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Microplot trials of pheromone dispensers for confusion of males of the oriental fruit moth, Cydia molesta, and the plum fruit moth, Cydia funebrana

Hrdy, I.; Kuldova, J.; Sundukova, N.E.; Vrkoe, J.

Ochrana Rostlin 26(3): 223-233


Accession: 002432928

In connection with the verification of small plot tests as a means of solving certain problems to do with pest control by male disorientation, 3 types of pheromone dispensers were tested for their efficacy in disorientating males of Cydia molesta and C. funebrana in peach orchards in southern Moravia, Czech Republic. In comparison with control traps, fewer males of both species were caught in traps containing disorientating pheromone dispensers set up in the middle of 10 x 10 m plots.

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