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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2437

Chapter 2437 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Drory, A.; Woodson, W.R., 1992:
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of a cDNA encoding catalase from tomato

Munson, M.A.; Baumann, P., 1992:
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of a putative trpDC(F)BA operon in Buchnera aphidicola (endosymbiont of the aphid Schizaphis graminum)

Gong, X.S.; Yan, J.Z.; Wu, N.H.; Yen, L.F., 1992:
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of chloroplast psaA gene from sorghum

Meng, X.J.; Paul, P.S.; Halbur, P.G., 1994:
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequencing of the 3'-terminal genomic RNA of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Elgadi, M.; Haj-Ahmad, Y., 1992:
Molecular cloning and restriction enzyme analysis of bovine adenovirus type 3

Manak, M.M., 1993:
Molecular cloning and screening

Krengiel, R.; Vincente, A.C.; Weyne, M.; Shindo, N.; Brioso, P.S.; Felix, D.B.; Villaroel, R.; de Oliveira, D.E.; Timmerman, B., 1993:
Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of a segment from Andean potato mottle virus B RNA encoding the putative RNA polymerase

Kang, S.C.; Agarwal, K.L.; Yoo, O.J., 1989:
Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA coding for canine gastrin

Takahashi, K.; Nadal-Ginard, B., 1991:
Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of smooth muscle calponin

Liu, J.J.; Peng, X.X.; Mang, K.Q., 1992:
Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of soybean mosaic virus 3' genome

Keath, E.J.; Abidi, F.E., 1994:
Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of yps-3, a yeast-phase-specific gene in the dimorphic fungal pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum

Ruiz Lara, S.; Prats, E.; Casas, M.T.; Cornudella, L., 1993:
Molecular cloning and sequence of a cDNA for the sperm-specific protein theta 1 from the mussel Mytilus edulis

Verma, M.; Davidson, E.A., 1993:
Molecular cloning and sequencing of a canine tracheobronchial mucin cDNA containing a cysteine-rich domain

Li,; Cao, Kai Ming; Xin, Hua; Gu, Q.M.n; Sun, Chong Rong, 1992:
Molecular cloning and sequencing of wheat high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit gene fragment using polymerase chain reaction

Yuan,; Cao,; Huang, W.D.; Sun,, 1992:
Molecular cloning and structure analysis of rbcL gene in rice

Hu, C.; Pang, S.; Kong, X.; Velleca, M.; Lawrence, J.C., 1994:
Molecular cloning and tissue distribution of PHAS-I, an intracellular target for insulin and growth factors

Vaughan, T.J.; James, P.S.; Pascall, J.C.; Brown, K.D., 1993:
Molecular cloning and tissue distribution of pig transforming growth factor alpha

Yang, W.M.; Shen, X.Z.; Sun, X.Y.; Peng, H.; Lao, W.D.; Chen, S.Y., 1990:
Molecular cloning of 5'-regulatory region of bovine alpha S1-casein gene

Roy, P.; Chuma, T.; Blois, H. le; Hirasawa, T., 1992:
Molecular cloning of RNA segment 7 and synthesis of the major core antigen VP7 of African horse sickness viruses by recombinant baculovirus: its use as a group-specific diagnostic reagent

Masai, I.; Hosoya, T.; Kojima, S.; Hotta, Y., 1992:
Molecular cloning of a Drosophila diacylglycerol kinase gene that is expressed in the nervous system and muscle

Yao, J.; Zadworny, D.; Kuhnlein, U., 1992:
Molecular cloning of a cDNA coding for bovine decarboxylase

Hills, M.J.; Dann, R.; Lydiate, D.; Sharpe, A., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a cDNA from Brassica napus L. for a homologue of acyl-CoA-binding protein

Uchida, S.; Sasaki, S.; Furukawa, T.; Hiraoka, M.; Imai, T.; Hirata, Y.; Marumo, F., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a chloride channel that is regulated by dehydration and expressed predominantly in kidney medulla

Li, H.M.; Kaneko, Y.; Keegstra, K., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a chloroplastic protein associated with both the envelope and thylakoid membranes

Umarov, B.R.; Ivashina, T.V.; Aronshtam, A.A.; Rasulov, A.S.; Khalmuradov, A.G., 1992:
Molecular cloning of a fragment of the Rhizobium meliloti genome involved in the control of symbiotic nitrogen fixation with alfalfa

Kim, Y.H.; Koo, B.S.; Oh, S.S.; Park, K.S.; Lim, S.Y.; Ryu, J.C.; Eun, M.Y., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a gene coding for beta -glucanase from Bacillus subtilis K4, antagonist to plant pathogenic fungi

Raina, A.; Datta, A., 1992 :
Molecular cloning of a gene encoding a seed-specific protein with nutritionally balanced amino acid composition from Amaranthus

Mahan, S.M.; McGuire, T.C.; Semu, S.M.; Bowie, M.V.; Jongejan, F.; Rurangirwa, F.R.; Barbet, A.F., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a gene encoding the immunogenic 21 kDa protein of Cowdria ruminantium

Saunders, W.S.; Chue, C.; Goebl, M.; Craig, C.; Clark, R.F.; Powers, J.A.; Eissenberg, J.C.; Elgin, S.C.; Rothfield, N.F.; Earnshaw, W.C., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a human homologue of Drosophila heterochromatin protein HP1 using anti-centromere autoantibodies with anti-chromo specificity

