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Inheritance of eleven new variants of Collinsia heterophylla

Gorsic, J.

Journal of Heredity 85(4): 314-318


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1503
DOI: 10.1093/oxfordjournals.jhered.a111467
Accession: 002412075

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The inheritance patterns of 11 variants of Collinsia heterophylla (2n = 14) are reported. Virescent cotyledons (vr), chlorotic (co), yellow leaves (y), and tubular leaves (tl) were established as monogenic recessive traits. Leaves with a well-expressed terminal lobe (lo) were produced by homozygotes, whereas only a tendency for such lobing was observed in heterozygotes. Two alleles of the Pb locus controlling pubescence were identified: Pb-d produced a densely pubescent stem and Pb-r produced a puberulent to glabrous stem. A dominant suppressor of pubescence (Sp) produced a glabrous stem Two floral mutants, inherited as monogenic recessives, were identified maroon (um), whose flowers had a maroon-colored basal part of the upper lip, and keelless (kl) whose flowers had an open (not folded) middle lobe of the lower lip. The monogenic basis for two recessive mutants of floral ontogeny was established: (1) gynoecious (gy) producing flowers whose petals were reduced lo a sepaloid corolla and whose stamens were modified into sterile pistils, and (2) superflower (sf), producing actinomorphic terminal flowers with supernumerary (six to 16) floral parts.

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