal combined culture of rice, fish and vegetables will boost income

Clarke, S., 1992:
In the factory: American Filtration Society meeting

Clarke, S., 1993:
In the factory: Mauritius

Clarke, S., 1993:
In the factory: Residue testing

Clarke, S., 1993:
In the factory: Waste handling

Clarke, S., 1994:
In the factory: clarification

Clarke, S., 1993:
In the factory: the devil is in the details

Anonymous, 1993:
In the fast lane for exports

Rivier, C., 1994:
In the female rat, the ability of centrally injected IL-1 beta to increase progesterone secretion and rescue the corpora lutea does not depend on the initial, ACTH-dependent rise in adrenal progesterone

Santoir, C., 1992:
In the grip of the cocoa empire: a diachronic study of two sites in Cameroon

Eremin, G.V.; Plekhanova, M.N.; Tsarenko, V.P., 1991:
In the orchards and nurseries of the USA

Jayamani, R., 1992:
In the pursuit for an alternative to CoC 671

Lazzari, G., 1994:
In the spotlight: Vialone Nano

Honer, C., 1993:
In the thick of it

Couvreur, J.; Thulliez, P.; Daffos, F.; Aufrant, C.; Bompard, Y.; Gesquière, A.; Desmonts, G., 1993:
In utero treatment of toxoplasmic fetopathy with the combination pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine

Ebihara, K., 1992:
In vitro alpha -amylase hydrolysis of modified starch and postprandial plasma glucose response

Bezard, J.; Magistrini, M.; Battut, I.; Duchamp, G.; Palmer, E., 1992:
In vitro fertilization in horses

Vazquez, I.; Graham, E.F.; Garde, J.; Garcia Artiga, C.; Gutierrez, A., 1992:
In vitro maturation of preantral oocytes from ewe lambs

Shah, R.G.; Mehta, V.M., 1992:
In vitro progesterone synthesis and secretion rate in corpus luteum of Surti buffaloes

Ramani, V.; Kant, U., 1993:
In vitro gall formation on the leaf rachis of Prosopis cineraria (Linn.) Druce (Mimosaceae) by Lobopteromyia prosopidis mani (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Kreukniet, M.B.; Gianotten, N.; Nieuwland, M.B.; Parmentier, H.K., 1994:
In vitro T cell activity in two chicken lines divergently selected for antibody response to sheep erythrocytes

Woo, P.T.K.; Thomas, P.T., 1992:
In vitro activation of salmonid complement by mammalian antibodies

Srimuang, S.; Tanphaichitra, D., 1994:
In vitro activities of amphotericin B in combination with rifampin vs. flucytosine against Cryptococcus neoformans, Prototheca

García-Rodríguez, J.A.; Muñoz Bellido, J.L.; Fresnadillo, M.J.; Trujillano, I., 1993:
In vitro activities of new macrolides and rifapentine against Brucella spp

Johansson, C.B.; Bilgin, S.; Tascoglu, J.; Soyletir, G.; Ener, B., 1991:
In vitro activities of nine antifungal agents on Candida species isolated as causative agents from clinical materials

Katzman, M.; Sudol, M., 1994:
In vitro activities of purified visna virus integrase

Basco, L.K.;, J., 1993:
In vitro activity of artemisinin derivatives against African isolates and clones of Plasmodium falciparum

Vieira, L. da S.; Goncalves, P.C.; Costa, C.A.F.; Berne, M.E.A., 1989:
In vitro activity of benzimidazoles: oxfendazole, fenbendazole, albendazole and thiabendazole against gastrointestinal nematodes in goats

Basco, L.K.; Ramiliarisoa, O.; Ringwald, P.; Doury, J.C.;, J., 1993:
In vitro activity of cycloguanil against African isolates of Plasmodium falciparum

Corbaz, R., 1993:
In vitro activity of dicarboximide and SBI fungicides on Sclerotium cepivorum

Tripathi, K.D.; Sharma, A.K.; Valecha, N.; Biswas, S., 1993:
In vitro activity of fluoroquinolones against chloroquine-sensitive and chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum

Burgos, A.; Ponton, J.; Quindos, G., 1993:
In vitro activity of flutrimazole against Candida species and other medically important yeasts

Barchiesi, F.; Colombo, A.L.; McGough, D.A.; Fothergill, A.W.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1994:
In vitro activity of itraconazole against fluconazole-susceptible and -resistant Candida albicans isolates from oral cavities of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Basco, L.K.;, J., 1993:
In vitro activity of monodesethylamodiaquine and amopyroquine against African isolates and clones of Plasmodium falciparum