Markham, P.F.; Glew, M.D.; Whithear, K.G.; Walker, I.D., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a member of the gene family that encodes pMGA, a hemagglutinin of Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Upton, A.L.; Moss, S.E., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a novel N-terminal variant of annexin II from rat basophilic leukaemia cells

Nystedt, S.; Emilsson, K.; Wahlestedt, C.; Sundelin, J., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a potential proteinase activated receptor

Roghani, A.; Feldman, J.; Kohan, S.A.; Shirzadi, A.; Gundersen, C.B.; Brecha, N.; Edwards, R.H., 1994:
Molecular cloning of a putative vesicular transporter for acetylcholine

Chen, Y.; Mestek, A.; Liu, J.; Yu, L., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a rat kappa opioid receptor reveals sequence similarities to the micro and delta opioid receptors

Van Patten, S.M.; Ng, D.C.; Th'ng, J.P.; Angelos, K.L.; Smith, A.J.; Walsh, D.A., 1991:
Molecular cloning of a rat testis form of the inhibitor protein of cAMP-dependent protein kinase

Wu, L.C.; Mak, C.H.; Dear, N.; Boehm, T.; Foroni, L.; Rabbitts, T.H., 1993:
Molecular cloning of a zinc finger protein which binds to the heptamer of the signal sequence for V(D)J recombination

Lee, S.P.; Chen, T.H., 1993:
Molecular cloning of abscisic acid-responsive mRNAs expressed during the induction of freezing tolerance in bromegrass (Bromus inermis Leyss) suspension culture

Shay, N.F.; Nick, H.S.; Kilberg, M.S., 1990:
Molecular cloning of an amino acid-regulated mRNA (amino acid starvation-induced) in rat hepatoma cells

Teng, B.; Burant, C.F.; Davidson, N.O., 1993:
Molecular cloning of an apolipoprotein B messenger RNA editing protein

Sakagami, M.; Hirota, K.; Awata, T.; Yasue, H., 1994:
Molecular cloning of an equine satellite-type DNA sequence and its chromosomal localization

Yamada, H.; Watanabe, K.; Shimonaka, M.; Yamaguchi, Y., 1994:
Molecular cloning of brevican, a novel brain proteoglycan of the aggrecan/versican family

Nelson, H.; Mandiyan, S.; Noumi, T.; Moriyama, Y.; Miedel, M.C.; Nelson, N., 1990:
Molecular cloning of cDNA encoding the C subunit of H(+)-ATPase from bovine chromaffin granules

Kong, A.N.; Ma, M.; Tao, D.; Yang, L., 1993:
Molecular cloning of cDNA encoding the phenol/aryl form of sulfotransferase (mSTp1) from mouse liver

Miura, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Asou, H.; Uyemura, K., 1991:
Molecular cloning of cDNA encoding the rat neural cell adhesion molecule L1

Kikkawa, U.; Mann, S.K.; Firtel, R.A.; Hunter, T., 1992:
Molecular cloning of casein kinase II alpha subunit from Dictyostelium discoideum and its expression in the life cycle

Vaughan, K.T.; Weber, F.E.; Einheber, S.; Fischman, D.A., 1993:
Molecular cloning of chicken myosin-binding protein (MyBP) H (86-kDa protein) reveals extensive homology with MyBP-C (C-protein) with conserved immunoglobulin C2 and fibronectin type III motifs

Raj, S.K.; Leiser, R.M.; Plobner, L., 1994:
Molecular cloning of coat protein gene of cucumber mosaic virus, CMV-U strain

Tavernor, A.S.; Deverson, E.V.; Coadwell, W.J.; Lunn, D.P.; Zhang, C.; Davis, W.; Butcher, G.W., 1993:
Molecular cloning of equine CD44 cDNA by a COS cell expression system

Ohashi, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Watari, T.; Goitsuka, R.; Tsujimoto, H.; Hasegawa, A., 1993:
Molecular cloning of feline interleukin-6 cDNA

Yamada, S.; Hata, J.; Yamashita, S., 1993:
Molecular cloning of fish Pit-1 cDNA and its functional binding to promoter of gene expressed in the pituitary

Glasgow, E.; Druger, R.K.; Fuchs, C.; Lane, W.S.; Schechter, N., 1994:
Molecular cloning of gefiltin (ON1): serial expression of two new neurofilament mRNAs during optic nerve regeneration

Pe, M.E.; Frova, C.; Colombo, L.; Binelli, G.; Mastroianni, N.; Tarchini, R.; Visioli, G., 1994:
Molecular cloning of genes expressed in pollen of Sorghum bicolor

Han, C.D.; Martienssen, R.A.; Coe, E.H., 1992:
Molecular cloning of ij (iojap): insertion of a Ds-like element is responsible for the ij-ref mutation

Nayakshin, A.M.; Belousov, E.S.; Alabjev, Y.B.; Bovkun, L.A.; Peremislov, V.V.; Aasted, B.; Taranin, A.V., 1992:
Molecular cloning of mink immunoglobulin lambda , kappa and gamma -chain cDNA

Hur, M.W.; Ho, W.H.; Brown, C.J.; Goldman, D.; Edenberg, H.J., 1992:
Molecular cloning of mouse alcohol dehydrogenase-B2 cDNA: nucleotide sequences of the class III ADH genes evolve slowly even for silent substitutions

Brown, I.R.; Gurd, J.W.; Ni, B., 1992:
Molecular cloning of neuronal calmodulin mRNA species

