On the genuineness of essential oils. Part XXX. Detection of distilled essential oils added to cold-pressed mandarin essential oils

Verzera, A.; Cotroneo, A.; D' Alcontres, I.S.; Donato, M.G.

Journal of Essential Oil Research 4(3): 273-280


ISSN/ISBN: 1041-2905
DOI: 10.1080/10412905.1992.9698061
Accession: 002448123

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The oil obtained by distillation of the liquid obtained from screw-pressed residues of the cold extraction of mandarin oil, and cold-pressed mandarin oil were examined using capillary GC. The same 36 components were identified in both oils. The results of analyses of 266 samples of cold-pressed mandarin oil, 29 of distilled mandarin oil and 26 of mixtures of 5-20% of distilled oil mixed with cold-pressed oil are presented. Component ratios of terpinen-4-ol with cis-sabinene hydrate, trans-sabinene hydrate, citronellal and decanal were used to detect addition of the lower quality distilled oil to cold-pressed oil. In most cases the ratios in mixtures with 10 or 20% distilled oil were sufficiently different from those of cold-pressed oils to identify the addition of distilled oils, while mixtures with 5% distilled oil could not be so clearly determined.