Gill, J.H.; Lacey, E., 1993:
In vitro activity of paraherquamide against the free-living stages of Haemonchus contortus, Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Ostertagia circumcincta

Basco, L.K.; Ramiliarisoa, O.;, J., 1994:
In vitro activity of pyrimethamine, cycloguanil, and other antimalarial drugs against African isolates and clones of Plasmodium falciparum

Basco, L.K.;, J., 1992:
In vitro activity of pyronaridine against African strains of Plasmodium falciparum

Bittencourt, V.R.E.P.; Massard, C.L.; Grisi, L., 1989:
In vitro activity of some pyrethroid acaricides against the tick Amblyomma cajennense (Fabricius, 1787)

Blumenfeld, W.; McCook, O.; Griffiss, J.M., 1991:
In vitro aggregation of macrophages around human-derived Pneumocystis carinii

Wada, T.; Tunoyama, Y.; Shiina, T.; Toyoshima, Y., 1994 :
In Vitro Analysis of Light-Induced Transcription in the Wheat psbD/C Gene Cluster Using Plastid Extracts from Dark-Grown and Short-Term-Illuminated Seedlings

Stern, D.B.; Rapp, W.D., 1993:
In vitro analysis of plant mitochondrial transcription

Hoeschele, J.D.; Roy, A.K.; Pecoraro, V.L.; Carver, P.L., 1994:
In vitro analysis of the interaction between sucralfate and ketoconazole

Apter, R.C.; McWilliams, E.L.; Davies, F.T.J., 1993:
In vitro and ex vitro adventitious root formation in Asian jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum). I. Comparative morphology

Apter, R.C.; Davies, F.T.J.; McWilliams, E.L., 1993:
In vitro and ex vitro adventitious root formation in Asian jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum). II. Physiological comparisons

Giorcelli, A.; Vietto, L., 1991:
In vitro and field efficacy of ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors and of some traditional fungicides against Marssonina brunnea

Lakshmi, P.V.santha; Krishna, N., 1993:
In vitro and in sacco evaluation of palm kernel-cake as unconventional feed for sheep

Omar, M.N.A.; Berge, O.; Hassanein, E.E.; Shalan, S.N., 1992:
In vitro and in situ effects of herbicide thiobencarb on rice-Azospirillum association

Zwahlen, R.D.; Spreng, D.; Wyder-Walther, M., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo activity of human interleukin-8 in dogs

Vedros, N.A.; Steinberg, K., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo activity of plant extracts for use on canine pyotraumatic dermatitis

Fu, K.P.; Isaacson, D.M.; Lococo, J.; Foleno, B.; Hilliard, J., 1992:
In vitro and in vivo antidermatophytic activity of saperconazole, a new fluorinated triazole

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In vitro and in vivo antifungal activities of BMS-181184

Yamada, H.; Tsuda, T.; Watanabe, T.; Ohashi, M.; Murakami, K.; Mochizuki, H., 1993:
In vitro and in vivo antifungal activities of D0870, a new triazole agent

Dahiya, S.; Kapoor, A.C., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo availability of iron from home processed supplementary foods

Pieters, L.; Bruyne, T. de; Mei, G.; Lemiere, G.; Berghe, D. vanden; Vlietinck, A.J., 1992:
In vitro and in vivo biological activity of South American dragon's blood and its constituents

Arras, G.; D' hallewin, G., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo control of Penicillium digitatum and Botrytis cinerea in citrus fruit by Bacillus subtilis strains

Cabodevilla, J.; Alberio, R.; Palma, G.; Iovannitti, B.; Torquati, S., 1992:
In vitro and in vivo development of frozen cattle embryos using a simplified standard method

Zhou, T.; Paulitz, T.C., 1993:
In vitro and in vivo effects of Pseudomonas spp. on Pythium aphanidermatum: zoospore behavior in exudates and on the rhizoplane of bacteria-treated cucumber roots

Droke, E.A.; Spears, J.W., 1993:
In vitro and in vivo immunological measurements in growing lambs fed diets deficient, marginal or adequate in zinc

Ikeda, S.; Neyts, J.; Verma, S.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Mohan, P.; D.C.ercq, E., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo inhibition of ortho- and paramyxovirus infections by a new class of sulfonic acid polymers interacting with virus-cell binding and/or fusion