Tsutsui, K.; Tsutsui, K.; Okada, S.; Watanabe, M.; Shohmori, T.; Seki, S.; Inoue, Y., 1993:
Molecular cloning of partial cDNAs for rat DNA topoisomerase II isoforms and their differential expression in brain development

Dietzgen, R.G.; Teycheney, P.Y.; Birch, R.G.; Livingstone, M.; Budiarto, 1993:
Molecular cloning of peanut stripe potyvirus coat protein gene and progress in marker gene transfer and peanut regeneration

Iwahana, H.; Yamaoka, T.; Mizutani, M.; Mizusawa, N.; Ii, S.; Yoshimoto, K.; Itakura, M., 1993:
Molecular cloning of rat amidophophoribosyltransferase

Okamoto, K.; Hirano, H.; Isohashi, F., 1993:
Molecular cloning of rat liver glucocorticoid-receptor translocation promoter

Li, T.; Takano, T.; Matsumura, H.; Takeda, G., 1993:
Molecular cloning of rice lactate dehydrogenase cDNA

Obara, K.; Otsuka Fuchino, H.; Sattayasai, N.; Nonomura, Y.; Tsuchiya, T.; Tamiya, T., 1992:
Molecular cloning of the antibacterial protein of the giant African snail, Achatina fulica Ferussac

McCuaig, K.A.; Clarke, J.C.; White, J.H., 1994:
Molecular cloning of the gene encoding the mouse parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related peptide receptor

Donly, B.C.; Ding, Q.; Tobe, S.S.; Bendena, W.G., 1993:
Molecular cloning of the gene for the allatostatin family of neuropeptides from the cockroach Diploptera punctata

Umarov, B.R.; Erko, V.N.; Aronshtam, A.A.; Rasulov, A.S.; Khalmuradov, A.G., 1992:
Molecular cloning of the gene of leucine biosynthesis in Rhizobium meliloti, which participates in controlling the development of nitrogen-fixing symbiosis with alfalfa

Marzachi, C.; Aquilio, M.D.; Antoniazzi, S.; Boccardo, G., 1992:
Molecular cloning of the genome of ourmia melon virus

Vitale, M.; Vashishtha, A.; Linzer, E.; Powell, D.J.; Friedman, J.M., 1990:
Molecular cloning of the mouse CCK gene: expression in different brain regions and during cortical development

Davis, M.T.; Vakharia, V.N.; Henry, J.; Kempe, T.G.; Raina, A.K., 1992:
Molecular cloning of the pheromone biosynthesis-activating neuropeptide in Helicoverpa zea

Taira, M.; Hockman, S.C.; Calvo, J.C.; Taira, M.; Belfrage, P.; Manganiello, V.C., 1993:
Molecular cloning of the rat adipocyte hormone-sensitive cyclic GMP-inhibited cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase

Marzachi' , C.; Antoniazzi, S.; D.A.uilio, M.; Boccardo, G., 1992:
Molecular cloning of the segmented RNA genome of ourmia melon virus

Kitada, S.; Niidome, T.; Nagano, T.; Ogishima, T.; Ito, A., 1993:
Molecular cloning of the smaller subunit(P52) of rat liver mitochondrial processing protease

Klaudiny, J.; Hanes, J.; Kulifajova, J.; Albert, S.; Simuth, J., 1994:
Molecular cloning of two cDNAs from the head of the nurse honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) for coding related proteins of royal jelly

Shorrosh, B.S.; Dixon, R.A.; Ohlrogge, J.B., 1994:
Molecular cloning, characterization, and elicitation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase from alfalfa

Ruat, M.; Traiffort, E.; Leurs, R.; Tardivel-Lacombe, J.; Diaz, J.; Arrang, J.M.; Schwartz, J.C., 1993:
Molecular cloning, characterization, and localization of a high-affinity serotonin receptor (5-HT7) activating cAMP formation

Exley, G.E.; Colandene, J.D.; Garrett, R.H., 1993:
Molecular cloning, characterization, and nucleotide sequence of nit-6, the structural gene for nitrite reductase in Neurospora crassa

Lee, Y.A.; Hendson, M.; Panopoulos, N.J.; Schroth, M.N., 1994:
Molecular cloning, chromosomal mapping, and sequence analysis of copper resistance genes from Xanthomonas campestris pv. juglandis: homology with small blue copper proteins and multicopper oxidase

Thomas, W.; Sellwood, R., 1993:
Molecular cloning, expression, and DNA sequence analysis of the gene that encodes the 16-kilodalton outer membrane lipoprotein of Serpulina hyodysenteriae

Graves, P.R.; Haas, D.W.; Hagedorn, C.H.; DePaoli-Roach, A.A.; Roach, P.J., 1993:
Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of a 49-kilodalton casein kinase I isoform from rat testis

Schmitt, D.; Pakusch, A.E.; Matern, U., 1991:
Molecular cloning, induction and taxonomic distribution of caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase, an enzyme involved in disease resistance

Theisen, M.; Rioux, C.R.; Potter, A.A., 1993:
Molecular cloning, nucleotide sequence, and characterization of lppB, encoding an antigenic 40-kilodalton lipoprotein of Haemophilus somnus

Konishi, Y.; Tanizawa, K.; Muroya, S.; Fukui, T., 1993:
Molecular cloning, nucleotide sequencing, and affinity labeling of bovine liver UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase

