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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2438

Chapter 2438 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Waldrup, K.A.; Moritz, J.; Baggett, D.; Magyar, S.; Wagner, G.G., 1992: Monthly incidence of Theileria cervi and seroconversion to Babesia odocoilei in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Texas

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Cornford, C., 1993: More Callistemon cultivars

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Becker, P.; Moure, JS.; Peralta, FJA., 1991: More about euglossine bees in Amazonian forest fragments

Dankowska, E., 1992: More about slugs

Andrianova, T. V., 1992: More accurate information on the taxonomic position of some species of Septoria Sacc. described by Von Moesz and Hollos. I

Luntz, L. R., 1992: More attention should be paid to the fattening performance of German Simmentals

Alter, C., 1993: More butter, cheese and dried milk produced

Van Der Schans, A., 1993: More calves from high merit cows using new reproduction technologies

Kormilitsyn, V. F., 1993: More care of legumes

Whitwell, K.E., 1994: More cases of leporine dysautonomia

Tornay, S. A., 1993: More chances on the fringe of the state? The growing power of Nyangatom; a border people of the lower Omo valley, Ethiopia (1970-1992)

Borgstrom, U., 1993: More cheese for Semper

Seaman, C., 1993: More computer software for dietary analysis

Anonymous, 1993: More convenience with paper lids

Donati, F.; Donda, M., 1992: More convenient self-propelled harvesting trailers

Moens, O., 1992: More ecological feeding of dairy cattle

Heijbroek, W., 1992: More economy with pesticides in granular formulations

Shcheglov, V. V.; Gruzdev, N. V., 1990: More effective maintenance of cattle during the summer period

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Jesch, H. H.; Musche, P., 1991: More efficient in vitro propagation of woody ornamentals of the genus Prunus

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Treasurer, J., 1993: More facts on the role of wrasse in louse control

Lobo, R. J., 1993: More frankenfoods

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Rider, S., 1994: More hours, less cost is MM's tanker banker

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Anonymous, 1991: More milk, more fat, less protein

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Rau, U., 1990: More positive and efficient management. Practical solutions of organizational and personnel development. Part III

Rau, U., 1990: More positive and efficient management. Practical solutions of organizational and personnel development. Part IV

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Anonymous, 1993: More time for the family

Horibe, N., 1994: More user friendly

Prevosto, M.; Tournon, G., 1991: More water for poplars

Slack, T., 1993: Morgan and the metaphors: implications for sport management research

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Duc, N. G., 1993: Morpho-biological peculiarities of Romanomermis iyengari Welch, 1964 - possible agent for mosquito control in Viet Nam

Gaffour Bensebbane, C., 1993: Morpho-functional correlations in male and female copulatory organs in the Scutelleridae (Heteroptera, Pentatomoidea)

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