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Intake of grazing dairy cows. 2. Effect of maize grain supplementation on changes in milk yield and chemical composition of milk in early lactation

Gallardo, M.; Santini, F.; Rearte, D.; Cangiano, C.; Gagliostro, G.

Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 11(4): 391-396


Accession: 002413736

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The aim of this trial was to study the effects of different levels of maize supplementation on milk yield and milk composition of grazing cows. The trial lasted for 10 weeks (4th-13th week of lactation) beginning in Oct. 1986. 18 Argentine Friesian cows grazing a pasture of ryegrass and white clover were assigned to the following treatments: T0: 0 kg maize; T1: 4 kg maize; and T2: 8 kg maize.

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