Boga, J.A.; Casais, R.; Marin, M.S.; Martin Alonso, J.M.; Carmenes, R.S.; Prieto, M.; Parra, F., 1994:
Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression in Escherichia coli of capsid protein gene from rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (Spanish isolate AST/89)

Collins, J.F.; Honda, T.; Knobel, S.; Bulus, N.M.; Conary, J.; DuBois, R.; Ghishan, F.K., 1993:
Molecular cloning, sequencing, tissue distribution, and functional expression of a Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE-2)

Gong, Y.Z.; Everett, E.T.; Schwartz, D.A.; Norris, J.S.; Wilson, F.A., 1994:
Molecular cloning, tissue distribution, and expression of a 14-kDa bile acid-binding protein from rat ileal cytosol

de Wit, P.J.; Joosten, M.H.; Honée, G.; Wubben, J.P.; van den Ackerveken, G.F.; van den Broek, H.W., 1994:
Molecular communication between host plant and the fungal tomato pathogen Cladosporium fulvum

Huismans, H.; Staden, V. van; Nel, L.H., 1992:
Molecular comparison of the cognate genes of bluetongue, African horse sickness, and epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses which encode nonstructural proteins NS2 and NS3

Anonymous, 1992:
Molecular composites and composites from alternative lignocellulosics

Havey, M.; Bark, O., 1994:
Molecular confirmation that sterile cytoplasm has been introduced into open-pollinated Grano onion cultivars

Kanno, C.; Azuma, N.; Hizono, T.; Sinohara, N., 1994:
Molecular construction of secretory IgA from IgA dimer and two secretory components of bovine milk

Gilmour, R.S.; Saunders, J.C.; Dickson, M.C.; Li, J.; Pell, J.M.; Owden, A.L.F.; Silver, M., 1992 :
Molecular control of IGF gene expression

Bryant, J.A.; Cuming, A.C., 1993:
Molecular control of development

Gill, Bikram S., 1993:
Molecular cytogenetic analysis in wheat

Heslop Harrison, J.S.; Schwarzacher, T., 1993:
Molecular cytogenetics - biology and applications in plant breeding

Okamoto, T., 1993:
Molecular design of lignin for high-performance material

Wu, C.C.; Lin, T.L.; Zhang, H.G.; Davis, V.S.; Boyle, J.A., 1992:
Molecular detection of infectious bursal disease virus by polymerase chain reaction

Fraser, D.D.; Kong, L.I.; Miller, F.W., 1992:
Molecular detection of persistent Borrelia burgdorferi in a man with dermatomyositis

Wood, P.A.; Hinsdale, M.E.; Kelly, C.L., 1993:
Molecular detection of the Bcd-1 null allele in BALB/cByJ mice by polymerase chain reaction: a simple assay for genetic monitoring

Kresovich, S.; Lamboy, W.F.; Szewc McFadden, A.K.; McFerson, J.R.; Forsline, P.L., 1993:
Molecular diagnostics and plant genetic resources conservation

Green, J.R.; Mackie, A.J.; Roberts, A.M.; Callow, J.A., 1992:
Molecular differentiation and development of the host-parasite interface in powdery mildew of pea

Moreau, F.; Kleinschmit, J.; Kremer, A., 1994 :
Molecular differentiation between Q. petraea and Q. robur assessed by random amplified DNA fragments

Mills, P.R.; Hodson, A.; Brown, A.E., 1992:
Molecular differentiation of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolates infecting tropical fruits

D.T.pia, M.; Himmelbach, A.; Hohn, T., 1993:
Molecular dissection of the cauliflower mosaic virus translation transactivator

Bruhn, K.W.; Nelms, K.; Boulay, J.L.; Paul, W.E.; Lenardo, M.J., 1993:
Molecular dissection of the mouse interleukin-4 promoter

Hahn, M.L.; Burrows, P.R.; Gnanapragasam, N.C.; Bridge, J.; Vines, N.J.; Wright, D.J., 1994:
Molecular diversity amongst Radopholus similis populations from Sri Lanka detected by RAPD analysis

Combarnous, Y.; Martinat, N.; Anouassi, A., 1993:
Molecular endocrinology of reproduction in the dromedary

da Costa Mendes, V.M.; de Beer, M.; Peenze, I.; Steele, A.D., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology and subgroup analysis of bovine group A rotaviruses associated with diarrhea in South African calves

Robinson, J.L.; Hartstein, A.I.; Meuser, R.U.; Morthland, V.H.; Dragoon, M.E.; Wenman, W.M., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of Candida albicans colonization and fungemia in very low birthweight infants

Kawasaki, M.; Ishizaki, H.; Miyaji, M.; Nishimura, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Hombo, S.; Muir, D., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of Cladosporium carrionii

Singh, A.; Kapoor, S.; Pandey, R., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of bovine rotavirus during 1987 as determined by electrophoresis of genomic RNA

Chungue, E.; Deubel, V.; Cassar, O.; Laille, M.; Martin, P.M., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of dengue 3 viruses and genetic relatedness among dengue 3 strains isolated from patients with mild or severe form of dengue fever in French Polynesia

Sáiz, J.C.; Sobrino, F.; Dopazo, J., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease virus type O

Girardin, H.; Sarfati, J.; Traoré, F.; Dupouy Camet, J.; Derouin, F.; Latgé, J.P., 1994:
Molecular epidemiology of nosocomial invasive aspergillosis