Canning, E.U.; Hollister, W.S., 1991:
In vitro and in vivo investigations of human microsporidia

Sartono, E.; Kruize, Y.C.M.; Kurnawian, A.; Maizels, R.M.; Selkirk, M.E.; Elsen, P.J. van den; Eggermond, M.C.J.A.; Yazdanbakhsh, M., 1994:
In vitro and in vivo modulation of T-cell responses in filariasis

Schnabl, H.; Denecke, M.; Schulz, M., 1992:
In vitro and in vivo phosphorylation of stomatal phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from Vicia faba L

Sakurai, H.; Fujii, Y.; Maki, Y.; Igarashi, I.; Omata, Y.; Saito, A.; Ono, K.; Suzuki, N., 1991:
In vitro and in vivo studies of the growth inhibitory effect of a newly synthesized peptide, obiopeptide-1, on mice-bearing methylcholanthrene-induced murine tumours

Santangelo, E.; Sonnino, A., 1991:
In vitro and in vivo vegetative propagation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Poir)

Demason D.A.; Widney D.; Stillman J.I., 1992:
In vitro and transplantation experiments with germination of date embryos

Hoffmann, B.; Schumann, G.; Kruger, H.U., 1991:
In vitro androgenesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). I. Effects of donor plant genotype on the development of pollen derived macrostructures and plantlets

Hoffmann, B.; Kruger, H.U.; Schumann, G., 1991:
In vitro androgenesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). II. The influence of donor plant growth environment

Bhardwaj, S.S.; Sandeep Kansal; Shyam, K.R., 1992:
In vitro antagonism of soil mycoflora against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum causing stalk rot of cauliflower

Anselmi, N.; Nicolotti, G.; Sanguineti, G., 1992:
In vitro antagonistic activity by Trichoderma spp. against basidiomycete root rots in forest trees

Raol, B.V., 1992:
In vitro antagonistic interactions between fungal flora of soils under sugarcane plant (Saccharum officinarum Linn.) var. Co-419

Hukkeri, V.I.; Kalyani, G.A.; Hatpaki, B.C.; Manvi, F.V., 1993:
In vitro anthelmintic activity of aqueous extract of fruit rind of Punica granatum

Yadav, A.K.; Veena Tandon; Rao, H.S.P., 1992:
In vitro anthelmintic activity of fresh tuber extract of Flemingia vestita against Ascaris suum

Parveen ; Sood, V.M.; Soni, G.L., 1992:
In vitro anthelmintic effects of rafoxanide on some dehydrogenases of Trichuris globulosa

Melchers, L.S.; Ponstein, A.S.; Sela Buurlage, M.B.; Vloemans, S.A.; Cornelissen, B.J.C., 1993:
In vitro anti-microbial activities of defense proteins and biotechnology

Das, S.S.; Sharma, N.N., 1993:
In vitro anti-schizontal effects of parvaquone and buparvaquone on Theileria annulata in lymphoblastoid cells

Huband, M.D.; Cohen, M.A.; Meservey, M.A. et al., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activities of PD 138312 and PD 140248, new fluoronaphthyridines with outstanding Gram-positive potency

Petersen, S.W.; Rosin, E., 1993 :
In vitro antibacterial activity of cefoxitin and cefotetan and pharmacokinetics in dogs

Masuzawa, T.; Yamada, K.; Kawabata, H.; Yanagihara, Y., 1994:
In vitro antibiotic susceptibilities of Borrelia isolates from erythema migrans lesion of Lyme disease patients in Japan

Loiseau, P.M.; Depreux, P., 1993:
In vitro antifilarial evaluation of phenoxycyclohexane derivatives

Hiratani, T.; Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, H.; Oka, H.; Niwano, Y.; Ohmi, T.; Uchida, M., 1992:
In vitro antifungal activity of NND-318, a new antimycotic

Uchida, K.; Aoki, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 1992:
In vitro antifungal activity of NND-318, a new imidazole antimycotic, against clinical isolates from patients with cutaneous mycosis

Terras, F.R.; Goderis, I.J.; Van Leuven, F.; Vanderleyden, J.; Cammue, B.P.; Broekaert, W.F., 1992:
In Vitro Antifungal Activity of a Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Seed Protein Homologous to Nonspecific Lipid Transfer Proteins

