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Introduction into New Zealand of Bracon phylacteophagus, a biocontrol agent of Phylacteophaga froggatti, eucalyptus leaf-mining sawfly

Faulds, W.

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 201: 54-64


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-0134
Accession: 002416380

A braconid was imported into New Zealand from Australia to control an introduced Australian leaf-mining sawfly (Phylacteophaga froggatti) which infests species of Eucalyptus. Difficulties in rearing the parasite in quarantine facilities were overcome after it was discovered that the imported material included two closely related Bracon spp. with different mating requirements. The principal parasite (B. phylacteophagus) was released in 1988-89 and became well established in some localities.

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