Nel, L.H.; Thomson, G.R.; Von Teichman, B.F., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of rabies virus in South Africa

Powderly, W.G.; Robinson, K.; Keath, E.J., 1993:
Molecular epidemiology of recurrent oral candidiasis in human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients: evidence for two patterns of recurrence

Clegg, M.T., 1993:
Molecular evaluation of plant genetic resources

Kinney, R.M.; Tsuchiya, K.R.; Sneider, J.M.; Trent, D.W., 1992:
Molecular evidence for the origin of the widespread Venezuelan equine encephalitis epizootic of 1969 to 1972

Shi, S.H.; Qu, L.H.; Yu, X.Q.; Zhang, H.D., 1993:
Molecular evidence for the relationship among Gnetum, gymnosperm and angiosperm

Molina, F.I.; Shen, P.; Jong, S.C.ang; Orikono, K., 1992:
Molecular evidence supports the separation of Lentinula edodes from Lentinus and related genera

Weil, C.F.; Wessler, S.R., 1993 :
Molecular evidence that chromosome breakage by Ds elements is caused by aberrant transposition

Sneider, J.M.; Kinney, R.M.; Tsuchiya, K.R.; Trent, D.W., 1993:
Molecular evidence that epizootic Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) I-AB viruses are not evolutionary derivatives of enzootic VEE subtype I-E or II viruses

Peixoto, A.A.; Campesan, S.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, C.P., 1993:
Molecular evolution of a repetitive region within the per gene of Drosophila

Gaut, B.S.; Clegg, M.T., 1993:
Molecular evolution of the Adh1 locus in the genus Zea

Hua, S.B.; Dube, S.K.; Kung, S.D., 1993:
Molecular evolutionary analysis of the psbP gene family of the photosystem II oxygen-evolving complex in Nicotiana

Wachira, T.M.; Bowles, J.; Zeyhle, E.; McManus, D.P., 1993:
Molecular examination of the sympatry and distribution of sheep and camel strains of Echinococcus granulosus in Kenya

Gafni, Y., 1991:
Molecular flower breeding

Tunen, A.J. van; Busscher, M.; Franken, J.; Angenent, G.C., 1993:
Molecular flower breeding; the ABC of floral organogenesis

Goldman, A.S.; Garza, C.; Schanler, R.J.; Goldblum, R.M., 1990:
Molecular forms of lactoferrin in stool and urine from infants fed human milk

Sakalo, V.D.; Lobov, V.P., 1992:
Molecular forms of sucrose synthase from beet roots

Mugnier, J.; Chazalet, M.; Axiotis, S., 1992:
Molecular fungicide 727

Wenzel, G.; Graner, A., 1993:
Molecular gene probes for marker-based selection

Keon, J.P.R.; Broomfield, P.L.E.; Hargreaves, J.A.; White, G.A., 1992:
Molecular genetic analysis of carboxin resistance in Ustilago maydis

Gresshoff, P.M., 1993:
Molecular genetic analysis of nodulation genes in soybean

Van Kan, J.A.L.; Bergmans, C.J.B.; Van 't Klooster, J.W., 1992:
Molecular genetic analysis of pathogenesis of Botrytis cinerea

Jones, J.D.G.; Ashfield, T.; Balint Kurti, P.; Bishop, G.J.; Carroll, B.J.; Dickinson, M.J.; Dixon, M.; English, J.; Hammond Kosack, K.E.; Harrison, K.; Jones, D.A.; Klimyuk, V.; Nussaume, L.; Scofield, S.R.; Shlumukov, L.; Szabo, V.; Thomas, C.M., 1993:
Molecular genetic analysis of plant genes required for resistance to fungal pathogens

Letskii, V.K.; Aronshtam, A.A.; Umarov, B.R.; Erko, V.N.; Rasulov, A.S.; Khalmuradov, A.G., 1992:
Molecular genetic analysis of the symbiotic properties of Rhizobium meliloti

Robertson, M.A.; Tabachnick, W.J., 1992:
Molecular genetic approaches to Culicoides variipennis vector competence for bluetongue viruses

Sachs, M.M., 1993:
Molecular genetic basis of metabolic adaptation to anoxia in maize and its possible utility for improving tolerance of crops to soil waterlogging

Shoemaker, R.C.; Guffy, R.D.; Lorenzen, L.L.; Specht, J.E., 1992 :
Molecular genetic mapping of soybean: map utilization

Second, G.; Ghesquiere, A., 1991:
Molecular genetic markers and rice breeding

Staub, J.E.; Meglic, V., 1993:
Molecular genetic markers and their legal relevance for cultivar discrimination: a case study in cucumber

Handa, H., 1993:
Molecular genetic studies of mitochondrial genome in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) in relation to cytoplasmic male-sterility

Matvienko, M.A.; Tikhonovich, I.A., 1992:
Molecular genetical aspects of the structural/functional organization of phytoglobins. Distribution and evolution of phytoglobin sequences

Fincham, J.R., 1980:
Molecular genetics

Mollet, B.; Constable, A.; Delley, M.; Knol, J.; Marciset, O.; Pridmore, D., 1993:
Molecular genetics in Streptococcus thermophilus: from transformation to gene expression

Oppenheimer, D.G.; Esch, J.; Marks, M.D., 1993:
Molecular genetics of Arabidopsis trichome development

Holden, D.W.; Tang, C.M.; Smith, J.M., 1994:
Molecular genetics of Aspergillus pathogenicity

