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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2409

Chapter 2409 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408012

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408031

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408043

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408105

Fayad, M. E.; Sabry, N. M.; Maklad, K. A.; Mobarek, M., 1991: Indirect haemagglutination tests in diagnosing trophic and cystic forms in amoebiasis patients

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408111

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408121

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408124

Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408125

Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408126

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408137

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408140

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408164

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408179

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408184

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408189

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408202

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408212

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408231

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408240

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Section 3, Chapter 2409, Accession 002408261

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