Oku, Y.; Inoue, T.; Takase, M.; Yokoyama, K.; Kaji, H.; Nishimura, K.; Miyaji, M., 1993:
In vitro antifungal and antibacterial activities of a new antifungal agent, liranaftate (M-732)

Ferdous, A.J.; Islam, M.O.; Hasan, C.M.; Islam, S.N., 1992:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of lanuginosine and oxostephanine

Avila Acevedo, J.G.; Munoz Lopez, J.L.; Martinez Cortes, G., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of various plant extracts used by Purepecha against some Enterobacteriaceae

Dobhal, M.P.; Joshi, Y.C., 1992:
In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of Berberis chitria

Mehta, B.K.; Shitut, S.; Wankhade, H., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of Triphala

Gopal, R.H.msaveni; Vasanth, S.; Kundu, A.B., 1992:
In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of Vicoa indica

Khardori, N.; Shawar, R.; Gupta, R.; Rosenbaum, B.; Rolston, K., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities of Nocardia species

Chopra, M.; Thurnham, D.I., 1993:
In vitro antioxidant activity of lutein

Amoros M.; Sauvager F.; Girre L.; Cormier M., 1992:
In vitro antiviral activity of propolis

Godwin, I.E.; Ford Lloyd, B.V.; Newbury, H.J., 1992:
In vitro approaches to extending the host-range of Agrobacterium for plant transformation

Mullens, B.A., 1993:
In vitro assay for permethrin persistence and interference with bloodfeeding of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) on animals

Borovsky, D.; Carlson, D.A., 1992:
In vitro assay for the biosynthesis and metabolism of juvenile hormone by exposed corpora allata of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Akao, N.; Fukunaga, M.; Kondo, K.; Tsuda, Y., 1992:
In vitro assessment of morbidity of Toxocara canis larvae using a dye exclusion assay

Nowak, J.; Pillay, V.K.; Papadopoulos, Y.A., 1993:
In vitro assessment of seedling vigour in birdsfoot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus L

Botcher, L.; Stoter, I.; Hellmann, E., 1993:
In vitro binding of Pasteurella haemolytica to tracheal mucus and to a tracheal epithelial cell wall preparation of cattle

Patil, M.K.; Srikant Kulkarni; Yashoda Hegde, 1992:
In vitro bioassay of fungicides against leaf spot of safflower

Bessis, R.; Vannel, D.; Barbier, M., 1992:
In vitro bioassays to evaluate the relationship between grapevines and Botrytis cinerea

Oudejans, R.C.H.M.; Koolman, F.P.; Schulz, T.K.F.; Beenakkers, A.M.T., 1990:
In vitro biosynthesis of adipokinetic hormones in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria

Mukherjee, J.; Mukherjee, S.; Gole, M.; Sur, R.K., 1990:
In vitro breakdown of endosulfan by liver extracts of the fish Oreochromis nilotica - an analysis by gas chromatography

Singh, H.P.; Singh, S.; Saxena, R.P.; Singh, R.K., 1993:
In vitro bud break in axillary nodal segments of mature trees of Acacia nilotica

D.S.lva, I.; D.S.uza, L., 1992:
In vitro bud proliferation of Anacardium occidentale L

Mohamed Yasseen, Y.; Splittstoesser, W.E.; Litz, R.E., 1993:
In vitro bulb formation and plant recovery from onion inflorescences

Rosel, U.; Szentkuti, L., 1993:
In vitro caffeine test on porcine skeletal muscle samples

Li, S.P.; Hu, Y.X.; Zhang, D.W., 1992:
In vitro callus culture, callus induction and plant regeneration from hybrid embryos from crosses between Aegilops tauschii and hexaploid triticale

Bordoloi, N.D.; Sarma, C.M., 1993:
In vitro callus induction and plantlet regeneration of pineapple

Murthy, A.R.; Lehrer, R.I.; Harwig, S.S.; Miyasaki, K.T., 1993:
In vitro candidastatic properties of the human neutrophil calprotectin complex

Pan, H.Y., 1993:
In vitro cell culture of the larval haemocytes of cabbage armyworm, Mamestra brassicae (Lep.: Noctuidae)

Perocco, P.; Colacci, A.; Grilli, S., 1993:
In vitro cell transformation induced by the pesticide fenarimol

Murthy, C.K.; Nahorniak, C.S.; Rivier, J.E.; Peter, R.E., 1993:
In vitro characterization of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists in goldfish, Carassius auratus

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