Kurtz, M.B.; Kelly, R.; Kirsch, D.R., 1990:
Molecular genetics of Candida albicans

Schardl, C.L.; Siegel, M.R., 1993:
Molecular genetics of Epichloe typhina and Acremonium coenophialum

Rawlings, D.E.; Kusano, T., 1994:
Molecular genetics of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Arendt, E.K.; Guchte, M. van de; Coffey, A.G.; Daly, C.; Fitzgerald, G.F., 1993:
Molecular genetics of bacteriophages of lactic acid bacteria

Kao, T.H., 1992:
Molecular genetics of gametophytic self incompatibility in Solanaceae

Sims, T.L., 1994:
Molecular genetics of gametophytic self-incompatibility in Petunia hybrida

Kurtz M.B.; Scherer S., 1991:
Molecular genetics of human fungal pathogens

Delcour, J.; Bernard, N.; Garmyn, D.; Ferain, T.; Hols, P., 1993:
Molecular genetics of lactate-dehydrogenases from lactic acid bacteria

Erickson, Robert P., 1993:
Molecular genetics of mammalian spermatogenesis

Mercier, J.C.laude; Grosclaude, F., 1993:
Molecular genetics of milk proteins and their genes

Das, H.K., 1993:
Molecular genetics of nitrogen fixation in Azospirilla

Das, H.K., 1993:
Molecular genetics of nitrogen fixation in Azotobacters

Tuli, R.; Mathur, M., 1993:
Molecular genetics of nitrogen fixation in Klebsiella pneumoniae

Vaishampayan, A., 1994:
Molecular genetics of nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria

Mau, S.L.; Bacic, A.; Murfett, J.; McClure, B.; Anderson, M.; Clarke, A., 1992:
Molecular genetics of self-incompatibility in Nicotiana alata

Cihlar R.L.; Malavasic M.J., 1991:
Molecular genetics of some medically important fungi

Nguyen, H.T.; Hendershot, K.L.; Joshi, C.P., 1993:
Molecular genetics of stress breeding: heat shock proteins

Pukkila, P.J.; Casselton, L.A., 1991:
Molecular genetics of the agaric Coprinus cinereus

Beguin, P.; Chauvaux, S.; Tokatlidis, K.; Salamitou, S.; Navas, J.; Millet, J.; Aubert, J.P., 1992:
Molecular genetics of the cellulase system of Clostridium thermocellum

Ruiz Argueso, T.; Hidalgo, E.; Murillo, J.; Rey, L.; Palacios, J.M., 1991:
Molecular genetics of the hydrogen uptake system of Rhizobium leguminosarum

Dean, J.; Millar, S.E.; Liang, L.F.; Chamberlin, M.E.; Lunsford, R.D., 1991:
Molecular genetics of the mouse zona pellucida: implications for immunologic perturbations of fertilization

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Molecular research on disease vectors and their pathogens

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Molecular Responses to Water Deficit

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Molecular sieve to select cells in tissue culture to develop disease resistant plants

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Momentum in sports

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Momordin II, a ribosome inactivating protein from Momordica balsamina, is homologous to other plant proteins

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Monarda fistulosa - a spice plant

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Monetary value estimates of nematode problems, research proposal and priorities: the rice example in South and Southeast Asia

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Monetisation of project food aid?

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Money-saving weed control in soyabeans

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Monitoring Indonesian food crop incomes, wage rates, and labor absorption: uses and limitations of the Central Bureau of Statistics farm cost structure survey (Survei Struktur Ongkos)

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Monitoring a large-scale resettlement programme with repeated household interviews

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Monitoring access to food and household food security

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Monitoring adult sorghum shoot fly, Atherigona soccata Rondani (Diptera: Muscidae), and related species in Burkina Faso

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Monitoring aflatoxin M1 content in milk for the production of baby and infant foods by immunoassay

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Monitoring and biological control as the main components of IPM in vineyards

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Monitoring and control of insect pests with pheromones and other semiochemicals

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Monitoring and evaluation of Nigeria's irrigation systems: the case of the Bakolori Irrigation Project

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Monitoring and evaluation of soil conservation projects

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Monitoring and evaluation of training programmes for women functionaries in rural development

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Monitoring and forecasting the oak-roller pest community in NW Germany

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Monitoring and forecasting the occurrence of aphids on sugar beet

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Monitoring and notification system for intensive aquaculture

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Monitoring and regulation of a deliming plant

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Monitoring animal genetic resources and criteria for prioritization of breeds

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Monitoring aphids in seed potatoes

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Monitoring bovine embryo viability with early pregnancy factor

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Monitoring bulk tank somatic cell counts by a multi-process Kalman filter

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Monitoring calcium intake and absorption

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Monitoring chemical exposure using breast milk: a methodological review

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Monitoring controller-based field sprayer performance

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Monitoring costs in Chinese agricultural teams

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Monitoring demand, supply, consumption and marketing linkages

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Monitoring dietary intakes

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Monitoring environmental change with color slides

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Monitoring farm accounts to achieve sustained profitability

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Monitoring farmers' practices and fields as a continuing activity in on-farm research for evolving cropping systems

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Monitoring fertilizer supply and demand in a deregulated market

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Monitoring field performance of four types of improved firewood stove developed in Sri Lanka

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Monitoring flight activity of phycitine moths in the warehouse by using pheromone traps

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Monitoring food intake in Europe: a food data bank based on household budget surveys

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Monitoring for selected degradation products following a spill of VAPAM into the Sacramento River

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Monitoring gene expression by means of electrophoretic techniques

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Monitoring genetically manipulated Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae released in the field

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Monitoring global tropical deforestation: a challenge for remote sensing

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Monitoring ground water with chemical sensors

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Monitoring heritage

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Monitoring in beech forests of the Westphalian Bight

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Monitoring individual sows in group housing. Possibilities for automation

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Monitoring irrigation at container nurseries

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Monitoring irrigation water delivery performance: the concept of cumulative relative water supply (CRWS)

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Monitoring isonicotinoylhydrazide (isoniazid) in bovine serum samples in the 3-year period 1989-1992

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Monitoring mancozeb and carbendazim residues in ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) following post harvest dip

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Monitoring microbial adhesion and biofilm formation by attenuated total reflection/Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

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Monitoring mycological media

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Monitoring mycotoxin contamination of foods in developing countries

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Monitoring of Frankliniella occidentalis in commercial vegetable production

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Monitoring of HCH and DDT in ghee and butter samples in Gujarat

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Monitoring of HCH and DDT residues in certain avian eggs in Tamil Nadu

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Monitoring of HCH and DDT-R in groundnut and sesamum oils

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Monitoring of HCH, DDT and malathion in rice from Tamil Nadu

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Monitoring of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in Pakistan with pheromone traps

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Monitoring of Spodoptera litura F. by pheromone trap catches

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Monitoring of Spodoptera litura F. populations with pheromone baited traps at Pantnagar, India

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Monitoring of Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) using pheromone traps in Madrid

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Monitoring of activity and abundance of adults of the pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus F.) and cabbage stem weevil (Ceutorrhynchus pallidactylus Marsh.) in winter rape stands

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Monitoring of blood flow using Doppler ultrasound in canine renal allografts

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Monitoring of botanical composition of set-aside fields in England

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Monitoring of brassica pod midge (Dasineura brassicae)

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Monitoring of coastal ocean waters receiving wastewaters in the USA: review of two 1990 publications of the USA National Research Council - National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering

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Monitoring of coliform bacteria in raw cow milk according to CSN 57 0529

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Monitoring of cotton whitefly Bemisia tabaci Genn. with sticky traps

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Monitoring of denitrification by Pseudomonas aeruginosa using on-line fluorescence technique

Reutergardh, L., 1994:
Monitoring of effects of micro-pollutants in the environment

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Monitoring of environmental impacts on soils in Austria

David, P., 1993:
Monitoring of fermentation

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Monitoring of flight activity in some crucifer-feeding pests by means of yellow water-traps

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Monitoring of food for radioactivity

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Monitoring of foreign substances in fishes from River Elbe in the Celakovice locality

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Monitoring of forest vitality in Norway

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Monitoring of groundwater quality

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Monitoring of heavy metal pollution by Taraxacum officinale

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Monitoring of heavy metals in soils by higher fungi

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Monitoring of insect pests in apple orchards with the aid of visual traps and sticky bands

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Monitoring of irrigation system operation

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Monitoring of milk quality and on-farm milk processing. An example of a coordinated procedure involving practising veterinary surgeons

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Monitoring of milk quality in animal production: the procedure for milk recording in the South-West

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Monitoring of peach twig borer (Anarsia lineatella Zell., Gelechiidae) by means of pheromone traps

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Monitoring of pests and diseases in cereals 1990-93

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Monitoring of pests in apple orchards on buds, leaf clusters and one-year-old shoots

Gottwald, R.; Moll, E.; Kunzel, K.; Polichronow, W., 1992:
Monitoring of pests in apple orchards on fruit clusters and one-year-old shoots

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Monitoring of reception operations at a sugar factory

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Monitoring of the lepidopteran fauna in orchards in the Veneto region

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Monitoring of the sugar beet weevil (Temnorrhinus mendicus Gylly) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and preliminary biological control trials with entomopathogenic nematodes

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Monitoring of tick populations in an eradication campaign to detect outbreaks of resistance

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Monitoring of vegetal cover in Alaknanda catchment

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Monitoring pesticide movement into subsurface drains

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Monitoring Phloem Unloading and Post-Phloem Transport by Microperfusion of Attached Wheat Grains

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Monitoring plant water status

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Monitoring populations of soil microorganisms during a conversion from a conventional to an organic system of vegetable growing

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Monitoring programme heavy metals in food. 6. Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc in Swiss carrots

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Monitoring sediment load from erosion events

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Monitoring soil fertility of a forest-agricultural landscape of the forest steppe of the Middle Russian Plain

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Monitoring soil health for increasing agricultural production and environmental safety

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Monitoring soil wetness conditions in Louisiana and Texas

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Monitoring some contaminants during the manufacture of some conventional dairy products

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Monitoring streambank and gully erosion by airborne laser

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Monitoring surface water conductivity with Indian remote sensing satellite data: a case study from central India

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Monitoring susceptibility of whitebacked planthopper and brown planthopper to thirteen insecticides

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Monitoring system for water table management

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Monitoring systems for pesticide usage with regard to human health and environmental safety

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Monitoring temperature patterns in operating lumber dry kilns with a portable computer

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Monitoring the Hungarian private farming sector: a review of the current situation

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Monitoring the Rio Grande Valley cotton stalk destruction program with satellite imagery

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Monitoring the chickpea borer, Helicoverpa armigera Hubner over period 1987/88-1989/90 by pheromone trap at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

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Monitoring the ecosystem and its impact on honey bee reproduction: a valuable tool for national parks

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Monitoring the efficacy of different doses of praziquantel by quantification of circulating antigens in serum and urine of schistosomiasis patients

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Monitoring the efficacy of insect venom immunotherapy

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Monitoring the environmental impacts of tourism on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site

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Monitoring the flight activity of the green peach aphid Myzus persicae Sulz. in stands of industrial sugarbeet

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Monitoring the flight of apple pests with pheromones

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Monitoring the grain flow on combines device and performance study

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Monitoring the levels of chloroacetic acid in the industrial environment by high performance liquid chromatography

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Monitoring the occurrence of green peach aphid Myzus persicae on plants of industrial sugarbeet

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Monitoring the output of a hybrid larch seed orchard using isozyme markers

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Monitoring the potassium fertility levels of four soil series from northern India over a period of time

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Monitoring the potassium status of greenhouse tomatoes using quick petiole sap tests

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Monitoring the resistance variations of hybrid rice to rice blast relying on the population dynamics of rice blast fungus

Anonymous, 1993:
Monitoring the results of agriculture for 1992 - measures against the discharge of nutrient salts and soil erosion

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Monitoring the sulfur supply of agricultural crops in Northern Europe

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Monitoring the surface hydrophobicity of milk proteins: a real-time study on heat-induced modifications

Gaignard, J.L.; Bregeon, F.; Luisetti, J., 1993:
Monitoring the susceptibility of peach cultivars to Pseudomonas syringae pv persicae using in vitro plants

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Monitoring the timing of peak flight activity of Thrips tabaci in cabbage fields

Vulliet, R.; Clark, E., 1993:
Monitoring the use of furosemide in horse racing

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Monitoring thrips in glasshouse pot plant crops by means of blue sticky traps

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Monitoring torri waters for carry-over with the Torrimon pollution controller

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Monitoring trace metal pollution with tree rings: a critical reassessment

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Monitoring vegetation changes in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia, using Thematic Mapper data

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Monitoring visitor use in backcountry and wilderness: a review of methods

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Monitoring water quality at wet storage sites

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Monitoring water resources in Egypt: issues and answers

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Monitoring, modelling and management of semi-natural meadow ecosystems in Pieniny National Park (West Carpathians)

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Monoamine oxidase activity, growth promotion, and differential muscular hypertrophy with the beta-2-adrenergic agonist salbutamol

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Monochaetia punicae (Shreemali & Madhusudan Reddy) emend. Vanev, comb. nov

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Monoclonal antibodies against Aeromonas salmonicida for serological diagnosis of furunculosis

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Monoclonal antibodies against UV attenuated cercariae of Schistosoma japonicum. 2. Analysis of progressive changes of surface antigens along developmental stages

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Monoclonal antibodies against farmer's lung antigens having specific binding to IgG antibodies

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Monoclonal antibodies and their applications

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Monoclonal antibodies differentiate the weakly virulent from the highly virulent strain of Leptosphaeria maculans, the organism causing blackleg of canola

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Monoclonal antibodies for the detection of trace elements

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Monoclonal antibodies in the diagnosis of plant pathogens

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Monoclonal antibodies prepared against Theileria annulata-infected bovine cells recognize an infection-associated antigen expressed by the infected cells

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Monoclonal antibodies reactive with specific amino acid sequences of the 126 K protein of tobacco mosaic virus

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Monoclonal antibodies specific for Laelius pedatus (Bethylidae) and Bracon hebetor (Braconidae), two hymenopteran parasitoids of stored-products pests

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Monoclonal antibodies that react with live Listeria spp

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Monoclonal antibodies to Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharide modify the course of intravenous infection in mice

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Monoclonal antibodies to a penaeid shrimp parvovirus, infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV)

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Monoclonal antibodies to leukocyte subpopulations in deer and exotic ruminants

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Monoclonal antibody and lectin probes recognize developmental and sporogonic stages of PKX, the causative agent of proliferative kidney disease in European and North American salmonid fish

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Monoclonal antibody based competitive ELISA for the detection of specific antibodies against Coxiella burnetii in sera from different animal species

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Monoclonal antibody specific for Listeria monocytogenes associated with a 66-kilodalton cell surface antigen

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Monoclonal antibody studies on rabies-related viruses

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Monoclonal antibody to CD4+ T cells abrogates genetic resistance to Haemonchus contortus in sheep

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Monoclonal antibody to human fertilization antigen-1 (FA-1) inhibits bovine fertilization in vitro: application in immunocontraception

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Monoclonal antibody-based detection system for Salmonella enteritidis

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Monoclonal antibody-based immunolocalization of bound triazine residues in two aquatic macrophytes (Elodea canadensis and Myriophyllum spicatum)

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Monocotyledonous plants as hosts for Agrobacterium

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Monocotyledonous woody plants for amenity planting on the south coast of the Crimea

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Monocrotophos residues in/on okra fruits

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Monoctonus hispanicus sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae: Aphidiinae), a parasitoid of Nasonovia (Neokakimia)

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Monoculture and rotation system effects on precipitation use efficiency of corn

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Monofunctional or multifunctional - the main scenarios for agricultural development

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Monogamists sit by the doorway: notes on the construction of gender, ethnicity and rank in Kisii, Western Kenya

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Monopotassium phosphate (MKP) cleaner, cheaper fertigation

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